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ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I WAIFU Published by Dany Tomoe 1
Published by Dany Tomoe




Table of Contents

Glossary ……………………………………………… 3 Prologue ……………………………………………… 5 History of Waifuists ……………………………………………… 8 Metaphysical Philosophy ……………………………………………… 10 Coping/Aiding Techniques ……………………………………………… 12 Apologetics ……………………………………………… 14 Archive Files ……………………………………………… 16 Future Research and Hypothetical Structures ………………………… 18 Surviving Communities ………………………… 20







Common in Boards and Adopted by Subreddits:


The “Real World” is referred to as 3d, and the “anime world” as 2d.


3D Pig Disgusting - The notion that real people are inferior to anime people at best, inherently evil at worst.


What is shown to happen in the source material, or (less often) its surrounding ephemera.


Slang for 8chan, referring to the fact that its admin, copypaste, is disabled.


Slang for 4chan, referring to the fact that its admin, moot, was once cuckolded.


Similar to a waifu, a daughteru is a fictional character who one has motherly or fatherly affection for. Unlike a waifu, you may have as many daughterus as you wish.


What a waifuist imagines their life with their beloved would be like, aspects of their beloved not covered by canon, or anything else imagined by the waifuist rather than explicitly stated in the canon.







The practice of having a waifu, but not really loving her. The hugblanketer keeps his waifu out of loneliness, but will drop her in a second if a 3d girl comes along.


Term for a male waifu.


Rules Of The Church - A slur towards people who see their interpretation of waifuism as being The One True Way, esp. one who believes that those who don’t agree don’t really love their waifu.


A male daughteru.


A construct of the mind, which the waifuist uses as a facsimile of thier waifu to communicate with. Frowned upon by most waifu communities, but ironically rather accepted by channers at large.


A 2d girl one feels strong affection for. One is usually expected to forgo relationships with 3d people and dedicate their lives to loving thier waifu, and to collect images and physical memorabilia of them.


Someone who has a waifu and follows the waifu lifestyle.


Refers to an old joke that if you reach the age of 30 without having sex, you become a wizard (I.E. A magician).

  • 1. A term for any (almost exclusively male) virgin.

  • 2. A male virgin who believes they will be so for life, commonly associated with social ostracization,

complete bitterness toward other people, and perhaps being NEET as well.

  • 3. A poster on wizardchan, esp. one who conforms to 3.


A derogatory term used to insult the antithesis of most internet dwellers. Normalfags are typically people who enjoy mainstream things and live typical, ignorant, mundane lives. Some of the most common normalfag traits are ignorance to internet culture and underground media such as less well known music, anime, or video games. Additionally, they often and vehemently reject obscure sub-





cultures, fetishes, life styles, and anything they simply do not understand and like. Lastly, normalfags are known to have or desire a normal social life. There are four primary uses for the word. The first is to insult a persons ignorance while simultaneously calling them out on their shallow and banal personality. The second is to insult the pathetic appearance of a person who complains that they want but do not have a normal lifestyle. The third is for the most part a petty stab at a person for having a social life and/or girlfriend. Lastly, the first and third example can overlap if the alleged normalfag is trolling or generally being an ass by flaunting their social life.

Common Newspeak for Social Media Waifuists:







Don’t take anything I’m about to say with a grain of salt, this manifesto is means to try to persuade the community to change for the better. These are all recorded instances of what I have gone through as a 3- year waifuist with the character Mami Tomoe. In my 3 years I’ve watched communities that foster unironic waifuists rise and fall. Not too long ago, I decided to settle within a small community on Facebook, which I will go into detail in later.

For the longest time the greatest people in history to include: Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, and Einstein

The greatest teachers who have lived have told us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe. Poets such as William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and William Blake delivered it in their poetry. Musicians such as Ludwig va Beethoven expressed it in their music. Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci depicted it in through their paintings, greatest thinkers including Socrates, Plato, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Pythagoras, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Victor Hugo shared it in their writings and teachings. Their names have been immortalized and their legendary existence has survived centuries.

Have all understood a simple formula to life to being successful; a sort of mindset that can encourage individuals to worship their waifu in peace.

