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IT Data Backup Enhancement

August 5, 2016

1.0 Intent ............................................................................................................. 3

2.0 Terminology................................................................................................... 3
3.0 Background ................................................................................................... 4
4.0 Solution Requirements .................................................................................. 6
5.0 Project Deliverables ...................................................................................... 7
6.0 Project Information Session .......................................................................... 8
7.0 Minimum Qualifications ................................................................................. 8
8.0 Instructions to Proponents ............................................................................ 8
10.0 Methodology and Work Program ................................................................ 10
11.0 General Requirements ................................................................................ 10
12.0 Submission Format ..................................................................................... 14
13.0 Evaluation Criteria ....................................................................................... 16
14.0 Appendices & Attachments ......................................................................... 16
IT Data Backup Enhancement

1.0 Intent

The City of Burnaby (the City) requests proposals from qualified Information Technology consultants
with proven expertise, resources, and capabilities in designing, implementing, and testing data backup
solutions including the supply of required equipment. The successful Proponent will be required to enter
into a Standard Consulting Agreement and sign a Non-Disclosure agreement prior to commencing any
work; see Appendix D and E.

The successful Proponent will be required to provide a final detailed design for enhancement of the
existing backup and recovery infrastructure with replacement of the Citys existing tape library and
addition of new disk. It is the intent of the City to leverage existing hardware and software investments in
both NetApp and VEEAM products in the final design of the data backup solution. The final design
solution must also allow for dynamic growth and expansion of services, including future disaster recovery
(DR) and business continuity (BC) infrastructure, support of our strategic and critical needs and provide
functionality to address key capabilities as further detailed herein.

This RFP is being issued electronically through the BC Bid website where any interested party may
download the RFP documents directly from the aforementioned website. No registration, tracking or other
recording of RFP document holders will be performed by the City. All addenda, amendments or further
information will be published on the BC Bid website. It is the sole responsibility of the Proponent to
monitor the website regularly to check for updates.

2.0 Terminology

Throughout this RFP, terminology is used as follows:

City means the City of Burnaby;

Consultant means the successful Proponents to this Request for

Proposal who is awarded a purchase order or enters into a written
Contract with the City;

Contract means the written agreement or purchase order resulting from this Request for
Proposal awarded to and/or executed by the City and the successful Proponent;

Contract Documents means the Request for Proposal documents, that part of the
Proposal that is accepted by the City, the purchase order and executed agreement, if any,
and all applicable specifications and drawings including those issued by the City to the
Proponent and those submitted by the Proponent during the performance of the work and
accepted by the City, whether produced before or after the date of award of the Contract as
the same may be modified, amended, substituted or replaced in accordance with the
provisions of the Contract from time to time;

Consultant means the successful Proponents to this Request for Proposal who is awarded
a purchase order or enters into a written Contract with the City;

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

Proponent means a party, a company or an individual that has obtained a copy of this
Request for Proposal and submits, or intends to submit, a Proposal in response to this
Request for Proposal;

Proposal means the submission by the Proponent in response to this RFP;

RFP means this Request for Proposal and any Addenda issued for this RFP;

shall, will, must, mandatory or required means a requirement that must be met
in order for a Proposal to receive consideration; and

should or desirable means a requirement having a significant degree of importance to

the objectives of the Request for Proposal.

3.0 Background

The Citys current backup environment consists of the following:

Data backup and recovery with EMC NetWorker (version 8.1.4) operating on a Microsoft
Windows 2008 server connected via fiber to an IBM 3584 tape library. The tape library is
increasing inadequate; more than two laborious tape refreshes are required per week now;
An aging VAX/VMS which requires an older version of EMC NetWorker (version 7.6.2) to be
retained. To accommodate both versions of NetWorker, the current tape library has been
logically partitioned to support both versions of EMC NetWorker;
The current tape library is equipped with seven (7) Ultrium LTO3 tape drives connected via fiber.
There are a total of 64 tape slots licensed for use. The library has been under maintenance with
the manufacturer since the initial purchase. We recently replaced four tape drives; and
Much of the Windows server environment has been virtualized on VMWare. VEEAM is the choice
for backup and recovery of file data. It is currently version 7.0. It backs up to a disk repository
now. Then the select VEEAM full backups are put to tape using NetWorker.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

Current Backup Infrastructure Diagram:

FC fabric

EMC NetWorker IBM Tape Library

Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Node 4
1 2 3

v7.6.2 v8.1.4 VEEAM v7

VMware Volumes CIFS Volumes backup of
Veeam Repository
Backups for VMWare,
NetApp SAN hosting 4 5 6 POWER_VM AIX,
Volumes for VMWare, POWER_VM AIX,
Windows Server on Lenovo,
Windows Server on Lenovo, and CiFS.
and CiFS are managed by the
backup servers and put to

3.1 Proposed Design Solution

After consultation with representatives of both NetApp and VEEAM, the City has
prepared the design below as a potential solution which addresses the Solution
Requirements listed in section 4.0.

