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Water & Waste Solutions


Complete Turnkey Capabilities
- from concept to commissioning
Sustainable Solutions in
Energy & Environment
Welcome to Thermax - an Engineering
company providing sustainable
solutions in Energy and Environment.
our systems, products and project
management capabilities help industry
achieve better resource productivity
and improved bottom lines, while
maintaining a cleaner environment.
Thermax offers systems and products
for process heating, cooling, water,
effluent treatment, effluent recycle, zero Turnkey project management expertise
liquid discharge solutions and In-house design, detail engineering, contractors play a crucial role while
speciality chemicals. Thermax also procurement, project management, executing large turnkey projects
designs, builds and commissions large construction & commissioning so as to Performance guarantee tests
boilers for steam and power have single window solution to all our conducted in presence of the clients
generation, turnkey power plants, customers. Well documented Operation &
industrial and municipal water & Single point responsibility with Maintenance manual is handed over
wastewater treatment plants, waste project manager, for co-ordinating to client on commissioning
heat recovery systems and air pollution engineering, procurement, Track record of successful
control projects. construction activities completion of cost-competitive
Familiarity and experience of our turnkey projects in water &
Thermax Water and Waste
team members with standards, wastewater treatment speak for our
Solutions codes and specifications of all major quality and project execution
As a leader in providing Water & Waste consultants and international capabilities
Solutions for past four decades,
Thermax WWS (Water & Waste
Solutions) pioneers in providing
innovative solutions in water and waste
water treatment for various industries,
PSUs, Municipal Corporation, small
and medium industries and
Urbanization sector.
Our innovative solutions are
successfully implemented and are in
use in the markets of South East Asia,
Middle East, Africa and SAARC
including India. The domain expertise
& experience gathered over past four
decade gives us edge over
competition so as to provide tailor
made complete solutions to our
customers in order to help them
reduce, reuse or recycle water & waste
water / effluent so as to have zero
liquid discharge.

We are certified for ISO 9001: 2008
and OHSAS 18001:2007 and partnered
with various global as well as local Design, Engineer, build and operate a large
Consultants, EPC Contractors & OEM's scale Sea Water R.O Plant
and offer our products / solutions in Recycle Industrial Waste Water through
various design codes of ASME, DIN, membrane process
API etc. Develop new biological processes for waste
Our dealer network across India water treatment : Fluidised aerobic bio reactor
ensures required reach & penetration (FAB)
in every district so as to serve Augment Large Capacity Municipal Sewage
customer locally for all our standard Treatment Plant

Highlights of Industrial projects

300+ installations across the required in super critical power plants
industries Latest technology incorporating
Strong team of people having latest Control and Automation
expertise in the field of water/waste systems
water treatment backed by vast Strong construction and execution
experience capabilities
Use of latest software's for design On-time delivery of projects
engineering Arvind Mills, Santej : 12 MLD ZLD Plant
Experience in developing Recycling
Capability to handle water treatment and Zero Liquid Discharge systems

Water treatment solutions

Raw Water Pre-Treatment and Low pressure and high pressure
Clarification condensate polishing systems
Water Softening & Filtration Drinking Water treatment plants
Mill scale & filtration systems Desalination plants
Membrane Separation systems Remineralisation plants
Dynamix Dairy India Ltd,
Demineralization plants (Schreiber Group) - 3 MLD ETP
& Biogas Utilization
Waste water/ Effluent treatment solutions
Industrial Effluent treatment plants Industrial effluent recycle and
Sewage treatment plants sewage recycle plants
Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants

Complete solutions for

High COD effluent & High TDS Nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus)
effluent removal
Difficult to degrade effluent Heavy metals, Cyanide, Fluoride Hyundai Motors - 70 m3/hr ETP ZLD Plant

Coke oven effluent treatment removal

Colour removal from treated/partially Tailor made industry specific
treated effluent for recycle/disposal solutions

Market reach Industrial Sector

Steel, Power, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Refineries & Petrochemical, Textile, Pharma, Ferrous
& Non Ferrous, Chemicals, Automobile, Food & Beverages, Breweries, Distilleries,
Sugar, Cement, Pulp & Paper etc.
Cairn Energy -
Low Pressure CPU - 5 x 125 cum per hr