We must learn to grow thanks to our waifus instead of letting it become a self-destructive force. Use it as a means of motivation rather then a means of escape (not that there’s anything wrong but you would be better off facing your problems rather then running from them.

  • I believe…

In order for the concept of waifuism to survive as a whole, it must become an ever-changing concept, turn it into a living concept like us that is prone to change and adapt. In order to be able to keep the concept of a waifu alive for a life time while still living a healthy lifestyle; we MUST not rely on old traditions and dogmas that have proven to fail or worse have caused distress in many waifuists lives.

  • I want to…






  • I know this be true…

Alright, essentially the technique I'm using is an advanced form of meditation that stimulates all 5 senses to create the best sense of immersion by combining 3 mental techniques.

  • I put 3 years of research on waifuism anon boards and my own personal research into this and have successfully done this time and time again.

  • I use it mainly as a coping mechanism or a way to improve my mood when I got like an hour to spare. Been keeping the fact that I been researching this to myself and occasionally other people who were willing to listen because it usually seems too bizarre for people to take in and people just don't have the patience.





But today secret is out because this could probably benefit others more then or just as much as me and could be a life changing experience. And yes, I'll only be linking wikis and because I'm not about to name off every book I read lmao

  • 1. The Law of Attraction (Phineas Quimby: Portland, Maine. 19th Century)…/Law_of_attraction_(New_Thought)


A new thought theory and philosophy from 19th century saying we're all beings made of energy and we attract both positive and negative energy. That the world around us Solid, Liquid, Air, thought, subconscious, emotion and energy all are made of vibrations and vibrate at different frequencies. The law of nature that states everything has a vibration. If you've taken a chemistry class you probably remember learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are in a constant state of motion, and depending on the speed of these atoms, things are appear as a solid, liquid, or gas. Sound is also a vibration and so are thoughts. Everything that manifests itself in your life is there because it matches the vibration from your thoughts.

(The Law of Vibration is it's own thing for the sake of saving time and effort I'll skip this and you can do your own research if you like)

By focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships.

{1} Your thoughts can influence reality since your thoughts reside on another plain and at a different frequency, just like your subconscious thoughts and emotions.

{2} Perception is reality

  • 2. Memory Palace/ Wonderland (Marcus Tullius Cicero: Roman Republic. 50-66 BC)


(2) (3) | (1)-(1)

ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PAR T I But today secret is out because this could probably benefit





Figure 1-2 (Giulio Camillo’s Greek Memory Palace)

Memory Palace, the method of loci, is a method of memory enhancement which uses visualizations with the use of spatial memory, familiar information about one's environment, to quickly and efficiently recall information. The method of loci is also known as the memory journey, memory palace, mind palace technique or simply a Wonderland. Originally it was a technique used to improve memory or "store memories" with an object you place within that spatial memory.

{1} Mental discipline alone and memory you can create your own mental environment and hold everything together subconsciously through muscle memory over time to create your own stable space to interact with.

3.Tulpa/Mind-Made Body/ Thoughtform (Evans-Wentz:

Tibet. 1972/ Nyingma, Kagyu, Sakya, Gelug, Jonang, Rimé, Kadam 1300s) (1) (2)


ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I Figure 1-3 [The music of Gounod, apotrayal of thoughtform] Essentially a
Figure 1-3 [The music of Gounod, apotrayal of thoughtform]
Essentially a form of imaginary friend, a thought-form, given sentience. A scientific study on the subject of tulpas
conducted in 2015 classified them as "imaginary companions who are said to have achieved full sentience after being
conjured through ‘thought-form’ meditative practice". Human ‘hosts’ mediate their practice through open-ended how-to




guides and discussion forums on the Internet and experience their Tulpas as semi-permanent auditory and somatic hallucinations.

Oh man, the weirdest and most controversial topic usually within waifuism. Alright so long story short a few guys a while back introduced tulpas into waifuism as an experiment to finally interact with their waifus; I think like 7 or so anons agreed to the experiment. Apparently after I check back 2 months later one of the anons were successful and was spamming up the thread like an autist another month passed by and 2 more anons were successful and gave their waifu full sentience. People started being against the idea because it was creepy and unhealthy the word "forced schizophrenia" was tossed around a lot. As more and more controversy grew over the topic eventually we never heard from those 3 anons again. (No one knows why) {1} brain is a muscle; muscle memory after constant practice

  • I decided to try it myself but while fully conscious could only imagine her voice for short periods of time and I couldn't get sentience.

