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Rubric for Math in our World Project

Beginning Developing Applying Extending

CIDI questions Student did not Student stayed on Student stayed Student was on task at
and pair and stay on task, task some of the on task the all times, completed all
share activities attempt CIDI time, attempted majority of the CIDI questions, listened
questions or one CIDI time, completed to peers respectfully, and
participate in question, and both CIDI shared answers with
pair and share attempted to pair questions, peers.
activities. and share their listened to peers,
answer with their and shared
peers. answers with

Fracking water Student recorded Student recorded Student recorded Student recorded
consumption answers for less answers for at answers for at thorough answers for 7
worksheet than 4 of the steps least 4 of the least 6 of the steps on the worksheet,
on the worksheets, steps on the steps on the demonstrating that they
demonstrating that worksheets, worksheet, were able to navigate
they were not able demonstrating demonstrating through the FracFocus
to navigate through that they that they were website, convert units,
the FracFocus attempted to able to navigate calculate averages, and
website, convert navigate through through the determine a scale.
units, calculate the FracFocus FracFocus
averages, and website, convert website, convert
determine a scale. units, calculate units, calculate
averages, and averages, and
determine a determine a
scale. scale.

Water Student did not Student nearly Student chose Student chose the
consumption choose the correct chose the correct the correct correct amount of Lego
scale model amount of Lego amount of Lego amount of Lego pieces for their scale
pieces for their pieces for their pieces for their model. Student neatly
scale model. scale model. scale model. displayed Lego squares
Student did not Student did not Student in a manner that clearly
display the Lego display the Lego displayed Lego showed the differences
squares in a squares in a squares in a between the annual
manner that clearly manner that manner that water consumption
showed the clearly showed showed the averages of an
differences the differences differences individual, a family of
between the between the between the four, and a fracking
annual water annual water annual water operation in BC.
consumption consumption consumption
averages of an averages of an averages of an
individual, a family individual, a individual, a
of four, and a family of four, and family of four,
fracking operation a fracking and a fracking
in BC. operation in BC. operation in BC.