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Agrani Bank Limited

Exam Date: 09-12-2017
Place: Eden Mohila College
Total marks: 200, Time: 2 hours

Part 1 is 40 MCQ (general knowledge + departmental) [40]

Part 2 (Written) [160]

1. Explain the reasons of occurring skin effect in transmission line. What is Ferranti effect
in power system? [10]

2. A 25 KVA single-phase transformer has 250 turns on the primary winding and 40turn on
the secondary winding. The primary winding is connected to 1500V, 50Hz supply.
Calculate (i) primary and secondary current on full load (ii) maximum flux in the core.

3. A 3-phase, 5KW induction motor has a p.f. 0.75 lagging. A bank of capacitors is
connected in the delta across the supply terminal and p.f. raised to 0.9 lagging. Determine
the KVAR rating of the capacitor connected in each phase. [14]

4. In A 3-phase , 4-wire system, the current in R,Y and B lines under abnormal condition of
loading are Ir =100<30*A; Iy =50<300*, Ib =30<180*. Calculate the positive ,negative
and zero sequence current in the R line and return current in the neutral wire. [14]

5. The transistor in following figure has a Bdc=50. Calculate the value of R(beata) required
to ensure the sateration when Vin= 5V. what value of Vin be to cutoff the transistor?
Assume Vce(sat)=0V. [14]
6. What is load factor? What are the factor that need to considered while designing a power
plant? [10]
7. Explain the defference between diffusion and drift current. [12]

8. What are the applications of BJT? Draw the output and input characteristic curves of N-
type BJT. [14]

9. A 12-pole, 3 phase alternation is driven at a speed of 500rpm and supplies power to an

8- pole, 3- phase induction motor. If the slip of the motor at full load is 3%. Calculate the
full load speed of the motor. [12]

10. A PCM system uses a uniform quantizer followed by a 7 bit encoder. The system bit rate
is 50 Mbits/Sec. calculate the maximum bandwidth of the message signal for which the
system operates satisfactorily. [12]

11. What is modulation? Explain the need for modulation in a communication system. What
are the advantages of the modulation process? [12]

12. Write an essay on the role of green banking in sustainable growth of Bangladesh. [10]

13. Bangladesher bebosay poricalonakari bideshi bank somuher kaj somporke rocona likhun.
:P :D :D [10]