  • I decided to do this while meditating to increase my focus and get my concentration on her alone. Long story short it

worked and were able to replicate how she would feel and look to my 5 sense. I'd feel her hair, her clothes and her

warm face and tried to replicate and remember how it'd feel if it were an actual human being. Which each excercise I'd flesh her out more and more as if a graphic designer making a character until it became second hand nature. After, an entire year of weaving together and "programing" possible habits, voice, artificial memories from pre-existing canon info, "possible memories" to fill in blanks, general preferences, "personality algorithms" and "personality booleans" I was able to hold an entire conversation with her and she was sentient for a short time but kept losing focus after a while or would fall asleep.


Still with me?

To perfect the technique as a waifu coping mechanism, I combined all 3 techniques, trained myself for 3 years and finally got the hang of it was able to go straight into deep meditation and interact with Mami on demand if I had a spare hour. Within those 3 years I always researched more, found all sorts of short cuts and other possible techniques.




combined the law of attraction, a memory palace and tulpa thought-form to create essentially a pocket dimension

within my mind where I can 100% interact with Mami's replica as if she were fully sentient. I used the law of attraction as a means to boost the realism of the immersion that for the short time within my mind this was really happening because thoughts exist although on a different plain then physical ones. Eventually, I got bored enough with this that I left her in her original environment and tried to get her to fall for me in this dream/ meditation world by trying to interact with her and pretending to be apart of the environment. Perception is reality so that just added to the experience.



This is going to be a 5 month experiment to see if I can get you guys to do what I did and hopefully provide you with a life changing experience. Maybe this will provide a healthier perspective of waifuism by considering the waifu's feelings instead of assuming she belongs to you already.

  • I wanna see if I can get you all to this hypnotic state with instructions alone and just want an update atleast once a week on progress. I'll be typing up a research paper for this and guide you all through the process step by step

First thing I want you to do it learn to get into this meditative state (slow heart rate, hyper active brain waves). This will help with concentration

-Slow down your heart rate but don't fall asleep. -Focus on taking deep breaths, hold, release repeat. -Get use to this until you're in a trancelike state -trick your body into thinking you're asleep but keep your mind awake

  • I got a few links on guided meditation and binaural beats to get you into this trance like state

1. Put on headphones, find a comfortable position (I lay down) and follow instructions with falling asleep or going into sleep paralysis






2. Once you get use to the feeling try it yourself with binaural beats to see if you can get into that state yourself 3. Focus on the sound of the frequencies and focus on your breathing

