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On the road with Here is why your teens Once declining fish stocks in lebrating
UNRAs Kagina might need contraceptives Lake Victoria bounce back Ce

Issue No. 499 Dec 08 - 14, 2017 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Museveni enters fight

over $20bn oil deals
French domination sparks fight
with Chinese

POLITICS: Godber SUDAN: Matthew Musevenis vision

Charles Onyango- Tumushabe on Stein on the want shift in strategy?

Poverty looms as
gambling booms
Obbo on the new lessons from Ivory Souths walk to Foreign big-money Police PRO reappointed Experts divided NEWS ANALYSIS NEWS ANALYSIS BUSINESS

look of corruption Coast crisis freedom investment frenzy in again as major changes over HIV Teachers on Museveni can Shs 68 trillion
Tullows backyard rock force strategy new transfer save Zziwa but economy
policy what after?
Emirates Airlines in control

Issue No. 239 November 09 - 15 , 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue 144 January 07 - 13, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 230 September 07 - 13, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 347 December 12 - 18, 2014 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Obama II Win excites world Papal Visit

The Besigye, Museveni

How Museveni killed Amamas vision Exercise, diet against IMF cuts Ugandas 16-page
anti-Lukwago Bill for Uganda cancer of prostate growth prospects Special


As seen from the
delegates conference
Issue No. 396 Nov. 27 - Dec 03, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 395 Nov. 27 - Dec 03, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

oil deals
New rules to force

CNOOC, Total, Tullow

to reveal money paid
By Haggai Matsiko

Inside the hunt

Issue 347.indd 1 12/9/14 8:21 PM

for Al Shabaab
Land grabbers
50 years of Joy & tears
All Makerere money Crane Bank

should be put in
one basket for
better staff pay
hit Entebbe



opens Malaba
Shs 234 Bn brewery opens
INSIDE: Prof. Frederick Jjuko, Prof.Daniel Schydlowsky, Prof. John Ssali, Lawrence Kagwa, Mayanja Nkangi, Prof.
Mwambutsya Ndeebesa, Godber Tumushabe, Maj. John Kazoora, Yoga Adhola, Eliya Kisembo, Andrew Mwenda, Abbey
Ssemuwemba, Naomi Wolf, Simon Mayende, Moses Byaruhanga, Moses Matovu, Diplock Ssegawa, Ronald Kerajo 27: 11: 2015
By Andrew M. Mwenda THE ANNIVERSARY EDITION Issue No. 280 August 30 - September 05 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Economy on Why
Issue No. 234 October 05 - 11, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Museveni Call rates stay up Independence Ali Alamin NSSFs
speech was thin but UCC says new
track- IMF on substance law will compel
Day in
Feb.24 1933 to
Shs 366

Musevenis war within NRM

RWANDA: 37 men SUDAN: What are the COMMENT Prof. SPECIAL REPORT: SUDAN:INew BUSINESS: With RWANDA: SUDAN:Recent violence BUSINESS: Oct.13, 2014
accused of grenade implications for the Ian Buruma on Killed by the state currency still govt broke, oil Rwanda becomes in Abyei has potential Mobile money:
attacks are alleged ongoing stalemate in why Obama has at Kololo army base, shrouded in firms gain upper a Nyakatsiless to spark a wider north- So far so good,
FDLR agents Darfur? gotten it right buried in secret grave secrecy hand country south conflict but




Issue No. 218 June 15 - 21, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Issue No. 339 October 17 - 23, 2014 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 154, March 18 - 24, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 157, April 08 - 14, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 158, April 15 - 21, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6
Uganda Health system
strengthening project

Tight budget

The challenge behind the 2012/13 numbers What next

Banks make for Afande
Lord Mayor huge profits Kaweesi?
Police boss Kayihuras
The Field Commander 
brings common mans Crane Bank

approach to the city billion

Besigye pays the price

FDC leader unleashes powerful strategy against Museveni
INTERVIEW: RWANDA: SUDAN: Issue 339.indd 1 10/13/14 8:20 PM

RWANDA: SUDAN:IDanger of NEWS: Budget reading Economic turbulence War looms large in

Can its economy NGOs providing basic Whistleblower is ritual of same wont shake the South Kordofan,
services to almost Abyei and Darfur
accommodate its exposes smuggling old promises countrys optimism COMMENT
Avalanche of banks
Richard Byarugaba Dont BoU committed
spiraling birth rate? 90% of the country ring inside tax body on reducing NSSF politicise `The country Foreign
suspense account fight against
EU to lead new UN
energy initiative World Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni, Barack Obama, Uhuru Kenyatta, Goodluck is about to be
TV wins
to ensuring

Jonathan, Bill Clinton, Augustine Ruzindana, Olara Otunnu, Ssebaana Kizito,
mourns Gerald Ssendaula, Pope Francis, Andrew Mwenda, Yusuf Sserunkuma,
Rebecca Kadaga, Kintu Musoke, Norbert Mao, Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere,
into chaos stability

Issue No. 167, June 17 - 23, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 212, May 04 - 10, 2012

Amama Mbabazi, Ruhakana Rugunda, Prince William...
Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8


Kayihura sacks

Land grabbing,
You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 159, April 22 - 28, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6
Issue No. 384 Sept. 04 - 10,2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

top police officers investors exposed

Museveni reacts, Oxfam, Uganda
Is it punishment or a purge? Land Alliance in trouble Issue No. 295 December 13 - 19, 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

or war?
Security experts

Corruption in
Politics should
In-flight catering
raise alarm over


to war
High costs threaten comes of age
low cost housing investors be a sacrifice -
C igh
Uganda business capital sector
Making resource
rich regions Dr Ian Clarke Wining but not winning, yet
orr ti
Besigye wants to
Is corruption on
South Kordofans up ng
in Uga

American companies make?
inflows firm Rwanda targets medical tourism become food poor
topple the govt - the rise in the EACs volatile governor on
Public anger greets Kabushenga cleanest country? vote
Museveni even

before he is swornin


You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue No. 162, May 13 -19, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6 Issue No. 261 April 19 - 25 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 268 June 07 - 13 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Why Ugandan We want a world Big dairy pupils dont class, first-world opportunity
learn Police Force
Uganda, Sudan How Monitor was


South Sudans
COMMENT: Onyango-
Obbo: Museveni won
Cut down on
ICC trial looms over Special Commemorative Issue

closed, re-opened
From bitter rivals

enter arms race

How Musevenis

Kayihura, Kivejinja
free or fearful because he is bad, not women coming teargas and
good president into their own success is creating to friends - how
press? conditions for Kagame and increase teachers
his downfall Sarkozy reconciled pay- Prof. Kajubi


Issue No. 318 May 23 - 29, 2014 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

You Buy the Truth, We Pay the Price Issue 152 March 04 - 10, 2011 Ushs 4000, Kshs 180, RwF 1200, SDP 6

Issue No. 181, September 23 - 29, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

Museveni doubles military expenditure, The Inside Story


Issue 295 copy peter new.indd 1 12/10/13 4:04 PM
Central Bank Ministers Bank profit

Inside Umeme

to investigate have become delight
Was it under fire MTN too lazy
Big regional trade boost
News analysis
Besigye gains in the east,     

WFP launches
Low tea price EAC Top donor

bought Museveni sweeps the north related violence   

worries aid recipients

shares deal
Universitys problems go beyond


or stolen? pay and strikes



 Issue No. 362 April 03 - 09 , 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 404 Feb. 05 - 11, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8



Electricity sector


 Politicians battle over   
Shs800 billion

Sejusas money, investor

arrest What Museveni

camp feared
By Haggai Matsiko



INTERVIEW: officials are lying on oil? Telecom fees to drop Health Spying Imperial Banks
Grounds exist for Museveni financial woes
Museveni is in REGIONAL: UNHCRs direction affirms Rwandas a rebellion - Col. insurance's on wrong
the midst of a stability, yet some refugees remain sceptical losing support, Online fraudsters empty promises `enemy Large consumers task Umeme
Tsunami Felix Kulayigye Besigye gaining threaten car market
BUSINESS: Greasy path for Ugandas oil industry

Issue No. 391 0ct. 23 - 29, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Issue No. 208, April 06 - 12, 2012 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 185, October 21 - 27, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8

Fight over
Why is Museveni
Fina M

building regions nc inis

strongest army? oil pipeline STOP PRESS
World shocked as
government shuts

Bad debts
relee qu try of
r IV
UNEB In Uganda,
News analysis
Musevenis bread and bullets
Unease as only cancer treatment
  ERA announces
Uganda outspends Kenya on military   
   down Daily Monitor
choking banks experiment its bust generation  
 machine breaks down investor quits  
Besigye predicts: 

  Chinese plans for Uganda oil and Red Pepper
Experts warn banks
on poor due diligence goes wrong before boom
Tenant versus landlord
regime is Issue No. 414 April 15- 21, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

collapsing Issue No. 266 May 24 - 30 , 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
Issue No. 355 February 13 - 19, 2015 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

Uganda: Defense Kenya: Defense

Tinyefuza Fallout Jennifer
expenditure 2011 expenditure 2011
US$1.02 billion. US$735 million.

Museveni intervenes in

Israel arms dealer case under siege
BUSINESS: PERSPECTIVE: Oil-bribes scandal agencies using security After Museveni, Kampala
Behind the
in historical perspective Lukwago Kyambogo EACs monetary
union minister, MPs, Lukwago spell
scenes at
By Andrew Mwenda
on Museveni
Universitys Mr. Fix it
Prof. Ndiege seeks to reconcile an of the unequal in turf wars out terms of engagement
Muhairwes exit and Musisi  
Time to eat, travel less

Issue No. 189, November 18 -24, 2011 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8
News analysis Health Business
Issue No. 294 December 06 - 12, 2013 Ushs 5000, Kshs 200, RwF 1500, SDP 8 Massacre on IGG Mulyagonja launches      

Masaka road 



Museveni, Besigye Museveni Vs Mbabazi

Issue No. 431 Aug 12- 18, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8

need to talk  


Experts warn of explosion if they dont 

 News analysis
Eastern DR Congo
erupts again
skin bleaches
Stanbic Banks

Issue No. 432 Aug 19 - 25, 2016 Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8
Top lawyers reveal details
of land grab plot



over Karuma, Isimba

Muloni, Kabagambe

Issue 294.indd 1 12/3/13 3:09 PM


Years of telling a story


Issue No. 499 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

The Week The Last Word Analysis Business Arts &

4|Committee Rethinking 14|Activists mark 21|Once
concludes age limit Human Rights Defenders declining fish
consultations politics in day: Coalition boss decries stock in Lake
Africa: shrinking space, calls for Victoria bounce
All about art
4|UPDF How events constructive engagement back: UPDF
awarded for with state deployment
good work in
in Zimbabwe cited in the
not teaching

Somalia expose 16|On the road with reduction in

the false UNRAs Kagina: illegal fishing
Driving 700kms in two
4|Nurses call off
assumptions days to see Ugandas 43|Toyota
strike as government that inform critical oil roads project 24|Few sparks at RAV4:
promises explanations Bank of Uganda How does a
enhancements 32|Here is why your teens lecture: But car remain so
of might need contraceptives: should Dr. Ha popular for so
developments Global Family Planning Joon Changs long?
6|Facebook opens on this push for more
giant boss blames officials
new hub in London state intervention
continent for letting their beliefs
in the economy be
get in the way of their the future?
professional responsibility

STRATEGY & EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Andrew M. Mwenda WRITERS:Ronald Musoke, Flavia Nassaka, Ian Katusiime,
MANAGING EDITOR: Joseph Were Agnes Nantaba, Agather Atuhaire, Julius Businge.
INVESTIGATIONS EDITOR: Haggai Matsiko DESIGN/LAYOUT: Sarah Ngororano, Harriet Jamwa.

PUBLISHER: Independent Publications Limited, Plot 82/84, Kanjokya Street, P. O. Box 3304, Kampala, Uganda
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2 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


Patrick Amuriat
Oboi, swearing in
as the new FDC
party president
at the FDC
on December
When he assumed the presidency of
FDC, he did something unprecedented,
he visited the headquarters of
all political parties to explain his
agenda.DP president Norbert Mao on
Mugisha Muntu

Thousands of people lining

up in Namboole National
Stadium for NMS free
yellow fever vaccination
exercise on December
1. NMS is offering a two
week free yellow fever
vaccination to Ugandans
as part of their CSR
activities. INDEPENDENT/
JIMMY SIYA The judiciary has been emasculated,
its independence eroded and the
separation of powers compromised as a
result of appointment of so called cadre
judges.Prof Venansius Baryamureeba,
former presidential candidate

Hilda Mary Tadria,

(L) the executive
director and founder
of Mentoring and
Programme for Young
Women (MEMPROW),
with Maggie Kigozi,
(2L) joined with
girls and boys in the
Uganda supplies sugar to South
walk against gender Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Congo and
based violence in others but incidentally the prices of
education on November sugar in such countries are lower than
28 at Railway
grounds. INDEPENDENT/ the price of sugar in Uganda. Peter
JIMMY SIYA Ogwang, MP for Usuk County

9749 Reported crimes

tracked by police dogs 1010 UPDF soldiers who
have been retired 3.9million Ugandans who are
alcoholics according to
in 2016/2017 from service a new study

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 3


Committee concludes age limit consultations

The Legal and Parliamentary Affairs that will be presented in parliament soon. declared that they wouldnt attend antici-
Committee of Parliament chaired by West Oboth who noted that they couldnt speak pating that the president will just lecture
Budama South MP Jacob Oboth Oboth to every one even though different people them on why amending the bill to extend
has concluded its hearings with its final expressed interest in appearing before the his grip on power is important. Legisla-
witness being president Museveni who is committee said of all the candidates who tor Mathias Mpuuga who held this view
seen to be the direct beneficiary of amend- took part in the 2016 presidential election, went ahead to say that some colleagues
ing article 102(b) of the constitution to lift only Prof Venansius Baryamureeba hon- on the committee were organizing their
presidential age limits from the current ored their invitation for their views to be own report that doesnt reflect the views
35 to 75 years. Speaking on the eve of the heard on the issue. of those consulted although this was dis-
Dec.05 committee meeting at state house But, as the committee was preparing pelled by Oboth referring to it as a black-
in Entebbe, Oboth said the members are for the final hearing, some members mailing statement.
already drafting the findings in a report especially those opposing the amendment

UPDF awarded for good work in Somalia Nurses call off strike as government
UPDF battle Union Commission promises enhancements
group 22 which has Simon Mulongo
been serving under who applauded the In a late evening meet- and a final salary review
African Union team for perform- ing at the Office of the statement will be ousted.
Mission in Somalia ing well and sacri- Prime Minister in Kampala, In addition to salary
commonly known ficing themselves to nurses and midwives under enhancement, government
as AMISOM com- protect humanity their Uganda Nurses and promised that they would
manded by Col Ber- and neutralizing Al- Midwives union called off put in a place a fund which
nard Tuhame has shabaab militants a strike they had planned will be utilized by members
been awarded med- amidst several chal- to kick start on Dec.05 after in their SACCO. Apart from
als of honor by the Brigadier Kayanja lenges. government committing that however, the group
mission. The troops Uganda which to settle their grievances. that threatened to put down
that recently com- Contigent Com- has been in the Speaking to journalists after their tools immediately
pleted their tour of mander Brigadier country for ten the Monday Dec.04 meet- after doctors who had been
duty were honored Kayanja Muhanga years is the largest ing, Public Service Minister on strike for about three
in a ceremony held and the Deputy troop contribut- said the nurses will know weeks resumed had also
in Mogadishu and Special Representa- ing country to the their new salaries by Satur- asked for better housing
attended by among tive of the Chairper- African Mission in day when an extra ordinary and several other allow-
others Uganda son of the African Somalia. cabinet meeting will be held ances.