The net new equipment required for the proposed solution includes:

NetApp FAS2554 Array with 25TiB;

NetApp E-Series Controller with 225TiB; and
IBM Tape Library.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

Proposed Backup Infrastructure Diagram:

FC fabric

EMC NetWorker IBM Tape Library

Node 1 Node 2 Node 3 Node 4
1 2 3

V7.6.2 V8.1.4
SnapVault via TCP
NetApp E series
VMware Volumes CIFS Volumes with 225 TiB Usable
NetApp SAN hosting
Volumes for VMWare,
NetApp 2554 Veeam Repository
with 25 TiB usable
Windows Server on
Lenovo, and CiFS.
Snapshots CIFS Volumes

4.0 Solution Requirements

o Leverage current investment in NetApp and VEEAM products;

o Support retention of all backups for more than 10 years in the past
and future;
o Backups for all Virtual Machines (VMs) and Exchange 2013 are
covered with VEEAM backups;
o Backups of stand-alone Windows servers;
o Backups of AIX servers;
o Backups of remote stand-alone Windows servers;
o NDMP backups of NetApp CiFS in conjunction with SnapVault to
additional disks.
o Continue the un-supported EMC NetWorker (version 7.6.2) backup
server and client to backup VAX/VMS
o Continue support to backup and restore files of AIX (version 4.3.3)
where the servers are serving legacy OS and software;

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

o Ability to restore all backups from current archive of LTO3 tapes

including VEEAM backups;
o Restore emails/mailboxes from Exchange 2007 and 2013;
o Support for all legacy backup and recovery systems;
o Backup of virtual and physical servers;
o Scalability for future disk repository growth;
o Sustainability for future disaster recovery and business continuity
o A centralized management interface for all tasks; and
o Training plan and with documentation for City staff;

4.1 Tape Library Requirements

o 65TBytes per week of backups with 35% growth each year for the
next 3 years;
o Single tape library to serve three(3) backup servers; NetWorker
v7.6.2, NetWorker v9, and VEEAM v9;
o Sufficient tape drives to accommodate 20TBytes backups to
completion within 10 hours.(i.e. to support at least one week worth
of backups);
This will assist the team to maintain only tape refresh per
o Sufficient tape drives to accommodate cloning of backups where
backups may require duplication or to put backups offsite;
o Successful Proponent is required to prove which technology LTO6
or LTO7 is more cost effective in terms of initial investment in the
tape drives, hardware maintenance, and media cost in the long run
(at least 5 years);
o Successful Proponent must detail all the licensing and cost
required for the tape library to accommodate all the
aforementioned objectives; and
o Currently the tape library is accessed by the backup server running
with Windows Server 2008 across FC (2Gbps), we require the tape
library and tape drives to span the same separated buildings;

5.0 Project Deliverables

The Consultant must deliver a recommendation including final design solution with
supported detailed design that provides:

o Technical and functional verification of the Proposed Design

Solution, see section 3.1;

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

o Replace current tape library with a new tape library (LTO6 or

LTO7) with read and write capability as required in section 4.1;
o On-site Training plan including supporting documentation;
o Decommission, remove, and dispose of existing equipment to be replaced; and
o Total cost estimate including line item pricing for all equipment and services required to
successfully implement the final design solution.

6.0 Project Information Session

An optional Project Information session has been scheduled for 11:00am on Thursday, August 11 ,
2016. Although optional, attendance is highly recommended. Proponents are requested to RSVP their
attendance with an email referencing RFP# 81-05/15 Information Session to

Location: Burnaby City Hall

4949 Canada Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 1M2
Clerk Committee Rooms 1 & 1A

7.0 Minimum Qualifications

Proponents must meet the following minimum qualifications:

1. At least 10 years of experience having performed work of a similar scope and nature, preferably
for a local government;
2. Proven track record with the proposed solution including proposed products;
3. Expert level of proficiency with NetApp, VMware, IBM Tape Library and Windows environments;
4. Ability to provide a dedicated local resource for the entire engagement.