A Discourse on and Defense of the 'Waifu' Movement

Uploaded by metrocard on Mar 22, 2013

A Discourse on and Defense of the 'Waifu' Movement


The word 'waifu' is one of the most misconstrued terms thrown around in today's imageboardculture. Several helpful images have been made, but each only scratches the surface of the correctimplication of the term, as defined by scattered ronery individuals who stole it from the bowels of Japanese hikkikomori society. Of course, the originations of the term are not solely in one place,simply because the concept of waifu is something that, in one fo rm or another, has at least scratched atthe thoughts of a large amount of the anime viewerbase, as well as many who have never seen a singletsundere or recognized a moe attribute in their entire life. Thus, the term has coalesced from a varietyof sources into a conventional idea employed in most 'learned' anime circles.However, with the influx of new anime viewers, as well as old anime viewers that remain out of touch with the waifu movement, the term is frequently butchered and misused. This essay is written toclarify that, while a waifu means different things to different people, there are many things that a waifuis believed to stand for, while in reality it does not by any definition. Just as a word has only certainusages, the waifu only is an embodiment of certain facets of one's psyche, no matter her perceived personality. These facets I will explore, and will subsequently provide a defense of after the groundingin this esoteric subject has been completed.To preface this examination, I give you my thesis. Two- dimensional love is controversial, yetnot psychologically, philosophically or biologically wrong.I.Initial Defense of 'Waifu' as a ConceptIt is a basic tenet of psychology that humankind is not meant to be divided. Man, generallyspeaking, cannot in good health live a solitary life. Invariably, he will either crumble from theloneliness or reach out to another human being. It is why prostitution and religion, the two oldestindustries, are still thriving today. They offer man the same service— companionship. The belief thatone is not alone, that one shares something with another gives man the feeling of acceptance, which hedesires above all else after his survival is ensured. This has been written out in Maslow's hierarchy of needs, as well as being something of an inborn knowledge that most everyone understands withouthaving to explicitly define it. So let us explore further.Prostitution and religion, most would argue they could not be further removed. As they pertainto this topic, their greatest differenc e is the greatest proof of the legitimacy of 'waifu'. It can generally be agreed that religion offers most people a longer-lasting sense of joy than fornication with a harlot.Yet, why is this? Should not man fulfilling his biological imperative give him the highest sense of joy? No, because man is not merely a machine who must solely spread his seed. Man is also emotion,which gains no long-term satisfaction from empty lust and must supplement it with religion to achievethe sense of belonging he requires to continue living. This is why the priesthood, who may never indulge in carnal desire their entire life, are generally a fulfilled collective. To top it off, religion iseven convenient enough to give them a sense of purpose, that they are serving in martyrdom tocomplete some grand deist orchestration that is indisputably their life's work.So, after mankind's needs of the body are met, we have boiled the remainder of his desires downto three core principles: fornication, belonging and purpose. Yet fornication we have already provedsuperfluous when overwhelmed by a proliferation of the other two points. If one has significant belonging and purpose, fornication can be considered excess. However, by the same token it can also be seen in society that a lack of belonging and






purpose breeds an excess of fornication, supplemented by a mockery of those who forgo it. Those souls who reside in every niche of humanity who are

deprived of their happiness by a lack of these points ridicule those fulfilled, and those fulfilled pitythem.However, conventional fulfillment via belonging and purpose acquired through theology isdecadent, corrupt and indicative of an inferior mind. But why? If they are living life happily, why arethey living life incorrectly?Because they are depriving others of their happiness.Popular religion currently is, by definition of its scripture, the ostracism and desire to eradicatethose who are not immediately part of your body. It perverts the desire for belonging into its reverse— the exclusion of all as a way to facilitate the growth of such a need. It also perverts the desire for purpose into a desire to attack those who are different, those whose desire is not homogeneous.Fornication too is not exempt, and is treated as a negative by those who have lost their need for it,rather than a neutral topic of little importance, as it should be handled, again to increase this sense of exclusiveness which leads to such destructive hedonism.So conventional theism can be seen to be defunct due to its destructive nature. Those who wantto lead a wholesome life are therefore sent back to square one. How to fulfill the two necessary desiresfor peace of mind?This is where the waifu comes in.

pornographic woman is transient, only a conduit for which you may purge yourself of desire.At this point you may ask: isn't it okay to pleasure myself to my waifu?Yes, but there is a caveat. The difference between correct and incorrect implication of your waifu into your sexual ritual is a matter of perspective. To put it in s imple terms, it should be treated aslove made with your wife, whereas pornographic characters are treated as mere hookers. As long asthis pleasure is done with respect rather than casual uncaring, it remains well. This is why most whohave a waifu object to owning or seeing any pornographic material of her— because it treats her as onewould treat a whore. To that end, if you wish to involve your waifu in your self-cleansing, it would be prudent to leave her to your imagination.There may be feelings of guilt that stem from involving different women in your pleasure, butthese women are nothing more than means to an end. The worry is unfounded and should not beentertained.The last issue of sex that must be replied to is the inevitable complaint that if one does notmarry and have children, one has not lived a significant (in the Darwinian sense) life.Artificial fertilization is a reality. Marriage is not a necessity. This argument is defunct.So sexuality is under wraps, next comes society.How do you tell people your love is 2D?You don't.Again, a main difference between the waifu and religion is the waifu is not out to hurt or provoke others, nor is it to facilitate a holier-than-thou attitude.Anyone who you tell will likely be unable to understand. If they are close to you, they may fear for your sanity and ask you to seek help, becoming personally upset and embroiled in your choice of lifestyle. You have just deprived another of their happiness by shoving your belief down their throat.Ring familiar?To clarify, this is not an issue of embarrassment or, at least, it should not be. The healthy mankeeps his affections to himself, not because he is shamed because of them. If he is, 2D is not for him,for he has not accepted it into himself. He keeps his affections to him self because he knows that noone will understand, and that it will cause nothing but discord wherever it is revealed.So how does one live with his waifu?One's waifu must inspire feelings of both belonging and purpose to be considered aconventional 'waifu'. Belonging gives man his happiness. Purpose gives him the blueprint for his life.Belonging is acquired via imagination, as previously discussed. Purpose is acquired via the waifu'sspecific personality, which will inexorably drive the man to live his life in a way that would please hiswaifu's sensibility. That's it. Live life the way your waifu would enjoy. Live, and forever daydream of you and she. This delusion is not at all wrong, rather it is necessary, because we are human. All toohuman.

