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Piping Design Library -

Piping Design Library

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4.2 Marian modules
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1.1 Piping codes and standards Interface (with PDS for pipe class)
2.1 Pipes Construction
4.2.1 Administration:
2.2 Flanges Administration of MARIAN Software, Various
users, Various projects, Rights-Access-Security
2.3 Pipe fittings
are done in this module.

2.4 Valves 4.2.2 Standardization:

Components are grouped based on binding
2.5 Fasteners
set of rules with technical description in to
2.6 Gaskets pipe classes
We create unique Ident number for each
3.1 Standard / General specifications
Ident number is the key field of the BOM /
3.2 Pipe class
MTO database to link them with the

3.3 Instrument nozzle assemblies database of other departments. e.g.

Procurement Dept. They enter P.O.
3.4 Support standard quantity against each Ident number,
Inspection Dept. They enter released
3.5 Special parts
quantity against each Ident number. So

4.1 Main database

database of Procurement & Inspection
dept. can be combined with BOM / MTO to

4.2 Marian modules know the status of each Ident with its
5.1 Piping inquiry specification
Pipe Classes are prepared with limit,
5.2 Technical BID evaluation

5.3 Technical recommendation (TR)

6.1 MTO database

6.2 PROCUREMENT database

6.3 INSPECTION database

6.4 TRANSPORT database

6.5 RECEIPT database

6.6 ISSUE database

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