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August 2010 |

Hi News
An Advertising Supplement to the Sky-
2 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

ACE Country Hardware ..............................6
Bill’s Auto Place .............................................10
Brickhouse 40 ................................................9
Car Quest .......................................................2
Casals Financial ............................................4
Jan Knisley & Kathy Burke Edward Jones ................................................2
EK Kitchens & Designs.................................6
Extreme Office Services ...............................3

Name of Business: Edward Jones First Class Automotive .................................8

Location & Phone: 441 E. Agate Ave., P.O. Box 230
Granby, CO 80446
Granby Marketplace Liquor ........................9
(970) 887-8983
Granby Medical Center ................................11
Years in Business: Edward Jones - 137 years
Grand County Branch - 6 years Grand Mountain Bank..................................12
Owner: Jan Knisley, AAMS Financial Advisor
Service Provided: Edward Jones can help you achieve your Grand River Supply ......................................8
financial goals by designing and implementing
solutions for your personal investments, House Angels, LLC .......................................10
business investments, retirement planning and/
or college savings programs. Contact us today Kopy Kat Office Supplies .............................6
to schedule a complimentary portfolio review.
providing support for local businesses
Legacy ............................................................4
LoneSome Stone ...........................................3
Mountain Parks Electric ...............................7
Rocky Mtn. General Store............................4
Radio Shack ...................................................10
Rocky Mountain Interiors ............................8
Sheer Design .................................................8
Silk’s Dental ...................................................3
Winter Park Optical ......................................6
Mike Olivo, Suz Lenhart, Scooter, Ken Lipsky, Cowboy, Angel DeCicco, Karl Kamer,
John DeCicco, Matthew DeCicco, Madison DeCicco
Not Pictured: Jim Higginbotham, Woody Zerkle

Name of Business: CARQUEST Auto Parts

Location & Phone: 62487 U.S. Highway 40 (970) 887-2111
Years in Business: 43 years - current owners since 2006
Owner: John & Angel DeCicco; Ken Lipsky, Manager
Service Provided: Specializing in fleet, farm and ranch automotive
and truck supplies. We build hydraulic hoses,
mix automotive paints and have expanded
eli v e r y machine shop services available. The store also
Hot shot d o m has a complete line of welding supplies and
rages fr
to local ga g s Welding gases, and now carries the full line of
ur Sprin
Hot Sulph Husquvarna and Stihl and also specializes in small
to Winter engine repairs. Downtown Granby.
g includin Hours: Open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday, Photo by Byron Hetzler
Grand La from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sky-Hi News
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays.
August 2010 | Meet your Merchants 3

Grand County Merchants

the Fabric of our Community
These are the FACES of the folks who keep
our economy GOING

Deborah McCord, Sandy Walker and Allie

Give our COMMUNITIES character

SERVE as elected leaders
Impact our FUTURE

c e S e r v i c e s & Temp Contribute to our LOCAL tax base

Offi SUPPORT our charitable organizations
NAME OF BUSINESS: Extreme Office Services and Give our KIDS their first job
Extreme Temp Services
LOCATION & PHONE: 45 County Road 804, Unit 201 • Fraser Marketplace (next to Safeway) Provide gathering SPACES
(970) 726-8000 (Bookkeeping)
(970) 531-2454 (Temp Agency) Keep our sidewalks and TOWN centers attractive
YEARS IN BUSINESS: 21 years - Bookkeeping • 2 years - Temp Agency THESE ARE OUR
SERVICE PROVIDED: Bookkeeping and Office Services
Temporary Employment Service
Available Staff: Handyman, Housekeepers, Laborers,
Secretarial/Office Assistants

Erin Cherrington, office manager; Cindy Harrison, RDH, BS;

