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Activity Newsletter
Plains Elementary Kindergarten

Fall Friends Tree

For this activity students were creating their own
leafs and hanging them on a class tree.

Students created the leafs by cutting designs

into paper that had been pre-folded in an
accordion stye. They were allowed to cut in
whatever way they wanted. Some students used
zig-zags, points, rounded edges, and even

The students then unfolded the leafs and painted

them by using watercolor. They were also
allowed to use whichever colors they wanted to,
but were encouraged to think of the color leafs
are in the fall.

After each student had made a leaf they picked a

spot to hang it on the tree. The tree had been
pre-painted on a poster board. Students were
also given an acorn to write their name on and
hang next to their leaf.

Importance of Creative Art

Incorporating art into the classroom is essential for a students development. Creative projects
allow for self-expression which promotes individuality. This activity allowed students to produce
their own personal leaf that was as unique as they are. Having the students work through this
process with little direct guidance establishes the least restrictive environment for them to create.

This activity also allowed students to recognize themselves as part of a group. When they hung
their leafs on the tree, they could see how their individual pieces contributed to a whole. Using
creative art provided a visual representation and a process that the students could relate to this
more complex idea.

Activity Objectives

Virginia Standards of Learning

Visual Communication and Production
K.3 The student will follow a sequence of steps used in creating works of art
K.4 The student will create works of art that commemorate personal or community events
K.8 The student will demonstrate that being a good citizen involves
a) taking turns and sharing
b) participating successfully in group settings

K.8 K.3 K.8

(a) (b)


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