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Project Components

This project requires a preparation for the involve agencies and officials. Important activities had to be defined as the major
components realization of the project.

To attain the goal, the following are the necessary activities are break into following components:

Goal Activities Strategy Responsible person Implementation

Conduct of Solid Consult or inform the
Waste household about the An interview will be
Management project and evaluate conducted by the
consultation their feedbacks barangay workers to let
Barangay workers and the community
Preparation and Make sure that the the researchers informed about the
submission of paper is well project to evaluate their
Project Proposal organized then ask for feedbacks and
a schedule to suggestions.
barangay officials for
To provide a the presentation of
garbage bin the proposal.
each purok in Canvas of Look for suppliers Barangay Officials The supplier of the
barangay San necessary that have the exact equipment with the
Antonio materials size of the bin needed price that fits the
for the project budget will be chosen
Procurement Transport the bin Barangay officials Purchase of 33 garbage
Period from the supplier to Workers bins and carry it
the barangay hall of Volunters through trucks
San Antonio
Locating the Look for the areas Barangay Officials Brgy. Captain might talk
garbage bin each that people usually Workers to purok leader where
purok standby Volunters to locate the bin
Conduct a Schedule a one day
program to seminar to be led by DENR Brgy. officials may ask a
educate people CENRO representative DOH representative of either
regarding DENR or DOH to
garbage disposal conduct a meeting with
citizens related to
importance of proper
waste disposal
Project Assign barangay Barangay Officials Official of the barangay
Monitoring officials to check if will conduct a monitor
people are following every end of the month
the program and if
the located bin is
properly maintained.
Evaluate annually Give an update on Barangay Officials All barangay officials
whether the project is
doing fine all
throughout the
operation period