NDA sets precautions Agasiirwes case extended to December 18

for Fluconazole use el trying him saying knowing
them would help him in case
In a Nov.27 circular by Victoria one of them skips a court ses-
Nambasa, the Director of Prod- sion to be asked to leave the
uct safety at the National Drug panel to allow him get timely
Authority (NDA), the public is justice.
warned against the use of Fluco- The charged officials
nazole, a drug used in treatment
Agasiirwe, Commandant of
of specified fungal infections in
Police Professional Standard
adults and children. Review of
Unit, Senior Commissioner
current literature has shown evi-
of Police Joel Aguma, for-
dence to suggest an increased risk
of spontaneous abortion in wom- mer commander of Police
en taking fluconazole in the first Special Operations, Sgt Abel
trimester of pregnancy. Previous Tumukunde under the Flying
studies have also linked high Squad, Assistant Superinten-
dose and long term treatment to Agasiirwe with handcuffs leaves court at Makindye dent of Police Magada under
birth defects, Nambasa said. Crime Intelligence and Faisal
Warning that the drug should Hearing of the case in which Dec.18 and suspects returned Katende under the Flying
only be prescribed for life threat- former commander of the Spe- to jail. During his appearance Squad are said to have in 2013
ening infections especially among cial Operations Unit, Senior in court, Agasiirwe who has kidnapped former body guard
pregnant women, she advised Superintendent of Police been denied bail through his to the President of Rwanda
that patients using the drug Nixon Agasiirwe together lawyer Frank Kanduho asked Joel Mutabazi and handed to
should be monitored for any with other senior officials in the army court in Makindye to his home government where
signs of threatened abortion or the Police force are charged avail him with the particulars he has been sentenced to life
any other side effects. with kidnap of a Rwanda names, ranks and units of imprisonment.
national has been extended to the seven members of the pan-

4 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


IGG releases report as anti- Another date for Local council elections set
corruption week ends
In a press in new markets compelled to
conference like the one in solicit additional
held at Uganda Fort Portal called funds from the
Media Center Mpanga, they complainants
on December were told many to facilitate the
04, the Inspector local government operations and
General of Gov- officials allocated carry out their
ernment (IGG), themselves stalls responsibilities,
Irene Mulyagon- leaving rightful Mulyagonja said.
ja revealed that owners of those Events of
corruption levels spaces with this years anti-
had increased nothing. corruption week
especially in Mulyagonja were organized
local govern- also said that under the theme; Court on Dec.04 issued an do thorough consultations into
ment and in the they received Regaining Pub- interim order pushing local the issue. However, if the new
police. Explain- many reports lic Trust in the council elections which were date is met, it will be the first
ing the findings of the Uganda Anti- Corruption supposed to take place earlier time in more than fifteen years
her team picked police asking fight and were in November to January 31, for the elections to be held. They
from the inspec- money from organized by 2018. The order issued by High have been severally halted with
tion or caravan suspects so they the inspectorate courts Justice Stephen follows most times the government cit-
of different can drop charges of Government a petition by a concerned citi- ing funding challenges but ana-
areas across the against them. in collabora- zen James Tweheyo who had lysts say the local councils are
country where When they put tion with the told court that if elections were the most vital political position
they among this to police Directorate of held on the previous date of as these leaders are in constant
others visited during the cara- Ethics and Integ- November24 students who were interaction with their electorate
markets she said van, the IGG said rity, Office of the still doing exams would not and arbitrate on issues which
people had told they were told Auditor Gen- participate in the polls which is a arent taken to court. Research
them that many this is due to the eral and Public violation of their right to vote as shows the biggest part of con-
officials tend to fact that these Procurement provided for in the constitution. flict resolution is made in these
get bribes while officials are not and Disposal of Musotas order now is meant village courts headed by local
collecting market well facilitated. public Assets to give the parties involved council leaders since only 1% of
dues whereas The police are Authority. including the Electoral Commis- Ugandans go to formal courts
sion and the petitioner time to for arbitration.

Facebook opens new hub in London

Facebook opened a new office in which opened its first office in the the past decade, Nicola Mendelsohn,
London on Dec.04, the biggest of the British capital ten years ago, said the Facebooks vice president for Europe,
social medias engineering hubs outside new site that includes incubator space the Middle East and Asia, told Britains
America. Located in West End district called LDN- LAB for technology start- Press Association.
of London, international reports show ups would allow its local workforce The UKs flourishing entrepreneurial
the hub is creating employment for to reach 2,300 by the end of next year, ecosystem and international reputation
over 800 people most of which are in a sign that it is more committed than for engineering excellence makes it one
the field of engineering. AFP news ever to the UK. The country has been of the best places in the world to build a
agency reported that the company, a huge part of Facebooks story over tech company, she said.

*terms and conditions apply

Dial *133 * 8#
Dec 08 - 14, 2017 5

Byanyima gets another

term at Oxfam
poverty, and an
inspiration to our
teams and partners
around the world.
We look forward
to continue to
work with her
to help create
lasting solutions
to the injustice
Winnie Byanyima of poverty, said
Oxfams Chairman
Five more of the board Juan
years ! Thank Alberto Fuentes.
you Oxfam, Byanyima who
Winnie Byanyima a few months
tweeted on ago moved the
Dec.04. Banyima organizations
a politician headquarters to
and wife to Kenya said one of
opposition Forum the achievements
for Democratic Oxfam has had
Change (FDC) is waking up
cadre DR. Kizza the world to the
Besigye was dangers of rising
reacting to a extreme inequality
decision by Oxfam by building
Internationals coalitions which
board of they are positive
supervisors will completely
decision to give turn the inequality
her another five tide against
years to serve in ordinary people.
the position of Oxfam is a
the organizations confederation of
Executive Director. twenty NGOs
We are thrilled. working in over
Winnie is a 90 countries across
visionary leader the world to end all
in the fight against forms of injustices
inequality and that cause poverty.

6 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

Humour Did you know?

You tend to break

your old phone when
a new one comes out

On Nov. 29 the former FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu declared he would remain in the party
but his surprise announcement didnt diminish speculation of him being a mole.

his December is that time of the
year again! Carols ring, holly glis-
tens, and Apple comes out with
a new iPhone model. And we
conveniently start losing or breaking our
existing phones!
Thats not just clumsiness at work.
According to a study from the Univer-
sity of Michigan, its your psychology at
work, attempting to help you justify the
purchase of a faster, better phone model.
(The studys title is, Be Careless With
That!: Availability of Product Upgrades
Increases Cavalier Behavior Toward Pos-
sessions. It was published in the October
2017 Journal of Marketing Research.)
Ordinarily, associate professor of
psychology Josh Ackerman says, when
he studied the numbers over time, he
The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has decried the delayed disposal of 186 land cases filed discovered something bizarre: every time
by the contractors and the locals that have slowed down road construction. Apple or Samsung comes out with a new
smartphone model and people want to
start upgrading, they just care less about
the product that they currently have.
Theyre causing damage to them, los-
ing them, and so on, despite the fact that
that is costly to them.
Its our subconscious at work, he says.
People have this very strong desire to
justify why theyre going to get a new
product. If you already own a phone and
it works just fine, but a new one comes
out that seems really, really appealing,
what do you tell yourself in order to con-
vince yourself to get that new phone?
Maybe you tell yourself, Well, maybe
my phones not working quite as well as
I thought. Or maybe, Oops, I dropped
it on the ground and the screen cracked!
Or, Maybe I happened to leave it in a
With the ongoing slavery in Libya that has caused sadness and fear, Africans are still going to taxi. Those kinds of justifications might
Europe to look for a better life that they cannot find in Africa. mean, Oh, now I get to tell myself that I
can really buy that new product.

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 7

News analysis Health Business
What next for Pressure to Free World AIDS day UEGCL sees higher lebratin
FDC after Muntu? Red Pepper editors in tough times profits ahead Ce g

Issue No. 498 Dec 01 - 07, 2017

Ushs 5,000,Kshs 200, RwF 1,500, SDP 8


Kutesas dodgy deals

How American bribery case
sucked in Museveni

Follow us on Twitter @!/ugandatalks

Follow us on Facebook @

Letters are No hope in 10th parliament

welcome ! Today, the Ugandan Parlia- took another two months and makers politically but when
ment cannot conscientiously showed that parliament only matters of finances come in.
The Editor welcomes short and
concise letters from our esteemed claim to be a representative concentrates on issues that arise. Government spends a lot of
readers on topical issues. Please of the People. A government What really hurts us local money on these people but they
send them to: qualifies to be termed respon- Ugandans is that a lot of money keep misusing resources know-
The Editor, The Independent sible when it is answerable is being used by these members ing government will improvise
Publications Ltd, and accountable to an elected of parliament in their commit- more.
P.O Box 3304,
Plot 82/84 Kanjokya St, Parliament and through it, the tees pretending to be investigat- Seriously speaking Ugandans
Kamwokya. People. ing. I have on several occasions have lost hope in this tenth
Kampala,Uganda. The tenth Parliament started told fellow Ugandans that parliament because it has totally
the year on a promising note these members of parliament done nothing valuable for the
Email: but saw a complete collapse by dont care about us but only local Ugandans in the villages,
the year-end. mind about how much money those with no food, clothing,
Then it was involved in they get, how many trips they medical care etc. All they are
Mnangagwa worse issues of bribery with sacks of get, allowances they receive doing is get deals and make
than Mugabe Sugar to help pass some bill
in parliament. Then came the
per committee sitting etc. and
indeed many have agreed with
sure they are financially well.

Presidential handshake to URA me that these parliamentarians Michael Woira

Refer to: Zimbabwe gets and finance officials, which can pretend to be active policy Patriotic Uganda
new president after 37 years
(The Independent Dec.01). With
due respect, if deposed former
President of Zimbabwe, Robert
Mugabe, was a bad man, then
Opposition bad, Museveni worse
the new President Emmerson Refer to A frank memo to Musevenis bad governance: doing well either; no big infra-
Mnangagwa is not the right the opposition (The Indepen- political uncertainty, corrup- structure project can be done
replacement for him. Mnangag- dent Nov.17). If the experts tion, high interest rates, poor now without borrowing money
wa has all along been the right of macro-economics have not budget allocations/misplaced from The Aga Khan or China.
hand man of Mugabe for the deceived us, Ugandas econ- government priorities etc. Dont The economic truth can be told
37 years plus, and one the chief omy was growing at 10 -11% you think the opposition have without spicing or contaminat-
executors of Mugabes plans. between 1986 and 1996. We are a point when they emphasis ing it with political propaganda.
Mnangagwa has benefited from also informed that the GDP/ good governance?
the Mugabe leadership to the economic growth rate has now The political opposition Jimmy
extent that he has accumulated dropped to about 4% mainly may be doing very badly, but
vast riches both in property and because of President Yoweri Musevenis government is not
cash at bank, yet he has been a
government employee all along.
Mnangagwa, as a Home
Affairs minister, oversaw the On Besigyes grandstanding
disappearance of over 20,000
Zimbabweans in Matabele land. Refer to A frank memo ment because of democracy.
In fact had Mugabe not sacked to the opposition (The Inde- Lastly, you so accuse of
Mnangagwa, he apparently was pendent Nov.17). I am with Dr. Kizza Besigye of
still very comfortable having you on most of the things grandstanding, youre
Mugabe as the president of Zim- about the approach to devel- one of the great grand-
babwe. Mnangagwa only moved opment. However, for you to standers that Ive come
against Mugabe after being state that for Africa to develop to know. You take
sacked. Very soon, the euphoria we need revisiting medieval positions that give the
will evaporate and Zimbabwe- times is equivalent to saying impression that maybe
ans will soon find out that after that because my father went to hes a village chief yet,
all, there is no much difference school barefooted, so should I wonder whether, if stood
between Mugabe and Mnan- my son. Times change Mwenda among your family mem-
gagwa, except that Mnangagwa and so should we be present bers, that you would win
may be more ruthless. towards the current circum- an election by consensus.
stances. For your argument to
John Kipto be valid, state one country that Rajab Kakyama
has deteriorated in develop-

8 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

The Last Word Opinion

Rethinking politics in Africa

By Andrew M. Mwenda
How events in Zimbabwe expose the false assumptions,
explanations about developments on this continent

here is a widespread assumption electoral defeat and handing power to made. All too often when analysing poli-
that presidents in Africa who rule a victorious opposition as betrayal. In tics in Africa, we speculate about what
for long do so out of personal greed agreeing to hold on to power, Mugabe was must have happened instead of relying on
for power. This accusation has been actually acting more out of group than what actually happened. Preconceived
made against Robert Mugabe who ruled personal interest. Secondly Mnangagwa, biases about leaders in Africa become a
Zimbabwe for 37 before he was forced to together with Chiwenga are today hailed substitute for knowledge. Hence, existing
resign recently. It is also the accusation as the new messiahs who ended Mugabes knowledge about African leaders clouds
against President Yoweri Museveni of long rule. Yet they were the ones respon- rather than illuminates our understanding
Uganda as the ruling party seeks to amend sible for stifling a democratic transition of the continents politics.
the constitution and remove age limits so in 2008. Indeed, Mugabe was more as a This is not to say leaders in Africa are not
that he can run for the presidency in 2021. hostage of their power than its architect. power hungry. Rather it is to argue that
Yet when individual cases are examined And when he sought to initiate a transition their individual preferences play a much
closely, one finds the reality much more to a young generation using his wife, they more limited role compared to the collec-
complex and nuanced. Let me illustrate. kicked him out. tive interests of the groups they represent.
In August 2008, while attending the Aus- Therefore, the celebration of Mugabes And while our leaders make mistakes,
tralian Davos Connection conference on fall by many Zimbabweans, African elites these mistakes when carefully examined,
the Hamilton Islands in the Pacific Ocean, and the Western media is misinformed. are rarely stupid. It is easy to imagine that
I met a man called David Coltart. He was Mnangagwa and his conspirators do not we or our preferred politicians would not
a legislator representing the Movement for represent a transition of power but mainte- have acted differently. This is rarely true.
Multiparty Democracy in Zimbabwe led nance of the status quo. Paradoxically, Mrs When examined closely, political leaders
by Morgan Tsvangirai. We were invited to Grace Mugabe and her confederates in the are rarely free actors. Their decisions are
a private dinner with the Prime Minister G40 represented some form of a transition imposed upon them more by circum-
of Australia, Kevin Rudd and two other from the old guard in ZANU-PF. stances than by their personalities.
people. The coup makers made it clear that Look, postcolonial Africa has had 278
Coltart told us that in the March 2008 their aim was to protect the power and changes of leaders. Almost all of them
presidential elections in Zimbabwe, Tsvan- privileges of the ZAPU-PF old guard. whether democratically elected politi-
girai got 50.7% while President Robert The Western media welcomed this non- cian, nationalist leader for independence,
Mugabe got 43.2%. Even before the results transition because now they can bribe revolutionary hero of an armed struggle,
were officially announced, Mugabe sent a Mnangagwa with aid and removal of an upstart hoisted to power by a popular
team to discuss a transition with the MDC. economic sanctions so that he can return insurrection, a military coup maker or
The two sides met for two days. On the property confiscated from whites or com- peaceful successor to the death of an
third day the MDC team went to the venue pensate them. The price will be to hand incumbent president has come to power
but the government side did not show up. that country back to multinational capital, promising democracy, honest government
They tried to reach their counterparts by not to the people of Zimbabwe. and development. Nearly all our countries
phone in vain. Later they learnt that the The lesson is that there are often more are still poor and corrupt today. Africa has
top brass of the ZANU-PF and the security complex social dynamics behind political not produced a South Korea.
services led by Emmerson Mnangagwa decisions in Africa. Yet most of our com- If only 20% of our countries for 20% of
(who had led Mugabes campaign), which mentary tends to reduce such decisions to the time were characterised by poor perfor-
also included army chief, Gen. Constantino personal greed by presidents. We accuse mance, we would say Africa has a political
Chiwenga, went to Mugabe and asked our leaders of personalising power yet it is problem. If 40-50% of our countries for
him why he was abandoning them. us personalising political decisions. We are 40-50% of the time performed poorly, we
Mugabe told them he was not abandoning too lazy and biased to dig beneath the sur- could say Africa has a serious political
them. He said they had simply lost an face and see the actual dynamics shaping crisis. But when 80-90% of our nations for
election. No problem, they told Mugabe; our politics. Most of what we have is not 80-90% of the time perform badly, and
we can change the results. And they did. knowledge but prejudice; and what goes when these problems remain in spite of
When the results finally were announced for analysis is mere speculation. 278 changes of leaders over a period of 60
after a month, Tsvangirai had 47.9 against African academics, politicians and jour- years, and seem impervious to changing
Mugabes 43.2%. This called for a second nalists write very few, if any, books. And political systems, means of acquiring
round. The state unleashed such violence when we do, we use concepts, adjectives power etc., then the causes must have
and terror against the MDC that Tsvan- and tropes borrowed from Western aca- deep structural roots. We need to begin
girai pulled out leaving Mugabe to run demics and journalists who write about an entirely new conversation about
alone and win by 85.5%. Mnangagwa was Africa. Yet these Westerners rely largely politics in Africa. It is time to break the
accused of orchestrating the violence. on their prejudices to write about Africa. chains of the intellectual diet we have
This story is instructive. It shows that Thus, even when we have facts, we dont been fed about it.
Mugabes confederates in ZANU-PF and use them properly to explain why a par-
the security services saw his conceding ticular decision in an African country was

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 9

cover story

Museveni enters fight

over $20bn oil deals
French domination sparks fight
with Chinese
By Haggai Matsiko
Oil companiesTotal E&P, Tullow Oil and CNOOCare locked in a bitter fight for control of
Ugandas oil sector. The coveted prizes are deals worth about $20 billion.
The three entered a partnership in 2012 when Tullow Oil, which was the sole exploration com-
pany farmed down 66% of its stake, in equal 33% portions each, to the Chinese and French
biggies. The Irish minnow bagged $2.9 billion in the farm-down and still retained a 33.3% stake
in the deal. Up to that point, it looked like a great deal. But insiders tell The Independent that if
the three companies do not resolve their current disagreements, their joint venture might col-
lapse, and Ugandas bid to start oil production might be delayed once again.