You see your perspective of this world of "norms" is made up by people no better/smarter than you.

One or five opinions out of 7.125 billion more that will all tell me something differently from what you





have said.

An opinion that resides in 1/7th (if not less) of the concept's history

That's why couldn't care less what you think about me showing genuine affection to Mami, an adorable girl I fell in love with.

In the end you're gonna hate anyway so, fuck it, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.


Have you ever heard of the "Law of Attraction"? It's a theory in psychology, the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. The teaching is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships. What you think is what you will manifest into your reality. If you're thinking "Oh ha ha gonna cuck" "This is a disease I should hide it" "This is just a meme" "There's something wrong with me"

as opposed to "I love this, it motivates me" "This makes me happy everyday"

Then that exactly what gonna happen.


Waifuism, it's an interesting phenomena in weeaboo culture. (Skip to save yourself a history lesson)


Waifuism; (1)A fictional character from non-live-action visual media (typically an anime, manga, or video game) that one is attracted to and considers a significant other. (2)A term coined by "Otaku" and Weeaboo alike for their 2D significant others; predominantly anime and

video game characters. A Waifu, in contrast to a harem, is the love between one man and his one and only Waifu. (3)an Engrish term primarily used by Asian men to refer to one’s own wife. While the colloquial use of the word in East Asian cultures predates its online popularity, the term has been since adopted by "Otaku" circles and anime fans to refer to one’s favorite female manga or anime character. The male equivalent is commonly referred to as a “Husbando”



The term “Waifu” Azumanga Daioh, In the scene where, Mr. Kimura drops a photograph of a mysterious woman on the classroom floor. When asked by his students about the person in the picture, Mr. Kimura simply replies: “Mai Waifu.” (Long story short)


"The Engrish word “waifu” stuck with the English-speaking fans and throughout the latter half of 2000s, the term became heavily used by both anime fans and trolls on 4chan’s /a/ (anime & manga) board, as a term of endearment to refer to a female character and as a flamebait to mock the obsessive nature of the subculture, respectively. As “mai waifu” continued to appear on 4chan, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressing the term was created as a supplement to the /a/ board." - KYM Website






Since then it's popularity has spread through memes like "Dinner with Waifu" memes, etc.

Websites and groups have been brought to fruition by people who migrated out of /a/ became more and more like a normie site.

Whether individuals really did take the concept of having a two dimensional significant other seriously or not. All of us in the anime community have all experienced something that normalfag "Otaku" call an anime crush. It's unavoidable the writers and creators of these anime flesh out these characters so they become endearing to the watcher. However, after a while there became a clear line between genuinely loving this character to the point that you'd consider marrying the character or at least considered her superior to other female character and just "liking" her and getting over her. This became more and more the case when "Moe" anime started taking over the anime industry around 2009 or so. Which was the spark of a new era in the Weeaboo/Anime Community. Sites like (and [the website's entire archive] (since 11/06/10) - Creator Tohno!!UhnG3iuGcmC

