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Simon Puerta

Professor Massey

ENC 1101

November 26, 2017

Annotated Bibliography

Appleton , Samantha. Illegal in America. Time, 18 June 20ADAD, pp. 3237. Academic Search

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This article from Time describes how we often do not see the 12 million illegal immigrants that

help harvest our crops. There are immigrants that are paid very little to work in farms all day.

Men and women getting paid 7 dollars a day to work all day. The farms also house them but in

rooms without air conditioning and sharing beds with others. There are even teenagers around

the age of 15 and up working with their mom and dad living on those farms. Many come and go

moving from town to town depending on the season.

Bajekal, Naina. Europe's New Border Crisis. Europe's New Border Crisis, 24 Aug. 2015, pp. 15.

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This magazine article describes the hardships that go in the bordering crossing in Europe

involving refugees from nations like Syria, who are trying to use the Channel Tunnel to cross

from France to England. Officers are trying to block illegal immigrants access to this Channel

Tunnel. The year of 2015 has been the year of migrant in Europe since the civil war in Syria has

gotten worse. The refugees come from Syria, across Africa, from Afghanistan and other places.

France, the United Kingdom and other European countries say they need to be able to limit the

flow of migrants or they can risk overwhelming their fragile economies. The migrants like the

Syrians thousands of miles in search of new homes and prosperity. The ones that do not let them

across do not stop searching for new homes.

Bandera Zizi et al. Immigration Advocates., Legal Directory- Nonprofit Resource Center,, 25 Nov. 2017

The Immigration Advocates network helps illegal immigrants with any questions of their status

and help them fill out paper works to try to get work permission papers, etc. If they need help

finding lawyers to ask any immigration court question they are there to assist. They also help you

find other nonprofit organizations if you need help in any other situations. They can help any

illegal immigrant leaving in the united states.

Friscolanti, Michael. No Relief for Illegal Immigrants. Maclean's, 26 Oct. 2009, pp. 3737. Academic

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This newspaper article talks about how in Canada they have been debating whether to give

deported illegal immigrants second chances. The fee for the appeal is 550 dollars. For illegal

immigrants that work on the streets for minimum wage or less is very hard to make that payment.

Friscolanti thinks it is completely unfair to say that there is potential relief on humanitarian and

compassionate grounds and you would have to pay that fee. Although Canada have not changed

the wage many people disagree that people trying to find a second chance must pay a lot of

money to see if they can even maybe get a chance to get back in to the country.

Golooba, Ssuuna. People Don't Know How It Feels to Be an Illegal Immigrant . New African, no. 508,

15 July 2011, pp. 9797.

The magazine New African interviewed Ssuuna Golooba and how it felt to be an illegal

immigrant in Europe. She is from Uganda and went through hardships to find a new home.

Golooba expresses that people would treat her and look at her different all the time. At first it

was very difficult for her to cope with people. Everyone would turn their back on her until she

became a celebrity in many European films. Then suddenly everyone wanted to become her

friend and hang out with her.

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38450&db=a9h. 25 nov. 2017

This magazine article describes how border patrols agents see many children crossing the border

by themselves. The border patrols say that there has been a huge influx of many central

American and Mexican kids crossing. The author thinks this is a huge crisis because of the

danger the kids are put through. Some children cross the border with cartel members helping

them distribute drugs and then leave them so they can get a "better life" in the united states. The

border patrol agents say that this happens on a weekly basis down in Texas.

Vargas, Jose antonio. I, Illegal Immigrant . New York Times Magazine , 10 Aug. 2007, pp.

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The New York times magazine took out an article telling a story of a high school student that

played soccer for the school and was one of the hardest working students in the team. Many of

his friends did not know that he was illegal. One morning he was late to school and got stopped

by a cop for speeding. He got deported and never let back into the united states. He was a kid

with big dreams but the government did not see that and sent him off back to his home country.

Warren Richey Staff, writer. "Illegal Immigration: The Hopes and Lies Driving Children to the

US." Christian Science Monitor, 31 Oct. 2016. EBSCOhost,


The newspaper article explains how many children are crossing the border unaccompanied.

Many children cross through the Rio Grande between Texas and Mexico. When families with

babies or unaccompanied children cross the Rio Grande they actually try to find a border patrol

instead of running from one. They do this because since they have children with them or are

unaccompanied children they are most of the time granted with legal status. While some

migrants are being sent home, others are win cases at the immigration courts. Children help out a

lot in winning these cases.