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Historical Event Paper

The American Civil War was a time of great changes in politics, economics, racial
views and patriotism. All countries around the world are constantly being shaped and
forged into the nations that they are today. The United States of America is no different
in this regard. The Civil War aroused the questions and created the necessary
destruction for further progression in North America. The individuals involved created
and resolved the largest and most detrimental conflict in US history. However, this
conflict laid the foundation for the country and society that the United States of America
is today.
The American Civil Wars roots are traced back to the election of 1860. This is
where soon to be President Lincoln would win the election against Senator Stephen
Douglas and John Breckinridge. Both of these men were Democrats, which meant the
Democratic party had split its influence in two by choosing two presidential candidates.
This allowed for Lincoln to win with little opposition in concern to the electoral college.
Many southerners feared and disagreed with Lincoln politically, specifically on the topic
of slavery. Once Lincoln was announced as the victor of the election, South Carolina
quickly seceded from the Union. They were promptly followed by 6 other states to form
the Confederate States of America on February 4th, 1861.
The Civil War itself would begin on April 12, 1861 and end 4 years later on April
9, 1865. This conflict brought about the first photographs of warfare. This type of
journalism would be censored greatly because of the many obscene and graphic
images, however, this censorship would not end warfare journalism. This nation
suffered great loss of life that couldnt be replaced, but from the struggle Americans
would eventually find unity, thought this unity would be far from perfect.The North
expanded railroads and telegraph lines during the war to support their troops, however,
these expansions would further enable the United States communication and settlement
west and south. Though there are many events that took place during the war, these
events only took place because they were caused by the people of the US.
The Civil War would not have been possible without the differing ideas and
actions of many various persons. For example, the South feared the ideologies of the
North involving slavery and they trembled or scoffed at President Lincoln becoming the
newly appointed leader of the nation. Though at first it was not his presidential goal,
President Lincoln would draw up and submit to Congress the Emancipation
Proclamation. In order to destabilize the South and secure the groundwork for the 13th
Amendment to the Constitution. Because of these steps, women like Susan B. Anthony
and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would take action to release the chains of bondage upon
This event was a substantial stepping stone that produced the freedoms and
equality established for all citizens of the United States. From the ashes of the war, the
North help rebuild and reestablish the south, though the South would not rise from
poverty until 1930. In society today there is truly no prejudice between the northern and
southern states. Once slavery was banned by the 13th Amendment, work began to truly
fulfil the words written by Thomas Jefferson nearly a century before, that all men are
created equal. The 14th and 15 Amendments would further allow not only colored
peoples within America citizenship and the right to vote, but it would allow women to
petition for the right to vote, which was later granted in the 19th Amendment in 1920.
Slowly, but surely the United States has unified and solidified as one body. I
believe that many of the freedoms we celebrate from our country's founding were
reiterated and exemplified due to the Civil War. Life and freedom within the United
States is not perfect, but through the struggle of our Civil War, we proved that the idea
of a free state could thrive and survive the world, which would lead to many future
nations following in the footsteps of the US.
It is my personal belief that more technological and medical progression is
achieved during times of war. From the war we created safer surgical operations, hot air
balloons and organized hospitals. We would also lay down enough telegraph lines to
reach the west coast and construct the Transcontinental Railroad. These would later for
the ideas for telephone lines and major highways across the nation. The Civil War
allowed for many advances that this nation enjoys today.