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1. Have five pots with a hole because it would drain the extra substances that you
would pour in them. Remember to have a plate underneath the pots so you dont
get anything dirty.
2. Have five different substance that you are going to pour in the pots: 7-up, apple
juice, apple cider vinegar, milk, and water. (Remember the temperature of the
substances should be normal)
3. Label each pot with the substance you will pour in them. For example, if you are
going to pour apple juice in a pot, you should label it apple juice so you know
what substance it contains.
4. Put all the pots on a tray to help prevent the pots from falling.
5. Put soil in the pots which will already be mixed with instant fertilizer in the pots. (
Dont fill the whole pot)
6. Then put 15 radish seeds in every pot because all the pots need the same amount of
7. Then put a layer of soil which is mixed with instant fertilizer on top of the seeds.
8. Pour about half a cup of each substance into the pots. Then feed them after every
24 hours.
9. Remember to give each plant the same amount of sunlight every day.
10. Observe the plants for a week. (Remember to record your results!)

5 different liquids: 1- water
2- 7-up
3- Apple Cider Vinegar
4- Milk
5- Apple Juice
5 pots with plate underneath
Radish seeds
1. I believe that the radish seeds will grow in milk and apple juice because milk is a
great source of vitamin D which is a source that plants need to grow and since
milk helps human bones grow so they might have some positive effect on the
growth of plants.
2. I believe the radish seeds will grow in apple juice because apples are a great source
of vitamins and nutrients which might have a positive effect on the growth of the
3. I believe the radish seeds will not sprout in 7 up or apple cider vinegar because
these substances have gas which might be harmful for the growth of these seeds.
4. I believe the radish seeds will grow better in water than any other substance
because water has been the source of food for plants for centuries.

Reaction Conditions
All the substance that were poured into the pots were at a normal temperature which was
25 degrees to make the results as accurate as possible.

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