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1 Organization chart made and defined responsibility for each section. Annexture-I (Organisation chart Attached) HOD
2 Each section compromise of Sectional Head & One Engineer along with work Force HOD
3 General shift starts with Safety preayer, Toolbox Talk & House Keeping
4 Sectional haed to depute Engneer & Fitter for Daily Preventive maintenance as per check list ( DPM sheet ,Annexture -II) Sectional Head
5 Check list of PM to be signed by Engineer/Fitter with comments/ Status as per designed format after checking Section Engineer
6 Section Head to check Shift report for any abnormality of equipments if reported by shift Enginner and sign Section Head
7 Sectional Head to engage manpower for any rectification job as per shift observation report . Section Head
8 Manpower to engage for repairing/ modification/ upgrading where ever required by Section Head Section Head
Daily report of work done by each Workers with duration is maintained and send to Plant Head for information through mail ((Sheet
9 attached) Section Head
Section Head to take a round of all Major equipments and at a randam to all eqipments to recheck and sign on PM check
10 list(Annexture III) Section Head
11 Section head to plan in advance for Day to day activities , like modification, Extra fabrication work, periodical maintenance Section Head
12 Section head to keep ready the list of jobs to be attended during any stoppages/ Shutdown with materials Section Head
13 HOD to confirm for the Minimum quantity of consumables and essencial items . HOD
14 HOD to make all spare parts list and indent materials with consultation of Sectional Head well in advance with time schedule HOD
15 HOD to control inventory for cost control and ensure for maximum utilization of equipments HOD
16 HOD to keep vigillence to ensure all records maintained are proper and not manupulated. HOD
17 HOD to sign all PM check list on daily basis HOD
18 HOD to sign on GRN after inspection of material at sore. HOD
19 HOD to co-ordinate with Purchase & store to receive spares as per schedule HOD
20 All balance project work of each department to be supervised by Sectional Head Section head
21 Shift Inchagre are responsible to attend any Breakdown during his shift Shift Incharge
22 Shift Engineers to take the round of Major equipments for condition monitoring once in a shift and keep record Shift Incharge
23 Shift Engineer to maintain shift register for work done during shift, record of stoppages if any with reason Shift Incharge
24 Sectional Head to check and sign on daily manpower supply report of contractor and send it to HOD. Section head
25 Contractor's bill to come in a file along with work order, Drawing and Bill of materials for verification with inspection report (Inspection
report format attached Annexture IV)
26 Contractor to submit bill as per the pescribed format (Annexture-V) HOD
27 Section head to check and sign on Conttraction bill and send to HOD for reverification. Section Head
28 HOD to develop Engineers & Workers for skill & Technical competency by conducting classes,& to man the records HOD