10 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

cover story

he French company and
the Chinese have been
squabbling over control at
almost every turn since the
government allowed them
to acquire stakes in the oil
fields from Tullow. With the coming
production phase and the prospect of
mega oil deals, the fights appeared to
intensify this November.
The Independent has learnt that
senior executives from the companies
have had to seek frantic meetings with
President Yoweri Museveni to resolve
their issues.
The Independent has learnt that
Total S.As Vice President for Africa,
Guy Maurice and another top official
flew into Kampala mid-November to
meet the President.
Sources say Maurices delegation
camped in Kampala for about half a
week until it met the president. It was
the second time Maurice was coming
into town in a few months.
And his meeting followed another by
CNOOCs Vice-President Xu Keqiang
from China, who together with the
Chinese ambassador, met Museveni
and raised concerns over Total.
The Independent understands
that Totals delegation after meeting
Museveni left unhappy.
Sources have told The Independent
that Tanzanian President John Pombe
Magufuli and Equatorial Guineas
Teodoro Obiang Nguema have
cautioned Museveni to tread carefully
on Total.
Magufuli and his technocrats
disagreed with Total officials during
the negotiations for the pipeline
and Equatorial Guinea revealed in
August that Total misrepresented fuel
sales figures in a fraud case in which
Equatorial Guinea now demands 73
million euros from Total. The incident
reportedly occurred between 2010 and
It is not yet clear whether these
concerns have had a chilling effect
on Musevenis relationship with the
French giant.
Insiders say, this information
might feed into Musevenis decision
regarding the fight between CNOOC
and Total.
The current fight was sparked by
a $ 900 million deal in which Tullow
Oil is selling 22 percent of its 33.3
percent stake after being frustrated
by Musevenis decision to build the
Ugandan oil pipeline to the Indian
Ocean through Tanzania instead of
through Kenya.
Tullow Oil, which also operates oil
fields in Kenya, was lobbying for the

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 11

cover story

Kenyan route because this would

allow it transport both its Uganda and
Kenya oil cheaply and conveniently.
On its part, CNOOC stood to secure
the pipeline construction deal for
Chinese companies.
Total, on the other hand, was
pushing for the Tanzanian route
through the port of Tanga and
demonstrated, through a feasibility
study carried out by Houston-based
Gulf Interstate, that this route was
easy to complete, and safer and
cheaper to operate.
The Total study, upon which
Museveni based his decision, showed
that the Lamu port was insecure
because it lies near the border with
Somalia, which is al-Shabaab terrorist
group territory. The study also
President Museveni meeting Total officials.
showed that the Lamu port required
more work compared to the Tanga
port which is already operational.
Unlike in Kenya, land acquisition
would be easier in Tanzania as land
there is owned by the state unlike
in Kenya where land is owned by
individuals and its acquisition tends
to be disrupted by compensation
On top of all this, the cost of the
Lamu route had been estimated to
be US$5.1 billion compared to $3.55
billion for the Tanga route.
Total also promised to mobilise
the finance for the construction of
the pipeline and, as an inducement,
pledged to contribute 10% towards the
cost of President Musevenis US$4.5
billion oil refinery on the shores of
Lake Albert. A group led by General
Electric and another led by Chinas
Dongsong Guangzhou Energy Group Museveni (middle) with CNOOC officials at State House
are competing for the deal after
negotiations with Russian firm Global
Resources collapsed in 2015. With all
these pledges Total won the fight over Tullow was left in a latch. Without concluded negotiations and entered an
the pipeline. much interest left in Uganda, Tullow agreement.
Although Total won the battle, the decided to reduce its footprint in the We are now waiting for
war is still raging. A few months ago, country even further; the reason it government approval, Kibuuka said.
CNOOC flew in their Vice President, is farming out. But Tullows move By press time, both CNOOC and
Xu Keqiang, to meet Museveni over now appears to have emboldened the Total had not responded to our
concerns with Total. Chinese to take on Total. queries.
Apparently, apart from As part of this fight, CNOOC is Energy Ministry Permanent
disagreements over the now demanding operatorship of Secretary, Robert Kasande, also
implementation and financing of Exploration Area 2 (EA2), the same confirmed that the companies had
the pipeline, CNOOC was unhappy area Tullow had already agreed to sell submitted the transaction paperwork
that while in Tanzania to launch to Total. In March, CNOOC notified for approval.
the pipeline works in August, Total Tullow that it was exercising its right We are in the process of reviewing
officials blocked a high powered to acquire 50% of the interest Tullow the transaction, Kasande said.
Chinese delegation from meeting is transferring to Total. The case has But since the negotiations of these
Museveni. Matters were not helped gone to President Museveni. agreements lasted months from
that Total had snatched the Pipeline Abdul M Kibuuka, the Public Affairs March until October, insiders say that
deal from under CNOOCs belly. and National Content Manager of government asked the companies to
Meanwhile, with the pipeline going Tullow Uganda, confirmed to The focus on the 2020 deadline as they iron
through Tanzania, cash-strapped Independent that the companies had out their other differences.

12 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

cover story

Enerst Rubondo, the Executive

Director, Petroleum Authority of
Uganda (PAU), told The Independent
that as he sees it, the disagreements
amongst the companies would not
affect the production timelines.
The companies will resolve the
issues, he said sounding upbeat
about 2018, which he said promised
to be a super active year in the oil
A quick decision on the
governments side will also depend on
whether the deal will not attract tax Jimmy Mugerwa Ernest Rubondo Robert Kasande
disputes as the ones before it.
There is hope that since the farm-
down is seen as a critical stage before
the Final Investment Decision (FID), when he said following the agreement
which is expected to unlock billions Apart from the on the Tanzanian export pipeline route,

and kick-start production, President this transaction gives Total a leadership
Museveni will act swiftly. position to move this project efficiently
Uganda discovered commercial oil toward FID in the current attractive
reserves 6.5 billion barrels--over 10 pipeline, there cost environment.
years ago but has not been able to But Total must also tread carefully
produce oil. is the because it needs the oil held by

$4.5 billion
Fights between government and CNOOC for production to be viable in
the oil companies over taxes and the short-run.
the requisite infrastructure and At stake are deals about $ 20 billion.
amongst oil companies themselves for oil refinery, and Apart from the $3.55 billion pipeline,
dominance are part of the problem.
Embedded in the current fight are the over there is the $ 4.5 billion oil refinery,
and the over $ 10 billion expected
concerns by CNOOC that most of the
deals are going to Total. Apparently, $10billion to be invested in the infrastructure
required to get the fields ready to start

expected to be
CNOOCs concerns are due to the producing oil.
fact that Total is already selecting It is no surprise for some, therefore,
companies that will carry out the
next big thing in Ugandas oil sector; invested in the oil that CNOOC also announced it wanted
a share of the Tullow farm down. That
the Engineering, Procurement and
Construction (EPC) for the two main
fields meant the deal had to be renegotiated.
The fighting phase of the type going
projects. on appeared to have been overcome
It is the EPC contracts that will in August last year when government
swallow the biggest chunk of $ 10 awarded the oil companies eight oil
billion for the development phase. production licences. The licences came
The Chinese have reportedly told after almost two years of intractable
Total that if it takes the lead on the partnering with China Petroleum negotiations over the oil companies oil
pipeline, CNOOC should take the lead Engineering and Construction production plans.
on the upstreamoil fields. Corporation-CPECC) and the Chicago At the time, President Museveni
After taking the pipeline and eyeing Bridge & Iron Company (CB&I). desire to have oil pumped by 2020
a stake in the refinery, Total has a firm Insiders say CNOOC had also picked appeared achievable. That timing is
grip on the mid-stream. If it snatches a Chinese company for the FEED very critical for Museveni; it is the
Tullows stake in the farm down, it will studies of the Kingfisher project. FEED campaign year for the 2021 elections, in
dominate the oil fields also and leave studies define cost and construction which he has showed he is keen to seek
CNOOC with crumbs. Already, Total designs for facilities required for oil reelection. Getting oil cash would be a
commands the biggest market share production. major boost and the fights amongst the
in Ugandas petroleum distribution CNOOC is fighting to ensure that oil companies are making this prospect
segment. with the farm down, it is not left harder.
Total has already been flexing its operating only the kingfisher field as a The deadline already looks unrealistic
muscle. It has reportedly already code- minority player in Ugandas oil sector. because the oil companies need at least
named its Tullow EA2 deal under the Under the current arrangement, three years after making the FID to start
Tilenga project and is excited about CNOOC operates Kingfisher, Tullow pumping oil. The FID is now expected
it because it stands to give them the EA2 and Total EA1 and EA1A. between June and December next year.
leading role in the entire project. But with the $3.55 billion pipeline This would mean that at the very least,
In February, it picked three deal in the bag too, Total is in a Uganda can only be able to pump oil
companies to carry out FEED studies dominant position. after well after 2021.
for this Tilenga project. These included; Total chairman and chief executive,
Technip (French), Fluor (U.S. and Patrick Pouyann, made this point

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 13


Activists mark Human

Rights Defenders day
Coalition boss decries shrinking space, calls
for constructive engagement with state
Robert Kirenga, the Executive Director National Coalition of Human
Rights Defenders Uganda spoke to the Independent's Flavia
Nassaka about his perspective on the international human rights
defenders day and general human rights situation in the country.

You launched in 2013. What for its celebration?

informed this move and whats Human rights defenders glob-
the mandate of the National ally thought that they needed a
Coalition for Human Rights day to reflect on their work and

Defenders? how its contributing to develop-
e were formed by a ment of different nations. Unlike
consortium of ten other international days where
civil society orga- theres always an international
nizations with an theme that countries are sup-
objective of advocating for a se- posed to focus their celebrations
cure and peaceful environment on, for this day we come up with
for human rights defenders. a theme relevant to the context
One would ask who is a hu- in which its being marked in a
man rights defender. For us this specific country.
is a person or an organization Our theme here is the
who works to promote rights shrinking space for civil society
of others. As a coalition we are organizations. As we mark
mandated to protect their work this day government has never
by ensuring that we represent returned phones and comput-
them in instances where they for ers that they confiscated from
instance need legal protection or the four organizations that
physical security. they raided two months ago.
Organizations like Uganda We are seeing our operating
Law Society, Foundation for space being narrowed by the
Human Rights Initiative, the state and its agents. Look at
Uganda NGO forum, Defenders what one has to go through
Protection Initiative and Human to start an NGO. The process
Rights Network Uganda (HURI- is too tedious and yet you will
NET) founded the coalition that only be allowed to operate for
is now an umbrella of over 100 a year and go back to re-new
organizations across the country. your registration. When you do
this successfully another hurdle
December 09 is marked inter- will be the kind of environ-
nationally as Human Rights ment you will operate in.
Defenders Day. What exactly You will be
happens on this day and
whats the agenda

14 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

intimidated and threatened with closure the
moment the state is pinched by your work.
2017 has been for accountability.

They will also accuse you of being partisan fluctuating As human rights defenders, how do you
and receiving illegal funds even when the
sources of funding are easily tracked. Those depending on the rate your selves in reducing human rights
are some of the issues that we will be reflect-
ing and brain storming on as we mark this
circumstances. Look As the national coalition we have not yet
done much because we have had challenges
Human Rights Defenders day. One of at what happened spreading our wings. We are now working
the activities organized is a dialogue to be
attended by both non-state and state actors in March after the on our visibility because many people may
not know who a human rights defender is.
so people can know what we do.
Some actors tend to politicize the work of
assassination We are often seen as noise makers because
the concept is not yet well internalized. I
NGOs out of ignorance of the fact that our of former Police believe once our work is appreciated we
interventions contribute to attainment of
national priorities. spokesperson will do more than what you are seeing now.

Are you partisan?

Andrew Felix What challenges are facing rights defend-
ers working in the country at the moment?
Yes. Civil society is partisan but we are Kaweesi Apart from being intimidated, we face
partisan to a cause for which we were physical assault. Just recently a councilor
formed which is to ensure that promotion were arrested, some injured while in the in Mbarara suffered an acid attack because
of democracy and human rights is upheld, field covering these demonstrations com- he was set to appear before the land com-
to ensure corruption is got rid of and to municated to a fact that media managers mission of inquiry to fight for people whose
ensure safety of human rights defenders. and journalists have not invested in their land is being grabbed. People have to real-
NGOs are not linked to political parties. The safety and security. One thing that I thought ize that in doing this work its almost inevi-
laws that create political parties are differ- about is where these journalists run to table not to step on peoples toes and should
ent. The biggest funder of NGOs in Uganda when they receive such threats and what be conscious of what is likely to happen to
is the Democratic Governance Facility safeguards do they have to retrieve their them because of their actions.
(DGF), a consortium of donor countries work incase their equipment is confiscated
like Norway, Sweden and Austria that give or tampered with. Its because such things What gives you motivation to continue do-
funds to governments and organizations are not clear that journalists sometimes suc- ing work amidst threats and danger?
to push causes in different areas like gov- cumb when threatened. They have no fall You dont go to any school or university
ernance, education and others. So its quite back. I now encourage them to join coali- to learn to be a human rights defender. We
disturbing to see government becoming tions such as ours because they are also a always have that urge in us to advocate
skeptical of where we get funding because group of human rights defenders. for peoples rights. But, what I should say
they also get money from these same is that human rights defenders need to be
donors. Both journalists and activists are now protected thats why as a coalition we build
taking advantage of social media to push their capacity in terms of putting in place
You seem frustrated. How do you rate this agendas. What do you think has been safe guards. We protect their information,
year in terms of upholding human rights the role of social media in advocating for if they are in conflict or accused of breaking
in the country? peoples justice? the law, legal services will be provided and
2017 has been fluctuating depending on Social media has its positives and nega- depending on the nature of threat, there is
the circumstances. Look at what happened tives. It has really pressurized government also psycho social support. We also have
in March after the assassination of former to take some measures against people a protection fund to relocate those affected
Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi. who violate peoples rights but I wouldnt until when their security stabilizes as we
So many people were arrested, tortured, encourage anyone to take everything they continue to advocate for bettering the
prosecuted and then re-arrested under get on social media for the truth because general environment in which civil society
unclear circumstances even after court had audiences receive, use and reproduce this organizations operate.
granted them bail. Questions on whether information in different ways.
the country respects such issues as free- What type of protection or support is nec-
dom from torture were raised. Then came A number of reports are released every essary for human rights defenders?
the debate of whether to or not to amend year highlighting top human rights viola- As one of our priorities for next year, we
article 102(b) of the constitution to remove tors and usually the police top these lists. want to have constructive engagement with
presidential term limits. Members of parlia- Do you ever follow up on what becomes the state to ensure that this perception that
ment with dissenting views were beaten of this evidence? Do these institutions use NGOs are negative forces change. The state
up, NGOs that tried to point out wrong it in decision making? has a role to protect human rights. It has
doing were threatened and a life was lost We cant do much about what happens an obligation to respect peoples freedoms,
so at times its what is prevailing that will after exposing these wrongs. All we can they also have an obligation to protect
determine the human rights terrain in any do is to continue advocating against them. everyone from the third party. If goons
country. For Uganda in 2017 on a scale of Our concerns are rather on how we pro- arrested suspects and they deny knowledge
one to ten, I would give it five. tect our sources of such information from of them, that denial is an indictment on the
being antagonized. We also ensure that we state because they are supposed to protect
What do you make of the role of the media have accurate documentations to provide all people at all times. The state also has an
in exposing some of the human rights vio- evidence in court in case need arises. The obligation to create an enabling environ-
lations that you mention? problem I notice is that sometimes human ment for me to enjoy my freedoms includ-
The media has done its best because its rights defenders dont have concrete evi- ing the right to associate.
from them that many of us get a sense of dence to cause some ones prosecution. I
what exactly is happening but events that believe if we keep accurately documenting
have happened this year where journalists such issues we can have grounds to push

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 15


A truck stuck inside Bugoma Forest on the Rwera-Kaseeta road. INDEPENDENT/RONALD MUSOKE

On the road with UNRAs Kagina

Driving 700km in two days to see Ugandas
critical oil roads project

By Ronald Musoke mainly in the districts of Hoima, Buliisa and The road is the 15km Rwera-Kaseeta

Masindi where close to 70% of Ugandas stretch through Bugoma Forest. We
llen Kagina, the executive director 6.5 billion of barrels of oil is found. She were driving north from the Kingfisher
of the Uganda National Roads must acquire land and pay Project Affected oil field operated by the Chinese firm;
Authority (UNRA) is a prayerful Persons (PAPs) and do civil works on 10 China National Offshore Oil Corporation
woman. She prays at meetings, roads. (CNOOC) on the southern tip of Lake
journeys, meals, and anything. Now, Mwitanzige (Albert) in Hoima District
however, she possibly needs prayers more Can Kagina do it cheaper, quicker? when we decided to take the short-cut.
than ever before for Ugandas so-called oil I thought about this recently when It was a big mistake because, as we were
roads. Kagina and her team from UNRA took a winding along the narrow strip of road
She needs to prepare about 700km of oil bunch of journalists; including me, on a spot through the thick tropical rain forest, we
roads in 24 months on a lean budget of just check of what needs to be done. came upon a huge truck loaded with tonnes
US$600 million (Approx. Shs2.2 trillion). We were on day two of our inspection of cement. It had failed to climb the slippery
Road projects vary in scope and cost, but tour when fate threw Kaginas challenge stretch of road, possibly because of its tyres
the most cited figures claim it usually takes at us. Imagine a convoy of eight vehicles, which appeared worn-out and smooth.
24 months and about US$50 million to do a about three SUVs, a van, and a few pick-up The trucks diminutive middle-aged
50km road. trucks carrying the police escort, rolling driver said he had spent the past two days
The roads Kagina must build are found down a really narrow road through a forest. stuck at the spot. We offered to help, really