Jennifer Zieff-Leverson, office manager
Not pictured: Dr. Dave Drescher, General Dentist, his Assistant “Kim” -
Dr. Tom Chubb, Orthodontist - Dr. Brian Gurinsky, Periodontist
Nick & Nancy Malles
Marv & Linda Dewey
Name of Business: Silks Dental Hygiene
Location & Phone: 21 Kings Crossing Rd. suite. #206, Pine Tree Plaza
Winter Park, CO 80482
Name of Business: Lonesome Stone Natural Fiber Mill and Yarn 970-726-8290
Location & Phone: 946 County Road 60, Granby Years in Business: Serving Grand County for over 15 years.
(970) 887-9591 Owner: Welcoming Cindy Harrison, RDH, BS as new owner of Silks dental hygiene, practicing dental hygiene for over 16 years.
Years in Business: 5 years Service Provided: Preventing dental disease through education and
Owner: Marv & Linda Dewey and prevention. Periodontal cleaning and maintenance, x-
Nancy & Nick Malles ray, polishing, computerized periodontal assessment,
oral cancer screening, ultrasonic cleaning, teeth
Service Provided: Raising and selling alpacas. whitening, pit and fissure sealants, fluoride treatments,
Processing fiber to make into yarn. needle-free anesthesia. Massage therapists available
Selling yarn and providing classes by appointment for foot reflexology during your
in knitting, spinning and weaving. BWB
providing support for local businesses dental appointment.
4 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

Front row: Tom Pierro, Jynnifer Pierro, Adam Dill, Steve Quesada, Patty Peterson, Terry Peterson. In
Truck or Back row: Megan Benware, Michael Mayberry, Nick Pierro, Sue Keck, Kate Pierro, Jill Swent,
Clarisse McGowan, Brad White, Chris Hill. Not Pictured: Dave Bickler, Mark Callaway, Mark Hunnicut.

Name of Business: Legacy Building Specialties

Rocky Mountain Resource &
Re-Use Center
Years in Business: Since January 2003
Owners/Operators: Tom & Jynnifer Pierro
Location: 17 Ten Mile Drive, Granby

970-887-3600 •
• Cabinetry • Decorative Hardware • Woodworking
• Countertops • Stoves & Fireplaces • Delivery Services
• Doors & Windows • Appliances • Design Services
• Flooring & Tile • Decking • Installation

Save on Dump Fees • Re-Use Good Materials • New & Used Items
Wood Trim Sinks & Faucets Wood Timbers
Cabinets Windows Nails & Screws
970-531-7932 Appliances Hardware Pickup Services
19 Ten Mile Drive Doors Lighting Available

• Real Estate Loans Since 1998 • Jumbo loans still available.

• Zero loans originated that resulted in • While others are dropping products,
foreclosure as of 7/30/10. Casals Financial Inc. is adding
• Co Lic# 100009731. V.A. ID #
239577-00-00. • Now offering F.H.A loans!!

• Purchase/ Refinance/ Debt consolida- • Free consultation. “I’ll come to you”

tion/ H.O.P.E. Never pay up front for anything
without receiving a benefit first!
• Tier 1, “A” status with investors =
Great Rates%%%

Casals Financial Inc.

Real Estate Loans since 1998 • Hablo Español
p: 970-887-3870 • c: 303-596-8855 • f: 970-887-3234 •
To verify status of any Real Estate professional visit Co lic#100009731.V.A.#2395770000
August 2010 | Meet your Merchants 5

Got Opinions
Grand County?
Get Ready to Make Your Ma

Voting Begins October 1 –

Marina Day Road Trip
Launch Flatwater Canoe/kayak Float
Hiking Trail Best Fishing Spot
Summer Attraction Snowmobile Trail
Local Park Golf Course
Cruiser Run Bump Run
Propose Picnic Spot
Overall Ru n
Place To People Watch
RESTAURANTS Cross Country Trail
Winter Park Restaurant Dessert
Fraser Restaurant Granby Restaurant
Lunch Dance Venue
Kremmling Restaurant Grand Lake Restaurant
Martini Margarita
Romantic Date Bar Après Ski
Sandwich Deck
Pizza Steak
Tree Removal Lawyer
Resort Lodging Snow Removal Liquo r Store
Car Repair Massage Therapist Bank
Dentist New Business Customer Ser vice Mortgage Lender
Pet Supply Doctor Optometrist
Florist Photographer Electrician
Gift Shop Furniture Garden Supply Plumbing
Real Estate Co. Hair Salon Realtor
Jewelr y Store Sporting Goods Hardware Store
Landscaper Veterinary
The inaugural 2009 compe
received over 5,000 votes
For advertising information
on 83 categories!
contact us at 970.887.3334
6 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

Back Row: Alina Bell, tom McConathy, Tom McKim Brett Snyder, Dan Dunn Front Row: Reagan Smith, Amy
Kaplanis, Kathy McConathy, Alana Lefebvre, Ticky Dunn, Sarah Williams, Jennifer Conn