8.0 Instructions to Proponents

Two (2) hard copies of the Proposal marked RFP #81-05/16 IT Data Backup Enhancement and one
(1) electronic soft copy on a USB memory stick, bearing the name of the firm or individual bidding, will be
received up to 3:00 p.m. local time August 25, 2016 at the following address:

City of Burnaby
Purchasing Department
6161 Deer Lake Avenue
Burnaby, B.C. V5G 4A3

Faxed or emailed Proposals will not be reviewed. Submissions received after the closing time or at a
location other than stated above will not be reviewed.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

8.1 Clarification and Addenda

If a Proponent is in doubt as to the true meaning of any part of this RFP document, or finds
omissions, discrepancies or ambiguities, a request for interpretation or correction shall be
submitted at least five (5) working days prior to the closing date and, if deemed necessary by the
City, an addendum will be issued on the BC Bid website.. This procedure also applies should the
City, of its own accord, wish to expand or delete any part of these terms of reference.

The City may amend any term, condition, specification, instruction or requirement contained in
this RFP, or in any information supplied with or following this RFP, at any time, before or after the
closing time for submission of the proposal. The City may cancel this RFP at any time.

The proponent shall acknowledge all addendums. Failure to do so may result in the proposal
being rejected.

All enquiries related to the RFP shall be directed to:

The Award of this RFP, in whole or in part, is subject to the availability of funds and approval by
Burnaby City Council.

It is the intention of the City to award the RFP to a single Contractor.

The Proponent is instructed not to direct queries to the attention of parties outside the Purchasing
department, including any departments of the City, its subsidiaries, staff, Council members,
consultants or other Proponents. Information obtained from any other source is not official and
may be inaccurate. The City will not be bound by any informal explanation, clarification or
interpretation, whether given orally or in writing, by whomsoever made, that is not incorporated
into an addendum to the RFP documents

8.2 Submission Requirements

The Proposal shall be submitted in the English language. The Proponent shall submit, in the
Proposal the name and relevant phone/email details of the contact person authorized to answer
any questions regarding clarification or provide additional details.

Compliance - The Proponent must carefully review the RFP documents. Any and all departures
from and clarifications to these documents must be clearly stated in a non-compliance statement
and attached to the submission. Failure to respond will be interpreted as compliance with the
Citys requirements.

Completeness - Proposals are to be complete in every respect, including signatures / initials of

authorized persons, where required, and responses to all information requested.

9.0 Project Schedule

The Project is to begin immediately pending award to the successful Proponent.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

10.0 Methodology and Work Program

Proponents must provide the following information:

a) A description of the methods to be employed to perform and co-ordinate the work and to
control the scope, quality, schedule and cost of the project;

b) A risk matrix indicating special challenges or considerations foreseen by the Proponent

and proposed solution and contingency plan for each; and

c) A detailed work plan, complete with level of effort (hours) for completion of each task
necessary for the success of the project. Proponent must include any City resources
required for the design review. This should include the number of resources (both
Consultant and City) required as well as the types of skills necessary.

11.0 General Requirements

11.1 Time is of the Essence

Time is of the essence to this Contract.

11.2 Delivery
The Contractor agrees to arrange and to pay for, transportation and delivery of any equipment
and materials required by the Contractor to carry out the Work of the Contract.

11.3 Work Approval

The whole of the Work or service and the manner of performing the same shall be done to the
entire satisfaction and approval of the City's representative and he shall be the sole judge of the
Work or service and materials in respect of both quantity and quality, and his decisions with
regard to Work or service and materials shall be final and binding upon the Contractor.

11.4 Warranty
The Proponent shall provide a minimum one-year warranty for materials and labour. Full warranty
details to be included with Proposal.

11.5 Payment for Labour and Materials

The Contractor shall pay any and all accounts for labour, (including Workers' Compensation,
Employment Insurance assessments and wage and salary deductions required by law), services
and materials used by them during the fulfillment of this Contract as and when such accounts
become due and payable, and shall furnish the City with proof of payment of such accounts in
such form and as often as the City may request. Should payment of such accounts not be made

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

when and as the same become due, the City shall be at liberty to pay the same and all monies so
paid by the City shall be charged to the Contractor.

11.6 Indemnity
The Contractor shall indemnify and save harmless the City and its elected officials, officers,
servants, employees, volunteers and agents from and against all claims, demands, proceedings,
suits, losses, damages, costs and expenses of whatsoever kind or nature (including but not
limiting the generality of the foregoing, in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to any person
or property) arising in any way out of or connected with the Work by the Contractor under this
agreement, except to the proportionate extent that such actions, claims, demands, proceedings,
suits, losses, damages, costs and expenses were caused by the indemnified parties or any of

11.7 Contractor's Liability Insurance

Prior to the commencement of the Work, the Contractor shall provide proof of general liability
insurance as specified in Attachment A Insurance Requirements and Attachment B
Certificate of Insurance. These minimum insurance requirements must be maintained
throughout the term of any resulting contract.

