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Modern British Drama (optional course in English literature)

Course tutor: Ioana Mohor-Ivan

Evaluation Requirements

Choose 2 texts from the Sample Texts provided in the attached folder. Make sure that each text
corresponds to a different theatrical development impinging upon the course of Modern English-
language drama, namely:

a) Realism/Naturalism,
b) Symbolism,
c) Expressionism,
d) Epic Theatre,
e) The Theatre of the Absurd.

A. Write a paragraph in which you explain your choice of texts. (1 p.)

B. For each text write a four paragraph analysis in which you:

a) overview the text (1 p.)

b) argument its relevance to the broader theatrical trend (1 p.)
c) argument its relevance to its authors work (1 p.)
d) exemplify your argument with textual evidence from the excerpt under focus (1 p.)

1 p. is granted for the overall quality of writing

The assignments will be handed in or sent via e-mail to

Deadline: 20 January 2017.