16 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


hoping we could create a way for our which will be heavy and carrying uneven after a three-hour drive from Kampala. We
convoy to pass. But after about 15 minutes materials, will avoid busy city centres. had set off at 6.30am. We then hit the 130km
of failure and the threat of a tropical Time is literally money. Unless Kagina Hoima-Butiaba-Bugungu road through
downpour, we abandoned the hapless does her work right and on time, the oil Wanseko to Buliisa.
driver and backtracked and took a longer trucks might be caught up in the same mess Part of this route goes through a
route of about 40kms. as we found ourselves in sitting for days treacherous-looking escarpment which at
This is one practical example of what a on a narrow slippery earth road blocked by the moment looks narrow and has only
senior official of CNOOC at Kingfisher had a non-roadworthy truck. patches of tarmac laid decades ago. From
earlier told us when he spoke about the Kaginas task is massive; considering Buliisa we hit another dusty-road stretch of
importance of the roads that Kagina has to that a sizeable stretch of these roads goes 30km of the Bugungu Para road.
construct. through both delicate and treacherous This section goes through the ecologically
Oil companies cannot do oil and gas terrain, part of which is the western arm sensitive Murchison Falls National Park.
operations without roads, he said, Roads of the Great East African Rift Valley with From Para, we headed to Masindi via Park
are one of the most critical in oil and gas sharp climbs and steep slopes. Kagina says Junction, a distance of 90km and from
operations. initially she was afraid the roads would not Masindi; we got back to Hoima town via
For every hour you lose, there are a lot be ready. But she now has a plan that can Biiso, another stretch of 100km. That is
of standby fees charged which could run actually deliver the roads in two years time. 550kms in one day. Not bad.
into tens of thousands of dollars; which is When she spoke to journalists on the Along these routes, our convoy kept
why you need good roads. tour on Nov. 29, she appeared unfazed and stopping for Kagina and her team to explain
The roads Kagina is to build were optimistic. what we are supposed to note. Mainly it
prioritized in early 2016 as the primary Some of these challenges seem is sections that need urgent attention a
mode of transport to move up to 12 million insurmountable, she said, but we have sharp escarpment that must be chiseled
tonnes of materials to the Albertine region been here before. through, a narrow section that must
where a joint venture of oil companiesthe
Chinese firm, CNOOC, Frances Total and
the Irish company, Tullow are to build
critical oil production infrastructure.
The oil companies asked the government
to ensure a reliable two-way all weather
road system from the Indian Ocean coast
to the Lake Albert region to transport an
estimated 12 million tonnes of often heavy
and often out of gauge equipment and
materials that the projects require.
The oil companies have made plans
based on the logistics infrastructure
available, mainly road. They have, for
instance, designed a logistics envelope
based on the most feasible freight
dimensions (length of 25m, width of 5m
and height of 4.7m and weight of at least
120 tonnes).
They are currently concentrating
on designs of what needs to be built,
technically called the Front End Engineering Bridges like this one at Sambiya inside Murchison Falls National Park
Design (FEED), including designs and will be expanded from a width of 3 metres to 11 metres. INDEPENDENT/RONALD MUSOKE
compilations of requirements for central
processing facilities, feeder pipelines, and
the crude export pipelines. The FEED Kaginas team on the tour included be widened, long stretches that require
studies for the oil pipeline and the CPFs are Michael Ochola, the team leader, Bridges resurfacing. Some points, like Buliisa town,
nearing completion. and Structures who is also a member require special attention. This is the hub of
Some of the internationally sourced of the Oil Roads Studies taskforce; Total Oils operations and the roads here are
materials will come via Mombasa along Davis Muhwezi, UNRAs team leader, a priority, noted Davis Muhwezi.
the northern corridor, via eastern Uganda, Transport Economics and Road Safety; Day two is when we got stuck. But before
move northwards and take a turn at Tangi William Matovu, UNRAs Head of Land that we had started with driving southward
into Murchison Falls Park to Para, Buliisa, Acquisition, and Rachael Ngonzebwa, from Hoima for about 300km to inspect
onto Masindi and finally to Hoima. UNRAs Western Regional Manager and the HoimaKabwoya-Buhuka and the
Other sourced materials will move the UNRA media team. Kaseeta-Lwera-Kabaale-Kiziranfumbi-
through on the southern corridor from From the time we set off from the UNRA Hoima road and the Kingfisher oil field of
Tanzania to Mutukula onto Masaka via offices in Kampala, headed northwest for CNOOC. There is very little activity at the
Ssembabule, onto Lusalira, Nkonge- Hoima town200km away, to the time we oilfield, except thin staff on the ground; men
Mubende, Kakumiro, Nabyeyo-Buhimba- returned; we travelled over 700kms in two in workshops doing maintenance work.
Hoima and from Hoima towards Buliisa. days. But it is the 10km stretch of road that the
These will use the already available On day one, our first stop was in Hoima Chinese constructed a couple of years ago,
infrastructure up to Mutukula. The trucks, town, where we had breakfast at 9.30am after cutting through the escarpment that

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 17


CNOOC's Escarpment road near its Kingfisher Oilfield operation is in perfect condition. INDEPENDENT/RONALD MUSOKE

leaves journalists impressed. need about a year to complete a detailed She said UNRA decided to concentrate
From here, we head to Kabaale, the study for a 100km road. Kagina said 600km first on the bottleneck areas which include
area which will host the oil refinery, the is very many kilometers to do within two at least four narrow bridges, sharp bends,
international airport, and other critical oil years but the roads agency has come up swamps and the escarpment. Once the
infrastructure. We use the Kiziranfumbi with priorities within priorities to make critical sections have been built and paved,
road before proceeding to Hoima. At sure that these roads are motorable in two the transporters should be able to deliver
Kabaale, barring the signpost showing that years time. Tarmac is no longer a priority; the materials to the region.
an international airport will be built, the motorability is. UNRA has done away with the
area remains bushy, 24 months to first oil. conventional long-winding process
We are supposed to see a section in and adopted a design and build
central Uganda of about 200km on the
Hoima-Buhimba-Kakumiro road before
The oil roads the government contract approach. This means shorter
procurement timelines and a contractor
continuing to Mubende enroute to
Kampala but, we are told, the road which is
promised in 2016 bearing all risks.
Ochola who heads the Taskforce said
already under construction is not passable. Road Km due to the short project timelines, UNRA
So we end our trip in Hoima with our last quickly constituted teams for design,
Masindi-Biiso 54km
briefing. procurement, environmental and social
Kagina says besides showing the Hoima-Butiaba-Wanseko 111km impact safeguards, and the execution and
Ugandan public through the media the Masindi-Bugungu via Murchison 80km in February, this year; UNRA recruited 77
challenges that UNRA deals with every Falls National Park contract-based staff to execute the project.
day, she wanted to allay fears that the Kaseeta - Lwera via Bugoma Forest 16km Before we return to Kampala, I ask
critical oil roads may not be ready in two Hohwa-Nyairongo-Kyarushesha 25km
Kagina what the main reason for the
years time. She wants the public to know grueling tour of these dusty, bumpy roads
that the challenges UNRA face on a daily Wanseko-Bugungu 23km was to UNRA and to her.
basis are real. Lusalira-Nkonge-Sembabule 97km We wanted the public to see what
KyoteraRakai 20km the real challenges are on the ground,
UNRAs Plan B Buhimba-Nalweyo-Kakindu- 100km
she said, It is good to see the before and
She also wanted to explain that Kakumiro-Mubende after.
UNRA might not do this project in the I promise to bring you back in three
Kabaale Kiziramfumbi 30km
conventional way. Usually, she said, UNRA years time (if I am still around) and you
would require a year to procure a designer Bugungu -Buliisa 29km will drive on tarmac, Kagina said.
(consultant) for the project and another year
to get a contractor. The consultant would

18 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


Rwanda to host
top US diplomat
Acting Assistant
Secretary Yamamoto
to meet Kagame

By Independent Reporter were looking at capacity building. In other expansion of investments in trade and

words, were looking at how we can have opportunities, but also economic growth,
he Acting Assistant Secretary of sustainable economic growth. and that could be the spark, the basis for
State for African Affairs, Donald In Rwanda, Yamamoto looks set to other trade and development, he said.
Yamamoto will spend two days on pursue the same agenda. According to In Somalia, Yamamoto attended the
an official visit to Kigali between the State Department statement, he will be Somalia Security Pact Review in Mogadishu
Dec.13 and 14. courting President Kagame ahead of his on Nov.04. The meeting was chaired by
It will be the conclusion of a two-week term as President of the African Union. President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed
trip to four African countries and the UK According to the VOA, Africa has Farmaajo provided an opportunity for
in which he will hold bilateral talks with unexpectedly come to the forefront of the stakeholders invested in Somalias security
leaders, discuss regional security, food, and Trump administrations foreign policy and stability to discuss the development of
refugee issues according to a statement following the killing in October of four Somali security institutions.
released by the U.S. Department of State. Green Berets in a remote village in Niger, In Nairobi, Kenya between Dec.4 and 6,
His itinerary included visits to Somalia, West Africa. he met with representatives of the Kenyan
Ethiopia, Kenya, and the UK. Following the attack, U.S. Sen. Lindsey government, as well as with Kenyan civil
Ambassador Yamamotos comes just Graham, R-South Carolina, said, The war society. The objective was to encourage all
weeks after the U.S. hosted over 37 African is headed to Africa. Its beginning to morph. sides in Kenya to participate in a national
foreign ministers in Washington D.C in As we suppress the enemy in the Mideast, dialogue following a hotly disputed
what is being billed as the largest African they are going to move. presidential election.
foreign policy event to date under President In the near term, the U.S. now plans to In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Acting
Donald Trump. continue playing a lead role in training Assistant Secretary met with senior leaders
The event held on Nov. 16 and 17 African partner nations. U.S. It aims to of the Ethiopian government and of the
included discussions on trade and work with local forces to upgrade security African Union from Dec.7-9. In addition to
investment, counterterrorism, and good and facilitate coordination across nations continuing discussions on bilateral issues
governance. to guard against Boko Haram, Islamic between the two countries, Yamamoto
Ahead of that event, Yamamoto told State, drug trafficking and other threats, held talks with both Ethiopian government
VOAs Africa 54 program that the goal according to Yamamoto. and AU officials about regional concerns,
of the U.S. is to craft policy that goes In the long term, however, security including food security, peacekeeping and
beyond aid to build mutually beneficial will come from economic growth and refugee matters.
partnerships. prosperity, Yamamoto said. To ensure In London, Ambassador Yamamoto will
If you look at the United States and this, the U.S wants to discuss strategies for participate in the twice yearly gathering of
our approach to not just Africa, but in the reducing debt and eliminating barriers to P3 Africa Directors meeting on Dec11 and
other regions of the world, its a much trade within the continent. 12 to discuss current policy issues with
more multidimensional, very complex If we break down non-tariff trade defense and development colleagues from
approach, Yamamoto said. It is not just barriers and barriers that prevent trade France and the UK.
only humanitarian assistance, but also from happening between the countries,
developing capacity infrastructure, and also then what we are going to see is not only

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 19


By Independent Team

he World Bank Group and the Gov-
ernment of Rwanda have signed a
$125 million Financing Agreement
for the First Programmatic Energy
Sector Development Policy operation.
This is a concessional loan designed
to boost companies in involved in the
energy generation sector under the 2017-
2024 national strategy for transformation.
Rwanda expects up to US$325 million in
three tranches from the World Bank. The
deal follows a September decision by the
Government of Rwanda to increase financ-
ing to several projects in the energy projects.
The governments objective is to lift electric-
ity generation capacity from the current
generation capacity of 208MW to 563MW
and connect 70% of Rwandas households
to the grid.
At a generation of 563MW Rwanda hopes
to have achieved universal affordable access
to electricity in the short to medium term.
According to Germene Kamayirese, State
Minister for Infrastructure responsible for
Energy, Water and Sanitation, about 41%
of households in Rwanda are connected to
the power grid but the remaining 59% must
also be connected.
Claver Gatete, the Minister of Finance
and Economic Planning, and Yasser El-
Gammal, the World Bank Country Man-
ager, signed on behalf of their respective
This is the first credit in a programmatic
series of three Development Policy Opera-
tions (DPOs) that lays out a consistent and
incremental road map to enable fiscally
sustainable expansion of electricity services
in Rwanda.
Rwanda targets
563MW of power
The series supports the Governments
Program to balance two-pronged objectives
of containing fiscal impact of the electricity
sector and improving the operational effi-
ciency, affordability, and accountability of
electricity service. Ultimately, implementa-
tion of the Program will ensure Rwandas
Deal signed with World Bank
transition to a cleaner energy mix. tegic partner of the Government in the path to gradually reduce Government
The Program supported by the DPO energy sector. Through several operations, transfers to the energy sector, said Yadviga
series is based on a clear set of reforms that the World Bank has supported the Govern- Semikolenova, Senior Energy Economist
will help Rwanda lay the groundwork ment with expanding access and generation and World Banks Task Team Leader.
for successful energy sector development capacity, restructuring Rwandas electric According to Germene Kamayirese, State
during the implementation of the National utility and improving its efficiency. The Minister for Infrastructure responsible for
Strategy for Transformation for the period proposed programmatic operation supports Energy, Water and Sanitation, who was
20172024, said Minister Gatete. the Government in taking many of reform quoted by the press in Kigali, the deal is
This operation incorporates lessons measures, initiated in previous World Bank expected to lower the cost of electricity
learned from the World Banks past and operations, forward in a structured, prag- service delivery, boost revenues and ensure
current engagement in the energy sector in matic, yet transformative manner, said power is affordable for low-income con-
Rwanda. Yasser El-Gammal. sumers.
Most notably, DPO series draws on les- The Program is designed to simultane- Minister Gatete explained that the pro-
sons from the Rwanda Electricity Access ously address the three main challenges: gram help Rwanda lay the groundwork for
Scale-up and Sector Wide Approach Devel- lowering cost of electricity service delivery; successful energy sector development.
opment Project (EASSDP) and Rwanda boosting revenues from electricity service We need electricity access for schools,
Electricity Sector Strengthening Project delivery; and enhancing affordability of ordinary people, companies, and indus-
(RESSP), which are under implementation. low-income consumers. At the end of this tries, Gatete reportedly said.
The World Bank is happy to be a stra- series, Rwanda is expected to be on a clear

20 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

Fisherman off loads fish from the boat at Ggaba Fish Landing site recently. INDEPENDENT/ JIMMY SIYA

Once declining fish stocks in

Lake Victoria bounce back
UPDF deployment cited in the reduction in illegal fishing

By Isaac Khisa and collected data in September, this year, tonnes per day over the past ten months
to ascertain the quantity of fish in the lake, compared with the periods prior to last
ish lovers can now enjoy the suc- The Independents investigation reveals some February, according to Michael Aliru, a tax
culent white flesh of Nile Perch good news. officer attached to the fish sub-sector at the
or Tilapia from Lake Victoria From Masese Fish Landing Site in Jinja, Jinja Municipa Council.
as the stocks recovers since the 80 km east of Kampala, to Ggaba Fish Land- A similar trend is reported at Ggaba
Uganda Peoples Defence Forces ing Site in Kampala, from Kasenyi Fish Fish Landing Site, which has seen catch
under the Fisheries Protection Landing Site in Entebbe to Bukakata Land- for Nile Perch increase from 330 kg prior
Unit began policing the water ten months ing Site that connects Masaka and Kalan- to the UPDF deployment in Lake Victoria
ago to control illegal fishing. gala Districts, fish harvests are said to have to 660 kgs per day at the moment. Conse-
President Yoweri Museveni deployed more than tripled since February this year, quently, fish prices to processing firms have
UPDF on the lake in response to complaints compared to the period prior to deployment dropped by more than 50% to Shs7, 500
by stakeholders including fish catchers, of the UPDF on Lake Victoria. per kilogramme, with fishermen citing a
processors, traders and government officials For instance, Kasenyi Fish Landing Site glut. Edward Rukuunya, the commissioner
that fish stocks in the lake were declining has seen fish harvests increase from eight for fisheries in the Ministry of Agriculture,
at an alarming rate, and the once thriving tonnes to 30 tonnes per day, according to Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF),
agricultural sub-sector would be no more if the Sites management records while har- confirmed to The Independent that indeed
this remained un-checked. vests originating from Kalangala District fish stocks had increased in the past ten
This follows disbandment of fisheries via Bukakata Landing Site has seen fish har- months, attributing this to intensive fighting
officers and Beach Management Units vests increase from less than two tonnes to of illegal fishing on Lake Victoria.
(BMU) over illegal fishing, extortion and more than eight tonnes per day during the Illegal fishing in Uganda currently
aiding other illegal dealers to trade in same period under review citing increase in involves using less than 5 inch fishing nets
immature fish in 2015. mature fish catches. for Tilapia and less than 7 inch fishing nets
Whereas concrete proof of this new mea- At Masese Fish Landing Site, fish harvests for Nile Perch that results into the harvest-
sure will only be available upon completion have increased from about 250kgs per day ing of immature fish that measures less than
of an assessment of fish stocks in the lake to one tonne (1,000 kgs) for those destined 11 inch and 20 inch in length, respectively. It
by fisheries research institutes of Uganda, to the local markets, whereas those destined also entails using fishing boats that are less
Tanzania and Kenya, which share the lake to processing factories had tripled to four than 20 feet in length and with the absence