11.8 Prior Consent To Assign

This Contract, or any part of it, or any benefit or interest in it, shall not be assigned by
the Contractor without the prior written consent of the City and shall be deemed not to be an
asset of the Contractor in the event of bankruptcy.

11.9 Title
The equipment and materials remain under the care, custody and control of the Contractor and at
the risk of the Contractor until equipment including all accessories, documentation and manuals,
are delivered to, received and approved by the City at the specified destination.

11.10 Review
If either of the parties deems a change in the scope of work exists, a request may be made by the
party for a fair and reasonable adjustment of either or both of an amount required to be paid, or a
period of time within which work is to be performed, under the Contract. Where permitted under
the Contract, the parties' representatives shall make every effort to reach agreement on, and,
failing such agreement, the City's representative shall establish any adjustment to be made.

11.11 Compliance with Laws

The Contractor shall give all notices and obtain all the licences and permits required to perform
the Work. The Contractor shall comply with all the laws applicable to the Work or performance of
the Contract.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

11.12 Governing Law

This Request for Proposal and any Contract entered into between the successful Proponent(s)
and the City will be governed by and be in accordance with the laws of the Province of British

11.13 Termination of Contract

The City may, by notice of default to the Contractor, terminate in whole or in part the Contract if
the Contractor fails to make delivery of the item or to perform satisfactory work at the sole
discretion of the City, on any provision of the Contract, and within the time specified, or within a
reasonable time if no time is specified.

11.14 Force Majeure

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the parties hereto shall not be deemed in default
with respect to the performance or any of, or in compliance with the terms, covenants,
agreements, conditions, or provisos of the Contract, if the failure to perform or comply shall be
due to any strike, lockout, civil commotion, invasion, rebellion, hostilities, sabotage, acts of God
or causes otherwise beyond the control of the parties.

11.15 Ownership of Proposals and Freedom of Information

All documents, including Proposals, submitted to the City become the property of the City. They
will be received and held in confidence by the City, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of
Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

11.16 Conflict of Interest

Proposals will not be evaluated if the Proponents current or past corporate or other interests
may, in the Citys opinion, give rise to a conflict of interest in connection with this or other
projects. Proponents are further cautioned that the acceptance of their Proposals may preclude
their participation as a Proponent in subsequent RFPs where a conflict of interest may arise.

11.17 Shortlisting Proponents

The City may elect to short list Proponents in stages as deemed necessary. Short listed
Proponents may be asked, at the sole discretion of the City, to provide additional information or
details for clarification, which may be used as part of the evaluation process.

The City may elect to enter into negotiations with the lead Proponent or with any other Proponent
concurrently. In no event will the City be required to offer any modified terms to any Proposal
prior to entering into a Contract, and the City will not be liable to any Proponent as a result of
such negotiations. The City reserves the right to divide services and award more than one

11.18 Sub-Contractors or Sub-Consultants

Use of any sub-contractor or sub-consultant must be clearly identified in the Proposal
submission. Any party who may be participating in the Proposal must be clearly identified.

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

However, in the case of joint submissions, one party must be named as taking overall
responsibility for successful completion of the Work defined in the Proposal.

11.19 Award of Contract

Award of a Contract is contingent on funds being approved and the contract award being made
by the appropriate City authority.

11.20 Electronic Funds Transfer Payments

Prior to starting the Work, the Contractor must provide the Citys Purchasing department with the
Contractors banking information required for EFT payment if not already on file.

Payments to the Contractor shall be processed by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer - a direct
deposit into the Contractors bank account). A Payment Advice Notice pertaining to the EFT
payment is emailed to the Contractor in advance of the deposit being made. The Contractor is
required to accept payment by EFT as a commitment to the environmental form of payment
selected by the City.

The Contractor shall be paid net thirty (30) days from receipt of invoice and acceptance of the
goods and materials, whichever is the later. Payment shall be in Canadian funds, unless
otherwise stated by the City.

11.21 Progress Payments

The Citys preference is a Progress Payment schedule based upon completion and acceptance
by the City of major tasks. Proponents may include such a payment schedule in their submission
for the Citys review. Invoices will be paid Net 30 days upon receipt and acceptance.

11.22 Non Resident Withholding Tax

Holdback of 15% of each progress payment for professional services will be withheld until total
completion and acceptance by the City. This is separate and additional to any deduction such as
non-resident withholding tax that must be remitted to the Canadian government.