Ashley Berg, Scott Linn, Jennifer Pelaez and Samantha


NAME OF MERCHANT: Country Ace Hardware

LOCATION & PHONE: 627 W. Agate, Granby

970-887-3395 N

Name of Business: Winter Park Optical OWNER: Tom and Kathy McConathy
Location & Phone: Fraser Market Place SERVICE PROVIDED: Country Ace Hardware is More than Just a Hardware
45 County Rd 804 #150 Store. We carry all the hardware you need plus we have
Grand County’s largest selection of paint products, patio
Fraser, CO 80442
furniture, sleds, Weber BBQs and snow shovels! In addition
(970) 726-5652 we also carry a robust selection of home decorating items, toys, games and puzzles, Christmas decorations and live
Years in Business: 13 plants. If we don’t have what you need in stock we will do
Owner: Scott Linn what we can to get it for you. Come in and see us next
time you’re in Granby.
Service Provided: Optical, eye exams, contact lenses,
Lasik consultations, Rx sunglasses VOTED #1 HARDWARE STORE IN THE BEST OF GRAND COUNTY!

Peter Kerswell, Julie Kerswell, Tim Hernandez, Ashley Hulley, John Gould.

BUSINESS NAME: ek•kitchens&design

LOCATION / PHONE: Winter Park, Colo.

and Name of Business: Kopy Kat Office
Evergreen, Colo. Location & Phone: 461 East Agate Ave, Granby, CO 80446
970-531-6860 (970) 887-3320
78415 US Hwy 40 Ste# 200D
YEARS IN BUSINESS: I have been a Kitchen Designer for Winter Park, CO 80482, (970) 726-0500
10 years. Years in Business: 20 years
Owners: Peter & Julie Kerswell
OWNER: Erica Kalkofen
Services Provided: Printing, Copying, Office Supplies and Shipping. Formerly
SERVICES PROVIDED: Full-service kitchen and bath remodel Kopy Kat Graphics and Printing, we have many years of
collective experience to complete any printing/copying
firm, including design, cabinets, appliances, counters,
project from start to finish. Now selling office supplies!
tile, lighting, flooring, paint, and hardware. Kopy Kat Office has an online catalogue available at
Get started with a Design Consultation today!, or you may stop into one of our
locations for your office supply needs. We are also an
authorized UPS, Fedex, and DHL outlet.
August 2010 | Meet your Merchants 7

Serving all of Grand and Jackson counties and parts of Routt, Larimer and Summit counties.

a rk s E lect ric , I n c., a

Mountain P de d ic a te d to
dynamic co o pe ra tive
be rs an d c om m u nit ie s.
its mem 600 Third Street
321 W. Agate Avenue Walden, Colorado 8048
Granby, Colorado 8044 970-723-4500 • www

Member Co-ops A
re a Grea
Benefits Profit, Me
the Seven
mber Own
t Choice-N
Cooperati Guided by
R efunds 1st Princip ve Princip
C a p it a l le - Voluntar les
Patronage g ram
d Principle y & Open Mem
Pow e r P ro 3 r - D em o c r a bership
Gree n d P r inciple - M tic M ember Contro
P r o g ra m 4 th P e m b er s ’ Ec o l
te r in g r in c ip le - Autonom n o mic Participation
Net Me s 5 th P r i y & In
c y Progra m nciple - Ed dependence
E f fi c i e n 6 th Principle - u c a tio n , Training & In
Energy m en t C oop e formation
ic b il l pa y 7 th Principle ra tio n A m o ng Cooperativ
Automat - Concern for es
C o m munity
B ud g e t B illing B o a r d o f Directors:
w a te r h eaters P r e s i d e
Marathon ating/MECO Kremmling/nt - Greg Norwick
he Par
CFL/Cproovdeucts Vice Presi shall, District 4
u r & Y ou th Walden, Dis dent - Carl Tric
To trict 3 k II
DCmYoputh S ec r etary/Trea
Ca en t s c h olarships Fr aser / surer - Ric
n io r s tu d W in te r P a r k hard Zieff
Se E n e rg y A s s t.
, District 2
e Se
Hot Sulphur c. /Treasurer - S
disco Life Springs/Gra tanley Caz
d o C ou n tr y A sst. Sec. /Tr nb y , D istrict 6 ier
o lo r
C lication a Fraser/Wint e a surer - Ro
pub Asst. Sec. er Pa r k , D istrict 1 ss Caldwe
/Tre as ll
District 5 urer - Jeff Hauck
Grand Lake,