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 21

of life jackets.
Reports from fishing communities show
that fish stocks have improved but I cannot Fish export volumes
authoritatively say that I have data on the
fish stocks at the moment, Rukuunya said, 35
A study that was carried out on the fish
stocks by the three countries that share the
lake is yet to be released.
Capt. Nathan Abaho, the UPDF officer in
charge of operations on the lake in Kalan- 30
gala District told The Independent that they
have observed an increase in mature fish
catches during the period, due to a crack-
down on catchers, dealers and exporters of
illegal fish, mainly to Democratic Republic
of Congo, Rwanda and South Sudan. 25
This is through working with a section
of fishermen and chairpersons of gazetted
landing sites, closing of un-gazetted land-
ing sites, destroying illegal fishing gears as
well as arresting and prosecuting fishermen 20
and dealers in immature fish.
Another UPDF officer, who preferred
anonymity, said illegal fishing and export
of immature fish was rampant in Masaka
and Kalangala Islands for export to Rwan-
da through Mpondwe border point as well 15
as Ishasha and Bunagana to the Democratic
2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016
Republic of Congo (DRC) but that has been
The source said there has been mas- Fish export earnings
sive crackdown on immature fish dealers,
including the well-known rally driver Pon-
siano Lwakataka, who was accused of run- 150
ning stores of immature fish in Kasensero
in Kyebe Sub-county in Rakai District and
Mpondwe in Kasese District, for export to
Lwakataka was charged with illegal pos- 120
session of immature fish in March this year
following arrest at Masaka High Court by
the UPDF as he attempted to pick his wife
and brother who had been granted bail on
the same charges by Masaka Magistrates 90
Fisheries experts say a six month ban on
harvesting immature fish is sufficient to
allow them grow. 60
However, fish stocks appear to have been
on a recovery trend even before the UPDF
deployment, according to sector experts.
Presenting a paper at the African Great
Lakes Conference in May this year in 30
Entebbe, titled: Dynamics of Fish Stocks of
Commercial Importance in Lake Victoria,
2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016
East Africa: Implications for Management, Source: MAAIF
Robert Kayanda, the director at Tanzania
Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI), said decade from 20% of the total stock (2.7mil- fell by 14.6% from 461,730 tonnes in 2015 to
acoustic surveys had showed an increase lion tonnes) to 41 % during the same period 394, 224 tonnes in 2016 as a result of reduced
in the total biomass ( the total weight of a under review, he said. catches of Nile Perch.
group or stock of fish) in the lake from However, he noted that there had been little However, catches of Tilapia and small
2.9 million tons of fish in 2014 to almost 3 stock assessment for the Tilapia fish. fish types increased. Overall, capture of
.2 Million tons in 2015, with majority being fisheries from the lake remained the major
dagaa. contributor to total fish production, account-
Nile Perch, which was introduced in the
Fish production ing for 77%.
lake in the 1950s, reduced from 1.6 million Data from the Directorate of Fisheries On the other hand, aquaculture produc-
tonnes in 2000 to 1.1million tonnes in 2015, Resources in the Agriculture Ministry in tion grew by 5.4% from 111,033 tonnes
while dagaa rose considerably over the last Uganda shows that the total fish captured in 2014 to 117,000 tonnes in 2015. On the

22 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

export front, fish volumes to the internation- cessors who had suspended operations in and 12% to agricultural GDP, according to
al market decreased from 18,785 tonnes in the region due to lack of fish that there was the agriculture ministry.
2015 to 16,168 tonnes in 2016, with the major- no longer need for factories to remain closed, It also employs up to 1.2 million people
ity of the volumes destined to the European as fish stocks had increased in the lake as a directly and over 3.5 million people indi-
Union. result of increased patrols on Lake Victoria. rectly. Fish accounts for over 50% of animal
Consequently, this led to a decline in Over the past three years, two fish pro- protein in food, with each Ugandan consum-
export earnings from US$134.791 million to cessing firms, Prime Catch Export Limited ing an average 8 kg of fish per year.
US$113.0 million during the same period and Mara Fish Limited suspended opera-
under review. tions, while Musoma Fish Processors was Going forward
This, however, is still far below the 36,616 said to have reduced production volumes. Despite the apparent success, it remains
metric tonnes exported in 2005, earning the But not all sections of the population is unclear if and how government plans to
country over US$143 million. contented with the UPDF operations on maintain UPDFs deployment on Lake Vic-
Lake Victoria. For instance in Masaka, resi- toria. It also remains unclear on how much
Fish factories re-open dents of Mumpu and Mutante landing sites the government is spending to maintain the
The Independent has also established that in Buwunga Sub-Country have been up in momentum of fighting illegal fishing.
two fish processing firms that had closed arms over the UPDFs plan to evict them. Kayanda says the target biomass should
their operations more than a decade ago UPDF has always claimed that the two be 1.4 million tonnes with optimal catch of
citing reduction in fish have since resumed landing sites are not gazetted. Masaka Dis- 264,000 tonnes but to reach this level, theres
operations. These includes; Gomba Fish trict LC V Chairperson, Jude Mbabaali told need to reduce the current catch to 223,000
Industries in Jinja and Four Ways popularly Daily Monitor last June that the protection tonnes and then climb slowly to optimal
known as Ngege Limited in Luzira, a Kam- units plan to evict the residents, numbering catch.
pala suburb signalling relieve to fish sub- over 1,000 , at the landing sites has no legal Theres need to reduce the amount of
sector. More than half of the countrys 23 fish basis. Further, majority of the fishermen in immature Nile Perch caught from 40%
processing and exporting firms have closed the area have abandoned fishing as they currently to 20%, by developing and imple-
their operations in the past decade partly as are unable to acquire the specified fishing menting a regional strategy to prevent trad-
a result of declining fish supplies. gears, said Francis Kimuli, the chairperson of ing in immature fish, he said.
We may not have the figures yet but the Buwunga Sub-County. He said there was also need to completely
fact is that fish production in Lake Victoria The legal fishing gears are expensive eradicate small hooks from the lake, establish
has improved since the UPDF was deployed and our local fishermen cannot afford them, and gazette new closed areas where no fish-
there, Ovia Katiti Matovu, executive direc- but if the government supports them, it will ing is permitted and strengthen enforcement
tor at the Uganda Fish Processors and be one way of fighting the vice and helping of compliance to fisheries regulations.
Exporters Association, told The Indepen- them earn a living, he said. Affirmative action to eradicate illegal
dent. Fisheries sub-sector contributes 3% of trade of undersized, immature Nile perch
However, she noted that competition Ugandas national Gross Domestic Product to neighbouring regional markets should
between local demand and fish processing be taken, he said, adding that fishing gears
firms for fish remains high amidst decline that disrupt or damage nests should also be
in fish prices. Uganda mainly exports Nile
Perch while Tilapia is sold to local and
On the export regulated. Rukuunya said government had
revised the National Fisheries Policy of 2004
regional markets. front, fish into the National Fisheries and Aquaculture
We have a very big difference before and Policy, which is currently before cabinet for
now since UPDF was deployed on the lake, volumes to the approval, with a vision of seeing a modern,
catches of large fish have increased, Bachi productive, profitable and sustainable fisher-
Sudaice, a fisherman at Masese Fish Land- international ies and aquaculture sector.
ing Site says, holding a Nile Perch weighing
more than 20kgs.
market decreased He said the government is also promoting
aquaculture in a bid to reduce pressure on
He said the presence of strong surveillance from the Lake.
on the lake had resulted into a reduction in So far aquaculture is doing very well;
the catch of small fish amidst high demand
in the neighbouring countries such as Kenya. 18,785 metric growing at an average of 8% per annum, he
said, adding that the production is estimated
He added that theres also need to crack
down on dealers of illegal nets to as to com- tonnes in 2015 to to have increased from 5,000 metric tonnes in
2004 to over 100,000 tonnes in 2014. He said

16,168 metric
pletely eliminate illegal fishing activities. the governments target is to increase pro-
I wish the military could continue stay- duction from aquaculture to 300,000 metric
ing on the lake because those fishermen who tonnes by 2020.
failed to meet the requirements are no longer tonnes in 2016 Vincent Ssempijja, the agriculture minis-
fishing, said Bosco Kalunga, a UPDF repre- ter, said earlier this year that the government
sentative at Kasenyi Fish Landing Site, who will revive the fisheries sub sector using a
has been in the fishing business for the past number of measures ranging from reform-
two decades. ing the fisheries management and director-
He said while there are high fish volumes ate, procurement and issuance of fishing
in the lake, the majority of fishermen do not vessel identification number plates, registra-
have the required fishing gear and lack capi- tion of all boats and the recruitment of 10
tal to invest in acquiring acceptable sizes of fisheries inspectors at every border post to
nets and boats. curb illegal fishing and trade.
The recovery trend appears to be similar
in Tanzania and Kenya. In neighbouring This article was funded by a grant from the
Tanzania, Mara Regional Commissioner African Centre for Media Excellence.
Charles Mlingwa, in May 2017 told fish pro-

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 23


Few sparks at Bank

of Uganda lecture
But should Dr. Ha Joon Changs push for more
state intervention in the economy be the future?
By Julius Businge

he guest speaker at the Bank of
Ugandas flagship annual lecture
series; the Joseph Mubiru Memorial
Lecture, is usually a distinguished
individual in the field of finance, political
economy, business, or general management.
Over 25 years, the lecturer series has had
distinguished guest speakers like Prof. Ali
Amin Mazrui, Michael Camdessus, Duvari
Subbarrao, Trevor Manuel, Paul Collier,
Joseph stiglitz, Cyril Ramaphosa, Mam-
phele Ramphele, Patrick Njoroge, Baroness
Lynda Chalker, and Ugandans like Prof.
Ssemakula Kiwanuka and Dr. Suleiman
To this distinguished list this year was
added, Dr. Ha Joon Chang. Unlike many
of the others, Chang who has been ranked
among the `Top 20 World Thinkers is not a
household name in Ugandan scholarship.
His books, including prominent ones like Dr. Ha Joon Chang giving his keynote speech at Serena Hotel on Dec.01. INDEPENDENT/J.BUSINGE
`The Political Economy of Industrial Policy,
Kicking Away the Ladder, Bad Samaritans, in Economic Development. dom, and historical myths.
23 Things They Dont Tell You About Capi- Of course, as a distinguished proponent You need to be realistic about what you
talism, and Economics: The Users Guide of the so-called institutionalist political can achieve in the short- to medium-run,
may have sold millions of copies around the economy, Chang was expected to place he said. You also need to be very pragmat-
world and been translated and published institutions at the centre of economic evolu- ic about the policy tools you use.
in about 40 languages and 43 countries, tion and in opposition to the laissez-faire The same policy makers that Chang
but Chang gained prominence only after economics that glorify the private sector. addressed have, in the last 30 years, empha-
his name was mentioned as this years That is probably why he was invited, since sised free market or laissez faire economics.
guest. Perennial participants scrambled to the mainstream tendency now appears to But Chang said it was time for more state
place him. And the lack of familiarity with be more inclined towards increased state protection of domestic industries against
Changs positions showed during the dis- intervention in the economy. competition from superior foreign produc-
cussions at the event on Dec.01 in Kampala. But Chang approached in a fresh and ers. He said they need export subsidies,
Held at the Serena International Confer- provocative style; telling his audience of lowering of tariffs, and offering rebates on
ence Centre in the middle of town, the event policy makers, shapers, and users to move industrial inputs, and strictly controlling
attracted the usual financial sector A-class beyond reliance on nature, create new quality of exports.
and their aspiring disciples. comparative advantages instead of depend- All of todays rich countries, except for
That Chang was introduced as a Reader ing on existing ones, and to reshape an the Netherlands and (pre World War I)
in Political Economy of Development in outward-looking economy with a focus on Switzerland, used protectionism for sub-
the Faculty of Economics at the University technology, manufacturing, and exports. stantial periods in order to develop their
of Cambridge did not illuminate matters. You need to be ambitious in terms of economies, he said.
Many attendees were unfamiliar with the your final goals, he said, Dare to imagine Chang said Uganda should not just
title and the prestige awarded only on the a different future. exploit existing comparative advantage but
basis of distinguished international scholar- But he also said the policy makers need move its comparative advantage towards
ship associated with it. to be pragmatic without being dull and more technologically advanced products.
Fortunately, Chang adopted a provoca- boring.
tive, challenging, and visionary approach You can be truly pragmatic only when Importance of manufacturing
to the topic of Ambition, Pragmatism and you can liberate yourself from the shackles Chang said the state should support
Imagination; Rethinking the role of the State of ideological prejudices, conventional wis- manufacturing because the prices of pri-

24 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


mary commodities that Uganda currently

depends on, suffer large fluctuations and
technological shocks in more advanced
economies which make the management of
balance of payments difficult.
Raising productivity is much easier
in manufacturing than in other economic
activities, like agriculture and services, he
He said manufacturing is less bound by
nature and easily benefits from mechanisa-
tion and chemical processing, adding that
manufacturing is a source of organisational
innovations, technology, and capital goods
such as machines, transport equipment,
and intermediate goods such as chemical Wilbrod Owor Allen Kagina Charles Kwesiga
fertilisers that spread higher productive
capabilities to other sectors like agriculture the past high growth was supported by the drive the country from commodity activities
and services. state intervention polices or it was perhaps to high value added industrial and knowl-
The manufacturing sector has always supported by the coffee boom? she said. edge based activities.
been the main source of new productive She said the discussion should be around If you have the same tired faces in the
knowledge, he said, adding that many what the state has done and what the state Central Bank, in the Ministry of Finance and
knowledge intensive services; such as should do more. other government agencies, it is hard for
research, engineering and design, and Charles Kwesiga, the executive director, the state-led agenda to gain traction simply
finance sell mostly to manufacturing firms. of the Uganda Industrial Research Institute because it is the technocrats who constitute
So their success depends on manufac- (UIRI) said Uganda, as a private sector the engine of government, he said.
turing success, he said. driven export economy needs three key pil- Ndebesa Mwambusya, a lecturer of polit-
lars to grow; appropriate technology, skilled ical history and development studies said
Cheers for Chang manpower, and affordable financing. a topic on public sector governance would
Changs presentation was music to the have been more appropriate.
ears of the discussants, many of whom have Sparks fly As a Bank they wouldnt want to choose
been clamouring for increased intervention Despite the almost all-round applause a topic that puts them on the spot or choose
of the state in the economy and support for for Changs state interventionist views, it when they are in crisis, Mwambusya
manufacturing. some observers said the topic was off the said.
Wilbrod Owor, the executive director mark. They would have preferred a topic However, he said Changs topic was rele-
of the Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) that seeks solutions to the regulation and vant because the country is gearing towards
said the state needs to drive and direct the corporate governance challenges that Bank bringing back the public sector.
economy for growth but with a caveat. of Uganda has faced recently. The Deputy He added; The problem in Uganda is
Government must be run like a busi- Governor, Louis Kasekende, noted this not the policy per say; the problem is the
ness, it has to be entrepreneurial. The old point but defended the choice of topic. public sector governance.
times of running a government in a typical There could hardly have been a more He said bringing back the state, especially
civil service fashion are gone, he said. timely topic for discussion as we debate the in running enterprises, would meet a big
He said although the economy registered development strategies which can accelerate problem given that the nature of the state
average growth of 7% over many years our economys transition to middle income led enterprises in Uganda.
since liberalisation and privatisation, recent status, he said in reference to the national They are administered by state-appoint-
development; including a decline in growth Vision 2020 and Vision 2040 that envis- ed officials who are loyal to the regime and
to 3.9% in FY 2016/17 means there is a prob- age attainment of Lower Middle Income incompetent, he said, this would usher in
lem. Economy status and a transformation from incompetent and inefficient officials like it
There have been negatives and reversals peasantry to modernity. was in 1960s.
and we have to deal with them using Dr. But two Makerere University dons told He said that countries like Singapore,
Changs paper, he said. The Independent that Uganda needs to fix Malaysia, and South Korea who made it
He listed oil production, comparative the state first before unleashing it into the through state intervention had a policy of
advantage in agriculture and opportunities economy. meritocracy.
in industry. But, he said, these need good If we dont get the politics right; if we He said, instead, the public sector and the
governance and well- structured mecha- dont build a clean, responsive and transfor- private sector must work together in invest-
nisms that support resident businesses. mative state, we are headed nowhere, said ing in energy, infrastructure, and industry,
Allen Kagina, the executive director of Julius Kiiza, a lecturer of political economy. while general trading is left to the private
Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) He said the two broad categories of sector. He said the state could have large
said, at her previous post as head of the people comprising the state in Uganda; the scale commercial farms as models for the
Uganda Revenue Authority, she often political elites in office and the bureaucrats, private sector.
heard the clamour of the private sector for cannot transform the economy. The lectures were instituted in 1988 by
reduced tariffs for manufacturing, exemp- He said: Uganda needs new political the Bank of Uganda in honour of the late
tions from income tax and more. She said elites who will rethink the philosophy of Joseph Mubiru, the first Governor of the
when the state intervened, the productivity private sector-led development to say what Bank from its inception in 1966 to 1971, and
of the private sector increased. we need is state guidance on minimising who later lost his life in the most brutal fash-
More recently we have seen a decline corruption, using the countrys resources to ion at the hands of state agents.
in growth; why is that? Is it possible that drive a transformative agenda to be able to

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 25

Executive Style

Virtual office space gains traction

Whats your management virtual office package. I

style? dont want to think its a
ts all about teamwork crowded industry.
to achieve the best of We have the market
our potential. I believe out there and it is about
everybody has got getting people to know
an idea of what they can it and appreciate what is
contribute towards any involved. If you talk about
direction the company is 70% of an informal sector,
taking. thats a huge opportunity.
If you just look at the
What are the benefits of a oil and gas sector I dont
fully furnished office? think any serious player
The obvious benefits of a will deal with a briefcase
serviced office are a ready company in the oil and
office facility where you gas sector. They will
dont go through the hustle need proper business
of setting up a new office. documentation and a
You dont have to source proper business address to
contractors for partitioning, start transacting or earning
buying furniture, installing from any economic
IT equipment and many opportunity. There may
others. It is fully serviced be a few main players but
because it provides desks it is a $20billion global
cabinets, chairs, fully industry and this trickles
functioning air conditioner, down to the start-up
back-up power, telephones, business. There is lots of
reception services among opportunities there.
others. All this equipment
and the entire day to What challenges do you
day utilities water bills, face in this business?
repairs, and maintenance In Kampala itself,
are managed by Regus. Brian Tabaruka is the Team Leader at awareness is a challenge.
Regus Uganda, a serviced office provider We have worked hard to
One of your products is increase awareness within
Business lounge. How does in Kampala, Uganda. He spoke to Ian the market because many
this work? Katusiime about the growth of virtual office people do not know about
Business lounge caters the serviced office concept.
more to the flexible space in Kampala
working people especially Where do you see Regus
those running start-up in the next five years from
businesses and majorly now?
out in the field. But in the I want to think we will
course of the day, they want strongly be at a point where
to sit down and organise we are tipping the scale
themselves and possibly the cost of the conventional industry. How unique are moving away from the
put reports together. It is office. By the time a you here? traditional office concept
therefore a shared lounge briefcase gentleman thinks Regus being the worlds to a flexible ready to use
facility where you get on of setting up an office, they largest serviced office office. We will be saving
the Wi-Fi, business hour are already burdened with provider means that with peoples time and money.
access at a fraction of the rent. They have to deal more than 3000 locations People want to be able to
price of a typical office. with overhead costs. At worldwide, we grant our work in various locations
Regus, the business entity clients instant access to all because no one wants to be
Regus operates in an will have a flexible package our locations across the tied in one place. We have
economy where 70% of with a small amount of globe. Our clients instantly three locations in Kampala.
businesses are informal. money and an official become global players and We should be major market
How do you reconcile this? address. can interact with everybody players in a few years. The
We try to streamline within the Regus family; potential is there because
and organise the informal Regus offers the virtual the clientele and staff. This six years ago, we just had
sector. One main reason office facility but this sets us apart from many one office.
why that sector is large is seems to be a crowded people that provide the

