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Encl: 33 sets. Office of the

THE MEMBER POWER SL PTCC & Superintending Engineer Elect,

CHIEF ENGINEER ELECL. Transmission (W&M ) Circle

Sub: PTCC proposal for the construction of 110 KV D/C line from Existing 110/11 KV S/S at Byagwat Manvi
Raichur to Proposed 40 MW ACME Babadham Solar power Pvt Ltd. Solar plant at village Amrawati near S/S
Byagwat , manvi taluk, Raichur District Under selfExecution-Basis.

The following points have been checked and the proposal for the subject line is sent. Please initiate
further action to obtain and communicate the route approval for the subject line.

SL Details Answer
1. Whether the route map of the power line marked on the latest extract of TOPO sheets Route of proposed line
prepared by the survey of india to a scale of 1 inch = 1mile or 2 cm=1 km. TOPO features marked on TOPO sheet
should contain all the roads, highways, rivers, lakes, villages, townships, railway lines (Railway
station should be clearly marked ).
This feature should be marked up to 8km or 5 mile on either side of the proposed line
Note: Telecommunication Lines of P&T railways need not be marked.
2 If the proposed line is a Tap/LILO line, whether PTCC approval for the main line obtained -No-

3 If the answer for point 2 is yes, the number and date of PTCC approval -No-
4 If the answer of point 2 is not yes or no, whether the main line is marked as point 1 Yes
5 Whether the soil resistivity values taken along the route of proposed line furnished (one value Enclosed
for 2 or 3 KMS) to be furnished using 4 electrode method with inter electrode spacing of 50
Mtr. preferably using an ever shed VIGNOLES EARTH TESTER.
6 If it is a Tap Line (Where the main line is not approved by the PTCC, route approval is not N/A
traceable etc,) the soil resistivity values to be furnished for the main line also.
7 Whether the length of the proposed line as measured from the map tally with the length Yes
arrived by surveying
8 Whether the PTCC questionnaire duly filled up furnished Yes
9 Where the single line drawing of the connected station furnished Yes
10 Whether out line drawing of the tower to a suitable scale furnished (Main dimensions should Yes
be clearly marked)
11 Whether a certificate regarding the non-existence of Railway lines within 8 Km vicinity of the Railway track Does not
proposed line furnished. exist within 8 km vicinity
of the proposed line
12 Whether 33 sets of the above details of the proposal furnished -Yes-

Yours Faithfully

Superintending Engineer (Elec)

Transmission (W&M) Circle,
KPTCL, Munirabad


(To be answered by the authorities in charge of power system while applying for PTCC Route Approvals)

1: Please supply data of the power system as per details below:

1.1 Key diagram(single line) of the Electrical layout of the relevant

portion of the power system indicating the number, voltage,
ratings, capacities etc., of the various power apparatus. Single line diagram of Existing 110/11 KV
Indicate also by dotted lines the extension proposed S/S at Byagwat Proposed 40 MW ACME
ultimately or through the current five-year plan. Babadham Solar Power Pvt Ltd.
NOTE: By relevant is meant all the power stations which under
normal operating conditions will feed into a fault occurring
within or outside the parallelism section as well as lines on
which such fault current would flow.
1.2 Data on the characteristics of equipment, Viz generators,
transformers, reactors, synchronous condensers, earthing Enclosed
transformers etc, installed in the system as per enclosed
annexure(transient reactance figures should be given for all
rotating machines)
1.3 Please state if the neutral points of the power system are (i)
installed, or (ii) earthed. If the latter please indicate the type Neutral is solidly earthed
of earthing, e.g. solidly earthed through Peterson Coil, earthed
through resistance or reactance Give also full particulars

