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Questions to be asked on external influences

1. Where do you originally belong to? Where are you currently located?

Nagpur and Indore. Currently we are staying in Bangalore .

2. What kind of media channels do you follow? The standard media options such as
television or radio or the new form of media channels such as social networking sites
eg. Facebook , Instagram , Snapchat , Youtube etc.

All of them we use. Not the traditional ones anymore.

3. Do you live in a joint family or a nuclear family?

Nuclear family.

4. Do you think that your parents/ family has become more liberal in terms of their
lifestyle or sanctions that they put on you? ( for eg. Whether they are now fine with
you drinking or going out to pubs or cafes? Was it different earlier? )
Do you think this change is due to the change in your relationship status , your age
or the changing time and trends in general?

They have become more liberal in terms of going out but not on drinking habits

Yes with age and evolving society things are changing.

5. How do you think you would be when you become parents? (eg. Ask whether you
would be as open to your children being exposed to such a culture)

Initially I will be more protective but afterwards I will allow them to be exposed to
this culture that would allow them to be more open towards me.

6. Has your family or the community evolved as a whole in terms of their cultural
practices or the norms or sanctions that were in place?
Yes they have become more liberal as a community.

7. Do you feel comfortable in following your general eating and drinking trends or
habits in front of your family? ( eg. Consuming alchohol in front of your parents or in
laws or may be in general in family restaurants) why?

No, because their believes are quite different and I dont want to hurt them.

8. Do you follow any particular religion or are you a religious believer?

I am more open to religion.

9. Do you think your religion affects your eating or drinking habits? Has it changed
overtime ?

I am a Muslim but it doesnt affect my drinking habits now. Yes when I used to live
with my parents I didnt prefer drinking but now with him it doesnt matter.

10. Do you think do you think your location affects your eating and drinking habits ?
Would these be different had you been in some other location?
It does. In Pune, I didnt drink a lot but now coming to south here in Bangalore I find
culture to be more open and feel much more comfortable going out and drinking.
11. Do you celebrate small achievements or sometimes do you just go out to have food
or a drink without any routine or as opposed to your normal Weekend Getaway?
Yes I believe in celebrating small achievements but I would prefer cooking sometimes
over going out.
12. Do you think the role you assume in the family changes your decisions or the
behaviour or habits you undertake? (eg. As a daughter, sister, daughter in law , father
, brother etc. )
I think this happens .Your mother and brother expects different things from you. So
yes my habits I would say change depending on role.
13. Do you have different eating or drinking preferences in different groups? (eg. Close
friends, family , colleagues , etc. ) Do your groups/ community influence your
It doesnt. We order same things that we prefer and not go with the groups decision.
14. Have your eating or drinking habits changed with the change in the income, age ,
relationship status , the position you assume in the family and in your career ,
general trends ? ( particular brands that you did not consume earlier but you do
consume now )
Relationship hasnt changed it. But income and age has done it for both of us. Now
we frequently go out as compared to earlier times.
15. Do you prefer posting pictures/ or placing check-ins on social media sites about the
places you go dining out at? Why?
Sometimes . Not always. Just to socialise a little and tell my friends where I am going.
16. Do you think the involvement of a famous personality in endorsing a brand would
influence or change your decisions in any way?
No it doesnt .
17. Do you often try new dishes or drinks or do you like to go with your old comfort food
and ingredients?
Yes we are quite open to new dishes.

Internal influences

Q1. How do you describe yourself?

Independent,Caring and Responsible

Q2. Do you like to do something which is not your usual behaviour or suited to your

No, I dont like change not in terms of lifestyle.

Q3. Do you like to stay at home or go out often?

I am more of an indoor person and he is more of an outdoor person and sometimes we

prefer to go out.

Q4. Why do you think it is imp for you to go out?

Change of mood, good experience and beating boredom.

Q5. How big a friend circle do you have ?how many close friends do you have?

We dont have any couple friends. We generally dont prefer the company of friends if
both of us are going.

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