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Guadalupe Longino Mendoza Professor Doutherd November 14, 2017 Achievement Summary

Achievement Summary Throughout the time of this course, as students, we were required to complete reading responses to certain articles assigned. These reading responses were asked to be completed in a certain format. The first two reading responses were “Sponsors of Literacy,” by Deborah Brandt and “What is a Multilingual Writer,” by Professor Dana Ferris. These two articles were not difficult to understand and evaluate. I believe that the text in both these articles were straightforward and had enough detailed information that allowed the reader to take in the ideas of these two authors. The vocabulary was beneficial to the reader because they were being exposed to new words, however it was not complex vocabulary because the reader was able to use context clues in order to figure out what the author was trying to portray. On the other hand, the format that these reading responses were asked to be written in was very confusing and difficult to understand and get a hang of at first. The format the reading responses required included MLA citation, a brief summary of the article read, the claim the author was trying to make, data to back up the claim, and a connection between the claim and data. However this format did not apply to the very first reading response. For the first reading response we were asked to briefly summarize the article we read and how it connected to our previous experiences as multilingual students. This reading response was easy to compose because I was not required to use the original format for the future reading responses. At first I had no idea how to compose a reading response. At the beginning of the semester, the professor introduced us and explained how to compose the reading response during class. The professor also uploaded the format and a sample reading response onto SacCT. It was then when I finally understood what the professor was asking of her students. My second and even third reading response did not follow this format, therefore it resulted in a low grade. The reason for this was because I literally did not know how to follow the format. This wa a result of misunderstanding on my part and not asking for clarification from my peers or professor. Fortunately, as I got more familiar with the format through the sample reading response uploaded on SacCT, my reading responses improved greatly. The last two reading responses were,“A Stranger in Strange Lands: A College Student across the Curriculum,” by Lucille P. McCarthy and “Argument as Conversation: The Role of Inquiry In Writing a Researched Argument” by Stuart Greene. These two readings were longer and more informative than the first two readings assigned. Although all readings were information, the last readings were very detailed and researched wise. It seemed like it would be difficult to understand because of the scholars some of these authors referenced, but in a way it made it simple to grasp on. I believe that the scholars referenced in these readings allowed to reader to understand the different perspectives writers have, and at the same time have mutual ideas.

For the last two reading responses my writing abilities improved, as well as my analyzation skills. As I reviewed these reading responses and the grades I received I realized that I had improve greatly on my reading responses. I found myself including more data and making more analytical connections between the author’s claim and my understanding of the texts. I also

realized that my reading became better because the vocabulary in these texts were more complex but I was able to identify what they meant by using context clues as well as using the dictionary as a reference to make sure I clearly understood these terms. As a writer I also improved because in the summary section of the reading response I was able to identify the most relevant points the author was making, and putting them together. Overall, I am really impressed with myself because not only did I improve the format in which I was writing the first few reading responses, but I also managed to successfully meet the requirements of the format and complete each section for my audience to understand.