If Non Resident Withholding Tax is applicable, Contactors are required to

split onsite and offsite services on separate invoices.

11.23 Additional Requirements

The City reserves the right to add, delete or modify requirements and locations based on
changing needs of the City.

11.24 Performance Review

The City, at its sole discretion, will periodically conduct vendor performance during the lifecycle of
the Contract. Vendor performance will be reviewed through a set of activities that include
monitoring, evaluating, corrective measures and reporting on whether the performance objectives
were met as per the Contract terms and conditions. The City reserves the right to termination of
the Contract

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IT Data Backup Enhancement

11.25 Company Profile

Provide a description of the Proponents company, purpose and history including number of years
in business, major projects, and what is most responsible for the Proponents success to date.

11.26 Qualification and Experience

Proponents must have at least ten (10) years of experience with contracts of similar size and
scope. Include a list of at least three (3) relevant completed projects with references and
telephone numbers/email contact information for each key personnel. By submitting a Proposal,
the Proponent consents to the City contacting these references at its discretion, and consents to
the City also contacting any other organization for the purposes of evaluating the Proposal.

11.27 Key Personnel

Identify and provide resumes for the key personnel in the Proponents proposed team and outline
what their roles will be in implementing this project.

11.28 Value Added Services

Proponents have the opportunity to offer and describe any value added services, products or
items not specifically asked for, and detail as to what the Proponent is prepared to supply as part
of the Contract

11.29 Acceptance of Proposal

The Proposal shall remain open for acceptance by the City for a minimum of 90 calendar days
from the closing date. Only the issuance of a purchase order by the City Purchasing Manager to
the successful Proponent shall constitute acceptance of the Proposal. No other act by or on the
part of any other party shall be binding to the City.

The award of this RFP is subject to the availability of funds. The City reserves the right to reduce
or change the storage system specifications, subject to funds available and also reserves the
right to cancel this RFP at any time.

12.0 Submission Format

1. Title Page: Showing RFP title and number, closing date, legal company name of the Proponent,
address, contact name, email address and phone number.

2. Introduction: Containing a statement of understanding of the requirements.

3. Executive Summary: This section to include, but not limited to the following:
Highlighting the key features and benefits of the Proposal;
How Proponent will meet and/or exceed City expectation as per RFP requirements; and
After installation service provided to the City.

4. Company Profile: This section to include, but not limited to the following:
Companys history;
Legal business name and names of any national and international affiliations;

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Number of staff employed;

Other goods or services provided by your company;
Current projects/contracts of similar scope; and
Financial stability information.

5. Qualifications and Experience: Detailed description of the experience of the Proponent and the
proposed project team that will be assigned to this project, demonstrating their experience to
undertake the work outlined in this request for proposal.

6. References: A list of three (3) reference organizations, along with contact information, of
comparable size and complexity in Appendix F Corporate References. The City reserves the
right to conduct reference checks.

7. Business License: Confirm that your firm holds or will obtain a valid
Business License in the City of Burnaby prior to performing any services.

8. Form of Submission: Review, sign and submit Appendix C Form of

Submission. Failure to complete all the required information may result in
the request being considered incomplete and rejected.

9. Pricing:
1) Line item pricing for all required hardware, software licensing and support to deliver the
proposed solution.
2) Estimated total cost for all professional services including implementation, testing, and
training as described in this RFP. Proponents must provide a schedule of tasks complete
with the level of effort proposed.
3) Hourly rate for any additional professional services as requested by the City.

Prices/rates quoted are to be in Canadian funds including all applicable taxes except GST, which
is to be shown separately

10. Methodology and work program: Provide detailed description of your methodology and work
program as required in section 10.0

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13.0 Evaluation Criteria

Each compliant proposal will be evaluated on the basis of the following general criteria:

The overall value and total cost implications that the Proposal represents to the City, based
on quality, service and price;
Conformance to the Specifications;
Project Team: skills, knowledge, and experience;
Experience with similar projects;
Proposed work methodology and approach;
Understanding and commitment to project requirements and clients needs;
Quality of submission relative to the RFP;
Completeness of the proposal; and
Past performance and references checks.

The lowest fee submission or any proposal will not necessarily be accepted and the City reserves the
right to reject any or all proposals received.

14.0 Appendices & Attachments

Appendix A Minimum Insurance Requirements

Appendix B Insurance Certificate
Appendix C Form of Submission
Appendix D Non-Disclosure Agreement
Appendix E Standard Consulting Agreement
Appendix F References

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