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1) Introduce yourself (name, age, job, family, likes ,dislikes)

Hello, good evening teacher, I'm Sarita Sanchez Nieto. I am a student the ninth cycle of
the career of administration. I study at university Seor de Sipn. I'm 22 years old. I live
in Pomalca, Chiclayo. I lives with my parents and two sisters. I like to travel and to
know tourist places. I likes listening music romantic and pop. I dont like the noise and
the horror movies.
2) Complete the sentence: In a job interview, Who asks you many questions.
3) Complete the sentence: "Recently" means ___ not so long ago_______.
4) Complete the sentence: If somebody "hires you," _______ they give you a job__________.
5) Complete the sentence: If you "save money," you _____ try not to spend a lot of
6) What do you love collecting? I love to collect coins
7) What do you prefer buying? I prefer buying pants jeans that legging
8) What do you enjoy doing? I like listening to music and dance.
9) What do you dislike doing? I dislike to wait too long
10) What you arent allowed to do in an office? Eat and sleep during work hours.
11) What do you hate doing? -- I hate doing errands
12) Were you able to buy a house for your family? -- No, I not
13) Who in your family is able to drive a car? my father
14) Were you able to write with both hands? -- no, I not
15) Choose the correct conjugation: "Mary left without say/saying goodbye."
16) Choose the correct conjugation: "James had an accident after drinking/drink too much."
17) Choose the correct conjugation: "Always lock the door before go/ going to bed."
18) Choose the correct conjugation: "He read the newspaper while have/ having breakfast."
19) What place is it? A place where students go to study specific subjects ---College
20) What is it? A series of lessons in a subject ---course
21) What is it? A written or practical test of your knowledge (also known as "exam") --
22) What is it? To not be successful in doing something -- fail
23) What is it? A school that children go to between the ages of 14 and 18. -- high school
24) What is it? To get knowledge or experience. --learn
25) What is it? To be successful in an exam or test. -- pass
26) What is it? Something you learn or teach at school. -- subject
27) What is it? A set of written or spoken questions to examine your knowledge of a subject,
or a practical exam - less formal than an examination. -- --test
28) What is it? Process of learning how to do something specific. --training
29) Where are you studying? -- --I am studing administration at college Seor of Sipan
30) What courses are you taking? -- --I am taking a course in investigation and seminar.
31) Did you take any examination? -- Yes, I do
32) Must you go to university every day? --No, I mustnt
33) Must you smoke in class? -- --No, I mustnt
34) Must you smoke in work areas? --No, I mustnt
35) "What do you have to do to get a loan? --I had to borrow from the bank
36) Do you have to borrow money to buy a car? -- Yes, I do
37) Did you have to study Latin in high school? --No, I didnt
38) Did you have to go to work on Monday? --No, I didnt
39) Who had to do the chores at home? --I had to do them myself
40) What dont you have to do at home? --I dont to have to shout.
41) What dont you have to do at university? --I dont have to be late for class.
42) What dont you have to do at work? -- workers must not smoke in work areas.
43) What is it? to request a job -- --apply
44) What is it? Arrangement to see someone at a certain time. --appointment
45) What is it? A person who is in charge of running a bank. --bank manager
46) What is it? A job or jobs that you do in your working life. --career
47) What is it? An organization that buys and sells products or gives services. (company) --
48) What is it? Employed for a standard number of hours (in general 35-40 hours a week) -
49) What is it? A meeting where someone asks questions to find out if another person is
good for a job. (interview)
50) What is it? Extra hours that someone works in a job. --overtime
51) What is it? Agreement given by someone. --approval
52) Should you stay up late? --Yes, I should
53) Where should you go to buy books? --I should go to the library.
54) Who should you visit if you are ill? --I should go to the doctor
55) Should you study for a test? --Yes, I should
56) Choose the correct conjugation: "Patrick agreed cooking/to cook dinner."
57) Choose the correct conjugation: "Jane chose staying/to stay at home."
58) Choose the correct conjugation: "We decided not buying/not to buy a new house."
59) Choose the correct conjugation: "I hope to win/winning first prize next year.
60) Choose the correct conjugation: "I avoid arguing /to argue with my boss."
61) Choose the correct conjugation: "Frank enjoys to watch/ watching horror movies."
62) Choose the correct conjugation: "We must finish to paint/painting this wall today."
63) Choose the correct conjugation: "I can't imagine eating /to eat snails."
64) Choose the correct conjugation: "Cats don't like to swim/swimming."
65) Choose the correct conjugation: "Do you mind waiting/to wait for me?"
66) Choose the correct conjugation: "Sam remembers to meet/meeting you last year."
67) What is it? A trip or journey around a place (also a verb) -- --tour
68) What is it? An organization that makes arrangements for people to go on trips -- travel
69) What is it? To pay for using a car for a short time. --rent a car
70) Was your mom at home yesterday afternoon? --yes, she was
71) Talk about your education plans ---finish my thesis and my career. Finish English
72) Say five things a driver mustnt do --Talking on phone, pass the red light, driving drunk,
Do not wear a seat belt, drive sleepy
73) Say five things you must or mustnt do at work or university --I must gain experience, I
must be responsible, I mustnt not eat at work, I mustnt not argue, I must not get drunk
74) You need to make an appointment with your bank manager. You leave a message on
his/her voice mail. Write your message .(BUSINESS)
Hello, Mr. bank manager. this is sarita sanchez, the president of Greco S.A.C. I want to
invite you to a lunch to discuss a project for the new factory. At 1 oclock do you think?
see you.
75) Mention two types of trips and flights --connecting flight, non-stop flight and round-
trip, tour. -- --connecting flight, non-stop flight, round-trip and tour.
76) Whats the best holiday youve ever had? -- the day of my birthday
77) Whats the worst movie youve ever seen? Which one? When? --the worst movie
Dragonball Evolution, years ago
78) What are you going to do on your next holiday? --know places, work and be with my
79) What are you doing tomorrow? --I have classes at the university
80) What do you usually do in the evenings? --I do my jobs
81) What did you do last weekend? --I was in my house
82) Mention some positive and negative adjectives to describe feelings and emotions --
excited, smart, afraid, angry and calm
83) What steps do you follow to plan your vacations --have money, take a backpack, have a
84) How often do you travel? --once a year
85) How often do you go to the dentist? ---once a year
86) What dont you like doing at home? --do the washing up
87) What were you doing at seven o'clock last night? --having dinner
88) What do you enjoy doing in your free time? --sleep or watch tv
89) What do you think you should do to improve your english? --Practice more
90) Talk about your school (favorite subjects, teachers, friends) --I study administration at
the university Lord of Sipan. My favorite course is finance and marketing. I have good
teachers. I have excellent friends I get along with everyone but more with 3 Vigil, Vinces
and Llun.
91) What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an actor? -- advantages of being an
actor is to be admired, helps you lose shyness, to have fame and disadvantages is
persecution of journalists, everyone will be watching your life
92) Are you doing anything after work / class/the interview? What? -- usually after class I
come to dinner and sleep
93) Are you taking English lessons again next year? --yes, I am
94) What should you do if you have a headache? --take a pill and rest
95) What should you do if you have a temperature? --go to the doctor
96) Will you be able to finish English this year? --no, I willnt
97) What is a restaurant review? --It is an opinion of a restaurant that is either positive or
98) Whats the meaning of foreigner? --a person from a diferent country
99) What does an usher do? -- have to stand a lot, hand out programs, check peoples
tickets and keep the audience quiet.
100) How often do you go to the cinema? --usually every 3 months

By: Luz, Lora Snchez and Gloria Olivos Serqun

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