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Boll Weevil Monument

Enterprise, Alabama
built 1919

Building Materials
Harry Lauders walking stick,
willow, gourds, palm bark, pine
cone scales, turkeytail fungus,
acorn caps, lotus pod, Australian
pine cone, coconut, grape vine,
baobab pods, mahogany pods, star
anise, pintado hearts, lafi pods, arti
pods, devils horn, pine stems, coral
stick, screw pods

This monument is a tribute to the boll weevil,

which changed the agricultural history of
Coffee County, Alabama. After boll weevils Photographs in Carol M. Highsmiths America, Library of

wiped out their cotton crops, farmers turned to

credit: The George F. Landegger Collection of Alabama

planting peanuts instead. They discovered that

the Alabama climate was perfect for growing
Congress, Prints and Photographs Division.

peanuts, and Coffee County soon became

the leading peanut producer of the United
States. Locals erected the 13-foot-tall statue in
appreciation for the insect. The statute shows a
woman in Grecian attire holding a boll weevil
above her head. It is the worlds first monument
to an agricultural pest.