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Maria Sabrina Contreras

Elieen Morris
POLS 155, Section 22
Policy Memo
Part 1: Policy Background
My policy area is Immigration Policies and I want to focus on Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals ,or DACA. As you may know DACA has been a controversial topic on
Capitol Hill. Our current president, Donald Trump, is demanding all deportation of eligible
DACA and illegal Immigrants to go back to their hometown. Many of my friend, family and
community, who are here legally because of DACA, will be affected by this.
A solution the government should help me with my policy issue by not taking away their
right to be here legally. Many come here to have a better life and to pursuit their right of an
education. The United States is well know for Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Both the state and federal should address the policy.
First, as we may know DACA enrollees contribute to our economy growth. By sending
them back, many people will lose their jobs and the economy will decrease. In the article The
budgetary and economic costs of ending DACA by Ben Gitis, states that 91 percent of DACA
enrollees are employed and removing these workers would impose a substantial drag on
economic growth(Gitis).Not only is it going to affect DACA enrollees, it going to affect all of
Second, Ending DACA would cost billions of dollars to end this program. The federal
government would spend an average of $7 billion to $21 billion by them doing, this would
remove 800,000 undocumented immigrants who are currently enrolled in DACA. Many agree
to send back immigrants or DACA enrollees.
The opposing side might argue by saying that most DACA enrollees are taking people's
jobs away. Which is false because according to an article FACT CHECK: Are DACA
Recipients Jobs Away From Other Americans? By Danielle Kurtzleben states, "The majority
[of DACA recipients] are still students and 17 percent are pursuing an advanced degree.
By contrast, most recipients of H-1B visas are between 25 and 34 and hold either a
Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree. In short, they appear to be a close reflection of
what DACA recipients will look like a few years from now as they complete their
educations"(Kurtzleben). This means DACA recipients arent taking jobs away,they are
taking jobs that tend to be employed in higher- skilled jobs.
Another argument they might say is that all DACA recipients
Part 2: What has happened?l
As Trump announced the ending of DACA on September 5, 2017. There we plenty of
rallies that took place in Downtown Los Angeles and in Washington D.C. About Thousands
showed up in Placita Olvera in Downtown Los Angeles to defend DACA students by cheering
chants and holding up posters. It went from 5- 7pm, the crowd ended up in City Hall with their
fist raised up, chanting El pueblo unido jams ser vencido" (The people united will never be
defeated). 700 protesters showed up in front of the white house with posters and shouting chants.
Many people who weren't in involved in the protest but still wanted to make a difference
repost pictures that included words like defend DACA or text Resist to 50409. I myself called
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my congress to 832-742-1798 and I explained I am calling the Congressperson to co-sponsor

a clean Dream Act one that ensures immigrant youth can continue to go to school, work, pay
taxes without fear of deportation and does not build border walls, detain and deport other
Part 3: How Can I Continue This Work? Action Plan
As I was going through websites to help me get inform of Deferred Action for Childhood
Arrivals (DACA). I came across this website: United We Dream is
the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation. Our powerful nonpartisan network
is made up of over 100,000 immigrant youth and allies and 55 affiliate organizations in 26
states. We organize and advocate for the dignity and fair treatment of immigrant youth and
families, regardless of immigration status(United We Dream). In this website, its very
informative and convenient. While I was scanning through I came across
this section that said, Take action. I was automatically drawn to this because as an activist, I
wanted to take action into my own hand. In the page you can support reform by putting your
information. Theres also a box where you can put your information and get connected to a
group near you. They can also contact you to your senate majority leader. The person I called
was senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell and speaker Paul D Ryan. Before they contacted
me to them theres a guide box that says what to say and some tips. It is useful for me when
I get stuck on what say. I first introduced myself and told them why I was calling them.
Another distinct action I did was using my social media as a way to inform people about
DACA students and things that are happening to them. Many people are clueless of whats
happening in the world. As we may know, media is a useful source to get informations or daily
news, but media cant always be a reliable source.
During class we did an activity that test our fake news skills, we are expected to text our
skills to tell whether the article that is being shown to us is real or fake. As I was doing the
activity I was paying close attention to the sources and the description given in the articles.
Some of the articles tricked me because it looked like a credible source. One example that was
very tricky was an article by The Unions tittled Berkeley Campus On Lockdown After Loose
Pages From Wall Street Journal Found On Park Bench. When I first saw this I automatically
assume it was real because it had pictures and quotes from the scene. I got this one incorrect
because the source was shown to us The Union was a satirical source. Satirical source is a
work that is intended to ridicule the shortcomings and antics of a person or group. This means
that this source looks real in order to make fun of it. Even though some of the question were
very tricky. I identified above 80 percent of real news for all three levels. I was surprised to get
a lot of them right because some of them were very hard to tell if they are fake or real.
From our past activity we did during class, many news sites werent as reliable as we
thought they were. Many get their information from social media or different internet sites. I
myself get my information from twitter or from the news application in my phone. I decided to
educate those who arent as clear with the DACA by making a website. In this website

Part 4: What did you learn this semester?

Throughout this class we were given a chance come up with a policy problem areas we
are concerned about in our communities, our state and our nation. The policy areas we choose
are within the government and political settings.I have to admit this was pretty hard, because
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theres so many problems in our society that needs to be look upon. I was stuck between
healthcare and immigration.
I believe everyone should have access to affordable healthcare. I wanted to take into
consideration because healthcare is a big controversial topic within our country. Many believe
people should pay for their own health care benefits no matter what's their income status is.
While others believe it should be affordable to those who are in lower and middle class.
Another issue I wanted to take into account was immigration. Immigration is also a huge
controversial topic in the United States. I wanted to go in depth by talking about Deferred Action
for Childhood Arrivals, which also known as DACA. Our current president, Donald Trump, is
demanding all deportation of eligible DACA and illegal Immigrants to go back to their
hometown. Many of my friends, family, and even my community back home are going to be
affected by this.
I wanted to pick an issue, I was sure I was going to take into consideration. Both the
topics I was debating on doing were two of the most talked about topics in the United States. As
I was making my decisions, our current president, Donald Trump, announced the ending of
DACA on September 5, 2017. Many of my families, friends, and people I go to school with are
going to be affected by this. Knowing that I might lose these people sadden me. Thus, Im not in
high power nor Am I well known, but I have a big voice. And I will speak for those who cant or
are frightened by this. These are my people and they shouldnt be afraid to me themselves. They
shouldnt be afraid to keep dreaming. I hope this project I was able to help others. Im very
pleased with this project not only because I was able to inform people who arent knowledgeable
with this topic, but I was able to inform myself.

Gitis , B. (2017, September 7). The Budgetary and Economic Costs of Ending DACA. Retrieved
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