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Mackenzie Reisnaur

140 M Street NE #1143

Washington, DC 20002

Gallaudet University
Washington, D.C.
Master of Arts in Deaf Education and Early Childhood Education

Western Oregon University

Monmouth, OR
Bachelor of Arts in ASL/English Interpreting

Teaching/Work Experience
Gallaudet Practicum II
Washington, D.C.
Student Intern, Maryland School for the Deaf Columbia
September 2017-December 2017
Observed and assisted in PreK-3 class for 10 weeks
Developed and taught 4 formal lessons for a Teacher Work Sample
Assisted and took over daily duties alongside the lead teacher

Gallaudet Practicum I
Washington, D.C.
Student Intern, Maury Elementary School
January 2017-March 2017
Observed and assisted in PreK-3 class
Taught mini-lessons from a curriculum 3 days each week with cooperating teachers
support for 7 weeks
Developed and taught 3 lessons of my own related to the unit subject

Texas School for the Deaf

Austin, TX
Teachers Assistant for First Grade and Kindergarten
August 2015-June 2016
Assisted in First Grade from August 2015-December 2015; temporary one-on-one
support teacher for student with additional needs
Assisted in Kindergarten classroom from January 2016-June 2016
Supported main teachers in daily tasks, teaching lessons, running centers, classroom
management, etc.
Taught lessons when requested by main teacher
Involved in after-school tutoring

Texas School for the Deaf Summer Program

Austin, TX
Language Facilitator for Elementary Age Children
June 2015-July 2015
Facilitated communication interactions when needed between students with little-to-no
sign language skills and Deaf staff and children during the day program

Owen Goodnight Middle School

San Marcos, TX
Educational Interpreter for 6th-8th Grade
October 2014-June 2015

Skills and Abilities

American Sign Language
English (native speaker)
Enjoys education and academic environments
Flexible with schedule/plan changes
Team player