26 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

DFCU injects $2.8m in agribusiness training Jumia, KFC partner
for food delivery

umia Food, a leading online food
delivery service has announced
that customers in Kampala can
now get KFC meals delivered to
their doorstep through the Jumia Food
Ron Kawamara, Managing Director
for Jumia Food East Africa said: KFC
is one of the most loved food brands in
Uganda and globally. We are delighted
DFCU, ADC and Rabo Bank Foundation officials show off that Jumia Food can now make deli-
US$2.8 million cheque for the ADC. Independent/J.Businge cious KFC meals just a tap away for

people in Kampala.
rganized farm- produce, financial literacy, tions will continue to grow Some of the popular KFC signature
ers have a reason risk assessment and value their operations in ways meals such as the Streetwise 2, Twisters
to smile. For the addition. that are of benefit to both and not forgetting their famous chicken
next five years, ADC started operations them and the wider com- buckets among others will be available
dfcu and Rabobank Foun- in October this year and so munities, ADC executive on Jumia Food.
dation are injecting a com- far has skilled 44 farmer director, Anja de Feijter, To celebrate this partnership, new
bined US$ 2.8million in the leaders from 20 Farmer said. He said they are cur- customers ordering through the Jumia
Agribusiness Development Based Organisations from rently conducting a pre- Food app for the first time can use
Center (ADC) that will see Lira, Dokolo, Kole, Alebt- visiting exercise of over
voucher code JFK4, which gives new
farmers attain knowledge ong and Oyam. 100 FBOs in several parts
users 30% off their first order. Orders
and skills in better farm- With these skills, the of the country so as to
can be placed between 11am and 10pm.
ing methods, marketing of Farmer Based Organisa- benefit more farmers.


Multichoice offers UIA in new motor insurance campaign

he umbrella organization of geared towards educating Ugandans about
Dstv discounted insurers, the Uganda Insurance Motor Third party and comprehensive
decoders, bouquet Association, has intensified a
motor insurance awareness drive
insurance, the benefits and how these can
be utilized by the public.

as part of its countrywide insurance She said that although it is mandatory
his holiday season, DStv Ugan- literacy campaign. Miriam Magala, the for all Ugandan motorists to have motor
da is offering its customers an chief executive officer of UIA said on third party insurance, only about 30% of
array of promotions to enable Nov 29 that as part of the campaign, the the vehicles on the road are insured and
its customers to get discounted association has lined up a list of activities many are yet to appreciate the value of
decoders and bouquets. such as media house visits that will all be motor insurance.
Phoebe Nakabazzi, the DStv Ugan-
da Marketing Manager in Uganda said
DStv has revamped its hardware offer BANKING
of Shs132, 500 to include one month of
compact this December period. Stanbic Bank cuts interest rates

Additionally, we have partnered
with Shell during this season; for n response to the BOU initiated easing
any customer who purchases a fully October monetary of the monetary policy in
installed Zapper full kit at Shs182, 500 policy statement by the a bid to boost economic
at any Shell fuel station will instantly Bank of Uganda and activity through private
walk away with a fuel or shopping the decision to reduce the sector driven credit after
voucher worth Shs30,000, she said. Central Bank Rate by 0.5 interest rates peaked at a
DStv will also hold Mall activations percentage points to 9.5 %, four year high of 28% in Q1
in Acacia Mall, Game, Village Mall, Stanbic Bank has matched 2016 reducing the appetite
Capital Shoppers Nakawa and Ntinda the Central Banks rate for risk and borrowing.
where customers can win goodies. cut by reducing its Prime The policy has so far
She said DStv has also partnered Lending Rate from 18% to Sam Mwogeza yielded mixed results with
with for Black Friday Big 17.5% effective January 01, inflation coming under
Bang where the Explora decoders 2018. Officer Stanbic Bank control, though demand
will be sold at a reduced price from Announcing the said they maintaining for credit has remained
Shs389, 000 to Shs277, 000 and the development, Sam transparency in their sluggish prompting BOU
Zapper from Shs132, 500 to Shs99, 000. Mwogeza - Chief Financial pricing to its clients. to act once again.

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 27


Liquid Telecom now targets

start-ups for growth
By Isaac Khisa instrumental in developing solu-

tions to some of societys largest
iquid Telecom Uganda, problems.
part of the pan-African Liquid Telecom is looking
telecoms group Liquid towards tapping into the Start-
Telecom, has partnered ups especially those that go
with The Innovation Village, a through The Innovation Village
hub and co-working space in for its growth
Kampala, to support Ugandan Japheth Kawanguzi, the CEO
start-ups with high-speed inter- and co-founder, The Innovation
net and cloud-based services. Village said the partnership will
Liquid Telecom Uganda, for- help put Uganda on the regional
merly known as Infocom, will and global innovation map,
work alongside The Innovation which starts with a vibrant start-
Richard Rwabuhinga,(L) the Chairman LC5 Kabarole District shakes Village to provide new oppor- up ecosystem driven by partner-
hands with Patrick Waswa, the Logistics Director Hima cement during tunities for start-ups, enabling ships and access to a regional
the handover of one of the VIP Latrines that Hima Cement donated to them access additional resources footprint. It opens the door for
Harugongo Primary School. and expertise that can help them more partners and investors for
scale and launch locally relevant the Ugandan entrepreneur, he
solutions. The partnership will said. This development comes
involve technology develop- barely a month since Liquid
mental programmes, including Telecom announced support for
Liquids ongoing Go Cloud start-ups entering the insigh-
initiative, which is supported t2impacts (i2i) DataHack4FI
by Microsoft to raise awareness, innovation competition, which
adoption and usage of Azure aims at harnessing the power
Cloud across Africa. of data science to develop new
Uganda is home to one of evidence-based solutions to
Africas youngest and most improve financial inclusion.
exciting start-up ecosystems, Operating in 13 African coun-
said Hans Haerdtle, CEO, Liq- tries including Kenya, Tanzania,
uid Telecom Uganda on Nov. Rwanda and Zimbabwe, Liquid
30. Through this new partner- Telecom is said to have recorded
ship with The Innovation Vil- US$594.6million revenue and
lage, we are delighted to be able US$359.6million as at the year
to support young entrepreneurs ended February 2017, according
across the country, who will be to TechCentral.
Director Collin Dick, (L) DKT Managing, Chief Guest Professor Anthony
Mbonye, (M) Director General Health Services, Ministry Of Health,
Uganda, and Ian Parker WAB Advertising Managing Director during
the launch of DKT International products on the Ugandan market at
Sheraton on November 24. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYA

Weekly share price movement (Dec. 01)

Security Dec 01 Nov. 24 Movement
BATU 30000 30000 00
BOBU 110 110 00
CENT 1,532 1,487 3.0
DFCU 680 680 00
EABL 8,452 8,483 0.4
EBL 1,505 1,513 0.5
JHL 16,130 17,248 6.5
KA 399.75 - --
KCB 1,452 1,522 4.6
NIC 12 12 00
NMG 4,050. 4,048 0.0
NVL 524 524 00
SBU 27 27 00
Gilbert Assi, (M) Managing Director Vivo Energy Uganda talking with the
Minister of State for Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala, (R) at the UCHM 140 126 11.1
flag off of Tweddeko caravan that will educate road users about road safety UCL 30 30 00
along Kampala -Masaka road more so during this festival season at Railway UMEME 400 400 00
grounds. Looking on is the Stephen Kasiima, Director of Traffic and Road ALSI -- -- --

28 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

By Jim ONeill
The abnormality of oil
Why inflation and monetary-policy adjustments
by central banks might not impact its price

riting about oil prices is always has been pretty clear for most of 2017: the explained in January 2015, the Brent crude
risky. In a January 2015, I sug- world economy has gained momentum, oil spot price is less subject to speculative
gested that oil prices would and is now probably growing at a rate of 4% fluctuations, and is thus a purer approxima-
not continue to fall, and even or higher. With the exception of India and tion of underlying commercial supply and
predicted that they would finish the year the United Kingdom, eight of the ten largest demand factors.
higher than they were when it began. I was economies are expanding at the same time. The chart I prepared which was made
wrong then; but I might not be wrong for And even as many countries try to wean before the latest oil-price acceleration in ear-
much longer. themselves off oil, that transition will not ly November shows the five-year forward
I recently spoke at the massive Abu Dha- happen overnight. Accordingly, oil markets oil price picking up after a period of some
bi Petroleum Exhibition and Conference are adjusting to stronger demand. stability. With the spot price having now
(ADIPEC), which is a kind of Davos for oil- On the supply side, the worlds most moved above the five-year forward price,
market participants. While there, I caught important marginal supplier of oil, Saudi one could conclude that a trend change is
the tail end of a discussion among senior oil Arabia, has suddenly drawn a lot of wary underway. For my part, Im unsure; but I
executives who all agreed that at this time eyes. The Saudi government has been wouldnt be surprised if it happened.
next year, crude oil will still be around $60 implementing radical changes, both domes- Let us return to Sedgwicks question.
per barrel, as it is today. tically and in its foreign policy, and its rea- While oil prices could be around $60 per
I was about to be interviewed by the sons for doing so are not entirely clear. Not barrel in November 2018, my guess is that
CNBC reporter Steve Sedgwick, to whom surprisingly, market participants suddenly they will have risen to around $80 per barrel
I said, That would be a first. Oil prices want to add a premium to the price of oil. in the meantime.
hardly moving in a year? Needless to say, In my two speeches at ADIPEC, I shared Sedgwick also asked me how oil com-
Sedgwick began the interview by telling the a slide with trend lines for the Brent crude panies might be able to make their invest-
audience what I had said, and quizzed me oil spot price and the five-year forward ment and operational decision-making less
on why I disagreed with the others. price. I have long defaulted to watching the beholden to cyclical factors. Is it possible for
Before I get to my explanation, let me five-year forward price for lack of a more oil companies to temper their excitement
state the usual caveats. Forecasting oil prices fundamentals-based approach to think- during periods of rising prices, and not to
is inevitably a fraught endeavor; in fact, it ing about the equilibrium price of oil. As I fall into a malaise when prices are low for
makes forecasting currency markets look lengthy periods?
easy. When I completed a doctorate on oil Its a tough question. My answer is
markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I that oil companies need to complete the
had already concluded that trying to guess commodity-analysis quest that I started
oil prices is a waste of time and energy. but never finished. They must come up
Later, when I was at Goldman Sachs, I was with a credible method for estimating the
often amused to see commodity analysts in
my research group struggling to cope with Trying to guess underlying equilibrium price of oil. Then, as
soon as the oil price exceeds two standard
the usual chaos of oil-price developments.
While interviewing me, Sedgwick raised oil prices is a deviations of that equilibrium, they should
start to ignore the fashionable advice of col-

waste of time
an interesting point: Given that the volatil- leagues, analysts, and industry insiders.
ity of many other asset prices has declined

and energy
sharply in recent years, it might just be a
matter of time before oil and other com- Jim ONeill, a former chairman of Goldman
modity prices do the same. To be sure, that Sachs Asset Management and a former UK
could very well happen. In principle, he is Treasury Minister, is Honorary Professor of
right. Economics at Manchester University and former
But I would argue that the decline in Chairman of the British governments Review
volatility in currency, bond, and equity on Antimicrobial Resistance.
markets largely reflects low inflation in
many parts of the world, and the lack of
significant monetary-policy adjustments Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2017.
by major central banks in recent years. Im
not sure that these factors apply to oil in the
same way, especially at a time when energy
markets are on the cusp of big changes in
supply and demand.
On the demand side, market commenta-
tors are finally waking up to something that

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 29

By Kaushik Basu
Evidence-based policy mistakes
It is important to recognise that data alone
are not enough, common sense matters

fter years of stressing the impor- tried to create jobs, and how. world through experience or observation,
tance of evidence-based policy- Moreover, it is important to recognise we wouldnt have survived as a species.
making, economists have clearly that data alone are not enough to deter- The development of more systematic
had some influence on politicians. mine future expectations or policies. While approaches to scientific inquiry has not
What economists now need to do is to there is certainly value in collecting data diminished the need for such intuitive rea-
impress upon those same politicians that (via, for example, randomised control tri- soning. In fact, there are important and not
citing any evidence before adopting any als), there is also a need for deductive and obvious truths that are best deduced using
policy is not evidence-based policymaking inductive reasoning, guided by common pure reason.
at all. sense and not just on the part of experts. Consider the Pythagorean Theorem,
Turkish President Recep Tayyip By dismissing the views and opinions of which establishes the relation among the
Erdoan has thrown around numbers to ordinary people, economists may miss out three sides of a right triangle. If all con-
defend his decision to flood the Turkish on crucial insights. clusions had to be reached by combing
economy with state-guaranteed credit. But Peoples everyday experiences provide through large data sets, Pythagoras, who
the truth is that the policy was a politically huge amounts of potentially useful infor- is believed to have devised the theorems
motivated effort to win public support by mation. While a common-sense approach first proof, would have had to measure
engineering short-term growth (at the cost based on individual experience is not the a huge number of right triangles. In any
of driving inflation to a nine-year high of most scientific, it should not be dis- case, critics would likely argue that he had
12%). missed out of hand. A meteorologist might looked at a biased sample, because all of
Likewise, U.S. President Donald Trump detect a coming storm by plugging data the triangles examined were collected from
cites simplistic trade-deficit figures to jus- from myriad sources atmospheric sen- the Mediterranean region.
tify protectionist policies that win him sup- sors, weather balloons, radar, and satellites Inductive reasoning, too, is vital to reach
port among a certain segment of the U.S. into complex computer models. But that certain kinds of knowledge. We know
population. In reality, the evidence sug- doesnt mean that the sight of gathering that an apple will not remain suspended
gests that such policies will hurt the very clouds in the sky is not also a legitimate in mid-air, because we have seen so many
people Trump claims to be protecting. sign that one might need an umbrella objects fall. But such reasoning is not fool-
Now, the chair of Trumps Council even if the weather forecast promises proof. As Bertrand Russell pointed out,
of Economic Advisers, Kevin Hassett, sunshine. The man who has fed the chicken every
is attempting to defend Congressional Intuition and common sense have day throughout its life at last wrings its
Republicans effort to slash corporate taxes been critical to our evolution. After all, neck instead, showing that more refined
by claiming that, when developed coun- had humans not been able to draw rea- views as to the uniformity of nature
tries have done so in the past, workers sonably accurate conclusions about the would have been useful to the chicken.
gained well north of $4,000 per year. Yet Of course, many policymakers not just
there is ample evidence that the benefits the likes of Erdoan and Trump make
of such tax cuts accrue disproportionately bad decisions not because of a misun-
to the rich, largely via companies buy-
ing back stock and shareholders earning A meteorologist derstanding of the evidence, but because
they prefer to pursue politically expedient

might detect a
higher dividends. It is not clear whence measures that benefit their benefactors
Hassett is getting his data. But chances are or themselves. In such cases, exposing the

coming storm
that, at the very least, he is misinterpret- inappropriateness of their supposed evi-
ing it. And he is far from alone in failing to dence may be the only option. But, for the
reach accurate conclusions when assessing rest, the imperative must be to advocate for
a given set of data.
Consider the oft-repeated refrain that,
by plugging a more comprehensive approach, in which
leaders use reasoned intuition to draw
because there is evidence that virtually all
jobs over the last decade were created by
data from effective conclusions based on hard data.
Only then will the age of effective evidence-
the private sector, the private sector must
be the most effective job creator. At first
myriad sources based policymaking really begin.

glance, the logic might seem sound. But, Kaushik Basu, former Chief Economist of the
on closer examination, the statement begs World Bank, is Professor of Economics at
the question. Imagine a Soviet economist Cornell University and Nonresident Senior
claiming that, because the government cre- Fellow at the Brookings Institution.
ated virtually all jobs in the Soviet Union, Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2017.
the government must be the most effective
job creator. To find the truth, one would
need, at a minimum, data on who else