d a pp l iances
n ergy Star rate ents : u s iness in
ebates onE Refrigera em
Requir t must be for a reside n c e o r b
R nly) lothes wash
e r Recycle tor: : An add$it40 en
ent o ezer, c • Replacsem el
(replacem your refrigerator, fre ed appliance,
cing rat
ional $40
E I ’s e r v ic e territory. t h e m a k e and moedm ust
When repla with an Energy Star® tate Genera- Freezer: $ MP v o ic e w it h e r g y G u id
Recycle: 40 your in llow En rd e r t o
or dishwas fy for rebates from Tr ram sponsored
An additio • A copy, oafnd a copy of thedayye s of purchase in o
you may q ission Association; a
pr o g
ing nal $40 number itted within 180
& T ra n sm r ic , In c . The follow Clothes W
asher: $4 be submfor a rebate. n a p ply for aat
t io n r ks E le c t y o u c a
o u g h M ountain Pa il l b e a p p lied to your 0 qualify r m a t ion on hoSwervices Depar tment
t h r
available a
nd w st. Dishwash e in f o
rebates are iled b y c h e c k u p o n r e qu e er: $30 • For moCrontact the Member
e lectric acc
ount or ma r e b a t e , 7 - 70 2 7 .
8 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

Lauren & Ed Norby

:7+3A57=6<)16 Irvin McWhorter, Audrey McWhorter, Mackenzie Simmons


Business Products
Name of Business: Rocky Mountain Interiors
Location & Phone: 247 E. Agate Ave., Granby
(between Budget Tackle & Grand Mtn. Trading
NAME OF BUSINESS: Grand River Supply Inc.
970-531-0367 dba Alpine West business Products
Years in Business: Opened in March, Ed’s been in the LOCATION & PHONE: 244 Agate Ave.
business for over 15 years
Owner: Ed Norby
(970) 887-2424 / (970) 887-0123
Services Provided: Custom and semi-custom picture framing,
ready-made frames, frame repair & replacement mat & glass. YEARS IN BUSINESS: 3 years new ownership – 40 years in business
Complete kitchen & interior remodel or upgrade. Specializing in OWNER: Audrey McWhorter
blue stain pine, barnwood and other locally harvested wood.
SERVICE PROVIDED: Office Supplies, Janitorial Supplies

Don Miller, David Miller, Ramon Fuentes

Tracy, Heidi, Lynette, Tori, Tawnya T OF






Visit us and allow us to be your

* NAME OF BUSINESS: First Class Automotive Centre
Voted Best Hair Salon in 2009 NAME OF BUSINESS LOCATION & PHONE: 40 E Agate Ave, Granby, CO 80446
* Shear Design 970-887-3675
* (across the street from Maverick’s Grille)
423 E. Agate Ave, Granby
Open Monday – Friday YEARS IN BUSINESS: 2 years in business
(970) 887-9383
OWNERS: Don and David Miller
Saturday’s by Appointment YEARS IN BUSINESS
SERVICE PROVIDED: Full auto service and repair.
* 19 years
Detail Shop
Walk-Ins Welcome!! Pre-owned car sales
ASE Certified
Heidi Gardener
Tech-net National Warranty
August 2010 | Meet your Merchants 9

Where the locals take their guests!

NAME OF BUSINESS: Granby Marketplace Liquors NAME OF MERCHANT: Brickhouse 40

LOCATION & PHONE: 1131 Thompson Rd #102 LOCATION & PHONE: 320 E. Agate, Granby
Next to City Market Hwy 40 - Granby 970-887-3505
YEARS IN BUSINESS: Newest Liquor Store in Grand County!
OWNER: Dino and Amy Kaplanis
OWNER: Andrew Buettner
SERVICE PROVIDED: Lowest prices and biggest selection in SERVICE PROVIDED: Serving lunch and dinner 7 days a
Grand County. Special orders welcome. week. Catering and banquet room
available. Reservations suggested
HOURS: Open 7 days a week
for dinner.
9am - 10:30pm Mon - Thurs
9am - 11pm Fri and Sat
9am - 9pm Sunday Voted #1 Restaurant in Best of Grand County!