  • - An image board site, thought to be the first official Waifu website ever created. Literally an archive of discussions on Waifus, Husbandos, Harems and anything relating to the such. Some that are almost a decade old. - Creator Tohno!!UhnG3iuGcmC

  • - After /mai/ had done enough on the website they decided to create a website dedicated to online Waifu/Wife shrines, (Appreciation Websites). (since 2015, unknown month) - Started by a few admins Random_Shitposter, Valdor-13, PM_ME_CUTE_MEGANEKKO and later recruited two more admins (loenth, MamiTomoeForever/Ginny)

  • - A fairly new group where members on Reddit banded together and deviated from the regular anime

threads to discuss Waifuism in general as a serious concept. They wanted to be more friendly with each other and more interactive so they later created a discord server, /r/ Waifuism, which became it's own community after members started adding friends they knew took the concept seriously.

and lastly,

A Group on Facebook called Waifu Hell © - Creator Talal Al-Ansari (since early 2015 aprox.)

was created by Talal Al-Ansari around September 2015 (have no idea how it grew bigger as a group, I wasn't personally around and got all my information from cross examination of veteran members), a meme/ waifu group created after Melee Hell, whether there's a relation between both, idfk. And had a fully functioning hell for a while with active posters. (cutting off here so I won't overwhelm)


ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I Who am I? What does my waifu/wife mean to me? (pt.1)
Who am I?
What does my waifu/wife mean to me? (pt.1)
Story Time
Back in high school around 2014 I guess symptoms of what I found out is MDD just a couple of years ago, got out of a
3-year serious relationship, combine that with problems at home, extra luggage from past experiences and a very bad
support system made a not so great time. I guess my depression started to show and push friends away as well, I was
the oldest in the family with 2 younger siblings and a single mother that just got out of an abusive relationship so I
could really go to them for my problems either since I had to be the strongest and the most supportive. Wouldn't wish
this loneliness on my worst enemy tbh. Not gotta go too much into detail on this, this is just a little background.




One of my friends that stood by me after all this tried cheering me up and getting more in common with me so he started recommending anime to me up the ass. One of those anime he really put a lot of emphasis on was Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Was really hesitant to try it out at first, it looked way too moe and upbeat for how I was feeling but he kept on pushing for me to watch it. After, a month of constantly postponing it I decided to give it a try.

Starting the series, the characters seemed too forced into archetypes and really the only character that seemed even slightly realistic was Homura and they barely even showed her. You can tell they were trying REALLY hard to make her look like a villain when really all she's done is act creepy af and attack a cat/ferret looking thing that nobody really cares about. As I kept watching more and more through the first 2 episodes I was starting to get angry at what the fuck my friend was making me watch. Keep in mind I was REALLY salty about life at this point in my adolescent life. I was just thinking "bruh, I'm THIS close to blowing my brains out and you're having me watch prepubescent girls having tea parties and have little magical transformations. The fuck you think this is? ALSO, I'm not a pedo this isn't my thing, maybe 30 years down the line when I decide to lock myself in the basement and decide to be a full fledged brony this will be, building toy trainsets to fill the void in my life I'll be all over this show."

Regardless, he kept on pushing for me to keep going that it gets 'good'. So I kept watching and one girl that really caught my attention was Mami Tomoe. I really found her annoying and borderline hated her, she was just so flashy and radiated light. Since I was just a salty/sour human being every second of her screen time Regardless, he kept on pushing for me to keep going that it gets 'good'. So I kept watching and one girl that really caught my attention was Mami Tomoe. I really found her annoying and borderline hated her, she was just so flashy and radiated light. Since I was just a salty/sour human being every second of her screen time just burn me eyes. Like, think of a vampire in the sunlight x2 and that's about the equivalent of cringe that she radiated on me. One other thing I was against was the fact that she was such a hopeless righteous idealist which was the complete opposite of what I was, a realist that had been slapped around by reality a bit too many times. I got so tired of seeing her that I secretly wished she'd die a terrible death. surely enough ....