Nirma Ltd, Bhavnagar-

17 MLD Sea Water Desalination

Bhushan Steel, Angul- HRF

Tata Steel, Jamshedpur-

Essar Oil, Vadinar - 18 MLD DM plant

Sewage treatment & recycle / Water treatment

solutions to Infrastructure, EPC companies
and Municipal Corporation
MBBR & SBR TECHNOLOGY Design & engineering consultancy
PROVIDER to Infrastructure services for STP & WTP Chandigarh Corporation: 136 MLD STP
companies, EPC companies and Round the clock operation &
Municipal corporations maintenance ( O & M ) services
50+ installations Strong team of people backed up
In-house design, detail engineering, with vast experience in the field of
procurement, project management, Sewage/water treatment
construction & commissioning so as Strong construction and execution
to have single window solution. capabilities

Technology solutions: JKLWDA: 16 MLD SBR based STP

Fluidised Aerobic Bioreactor MBBR Sewage recycle plant

(Pioneer in introducing FAB/ MBBR Water purification/treatment plants
technology. Power generation from Sewage
Thermax Advanced Sequential batch
Sludge treatment
reactor (SBR) technology
Packaged Sewage treatment plant
Membrane Bio reactor (MBR)
Septage treatment plant

Technology benefits: KPCL: 180 MLD WTP

Odourless operation transfer efficiency

Simple to operate with low Low sludge production
maintenance requirements PLC based automatic operation
Space saving technologies Flexibility to handle wide range of
N & P Removal organic loads as well as changes in
Reduced Power consumption hydraulic loads
Non-clogging design, better oxygen Life cycle cost reduction

We have the expertise in augmenting
the capacities of existing water or
sewage treatment plant in the same
available space. In one of our
installations in a Municipal
Corporation, we doubled the
capacity of the Sewage Treatment
plant from 68 MLD to 136 MLD,
occupying no extra space. Similarly
in Water Treatment Plant Thermax
has an exhaustive list of capacity
augmentations. This technology, in Mangalore SEZ : 22.5 MLD
today's world would be very useful to Sewage Recycle Plant
the end users, where land availability
is a big problem.

Range of offerings for small/ medium industries & urbanization sector

- More than 20000 installations of following products across the India and the globe

Softners Demineraliser Filters Ultrafiltration - Membrane based

water treatment technology

Lo Flow Ro/ SMART RO-Compact SIRO - Standard Biofilter Terminator - Cost effective
modular RO system Industrial Reverse Osmosis Low Flow STP Colour Removal system

Fluidised aerobic bio-reactor for MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor) Effluent Incinerator - A complete solution
waste water treatment and recycling based waste water Treatment Plants Treatment Plant for solid waste disposal

SequtreaT - Sequential Batch Reactor Bioenergen - Bio-degreadable BioCask - Low height Domestic Containerized Plant
Technology for wastewater treatment waste-to-energy plant Waste Water Treatment

Our Boutique assembly & testing unit in Pune


Our subsidiaries and offices spread Effluent recycle & Zero liquid
over 25 locations in 13 countries discharge solutions to Customers,
across the globe. Thermax WWS Consultants & OEM in international
provides end to end solutions as per markets. We have more than 65
international standards like ASTM, API, installations in the markets of South
DIN etc in Water treatment, waste East Asia, Middle East, Africa &
water treatment Effluent treatment, SAARC. Sustainable Solutions in
Energy & Environment

Water & Waste Solutions

Environment House, Plot No. 90-92, BG Block,
MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026, India
Tel.: 020 6715 6654 / 6715 6000
Fax: 020 6715 6662

PT SPV, Indonesia-DM Plant: 2x100 cum per hr Alexandria Fabrics, Egypt : ETP- 75 cum per hr AHMEDABAD
(Cyanide bearing waste treament) Tel. : 079 26575408/ 26577073
Fax : 079 26577270
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Tel. : 080 22371721 - 35
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Containerized Systems HYDERABAD
Tel. : 040 23253700
In-house Research and Development Fax : 040 23253799
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We believe in growth through class facilities including Testing,
innovation and technological Equipments, Prototypes, Pilot plants & Tel. : 033 66070800/ 900
advancements. We have full-fledged Shop floor plant installation in order to Fax : 033 66070999
in-house R&D set up having world validate product performance. E-mail :
Tel. : 022 67542222 / 22852058
Fax : 022 22040859
E-mail :
Tel. : 011 46087200
Fax : 011 27355211
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International offices at
Indonesia, Russia, Kazakstan, Saudi Arabia,
Malaysia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Sri Lanka,
China, Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Kenya,
Nigeria, Brazil, UK, USA

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Water & Waste Solutions


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