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Cost Effective 1D Laser Scanner RETSOL LS500 ea ys, » High Performance and Fast Scanning f = 32 Bit Processor - Faster Processing | » Superior Build Quality - Sturdy and Robust - Longer Life » Aggressive Scanning Performance on Difficult Barcodes such as Low Contrast, Poorly Printed etc. Specification Wodel Number 1800 Size TW Fe arm Tor» Bm Light Source Viable Laser Diode S00 waa 131 ‘Scan Pattern ‘Single Sean ‘Material ABS+PC Decode Rate 300 tmeslaecond Vorage soe Sean Precision an ‘Operating Curent | B5mA Sean Wh Sorm@scen window, Z7Omme@z00RM | [Static Curent Soma ‘Scan Depth affeld | 0-890mm (0.3mm pex0.9) Operating Teriparature| ~O'C to 50% Elevation Angle | 65 ‘Storage Temperature | =40°Ct0 70°C Deflection Angle | 85 Huristy bo 5% labve homily, on-condening| Suppor interace | usa Upht Levels Dayight.2000-t000LUX Print Contrast 20% UPCIEAN 100% Shook ‘Designed io withstand 16M erops Mention Patter | Buzzer, Indicator Warranty Years - Factory Warranty Fe rath Annan ot See %) Retail Solution & Technologies ert an Aen, ay 3d fowssoitonin wnetiiovtonin