Drew Munro Reid Armstrong Tonya Bina Steve Brenner Laurie Findley Byron Hetzler Stephanie
General Manager Richardson

Matt Sandberg, Publisher

Maggie Butler, Director of Sales

424 E. Agate Ave.

(970) 887-3334

Years in Business:
Established 1945

Colorado Mountain News Media

Services Provided:
Publishers of Sky-Hi News
and Middle Park Times
Full-service web offset printing Paper & Bob
10 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

Mark Valencia, Caitlin Taylor, Bill Kleiner, Michelle Kleiner, Adam Taylor and Angle
Marci Bergquist, Cyndi McCoy and Sadie

Serving Grand County Since 2000

Name of Business: Radio Shack
Location & Phone: 503 Zerex St. NAME OF BUSINESS: Bill’s Auto Place
Fraser Valley Shopping Center LOCATION & PHONE: 62429 Hwy 40
(970) 726-9140 (next to CarQuest, behind Teddy’s Car Wash
Years in Business: 10 (970) 887-9414
President/CEO: Marci Bergquist YEARS IN BUSINESS: 14 years
Service Provided: Verizon cell phones and service, OWNER: Bill Kleiner
batteries, electronics & accessories.
SERVICES PROVIDED: Full Service Automotive Department
Sirius Satellite Radio, iPods, DVD players,
Foreign, Domestic and Light Trucks
TV’s and gaming. Payment Center.

ppor t!
Your Su
Sitting: Chuck & Pat Thorne; Standing: Annie Griffin

Be a Supporter of Grand County

High School Students Name of Business: House Angels LLC
Advertise your business or message in the Homecoming Location & Phone: (970) 887-0257
supplement, featuring photos of Fall Sports teams
Advertising deadline is Years in Business: Since 1998
Friday, August 27th Owners/Directors: Pat & Chuck Thorne
General Manager: Annie Griffin
Please call (970) 887-3334 for more information Service Provided: Home Watch Service
or email BWB
providing support for local businesses
and Home Cleaning Service.
August 2010 | Meet your Merchants 11

strength compassion hope innovation expertise

Two world-class facilities,

serving all of your health
and wellness needs!


• Cardiology • General Surgery
• Chronic Pain Management • Hand Surgery
• CT Scanning Services • Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Internal Medicine • Pain Management (Physiatrist)
• Laboratory and X-ray Services • Neurology
• Orthopedics • Orthopedics
• Prenatal/Postpartum Care • Physical Therapy
• Physical Therapy • Podiatry
• Podiatry
• Urology

Two Facilities, One Call. Now Accepting New Patients!

Schedule Your Appointment Today! 970-887-7400
Join Colorado’s health care employer of choice –
Centura Health complies with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benets, or otherwise be
subjected to discrimination in the provision of any care or service on the grounds of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, sexual preference, ancestry, age, familial status, disability or handicap.
12 Meet your Merchants | August 2010

Your Hometown Bank in Grand County

Bonnie Crutcher, Kelly Shockey, Linda Dickinson

Front row, left to right: Mark Lund, Carolyn Rosenberg,
Shannon Foley, Rhonda Busse, Candy Heide,
Kris Heiner, Joanna Meyeraan, Kristin Lorenz,
Sophie Strandberg, Sarah Davis
Back row, left to right: Eric Anderson, Will Arduino,
Frank DeLay, Cheryl Florquist, Val Copley, June Ebell,
Mandy Rygwalski, Carolyn Derby
NOT PICTURED: Steve McKenzie, Cathy Weninger,
Randy Schultz & Autumn Fisher

Kerrie King, Connie Keeler, Heike Wilson,
Tracy Welch, Eric Anderson
NOT PICTURED: Cindy Brunswig, Will Arduino

Linda Mahon, Sheilah Jones, Kathie Burton, Gina Schroeder

Kristi McKibben, Michele Kennedy, Nicci Broady

Granby Grand Lake Fraser Kremmling City Market-Granby

337 E. Agate Ave 902 Grand Ave. 197 N. Zerex Street 100 W. Park Ave. 1001 Thompson Rd.
970-887-1221 970-627-9500 970-726-0414 970-724-9445 970-887-0080