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Possessive Nouns

[Quiz 3.1]
Which of the following is not correct?
1)Dr. Hunts has a new computer.
2)Dr.Hunts's new computer is working well.
3)Dr. Hunts' computer is new.
1)Dr. Hunts has a new computer.

[Quiz 4.1]
Write the correct pronoun in each blank.
1)I ate an apple______ was delicious.
2) You look tired ______ should rest.
3) She is a teacher I gave ______ a book.
4) They are my friends I like ______ very much.
5) He saw the movie ______ was fun.
1. It
2. we
3. her
4. them
5. it

'Be' Verbs
[Quiz 5.1]
Which of the following sentences are written correctly?
1)I am thirsty.
2)You are kind.
3)He am not sad.
4)She are not tall.
5)It is not moving.
6)We aren't tired.
7)Is they running?
8)Are you ready?
1,2, and 8
Action Verbs
[Quiz 6.1]
Correct the verb errors in the sentences below. Some
sentences may be correct as is.
1)I runs a marathon.
2)You look sleepy.
3)She do not dance.
4)Does you leave today?
5)We don't stay here.
6)It come with rice.
1)I run a marathon.
2)You look sleepy.
3) She doesnt dance.
4) Do you leave today?
5) We don't stay here.
6 )It doesnt come with rice.
[Quiz 7.1]
Write opposite adjectives using the appropriate
1) Clear unclear
2) Definite indefinite
3) Correct incorrect
4) Expensive inexpensive
5) Complete incomplete
[Quiz 7.2]
Underline all adjectives in the following
In the spring, red roses blossom in my cute small
garden. The beautiful birds also sing in
the big oak tree.
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
[Quiz 8.1]
Yesterday was a cold day. Today is colder than yesterday.
Tomorrow will be coldest the day yet.
[Quiz 8.2]
Which of the following sentences is incorrect?
1) Mary is shorter than Jane.
3) I have the best score on the exam.
No. 2 change the more to most because if compare 2 or
more subject.
[Quiz 8.3]
Fill in the blanks.
1) My friend has a pretty purse, but I have a prettier one.
2) The strong weather is yet to come!

3) Todays sunshine is more beautiful than yesterday's.

[Quiz 9.1]
Choose the correct word form in the following sentences.
1) I spoke to you (careful, carefully) last time.
2) We talked about it (clear, clearly).
3) I sat on the (comfortable, comfortably) sofa.
4) My dog runs very (fast, faster).
5) Lets install the new program (quick, quickly).

Simple Tense
[Quiz 10.1]
Fill in the blanks with appropriate verb forms.
1) I sang a song at the concert yesterday.
2) He gived a letter to his girlfriend tomorrow.
3) I will go to the library to borrow some books this
Progressive and Perfect Tense
[Quiz 11.1]
Using the following sentence and create three more
sentences using the present, past, and future progressive
I sing a song on the big stage.
I am singing a song on the big stage.
I was singing a song on the big stage.
I will singing a song on the big stage.
[Quiz 11.2]
Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given.
1) He had exercise hard since last year.
2) I have study math as my major since high school.
Perfect Progressive Tense
[Quiz 12.1]
Choose the incorrect sentence from the following.
1) I have been sleeping all day today.
2) They will have been walking for almost an hour by the
time they arrive at their destination.
3) She have been eating a lot recently.
No.2 change they will have been walking to they have
been walking because it is a present perfect progressive
not a future perfect progressive.
[Quiz 13.1]
Find the past and past participle forms of the following
verbs using your dictionary:
Bring cannot answer
Drink drinked drinked
Think thinked thinked
Tell telled telled
Eat ate ate
Make maked maked
Beat beated beated

1) I enjoy (drawing) as a hobby.
2) She likes (buying) clothes.
3) Children are fond of (playing) with water.
4) (dancing) is my favorite thing to do.
5) I am upset at his (breaking) the rule.