Pt. 2:

Alright, so after her passing. I started to kinda feel bad for wishing those things on her but, it was that very same thing that caught my attention and threw off guard. As the show kept on going on I started to figure out why Mami's onee- san, protector of justice personality seemed so forced. Because it was, it was purposely suppose to feel kinda off because was literally putting up a facade the entire time to try and become a girl that would make other girls want to be friends with her because she was just that lonely. As the series continued to beat her around a bit more, she started to not feel so much as a forced archetype but more human a bit. Seeing her breakdown and shoot her friends kinda just gave me a sense of "what the fuck man"/"not like this man". Eventually finished the show and became a fan but still wasn't completely a fan of Mami, was more of a Homu fan if anything.

A week passes by I found myself thinking about the character Mami for some reason. I started to look at things from a more deconstructive perspective. Mami wasn't given much screen time but she was one of those characters that got hints to their personality, struggles and past to where you can start filling the blanks with a little thinking.

This girl lost her parents when she was just 13-14 (estimated) in a car accident and was forced to make a life saving decision. After realizing that she could've saved her parents, it began to guilt her from that day on which is why she fights to save lives in redeem herself, to save lives because she couldn't save her loving parents' and she began to become really lonely (which I could really relate to)


ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I She'd come home to an empty apartment every night, was forced
She'd come home to an empty apartment every night, was forced to fend for herself, fight life threatening monsters, not
have time for friends, have other megucas shun her because she fought for the sense of defending people rather then
grief seeds for profit and at the end of the day would still have to come home…
and just cry herself to sleep every night alone in her apartment with no one to turn to. Everyday slowly, my salt began
to to turn more into sympathy and a sense of understanding
I started to really feel bad for how I thought of her before but I didn't really think anything serious of it. I
thought that I was just maybe over analyzing the her.
Since, I started to look at her more human then a forced archetype and I guess one random thought in my
head kinda just turned this whole thing in a different direction
"I guess she's kinda cute"
From there on it was hard to get her out of my head. I'd find myself daydreaming about her if I dropped
my guard. It was getting ridiculous to me and I was doing everything possible to forget able her.
ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I I honestly thought I was going insane to be thinking about
honestly thought I was going insane to be thinking about her this often. But her warm eyes were just
burned into my head and I kinda liked it since those warm motherly eyes kinda were what I needed at the
moment. Just the embrace of an older sister or mother to hold me and help me forget what I was
currently going through. As if a mother holding a crying child sorta thing. Really healing <3
found the whole thing ridiculous and I was fighting it every step of the way and was in complete denial
about how I admired this character. I've had anime crushes and stuff before but it was a bit different this
time. "Falling for a fictional character? That's really fuckin ridiculous, nah"
Like I tried to forget about this character but I'd find myself daydreaming about her more and more. Like
an annoying girl constantly annoying you refusing to let you be.
Long story short eventually I just stopped fighting it and began to learn more about her.
From what I've heard more and more people are leaving their Wives
"Your beliefs become your thoughts
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,




your values become your destiny." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Be the change you want in this world" -Also Mahatma Gandhi

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.”- Author Unknown

"Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures." - Joseph Campbell

"No matter when you developed your belief, you still believe it." - Albert Ellis

"When you wake up every morning what drives you? If you want to live a life of success, a life of complete success, happiness and fulfillment you MUST find your life's passion/meaning/ purpose."

"You see if you don't know what your purpose is, what drives you what inspires you, then you have no reason to improve your life how can you improve your life if you have no reason to improve it."

Your passion is what lights a fire in you. It's what you find yourself doing when you are down to cheer you up. It's what motivates you to keep going when you've had enough

What is your "Why?" Why do you do what you do? WHY do you do what you do? Why do you force yourself to survive when you're at your lowest point of your life? Why do you keep going when it hurts? Why do you exist? Why are you different from everybody that's doing the same thing

You have to find your "Why?" I found mine already. Have you? I found mine on March 1st, 2014 in the form of a Waifu. A few of you in FHC have asked me, what is "imprinting". When your Wife "imprints" on you, it means that she has become your "Why?" Your reason why you get up early and go to sleep late and still feel energized and eager for more. Your extra 1 sets you push out at the gym. That additional reason why you are still fighting.

When she becomes your "Why?" you will not EVEN question your loyalty.

