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History: The Western Expansion

The mountain men had key roles in the American West and the overall change over the

course of several decades. In particular, they were fur traders who were moving into the west in

pursuit of the beaver belts. Their primary roles in the America West were to fight with the Native

Americans and also cooperating with them. Besides, they were among the first Americans to see

the land and also got a chance to learn more about its geography and resources. They also turned

their knowledge into making profits when there was a decline in the fur trade.

Americans were allowed into Tejas by the Mexicans since they were the first established

settlement and offered buffer between them and also they would be taxed to support the Mexican

government. However, it reached a point where the Americans rebelled against the Mexicans.

Some of the reasons that led to their rebellion include the rights that they used to enjoy in

America were now accustomed. Besides, the Mexicans refused to pay taxes and perform their

duties, something that led the Americans to resist.

The American Revolution influenced much on how they responded to the conditions that

they faced in Texas. Through this revolution, the American was able to form militias who would

champion for their rights when they were despised. Through their revolution, the Americans

became against the laws of the Mexicans where they were forced to go the farming fields.
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The Mexicans were not satisfied with the way the Americans were behaving, hence also

formed something similar to the American Revolution. The Mexicans were not satisfied with the

location of their capital which was 500 miles away, hence were on the idea that Tejas should be a

different state away from Mexico.

Manifest Destiny was an articulation on the belief among the many different Americans

in that the USA was destined to grow and develop by expanding its borders from sea to the

shining sea and also in the facilitation of Christianity and democracy.

The territory that the USA acquired from the session of Mexico was a vast territory,

where the Mexico surrendered the territory to the US after signing the treaty of Guadalupe

Hidalgo where they ceded most of the West America to the USA.

The civil war was triggered by the war with the Mexicans. The war followed after the

election of Lincoln and at the beginning of the recession where the eastern states were led into

the civil war. The election of Lincoln was seen as a way in which the Americas were being

favored than the Mexicans.

The United States of America was able to defeat the Mexicans in a shorter period since

the Americans had better artillery and leadership as compared to the Mexicans. Secondly, the

Mexicans were still trying to collect themselves and be on their feet after their war for

independence from Spain. As a consequence, the Americans were able to defeat the Mexican

when they overpowered them through the use of skills that the Mexicans were not able to handle.

The major features of the Gold Rush include the massive movement of people by the end

of 1849; there were around 80,000 fortune seekers who had already made their way to the

Northern California. The second characteristic was the global events, where the fortune seekers
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arrived from the states and foreign countries. Besides, the largely male event was another feature

that characterized the gold rush. The increases competition in the goldfield also led to the

hostility and the violence against the foreigners. The goldfield was fought for, as a sign of gold

rush since the many people were anticipating for it and which led to the immigrants wanting to

have the fortunes that came with the gold.

The Chinese tried to navigate through the hostility in the western goldfields through

learning that they were able to avoid violence by acquiring greater savings by performing tasks

that are service oriented especially in laundry and also opening businesses like restaurants and

opium dens. Through their skills and technology, the Chinese people thus became more involved

in their work and leaving alone the violence, hence developing themselves economically.

The sectional tensions and differences between the north and the south were caused by

different reasons of life, economic and federal powers. These include the constitutional debate,

slavery and the conflicting founding of the values and ideas. The republicanism and the

democracy are some of the political and leadership reasons for the sectional tensions.

The nullification crises were used to foresee the Civil War through the US federal

government wielding authority over the territories. When they refused to collect their tariff and

hence threatening them to withdrawal from the union was a clear sign of a war. The rejection of

the constitution and the secession from the union is something that led to the American

Revolution and later Civil War.