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Asphalt Reinforcement

Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements

E 75 Highway in Belgrade, Serbia

Asphalt Reinforcement with HaTelit C 40/17

This case study report describes the rehabilitation of a
section of the E75 Highway in Belgrade.

The asphalt overlay of this dual carriageway had become

damaged by reflective cracking, likely caused by the
degradation of the cement stabilized base. The rehabilitation extend the working life of asphaltic pavements by up to
works designer specified an asphalt reinforcement three times. This will help to minimise any traffic
material to be incorporated into the new bituminous layers diversions and disruption caused by this type of remedial
to mitigate any future propagation of reflective cracks work, as well as reducing future maintenance costs.
through the new asphalt layers. The chosen reinforcement
material was HUESKERs HaTelit C 40/17.
This product comprises a biaxial 50kN/m polyester grid
attached to an ultra lightweight polypropylene geotextile. The exisiting pavement comprised of base, binder and
Both the grid and the nonwoven are penetrated with wearing courses. The top two layers were removed to
bitumen to ensure excellent interlayer bonding. The a depth of approximately 150mm by milling. The milled
HaTelit typically comes on 5 m x 150 m rolls. surface was then brushed clean and a polymer modified
emulsion was sprayed onto the milled surface, (in
The technique of introducing a polymeric reinforcement accordance with the HaTelit installation guidelines). After
into bituminous pavements has been demonstrated to the emulsion had been left to break the installation of the
Asphalt Reinforcement
Rehabilitation of Asphalt Pavements

HaTelit C 40/17 was carried out by unrolling the material

over the emulsion and then rolling with a light tandem
roller. After this the new asphalt was placed directly onto
the HaTelit reinforcement.
The speed and ease of the HaTelit installation ensured all
parties were happy.

Works Designer: Highway Institute, Belgrade

Main Contractor: Porr

Sub-Contractor: Ratko Mitrovic Niskogradnja

Construction: July 2010

Product: HaTelit C 40/17 09/13 B Copyright by HUESKER Synthetic GmbH, Gescher

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