30 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

By Willem Fourie
Research for policy makers
Six barriers that make it difficult for
African states to use research for policy

frican policymakers need access relationships are important for the uptake of Irrelevant research: A further barrier
to high quality evidence to imple- research evidence. Their absence is seen as a inherent to the research process is the per-
ment the UNs Sustainable Devel- key barrier. ceived absence of research that is relevant
opment Goals (SDGs) successfully. Weak relationships have an impact on the to policymakers. This perception is more
The SDGs are arguably the most broad- relevance and even timeliness of research. about how research is communicated than
ranging development goals to be ratified by The absence of strong relationships contrib- what its about. The conventions of aca-
United Nations member states. Their overall utes to researchers often not knowing what demic writing at times obscure the practi-
aim is to leave no one behind by 2030. the needs and challenges in governments cal relevance of research. This is why its
Evidence based research proved key to are. A study on research based decision important to develop actionable messages
meeting some of the goals that preceded making in South Africa found that technical for decision makers. How? Researchers
the SDGs. This was particularly the case and exclusive terminology got in the way of could, for example, suggest ways in which
for meeting goals related to diseases such research evidence being used. Terminology their findings could be implemented.
as HIV and Aids and malaria. According that excludes non-academic partners weak- Lack of analytical capacity: A study done
to UNAIDS, increased research output and ens relationships between researchers and on Canadas public service highlighted the
better linkages between researchers and policymakers as it effectively excludes them lack of analytical capacity among govern-
policymakers were important for reaching from the knowledge creation process. ment workers as a barrier to the update
targets set under the Millennium Develop- Not enough time: Peer-reviewed research of research evidence. Some policymaking
ment Goals. is time consuming. This partly explains institutions dont have the analytical capac-
And yet linking African policymakers why research time frames are often at odds ity to respond adequately to challenges
with the sort of research thats relevant for with the urgency with which policymakers including time pressures and the sheer vol-
implementing goals is difficult. This is not a need to address and respond to challenges ume of evidence available to them.
problem unique to implementing develop- in their environment. Lengthy research pro- Budget constraints: Policy makers also
ment goals. But the broad ambition of the cesses are often identified as a barrier to the face budgetary constraints. Evidence-based
SDGs has made identifying and addressing use of research evidence in policymaking. policy interventions can be very expensive.
barriers more urgent.
There are at least six main barriers to the Overcoming the barriers
use of research in policymaking. These are A good response to research barriers
the complexity of evidence, absence of per- within policymaking circles would be to
sonal relationships between researchers and include building relationships that are
policymakers, the time it takes to do qual-
ity research, the perceived irrelevance of
And yet based both on expertise and mutual respect.
Researchers must focus on build-
research, a lack of analytical capacity within
governments, and budget constraints. linking African ing expertise as well as sharing research
through networking and partnerships.
Theres no silver bullet to overcoming
these barriers. But building strong relation- policymakers Building relationships between researchers
and policymakers must go hand-in-hand
ships between researchers and policymak-
ers is a good place to start. with the sort of with gathering research evidence. Strong
relationships will lead to language being

research thats
used that everyone can understand as well
The big six as productive partnerships. They might

relevant for
Complexity of evidence: Researchers even improve academic responsiveness,
assume that peer-reviewed journal articles and lead to better and more usable results.

are the most important form of evidence. Its no surprise that the UNs 2030 Agen-
This isnt always the case. Policymakers rely da emphasises the importance of creating
on different types of evidence, such as prac- partnerships. It is now understood that the
tical experience and political know-how.
But even using one form of evidence
goals is use of research evidence in the implementa-
tion of development goals isnt merely a
isnt that easy. Peer-reviewed research
often comes from competing sources with
difficult technical processes.

varying methodologies, perspectives and Willem Fourie is Associate Professor of

ideologies. Ethics, Co-ordinator of the South African
Absence of personal relationships: Per- Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub
sonal contact between researchers and (, University of Pretoria
policymakers is important. Strong personal

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 31

Here is why your teens might
need contraceptives
Global Family Planning giant boss blames officials for letting
their beliefs get in the way of their professional responsibility
Social marketing is increasingly being embraced in dealing with public health problems which require behavioral
change worldwide. In Uganda, the Uganda Health Marketing Group (UHMG) has been the only entity providing
health services through the approach. But that is changing. On Nov. 24 a new entrant DKT International, joined
to provide HIV prevention and Family Planning services. The U.S-based family planning giant operates in 24
countries and started off with a digital campaign to end stigma and transmission of HIV in Uganda. Collin Dick,
DKT Uganda Managing Director Spoke to Independents Flavia Nassaka about where Uganda has gone wrong
with contraceptives and how players can sustain health markets in the country.

DKT International has been What different product, service

around for more than 20 years. or innovations do you come
Why do you come to Uganda with?

only now? Our advertising will probably
ganda has always set us apart from the outset,
been on the list of as we want to speak about
countries DKT had contraceptives and family
targeted but only planning products in a very
recently have we started doing different way; one that resonates
sub regional programmes more with consumers, especially
like we have in French West young people. I think that our
Africa, Central America, focus on creating strong brands
the Caribbean and in Latin that provide exceptional value
America. If we had just decided and features to consumers will
to come to Uganda, It would set us apart.
have been difficult to sustain
the programme on its own A day before you officially
as a single-country operation launched on November 23,
due to the low prevalence of the state of Uganda population
modern contraceptives Report 2017 was released
and high subsidies. showing that there will be
Only when we looked fifty six million people in the
at the possibility country in the next eight years
of combining the and this is partly because
Kenyan programme Ugandans have a fertility rate of
and operating 5.6 births one of the biggest in
sub-regionally the world. What would be your
that we were advice to government to tackle
confident that threats that come with these
we could make high figures?
a sustainable Scary number, isnt it?
impact here. Resources are scarce so we must
slow this number down, but in

32 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


a way where citizens make conscious, of social marketing from free or

informed decisions, grounded in reality, highly-subsidised, with donors picking
not ideology of bygone days. The sad up the tab for products and operations
truth is that 25% of teenage girls get The sad truth to something much closer to what we
pregnant each year. Unsafe abortions call cost-recovery, which means that
are killing women every day, and is that our revenues from the sale of products

maternal mortality rates are far too high covers what it takes to buy the product,
in todays times. If Uganda wants to import, logistics and marketing it.
become a middle-income country by This is going to ultimately mean that
2020 its going to have to take drastic of teenage people have to pay for the products
steps to curb these statistics. That
girls get
and services that they get which when
means loosening the reins on educating they are quality and have a brand that
young people on their options, as well
as increasing the basket of products and
pregnant people trust and are proud to use is only
fair. This is where brand comes into the
contraceptive methods that people can each year equation.
choose from, whether they be in the In the end, we run a social enterprise
public or private sector. in DKT, and we seek to create a business-
oriented culture that moves and makes
In Uganda contraceptive use is faced decisions quickly, and not a slow,
with a lot of stigma and myths. What plodding NGO that relies on donors
strategies do you come with to ensure to pay for everything, and if the donor
that more people appreciate and use money dries up, the programming stops.
birth control measures? That would be a crisis for this country
It comes down to providing value and as social marketing organisations have
creating a perception that what you are created demand, but for too long have
using is worth paying for. We all know kept pricing free or unreasonably low.
that raising a family can be expensive, So consumers and the trade have begun
so shouldnt not getting pregnant, while because they had clauses on to perceive the value to be as low as
enjoying a healthy sex life, be worth introducing these methods to young the pricing is when the reality is very
something as well? Its worth it to have unmarried girls. In your view, what different from that.
safe and effective products that are is the best way to address the issue of
packaged in a way that makes you want contraceptives among this group? Finally, in the area of HIV/AIDs,
to buy them, and marketed in fun and Its not just about young women. Ugandas biggest challenge now is
interesting ways. Heres a sad situation where government getting men tested and young women
officials are likely letting their who top the lists of new infections.
When people discuss birth control personal beliefs get in the way of their What specific plan do you have for this
methods, many think they are talking professional responsibility. Then again, group?
about women issues and most times a parents seem to be in denial as well Weve got a Brand Ambassador that
vasectomy misses in the discussions. about the reality that young people were introducing for our Kiss range of
Why does this always happen and why have sex. Its the truth and when they condoms whose name is Joe Chuuma.
do you think despite its efficacy only a start experimenting they arent likely to He is an everyman one that all men
small percentage of men use it? stop. So isnt it better to equip them with wish they could be and whom all women
Its really an unfortunate situation the knowledge and products necessary want to be with. Hes great looking,
that men dont take more responsibility to protect themselves from unwanted funny, and confident about himself and
and opportunity to contribute to family pregnancy and STIs? The myth that the use of condoms to enjoy sex. If we
planning. Its a tough question to access to information and products can deliver a message and a brand that
answer and maybe goes back to the sad increases the likelihood of sexual debut is not solely hammering a safety, quality
reality that women have been subjugated has been debunked time and time again. or protection message but more about
and taken advantage for most of history. The world is different now, lets get with enjoying ones sex life with condoms
I think a lot of it stems back to the the times. then we might be able to increase
fact that much of the research around demand for condoms amongst our
these types of products was conducted In October, Uganda hosted the first youth. What we need to focus on now
by men, so rather than volunteer ever social marketing conference and when it comes to condoms is delivering
themselves, or other men, for procedures one of the issues that continuously value for money, especially for young
that inhibit their fertility, they chose to came up was how to sustain health people, and reducing any ill effects
research ways to do that to women. markets through social marketing in or peer pressure that young women
the country. What are those key issues might face when they request, or even
Whats currently baffling healthcare that anyone venturing in this sector demand, for the use of a condom. If we
managers in the country is how to shouldnt ignore? can somehow make condoms cool for
introduce adolescents to contraceptives. Well, one of them is that the donor young people to use, then we might be
Just recently the Minister of Health money isnt going to last forever so were able to contribute to the fight against
refused to launch national guidelines going to have to change the definition new infections.

Tadooba Gallery
All about art mentorship, not teaching
By Dominic Muwanguzi rising it in order to pass exams. Its upon logos, billboards and signage, and sculpt

such background that vocational training public monuments. This innovative meth-
hat can an average art gradu- becomes relevant to reconcile this disparity odology inspires the nurturing of an inde-
ate do with twelve bottle-tops? of art teaching. And that is where Tadooba pendent art graduate who can economically
Perhaps, they will look at them Gallery comes in. sustain himself in the fast changing global
idly and think that theyre It presents a unique approach to art train- world without seeking favors from his
useless. However, this is not the case with ing that emphasises participatory aspects benefactors or friends.
one art graduate who used the twelve of art mentoring and training for secondary The idea is to create an unprecedented
bottle-tops to sculpt a tortoise and sell it for school students, under-graduates and grad- approach to art learning through mentor-
a paltry UGX5000 at a local crafts market. uates. Each participant is given an oppor- ship and not teaching, says Weazher
Impressed by his creativity, the dealer tunity to explore their artistic sensibilities Mayanja, founder of the institution,
asked him to make five more and when through residence programs, studio learn- Mentorship will enable the learner to be
he presented them to him, he further com- ing, academic art programs, entrepreneurial participatory while learning and not grasp
missioned him to make twenty more. Of short-courses and student assessment pro- information only to pass exams.
course, by now he had made good contacts grams. In the latter instance, students are Tadooba Gallery aims to go beyond exhibit-
with the merchant and more contracts kept evaluated based on the specific projects or ing art and providing residence for already
flocking in and the rest is history. Such enterprises they have set-up resulting from established and young artists; it aims to
unique enterprising approach is glaringly industrial training. enable an overhaul of the approach to
missing in many of todays art graduates Tadoobas emphasis on vocational training learning art. The idea is to prepare artists
who wait until they can exhibit at a major also aims to bridge the gap between com- for a demanding and competitive industry
art gallery to make money. If such an op- munity, academic research, and develop- that requires creative individuals that can
portunity never comes, they are forever ment of practical ideas. It is designed as an respond to a world that is fast transforming.
destined to curse the art discipline as not attitude process for the individual. Its relevance to tackling unemployment can-
profitable and grudgingly look for another not be underscored.
avenue to eke a living. As example, learners at the institution are Tadooba gallery is an initiative of Mayanja
The present art curriculum is not help- obliged to spend less time in class, and con- Weazher a multi-disciplinary artist whos
ing much to solve the trend of unemploy- centrate more on field work and industrial inspired by the concept of Tadooba flames
ment of art graduates. Instead of equipping training. in his Art, but also the community. He is
students with hands on skills through They must do multi-disciplinary projects also an educationist, lecturer at Kyambogo
industrial training and encouraging experi- that solve existing community problems University Faculty of Art and Design. Ta-
mentation and innovation through group like housing construction, manufacturing dooba gallery is located after Mukono town
methods of mentorship, they are subjected of scholastic materials like chairs, beddings in Nangwa-Butwalo.
to consumption of art material and memo- and tables, design company artworks like

34 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


Totems under threat

How failure to share family cultural history endangers
symbols that represent common ancestral origin
By Nathan Kiwere totems by their ostensibly ardent prac-

titioners rises is worrying to say the
riting on page 137 of his least. This observation came true sev-
book, The Baganda (Mac- eral years back while Taga Nuwagaba,
millan and Co., 1911), John a Ugandan artist and author of
Roscoe, a British colonial Totems of Uganda: Buganda Edition
historian, states that when animals was traveling to Masaka in a taxi on
were becoming scarce, Kintu, with the the Kampala-Masaka highway.
general consent of his people, made The driver of the taxi spotted a
the rule that certain kinds of animals squirrel-like creature tottering about
should be taboo to certain families. in the middle of the tarmac. The
Thus, those particular species of ani- driver, whose name was Ssengendo,
mals were left to other families, and deliberately trailed the creature and
the animals were given a better chance run over it, crashing it to instant death.
of multiplying than if every man had One of the people who observed him
been free to hunt every species for performing the gruesome act was the
food. Each family abstained from that conductor. He asked him what he had
particular kind of animal of which they killed this time round, implying he
had partaken with ill results, and that derived pleasure in habitually run-
animal was tabooed by them, and it be- ning over such creatures on the road.
came their totem. This historic incident He responded that it was just a mere
is believed to have happened between thing, nothing valuable, until a gen-
1200 and 1230 AD. Considering the weight National Park. The park is located in the tleman seated in the front seat corrected him
and significance of this decision by Kintu; districts of Bulisa, Masindi and Kiryan- that it was actually a civet (ffumbe), which
the mythical father of all Baganda and com- dongo, all part of the greater Bunyoro-Kitara turned out to be Ssengendos totem.
pany at that material time and its resonance kingdom. It does not take rocket science to The driver was previously known to be an
with the much-hyped nature conservation understand why the bushbucks enjoy an avowed man of the Kabaka and custodian
advocacy today, we must all agree that the unwavering majority in the park. In a recent of culture and yet it shockingly turned out
architects of this tradition were inspired by interview, the Prime Minister of Bunyoro he did not know what his totem looked like.
nothing short of a stroke of genius. And, in Kingdom; Norman Lukumu, told this writer Out of shame and devastating distress, Ssen-
my opinion, this should be documented as that the bushbuck commands the largest gendo could not proceed with the journey;
one of the greatest wonders of intangible following among the totems of the Banyoro he handed over the vehicle to the conductor
cultural heritage. indigenous communities. It has been for to take on the rest of it as he took time off
In the Ugandan context, a totem is a more than half a millennium the dominant to mourn the sacrilegious act he had just
symbol that represents a group of people symbol among these people and for this performed.
with a common ancestral origin known as reason, the bushbucks have multiplied It turns out Ssengendo is not alone in this
a clan. Several clans constitute an ethnic over the years without danger of interfer- enterprise; countless Ugandans are discon-
group. Traditions surrounding the totems ence from man. A visit to Murchison Fall nected from their totems and some dont
are among the most important cultural National Park will immediately prove this even know their names. The younger people
practices in Uganda. This cultural heritage as herds of this animal can be seen in virtu- see them as old-fashioned shibboleths
plays a significant role in the knowledge of ally every nook and cranny of the massive that belong in the past, or, at best, in the
their genealogies, naming rites, marriage park. museums. This precedent is engendered by
practices, and choice of food, among others. Kintus ingenious far-sightedness at the the fact that the older generation has played
This sacred totemic practice has typified time when the population was not only a dismal role in passing on important infor-
their cultural wellbeing from their traceable very small compared to these days but mation about culture at family level. Totems
beginning, hundreds of years ago. It has also animals were much more plentiful as vectors of nature conservation have no
continued unabated throughout the ages, in cannot go unsung. Close to a millennium meaning unless people know what their
spite of the social, political, economic and, later, this tradition is still holding on, albeit totems actually look like. Ugandans have
more recently, technological transforma- in a wobbly manner. As the pillars of our to do more to restore this cultural glory and
tions that have adversely affected estab- cultural heritage continue to bear indelible teach the world this alternative means of
lished cultural institutions across the globe. cracks, totems remain among the few ele- culture embracing nature.
To this day, totems remain among the few ments buttressing what remains.
remnants of indigenous knowledge heritage Unfortunately, even this pillar is under Nathan Kiwere is the executive director of
that remain firmly rooted in the social fabric threat of giving way, if the happenings of Kakakuona Foundation
of Uganda. the time are anything to go by. That this
The bushbuck (engabi) is among the hitherto entrenched tradition is under threat
most populous species in Murchison Falls of extinction as the levels of ignorance about

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 35

Donald Trump bungles, again
Just hours after British Prime Minister However, @theresamay is not the Prime vative Party, tweeted. Trump corrected his
Theresa May had said it was wrong of the Minister: mistake about 20 minutes later, deleting
U.S. President Donald Trump to re-tweet She has six followers on Twitter and fol- the original post and this time mentioning
three anti-Muslim videos posted by a Brit- lows 103 people and her handle is @theresa- the right @theresa_may. Trump has made
ish far-Right group, Trump duly fired off may. The Prime Minister, meanwhile, has same error before. A few days before his
his response on Twitter. the Twitter handle @theresa_may and has inauguration in January, Trump acciden-
In his haste to tweet his testy riposte, 419,000 followers. Wrong twitter handle. tally tweeted Ivanka Majic, who lives in
though, Trump tweeted to the wrong The- And thats just the start, Carrie Symonds, Brighton, rather than his daughter who goes
resa May or Theresa Scrivener, to be precise. director of communications at the Conser- by the same first name.

Phone addicts get unusual help Rare drinking problem!

