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1. John never stops criticising my friends.


John ___________________________________
2. We've arranged to meet at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.ARE

We __________________________________ at 8:00 p.m. tomorrow.

3. What time is your plane scheduled to arrive at Heathrow? LAND

What time ______________________________________at Heathrow?

4. I have arranged to have dinner with Jerry tonight.AM

I ________________________________________
5. The older he gets, the more eccentric he becomes.IS

As time goes by, ______________________________-______- eccentric.

6. They don't like spicy food, so they avoid eating it. NEVER

They _________________________________as they don 't like it.

7. Jane has found a job at a supermarket for the summer. IS

Jane _________________________________ at a supermarket this summer.

8. How much is that green jacket, please? COST

1. When he was younger, he went to the cinema every week. USED

When he was younger, he _____________________________

2. I hadn't tasted Chinese food before. FIRST

3. While we were in London, it never stopped raining. CONTINUOUSLY

It _________________________________________-while we were in London.

4. I worked at a restaurant in those days. WAS

In those days, I ________________________________________.

5. After walking for a mile, they realised that someone was missing.had

They ____________________________________ when they realised that someone was missing.

6. That was the only science-fiction book he had read. NEVER

He _____________________________________________

7. When Mark was a student, he was in the habit of forgetting his books.

Mark _______________________________________________ when he was a student.

8. Jake made a speech and then we left the ceremony. until

We didn't leave the ceremony ____________________________________________

He has never driven another car since he started driving .

only This is the only car he has driven since he started driving.
2. The last time I watched TV was a week ago.
for I haven't watched TV for a week.
3. When did he start working for this company?
been How long has he been working for this company?
4. This is her second visit to the dentist this month.
time This is the second time she has visited the dentist this month.
5. Let's not go to a cafe as I had some coffee earlier.
already Let's not go to a cafe as I have already had/drunk some coffee.
6. Ray still doesn' t know which car to buy ,
made Ray (still) hasn't made UP his mind which car to buy.
7. We have never experienced such a cold winter in Greece before.
ever It's the coldest winter we have ever experienced in Greece.
e 8. We bought this house two years ago.
had We have had this house for
two years .

1. You haven't visited Mum and Dad for weeks. SINCE

It's weeks____________________________________________ Mum and Dad.
2. It wouldn't be a good idea to make him angry. BETTER
You_________________________________________________ make him angry.
3. That's the best meal I've ever eaten. NEVER
I ____________________________________________________ such a good meal.
4. We are meeting our friends at 9.00. GOING
We _________________________________________________our friends at 9.00.
5. They won't pass the exam if they don't revise. UNLESS
They won't pass the exam_____________________________________________.

1. The librarian allowed me to borrow three books. LET

The librarian__________________________________________ three books.
2. Would you prefer to watch a film or listen to music? RATHER
Would_________________________________________ a film or listen to music?
3. I'm happy to teach you how to use the software. MIND
I______________________________________________ you how to use the software.
4. If only I hadn't fallen in love with you! WISH
I_____________________________________________ in love with you!
5. Nigel keeps interrupting me. ALWAYS
Nigel is _____________________________________________me.

2. People believed the earth was flat. BELIEVED

The earth_______________________________________________________.
3. I can't see what it says here. MAKE
I can't____________________________________________________ here.
4. I'd prefer you to see to it personally, RATHER
I ___________________________________________________________personally.
5. He was fired because he was late for work too often. SACK
He ________________________________________________________ late for work too often.
1. When the meeting was over, they went out for a drink, HAD
As_____________________________________________________ finished, they went out for a drink.
2. When we eventually arrived at the party, all the food had been eaten. GOT
By_____________________________________________________ the party, all the food had been eaten.
3. Immediately after he went, we started to relax, ONCE
We started to relax_______________________________________________________ gone.
4. He put everything back in its place before he left, UNTIL
He didn't___________________________________________________________ everything back in its place.
5. I like him the first time I met him. TOOK
I_______________________________________________________________ the first time I saw him.
1. I haven't been to an Italian restaurant for ages.
It's ages_____________________________________________________________________.
2. Hurry up! We'll get to the theatre after the beginning of the play.
By the time we get _________________________________________________________. .
3. Your hair need cutting.
You ought___________________________________________________________________.
4. People think that an apple a day is good for you.
An apple a day______________________________________________________________.
5. This is my first game of water-polo.
I've never___________________________________________________________________.
1. I think I've gained a few kilos over the last few months! ON
I think I've_________________________________________________________________ few kilos over the last few
2. You should reduce the amount of fast food you eat. DOWN
You should_________________________________________________________________ the amount of fast food you eat.
3. This milk isn't fresh, so I'll throw it away. GONE
This milk_________________________________________________________________ so I'll throw it away.
4. If I eat tomatoes, I get bad stomach problems. ALLERGIC
I____________________________________________________ tomatoes; if I eat them, I get bad stomach problems.
5. People believe that someone murdered Jenkins. WAS
It __________________________________________________________________________ murdered.
1. I was made to study hard when I was at school.
They made ______________________________________________________
2. 'Go on Jack, apply for the job,' said Sally.
Sally encouraged________________________________________________
3. It might be a good idea to use honey instead of sugar.
Why don't you try______________________________________________
4. I bet you wouldn't ask David to come with you to the party!
I dare ___________________________________________________________
5. You should go to the dentist's at once.
Don't put _______________________________________________________
Winning the football pools meant we could buy a new car. ENABLED
2. Calling Jim is pointless, because his phone is out of order. USE
3. The decorators didn't make too much mess. MANAGED
4. When did you last have a haircut? THE
5. Collecting stamps gives me a lot of pleasure. DERIVE

1. I haven't eaten this kind of food before.

This is the first
2. She started working as a secretary five years ago.
She has
3. The mechanic serviced my car last week.
4. There is no need for you to talk so loudly
You don't
5. We can use a USB stick to store a lot of music or video files.
A USB stick

1. I tried as hard as I could to keep my promise to them.

I break my promise to them.
2. Mary didn't find it difficult to pass her driving test.
Mary had her driving test.
1. We didn't enjoy our walk along the seafront because it was so
The strong wind our walk along the seafront.
2. A newly-qualified dentist took out Mr. DuPont's tooth.
Mr. DuPont by a newly- qualified dentist.
3. I've already planned my next
I've already my next holiday.