2.0 Please supply the following data in respect of the particular Power line for which approval is sought.

2.1 Name PTCC proposal for the construction of 110

KV D/C line from Existing 110/11KV S/S at
40 MW ACME Babadham Solar power Pvt.
Ltd. Solar plant at village Amrawati near
S/S Byagwat, Manvi taluk, Raichur District
Under selfExecution-Basis.
2.2 Operating Voltage and Number of Circuits 110KV D/C Line
a) Length 3.164 km
b) Conductor/Earth Wire size and material Power Conductor Lynx ACSR with
Aluminum 30/2.79 mm, Steel 7 /2.79 mm,
& Ground Wire 7/3.15 mm.
2.4 If it is a tap or spur line, the length of the tap and the distance
of the tapping point from the end sub station should be clearly Its a Main line
2.5 Is the power line bussed at any intermediate substation? If so, -No-
please give details.
2.6 Will the power line initially be charged at some lower voltage? -No-
2.7 Probable date of Commencing the construction May-2017
2.8 Probable date of commissioning Aug-2017
2.9 Date by which the approval is desired Immediately

Please supply a route map showing the proposed alignment of the power
line and the paralleling telecommunication lines in the area, drawn to a
scale of 1cm=0.5kms or 1=1 mile. All Topographical details including all
railway lines, rivers, canals, and important roads up to 8 Kms on either
side of the proposed power line may also be drawn to the scale. The
Railway stations should be located on the map and named.
NOTE: 1) If the proposed line is an extension of the proposed line, which
3.0 had not been referred to the committee previously a similar route map of Enclosed
the proposed line, should also be supplied along with the route map of the
proposed line.
NOTE: 2) A copy of the route map with telecom circuits marked is also sent
to local DOT authorities and Railway authorities, requesting them to
confirm the telecom circuit and also indicate the points of discontinuity in
the telecom circuits to both the Joint Secretaries of the committee.

3.1 Number and date of the route map showing the proposed alignment. Google Map with Co-ordinates

Sketch or sketches or supports showing the conductor and group wire

4.0 arrangements of the transmission line together with an indication of the Sketch enclosed
sizes and materials of the various wires.

Designed to FOS of 2.0 under

Please also furnish the structural details of the supports, Indicate the
normal conditions & 1.50 for
4.1 factor of safety adopted under normal conditions and broken wire
broken wire condition
OCR & EFR for each phase at
Please indicate the protective device adopted for the line. In respect of
instantaneous tripping relay
lines protected by circuit breakers, please furnish also the type of the lines
5.0 with the distance protection
and relaying proposed and the total time (Breaker and Relay) for clearance
are provided at the end
of ground faults on the line with normal relay settings.
Please indicate the soil resistivity in the area covered by the line. The soil
resistivity should be measured by the four electrode method using an inter
6.0 electrode spacing of 50 meters (150 ft). The measurements may be made Enclosed
at every 2 or 3Kms along with the length of the line.

Please indicate the number of crossings between the proposed alignment

and the tele-communication lines involved and state if the crossing
arrangements will be provided in accordance with the code of practice for
7.0 Nil
crossings issued by the power and Telecommunication Co-ordination

8.0 EPR details of End substations:

a. Name of Sub-station : 40MW ACME Babadam Solar plant

b. New / Proposed : New

c. Diagonal distance of earth mat in meters : 2800 mm

d. Maximum fault current of Substation in Amps : 31.5 K Amp for 3sec

e. Earth mat resistance in Ohms : 0.87

9.0 Main line particulars in the case of LILO / tap line : It is a main line

10.0 Whether any Railway lines proposed within in : No

8kms. on either side of the power line

11.0 While applying for route approvals of the Committee, the above particulars should be furnished to:
I. Director (PTCC), Central Electricity Authority, Load Dispatch & Telecommunication Division, PTCC
Directorate, NREB Building, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, Katwaria Sarai, New Delhi 110/11 016.
II. DET (PTCC) concerned

Place: Signature :
Date: Name :

Appendix II

Please furnish the characteristics of the various power apparatus under:

1. Synchronous Machine(Generator synchronous condensers)

Sr no. Name of the power station or Rating Transient reactance

sub station KVA (percentage reactance on
its own base)
2. Transformers

Sr no. Name of the High voltage Medium voltage Low or tertiary Percentage
power station winding KV Kv connections winding KV reactance HV
or sub station connections connections Hv/LV or Mv/LV
MT tertiary or

1. Byagwat 110 KV 11 KV

2. 40 MW ACME 110 KV
Babadham solar
power Pvt Ltd

1. In case of star connection please state clearly whether the neutral is effectively grounded.
2. In the case of windings connected delta, please indicate whether it would be operated with isolated neutral
or grounded through earthing transformers.
3. The MVA base to which these values should be clearly specified.

3. Reactor
Sr no. Name of power house Rating Transient reactance
(percentage reactance on its
own base)


4. Earthing transformer

Sr. no Name of the Current rating Voltage Time Rating Percentage

power house or (short time ) reactance on
sub station ( Its own Base )

1. Byagwat 110 KV 11 KV

2. 40 MW ACME
Babadham solar
power Pvt Ltd

5. Power Sub stations

Sr no. Name of the New (or) Earth mat Resistance Max rated Zone of EPR
sub station Proposed / Dimensions in Fault current for 430 Volts
Existing of S/S in Mtrs Ohms in MVA Limit

1. Byagwat Existing

3. 40 MW ACME Proposed
Babadham solar
power Pvt Ltd

PTCC Proposal for the construction of 110 KV D/C line from Existing 110/11KV S/S at Byagwat to proposed 40
MW ACME Babadham Solar power Pvt Ltd. near Amrawati Byagwat village in manvi taluk, Raichur
District Under self Execution-Basis.

1 No. of railway Crossing Nil

2 Details of Railway line Nil

3 Name of Railway line (ie CR/WR/SCR/SWR etc) Nil

4 Gauge(BG/MG/NG) Nil

5 Name of nearest railway station Nil

6 Minimum distance between Railway station and power line in Km Nil


NAME OF WORK: PTCC Proposal for the Construction of 11 KV D/C line From existing 110/11KV S/S at Byagwat to proposed 40
MW ACME Babadham solar power Pvt. Ltd. near Amrawati Byagwat village in manvi taluk, Raichur District Under self Execution-
Client: Karnatak Power Transmission Corporation Ltd.
End user: 40 MW ACME Babadham Solar Power Pvt Ltd .
Turn Key contractor : Dheya construction
Survey Consultants: M/S Dheya Construction

Sr Cumulative Chainage in Soil Encountered Earth resistance Soil resistivity in Remarks

No. meters in Ohms Ohms
1 0 BC soil 0.68 21352 Near Existing 110/11 KV S/S
2 804 BC soil 0.60 18840 110 KV line crossing

3 4020 BC soil 0.55 17270 110 Kv line crossing

4 6532 BC soil 0.51 16014

5 12060 BC soil 0.53 16640

6 17185 BC soil 0.57 17689
7 23316 BC soil 0.54 16956
8 28642 BC soil 0.61 17540
9 34873 BC soil 0.56 16704
10 41104 BC soil 0.52 17583
11 46933 BC soil 0.64 16328
12 52762 BC soil 0.61 19600 After Nala
13 58390 BC soil 0.59 19154
Total 231670

Avg. Soil Resistivity= 231670/13= 17820.76 ohms

Formula used = 2.R. L
Where L spacing between electrode =5000 cm
R is earth resistance in Ohms.

For Dheya construction


PTCC Proposal
for the Construction of 110 KV D/C line from existing 110/11Kv S/s at Byagwat to proposed 40 MW ACME
Babadham Solar power Pvt Ltd. Solar plant at village Amrawati near S/S Byagwat , Manvi taluk, Raichur District
Under selfExecution-Basis.

Existing 110/11KV Byagwat S/S

Proposed 40 MW Acme Babadham Solar Power Plant

For Dheya Construction

Scale: N0 TS