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Instructional Standards Notes/Actions

Standard 1: Learning Purpose and Connections a) Students will use Google Slides to create a slideshow about
a) What strategies will help students make connections to poetry.
previous learning? b) I will use Google Classroom to post the objective for the day.
b) How will students know the purpose and relevance of the c)Students will watch a Youtube video that will present them with
lesson? information to help them build their knowledge.
c) How will students build their current knowledge?

Standard 2: Learning Tasks and Cognitive Demands a) Students will create a PiktoChart which will have them experience
a) What Depth of Knowledge [Level 1: Recall; Level 2: level 4 of Depth of Knowledge.
Building Skills; Level 3: Strategic Thinking; Level 4: Extended b)Students will experience deeper learning by using Google Docs to
Thinking] levels will students experience in the learning tasks? apply writing styles they have learned to create their own stories.
b) How will students be supported to experience deeper c) During the week while they are creating their presentation, I will
learning? use Kahoot to quiz them on poetry styles.
c) How will students be challenged to advance their thinking
and skills?

Standard 3: Engagement a)Students will use Peergrade.Io to give constructive feedback to one
a) How will students develop their skills in argumentation, another.
explanation, and critique, using logic/evidence to support or refute b)Students will use Sketchpad to create a visual representation of the
a claim or position? theme they are analyzing.
b) How will students use multiple representations of concepts c)Students will use Weebly to connect what they are learning in class
in their thinking? (i.e., graphic organizers, visuals, drawings, and create an online portfolio of their work.
concept maps, videos, simulations, data formats) d)Students will use Jing to create elements of a presentation that will
c) What opportunities will students have to use their personal be put together into one project.
experiences and knowledge to connect to the new concepts and
d) How will students collaborate with each other?

Standard 4: Student Understanding of and Responsibility for a)Students will have a daily question they must answer on Google
Learning Classroom that will pertain to the lesson that day.
a) How will students know the learning goals, the performance b)Students will record what they learn each day in an online journal
criteria and purpose of the lesson? on Penzu.
b) How will students share their progress? c)Students will receive their work back via Google Classroom with
c) How will students be supported in revising their learning comments on what to do better.
strategies based on their progress?

Standard 5: Assessment Integrated Into Instruction a)The daily question on Google classroom will evaluate their
a) How were student pre-assessments or work samples used understanding of the topic.
to plan this lesson? b)Students will generate writings in Penzu.
b) What evidence of student learning will be generated during c)I will keep track of student progress via Excel.
the lesson? (i.e., writing one-on-one conferencing, discussion with d)I will edit my lesson plans using Infinite Campus.
peers, instructional tasks)
c) How will students receive formative feedback?
d) How are instructional adjustments based on students
results from their formative assessments?