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NOVEMBER 26, 2017

Mass Schedule
Saturday 5PM
Sunday 8AM & 10AM
Served by:

Fr. Drew Miller


Sr. Donna Lombardi, N/FCM

Pastoral Associate
Parish Administrator

Karen Suter

Mike & Fran Krol

Parish Council Leaders

An All Inclusive Independent Catholic Community,

Dedicated to Making the World a Better Place
As the King of the universe, Christ does not
November 26, 2017
desire earthly power or kingly admiration. What
Christ our King desires is that we advocate and
5PM: People and friends of the parish work for those most in need among us: the
poor, the unfortunate, the forsaken, the
8AM: People and friends of the parish abused, and the exploited. Providing for the
basic needs of others is a human right that we
must strive to fulfill. If someone is hungry, feed
10AM: John Weaver, Sr.
her. If someone is without shelter, provide one. If
a person requires clothes, clothe him. When
others are in harm's way, find them safety.
When it comes to basic human needs, it does
not matter WHY a person is in need; all that
matters is that someone IS. That's where you
and I, who are citizens of God's eternal
kingdom, come in. What we do for the least of
So do not be concerned with the these, we do for God.
fruit of your action-just give
attention to the action itself. The
fruit will come of its own accord.
Ministry of the Sick

~Eckhart Tolle If you or someone that you know from our

parish is ill and would like to receive
communion, or just a visit from one of our
lay Ministers, please contact the Church
Office at 732-279-6837 to leave a message
OR email us at:

Are you new to the

Catholic faith or would
you like to receive any
sacraments that you
never received?

Bring any of your

questions to Sr. Donna.

You can speak to her

after Mass, call the
church or send a
message via email at:

Sharing the Gospel

GOSPEL MEDITATION - ENCOURAGE DEEPER A man heard that God was coming to see him the
next day. He was eager to see God face to face.
UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURE First he gave milk to a woman traveler and her
baby. Then he plowed his sick neighbor's fields
and planted his corn. That night, a note was on
"Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of his pillow. It said, "You gave me milk, plowed my
the least brothers of mine, you did for me." fields, and planted my seeds. What you did for
Today we celebrate the feast of an unusual kind these people, you did for me."
of king. Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the
Universe, does not run his kingdom in the God, I want to see your face in others.
standard fashion. Instead of insisting upon the
pomp and circumstance that usually surrounds Something to Draw
earthly royalty, Jesus has a different focus. He Draw a man giving a jug of milk to a woman and
her baby.
thinks not of himself, but of those he loves. And
in today's Gospel, his interest is especially Mission for the Week
focused on the poor and suffering in our midst. I will look for God in every man, woman, and
child I meet.

Our King asks us to care for those in need--the

hungry, the homeless, the foreigner, the sick and
suffering. But then, he goes farther; he tells us
that in caring for these least brethren, we will be
ministering to HIM! What an incredible promise.
Not only do we carry out the command to love
our neighbor when we protect those in need,
but we also show our love for Jesus in a direct
and concrete way. This love for Christ through
others is so real that Jesus actually tells us that
our place on Judgment Day will depend on it:
"'What you did not do for one of these least
ones, you did not do for me.' And these will go
off to eternal punishment." On the other hand,
the "righteous" who ministered to the weak and
poor will enjoy eternal life. Our King has spoken
loud and clear. Now comes the question of
whether or not we are obeying his orders?
Each of us is called to examine how well we are
caring for the least among us. Sometimes, this
means giving our time and energy for special
ministries or missions, but often it means caring
for those right in front of us--the sick or suffering
in our own homes, families, neighborhoods, or
parishes. Whatever our situation, may we have
the eyes to see Christ in our midst and serve him.
Bible Study resumes
Friday evening
December 1st
Advent is right around the corner ..
7 to 9 with pizza and wine
We need a few strong men for an hour or so to
help set up the large crche on the front lawn of
Good Shepherd.
Outreach Please speak to Mike Krol or Bob Ward if you are
able to help sometime between November 26th
This year we will be assisting three and December 2nd.
local families (9 children ages 8 months to 14 years
and 4 adults), Gifts for residents of a local Nursing
Home (Shorrock Gardens), who are without extended
family. We will also collect Gift Cards from major
national chain stores to assist hurricane
Harvey victims in Beaumont, TX
(adopted sister city to Toms River)
Annual Parish celebration!
Please choose an ornament
from the Giving Tree . December 17th
then . 2 pm to 6 pm
Return the gift with the tag attached
Park Pavilion (above Saw Mill)
to the item.
Seaside Park
Please, return your gifts no later
than December 17th.
Cost: $25 pp for registered parishioners*
Thank you in advance for your $40 pp for guests

See Donna or Karen for tickets

(deadline December 10th)

Buffet Style Cash Bar

Garden salad, penne vodka, farfalle Bolognese,
chicken marsala, pork pinwheels, roasted potatoes,
sauteed mixed vegetables
Why not join our prayer group? Coffee, tea, ice cream
Speak to Fr. Drew or SR. Donna for
more information. * In an effort to allow more parishioners to attend the
Christmas Party, Good Shepherd is subsidizing $15
toward each parishioners ticket.