These days we check suffering withdrawal a row of stone beads to This man needs to
emails and messages symptoms. Now, how- imitate various motions drink 20 litres of water
on our smartphones ever, they have help. typical to smartphone per day to stay alive.
all the time. Not only Austrian designer use, such as scrolling, His name if Marc
on public transport but Klemens Schillinger zooming, and swiping. Wbbenhorst, 35-year
also in social situations, has created a thera- By using stone beads
old German architect
for example when hav-
who has to drink at
ing drinks with friends.
least 20 liters of water
The more one feels
a day or risk dying and he can die of thirst
the urge to check their
from dehydration. He in a matter of hours.
phone, even when they
are not expecting a spe- suffers from the rare Its nothing like the
cific message or call, the metabolic disease Dia- thirst a normal person
more addicted to phone betes insipidus, which experiences, because it
use they are. Such peo- peutic replacement for to emulate interaction causes intense thirst doesnt go away after
ple crave the physical smartphones called with a phones touch- and the frequent excre- drinking a glass or two
simulation of frequent `Substitute Phones. screen, Schillinger aims tion of large amounts of water. His body cant
smartphone use and The Vienna-based to create therapeutic of diluted urine. If hold any water, as his
cannot keep away from designer made a series tools that can provide Wbbenhorst stops kidneys eliminate the
their phones for long of five of these non- the same feel as smart- drinking water, his fluids almost as fast as
periods of time without devices which feature phone use. body starts to dry out, he ingests them.

Tomb of Jesus Christ dated Cheating hubby caught on Instagram

The ancient cave previously been the comment beautiful
that Christians thought to have first view from my husbands
believe held the been built during the bedroom on the
remains of Jesus time of the Crusad- Instagram photo, Yulia
Christ dates from ers, and so no older confronted her husband
1,700 years ago, than 1,000 years. about it, but he denied the
according to sci- However, experts accusations of adultery,
entistsfar earlier can now say with cer- claiming instead that he
than they originally tainty the tomb com- had invited friends to
believed. plex was originally the apartment for drinks
The scientific constructed in A.D. while she was away.
dating tests on the 345, in the time of the Vlada, who he claimed
shrine, which began Byzantine Emperor was the girlfriend of a
in October 2016, were Constantine, 17 cen- friend, had taken the
the first of their kind turies ago, National Yulia Agranovych, Abramovich. It was the photo on that occasion.
carried out on what Geographic reported. from St. Petersburg, same view she admired That seemed a bit fishy to
the faithful believe to According to the Russia, was browsing daily from her bedroom Yulia as when the guests
be the resting place New Testament, the through her Instagram window. In the other came, they would have
of the Christian Mes- Christian Messiah
feed one morning, when womans gallery, she headed to the kitchen
siah. The tomb itself would have been laid
she noticed a familiar discovered several images to drink tea not to the
had not been opened to rest there in A.D.
sight in a photo posted of her husband, Nazar bedroom. Turns out she
in centuries and had 30 to 33.
by a certain Vlada Grynko. After leaving was right.

36 Dec 08 - 14, 2017

Toyota RAV4
How does a car remain so popular for so long?
By Motoring Guru default crossover or midsized SUV. brought a more interesting styling language

The RAV consistently outsells younger, for its mid-sizers exterior design, according
ometime in 1996, a new type of ve- cheaper rivals.The latest upgrade is no dif- to one reviewer.
hicle called the Toyota RAV4 which ferent. Such a reputation is hard-won and While not aggressive-looking and theres
stands for Recreational Active Vehicle easily lost. That is how one reviewer felt nothing in the way of a body kit or sport edi-
with 4-Wheel Drive hit the Ameri- when the newest RAV4 was unveiled. The tion, each model has a tiny rear spoiler. Racy
can market. It was the start of a journey that new edition, the MY18, focused mainly on it isnt, but theres a clear theme emerging on
has transformed the global car market and upgrades to its specifications. Toyota SUVs from the C-HR to the Kluger.
created a motoring icon. There are three trim levels in the RAV4 The RAV4 is a five-door SUV hardtop (no
Setting the standard by which all will be range - GX, GXL and Cruiser and accom- soft top - sorry folks), with a good wide rear
measured is the Toyota RAV4, proclaimed panying choice of fuel type, engine, and tailgate for access to the cargo area.
a review in the February 18, 1996 New York number of driven wheels. You can add a bit of ruggedness with a
Times titled BEHIND THE WHEEL/Toyota Common to all RAV4s is the 6.1-inch roof rack or side steps. Extras like a bull bar
RAV4; A Cute Brute Rocks to an MTV Beat. touchscreen which powers the multimedia or nudge bar will require you to look further
That view, which captured the emotions and sound system, which includes DAB afield, the same for a snorkel, different rims,
of most people around the RAV4, has not radio, CD player (but no CD changer or wheel arch extensions and more comprehen-
changed in 20 years. DVD player), six speakers (but no subwoof- sive tool kit.
That article also registered another atti- er) and basic smartphone integration via The RAV4 is a classic Toyota - well-built,
tude that has stuck. It noted: Its so darn USB or Bluetooth, both iPhone and Android. solidly engineered but not particularly excit-
cute. Too cute, some guys who saw it said, It works, but the interface is very basic and ing to drive. Road noise is a little higher than
derisively calling it a chick mobile -- a car only babys fingers can accurately hit the on most of the competition.
only a young woman would drive. But once tiny targets. While not fitted with off road tyres, its
behind the wheel, even the macho men were The segment in which the RAV4 plays is off road capability is better than most of its
generally won over. filled with stylish cars, rivals. Part of that is down to the centre diff
To this day, the so Toyota has lock (activated with a button) and a fairly
RAV4 remains traditional sort of all-wheel drive system.
a great The turbo-diesel is punchy and economi-
ride or, as cal but, ultimately, it would probably come
somebody down to range requirements. The MY18
said, the update brings a stack of safety features in
evergreen additional to the seven airbags, ABS, stabil-
ity control (VSC), traction control and brake
All RAVs now come with Toyota Safety
Sense which includes a basic lane assist
technology in the form of lane departure
warning. Safety Sense also adds auto high
beam, forward collision warning and
auto emergency braking (AEB). The
RAV4 GXL and Cruiser vari-
ants pick up a blind
spot monitor

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 37


Kennedy Zziwa: A celebritys

addiction survival tale
By Agnes E Nantaba family construction proj- Hospital for rehabilitation

ect and this meant being for 30 days. That journey
ennedy Zziwa the financial controller. changed his life.
Katebalirwe, I graduated from one I fight every single
popularly known bottle to many, he says, day to keep going and
as HairbyZziwa, After all I could afford never relapse after wit-
is a celebrity hairstylist it. nessing my family happy
who has traded the con- His drinking got worse again around me, Zziwa
trol panel for clippers, when he did a short says, I fight to keep
blow dryers, and curlers. term project in Liberia sober because even with
Zziwa runs a high-end that gave him even more just one shot, I may crave
salon that attracts many money. He flew to China for cocaine.
celebrities, especially for vacation but ended up Born on May 1987, Zzi-
from the music and fash- staying longer, hustling, wa had acting stints with
ion industry. But he has plaiting womens hair, Ebonies which he joined
an even more powerful earning more money in 1998. Zziwa says drugs
story; about beating a and drinking more. He and alcohol are not worth
drug and alcohol addic- was building on training his life or anyone elses.
tion. It has been a six-year from Tiner International
long journey from which School of Beauty in Kam-
he is still recovering. He pala.
thus prefers to focus more Two years after, Zziwa
on the chronicles of the relocated from Guang-
journey and the recovery zhou to Beijing where
path. He calls it a battle he set up as a profes-
and his new life a great sional hair stylist. He also
push factor. He likes to upgraded from beer to
talk about both. dry wine and was intro-
Opening up to people duced to cocaine.
that I was in rehab is ther- I yearned for the
apy for me, he says, heights and became
That keeps me going addicted, he says.
on the new journey and Zziwa was tormented
helps me keep the prom- because he knew from his
ise that I made to myself, humble family upbring-
my mother and doctors. ing that he shouldnt be
His addiction was a doing drugs. So he decid-
blend of binge drinking ed to return to Uganda
(beer, wine and whiskey) thinking he would not
and smoking hard stuff access them. But he was
such as cocaine. And it wrong.
all was sparked off by a He re-opened Hair-
single bottle of beer he byZziwa but soon got in
drank during his first touch with drug dealers
year as a student of Com- through the different
puter Science at Makerere networks. He would then
University. spend at least Shs300,
Although the bitter 000 a night to service his
taste of beer was not that addiction and was soon
inviting, Zziwa says he pawning his property
kept sipping under peer for just a gram of cocaine
influence. Eventually, he costing Shs100, 000. One
was craving the feeling of night, Zziwa nearly died
being drunk every other of an overdose.
day. He had been granted He was taken to
all supervision rights for a Butabika Mental

38 Dec 08 - 14, 2017


Kennedy Zziwas Liteside

Any three things we dont What is the trait you most or negative energy; I also somebody can go through.

know about you? deplore in others? dont keep them around me. Most times, violence is
am an honest person Slow people in thinking beyond individual control.
because I like to keep my and action. What is the quality you most Other things like poverty are
word which most people like in a man? just part of life that pushes us
dont do. I also crave Which living person do you Keeping his word and to look for solutions.
originality to the extent that most admire? treating a woman right .
even in the process of hiring I see a role model in JW What is your favorite
employees, I dont look into Katende Ssembajjwe. When What is the quality you most occupation?
the best but one who can I was younger, I witnessed like in a woman? Doing hair.
come up with something everything he did as flawless; Appreciating others and
different. from his home to work. I still being a shock absorber of a What do you most value in
admire him. family. your friends?
What is your idea of perfect My circle of friends has
happiness? What is your greatest What or who is the greatest dramatically reduced but I
I have a cat named Talice extravagance? love of your life? treasure the loyalty of friends
Nazziwa that makes me I am not a spendthrift but I My mother is my greatest who were there during my
happy and just watching her love perfumes and travelling. love. time of using of drugs and
play makes a good day; only even after.
pet lovers can understand What is the greatest thing When and where were you
that feeling. I also derive my you have ever done? happiest? Who are your favorite
happiness from seeing others Choosing to become a On July 13th, when I chose writers?
happy. For instance every hair stylist despite being to get off drugs is the reason Jackie Collins is an
Monday which is my day off a graduate of computer I am still smiling to date. I interesting writer because her
from work, I visit Butabika science. It is a big step that was also happy taking my stories relate a lot to the my
Hospital to encourage other has eventually worked out first flight to Liberia. The life of drugs and alcohol .
patients because I noticed for me. I also never thought days I work on a client and
that it also helps to learn that I would quit drinking witness them smile or credit Which historical figure do
from those who have treaded because when I went into my services are filled with you most identify with?
the same journey. Seeing rehab, my intention was to great joy. Martin Luther King Junior
others sober; especially those quit drugs not alcohol. But managed to stand up for his
that quit before me also two weeks into the process, I If you could change one rights despite the fear and
makes me happy. chose to quit drinking as well thing about yourself, what challenges of the time.
which has worked for me. would it be?
What is your greatest fear? My feet nails are not as Who are your heroes in real
Failure is my biggest What is your current state of pretty as my fingers but its life?
fear. I am a risk taker mind? not a big deal. My mother Harriet
but when I know that I I am happy Nazziwa has done a lot for
cannot win or excel at What do you consider your me, including risking.
something, I cannot What does being powerful greatest achievement?
take it on to avoid mean to you? Getting off drugs. What is your greatest regret?
failure. Being powerful comes with Doing drugs is not
influence and the ability to Where would you most like something I regret because I
What is the trait you make people do what you to live? consider it as an experience
most deplore in say without coercion. Uganda is my favourite that has taught me a lot. I
yourself? place in terms of the weather however regret opening up
My obsession On what occasion do you and food so I love to be here. too much only to end up
with anything; for lie? being disappointed by some
instance when In the past, I would lie to What is your most treasured people.
I fall in love or service my addiction. possession?
hate something, I am not a materialistic How would you like to die?
I get obsessed What do you most dislike person. I dont mind the process
either way about your appearance? but prefer a clean body.
and it makes None. What do you regard as the
other people lowest depth of misery? What is your motto?
Which living person do you Physical violence which Do unto others what you
most despise? can be domestic or mob want to be done to you.
uncomfortable. Anyone with so much hate justice is the worst pain that

Dec 08 - 14, 2017 39

Global comment
By Hannah Ryder
China factor in Kenya, Zimbabwe
Weighing economic, political ties and future
relationships that could prove decisive for Africa

sk anyone with a basic knowledge Chinese money is flowing to Zimbabwe as their visits to press for trade and military
of Africa which country is more well. cooperation, and likely engaged directly
poised for success Zimbabwe Moreover, Zimbabwes trade balance with private Chinese companies. This has
or Kenya and he or she will with China is far superior to Kenyas. In nurtured a culture of reciprocity. Just a few
undoubtedly answer Kenya. Events of 2015, Kenyas exports to China totalled $99 months ago, for example, a Chinese com-
the last week would seem to confirm that million, while it imported from China a pany approached my firm asking for advice
verdict. staggering 60 times that amount. Even tak- about how to enter Zimbabwes health-care
After Kenyas Supreme Court upheld the ing into account imports of materials tied market. I have not yet fielded similar ques-
re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta in to Chinese-built infrastructure, this is an tions about gaining access to markets in
the countrys contested presidential election, exceptionally wide bilateral deficit. Kenya.
the rule of law seemed to trump political Zimbabwe, on the other hand, despite Chinas role in African economies has
violence for the first time in years. Zimba- its slow growth rate, exported $766 mil- been criticised; but, as I have argued before,
bwe, on the other hand, is without President lion worth of goods to China in 2015, and Chinese investment has also been a lifeline
Robert Mugabe for the first time in 37 years. imported $546 million. Most surprisingly, to many on the continent. From creating
And, although the country may be ecstatic Zimbabwes exports were not restricted to employment opportunities to providing
now, its political future is far from certain. minerals and metals, as one might assume, direct investment in infrastructure, China
But as a Kenyan living in China, one of but also included tobacco and cotton, prod- has been a partner to Africa when many
the African continents most important ucts that are relatively more labour-inten- Western investors preferred to stay away.
development partners, I see one metric sive, meaning more job creation at home. How Kenya and Zimbabwe navigate
that tips the scale in Zimbabwes favor: its And, while Zimbabwe has around 50 fewer their future relationships with China
relationship with my adopted home. In fact, registered Chinese companies than Kenya, remains to be seen. Both countries have sup-
Zimbabwes economic and political ties to Kenyas economy is around 4.5 times the ported Xis signature Belt and Road Initia-
China could prove decisive for Africas per- size of Zimbabwes, clearly implying that tive, which, in theory, should increase their
petual underdog. those firms that are operating there contrib- strategic value to China. Kenyas return to
On paper, Kenya clearly has the edge. ute more to the countrys economy. political stability should also sustain, if not
Although Zimbabwe has more natural How has Zimbabwe achieved what looks deepen, the countrys economic engage-
resources and mineral wealth, it has far like, at least from a numerical perspective, ment with China.
less land and extreme poverty is much a more productive relationship with China Zimbabwes historic ties to China will be
more widespread. More than 70% of the than Kenya has? no less important. Following Mugabes res-
countrys 16 million people live on less than Few beyond Mugabe and his close ignation, Chinas foreign ministry went out
$1.90 a day, compared to 46% of Kenyas 48 colleagues, including the countrys new of its way to praise the friendship between
million people. Moreover, as many as 90% president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, know China and Zimbabwe, and Mnangagwa
of Zimbabweans are unemployed or under- for sure. But one way to make an educated can be expected to continue that relation-
employed, compared to 39% of Kenyans. guess is to compare both countries history ship. The new president received military
Even Kenyas economic links to China of bilateral engagement with China. training in China, and paid an official visit
might seem more impressive at first glance. Both Kenya and Zimbabwe have had as speaker of the parliament in 2001. There
Kenya and China have long cooperated on two visits from Chinese heads of state dur- is even speculation that China was warned
large infrastructure projects. A Chinese- ing their post-colonial histories. Chinese of the looming coup in Zimbabwe, if not
funded railway between Nairobi and President Jiang Zemin visited each country consulted beforehand.
Mombasa, which opened earlier this year, in 1996, while President Hu Jintao visited As Kenya and Zimbabwe navigate their
is the latest example. Since 2000, China has Kenya in 2006. Chinas current president, Xi political futures, much in both countries will
offered Kenya $6.8 billion in loans for infra- Jinping, visited Zimbabwe in 2015. no doubt change one hopes for the better.
structure projects, compared to $1.7 billion State visits in the other direction have Their ties with China will be a key metric in
for Zimbabwe. And, because loan condi- been more uneven. Mugabes first visit to assessing their trajectory.
tions often include a requirement to hire China was in 1980, just six months after
Chinese employees, Kenya had more than independence; he made 13 more during his
7,400 at the end of 2015, while Zimbabwe tenure, and high-level visits by other Zim- Hannah Ryder, a former head of policy
had just over 950. babwean officials were even more frequent, and partnerships for the United Nations
But in the competition for Chinese lar- occurring roughly once every two years Development Program in China, is founder
gesse, Kenyas advantage over Zimbabwe during Mugabes reign. Kenyan presidents, and CEO of Development Reimagined.
ends there. Cumulative Chinese foreign by contrast, travelled to China just six times
direct investment since 2003 has reached during the same period, most recently in Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2017.
nearly $7 billion in Zimbabwe, compared May 2017.
to $3.9 billion for Kenya. Year on year, more Zimbabwes leaders made the most of

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