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Tulsi Tanti
Chairman and Managing Director

Tulsi Tanti is the Chairman of Suzlon Energy Ltd, a company dealing in wind
energy. He is one of those first time entrepreneurs who saw potential in an inchoate idea,
ventured into it, and made it big. Today, he ranks among top 10 richest men of India.

A commerce graduate and a diploma holder in mechanical engineering, Tulsi Tanti

originally hails from Gujarat and is presently based in Pune, Maharashtra. Tulsi Tanti
was earlier into textiles. He started his textile business in Gujarat. But he found that the
prospects stunted due to infrastructural bottlenecks. The biggest of them all was the cost
and unavailability of power, which formed a high proportion of operating expenses of
textile industry.
In 1990, Tulsi Tanti invested in two windmills and realized its huge
potential. In 1995, he formed Suzlon and gradually quit textiles. Suzlon Energy is the
sixth largest wind energy company in the world and the largest in Asia. It is presently
building what will be among the world's largest wind parks of its kind at 1,000 MW

suzlon is currently concentrating on global expansion drive. It recently acquired Hansen

Transmissions, a Belgian maker of wind-turbine gearboxes. Suzlon is also building a
rotor-blade factory in Minnesota and has invested $60m in a factory in Tianjin, China.
Tulsi Tanti is poised to make India a wind-power export hub.

His family holds 70% stake in the company. Suzlon Energy had a humble begining in
1995 with just 20 people,today its has more than 10000 employees from all over the
world.Suzon is the world’s fifth largest wind turbine manufacturer.Suzlon has a market
share of around 10.5 per cent.Suzlon has presence in 20 countries including USA,UK,
China,Australia, Netherland,and New Zealand.Suzlon is building the largest wind park
in Asia.
The company has been facing some problems lately.Because of the effect of
recession,the company saw a fall in its share prices.Also,an order for turbines was
cancelled by California’s,Edison International.Every business faces ups and downs and
Suzlon is no exception.Analysts are hopeful that the company will eventually recover.
Sulzon is aiming to be in the list of the top three wind energy companies in the world.

Suzlon began with a wind farm project in the Gujarat state of India in 1995 with a
capacity of just 3 MW and has, at the end of 2007, supplied over 6,000 MW world over.
Suzlon has grown more than 100% annually and registered a 108% growth, in the
financial year ended 2007 - over twice the industry average - in a supply restricted
Today Suzlon is being ranked the 5th leading wind power equipment manufacturer
with a global market share of 10.5%. The company seized market leadership in India
over 8 years ago, and has consistently maintained over 50% market share, installing
over 3,000 MW of wind turbine capacity in the country
Recently Suzlon has also acquired RE Power, An overseas Wind energy Company.
Some facts about Tulsi Tanti

- Tulsi Tanti is the Chairman & Managing Director of Suzlon Energy, US $ 10 Billion
worth (market Cap) wind power based Company.
- Tulsi Tanti was born in Rajkot, Gujarat, India and currently he resides in Pune,
Maharashtra, India.
- Tulsi Tanti along with his siblings own 70% of the Company.
- Tulsi Tanti Education: – Tulsi Tanti is a Commerce Graduate & Diploma Holder in
Mechanical Engineering. He has also taken Education from Pace University, New York.
- Tulsi Tanti was earlier in Textile Business. He started his Textile Business in Surat,
Gujarat. But because of lack of the cost & unavailability of power he found many
difficulties in the Textile Business and thus the idea of doing a Business of Alternative
Energy strike into his mind and thus the world’s fifth largest & Asia-Pacific’s largest
Wind Power Company, Suzlon Energy Limited born.
- Tulsi Tanti’s own stake in Suzlon is 29% and his siblings own 41% stake and thus
70% of the Company ownership is in Family’s hand.