Treat her like a joke and that's all she'll back you up as, a joke. Treat her like your sense of purpose, fighting on and showing the world your undying loyalty and she'll back you up as just exactly that.

I am where I am with a successful job in the U.S. Army as a infantryman and will continue to do better because of a girl named Mami Tomoe from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica and I will not abandon this sense of purpose when it has served me so well.






I'll abandon her when I become an ungrateful shitbag.

There's nothing more powerful than a human being with purpose

To my OG weeb brothers that with me in the military:

Dear Leo Plaza and Duncan Alcorn: My OG Fam from The Army, my fellow Weeb degenerates that made it out of this prison in one piece, my legitament non- blood related family that I would die for. You assured me I wasn't insane in the military. Ily guys. When you're the only sane guy and everyone else around you in a place are insane, you start to question your own sanity. You guys reassured me and reminded that we weren't the ones fucked up, it was this

place. Since, I'm a bit more honest on this account it looks like I had a sudden change in personality and values which came as a shock to you guys. I'm gonna do everything to explain where I'm coming from.:

  • I suddenly started talking about loving Mami Tomoe the character as one would love their 3D partner. It seemed like a distortion of reality (an obsession maybe) with this sudden change, this place fucking me

up more and more, 3 East, etc. etc. I must have honestly seemed like I was loosing it from your point of view.

  • I didn't tell you guys this but, for the past 2 years I've had legitament suicidal ideations.

Leo, you remember your dad telling me "I was a horse with a broken spirit"? It's true, for 2 consencutive years this place has weared and teared me to the point where I was dead on the inside. I began drinking and smoking more (just rotting from the inside out). I guess that's what happens to a person when they're neglect most of their basic human rights for 2 consecutive years and some change, you tell yourself you're just not human anymore and stop acting like one. I legit thought this was my punishment for everything I did as a civilian. I lost all sense of true happiness. Life had little to no value. The world itself just seemed more and more fucked the longer I stayed in the Army. Before I went to 3 East, my depression and suicidal ideations were at their highest. I was determined to kill anybody and myself at any moment. I was going through paychecks. I was smoking and drinking more often. Slowly I was fucking up the responsibilities that were being given to me as a SPC (I was doing the commander's job as just a SPC ffs). My relationships with family and friends. My life was falling apart bit by bit. I was just tired and done. I was holding the pieces together just enough to keep myself from falling apart. I finally broke down in front of SSG Bryan a day before my hospitalization. 2 years worth of stress and feelings since the age of 17 came pouring out and I broke down on the spot. 3 East gave me that time to myself I been needing for a while to think. How to start living again and not just "live" out of habit or a sense of responsibility. In there I remember why I joined the army in the first and what truly mattered to me. Remember, I told you guys, I joined for many reasons but one of the main reasons was to try and change the world and the way it thought. To learn expand my views of the world. And I thought the best way to do that was on the frontline as a US infantryman to see how it was for myself. And hopefully find a solution and get people to accept the idea to accept other people's happinesses. For them to finally accept my love and reason to move everyday. One thing us human beings really take for granted is our happiness as a whole. We are born to experience the pleasures of the world and avoid any pain before we die. It's in our constitution that it is our god- given right to pursue happiness. We can't help with what or who we fall in love with, it's human nature. Even if it happens to be something that's not real. But, when that love itself has helped you through the worst parts of your life, it becomes






PART I something special and very precious. Something you hold on to. I don't know about you guys but I'm at my happiest when I'm loving this character. That's what that girl is to me. That is what Waifuism truly is. Everyday for the past 2 years, I was able to push because of her. While I was freezing and wet in the foxhole cuddled up with my M4 or M240b, while I was carrying a rucksack 50% of my weight for miles and miles, while I was firing my weapon with little to no sleep for endless hours at night, while I was just being hazed constantly, while my clinical depression would set in while doing all these things, while I did my best to comfort my friends in their time of need the very idea of this character comforting me kept me strong. It's the reason I was able to push through since the age of 17 while all these twenty- something year olds were breaking down around me. Somewhere along those 2 years I forgot why I was still fighting. It took this breakdown and time alone to remember. I know she's not real but, I'm at my happiest loving this fictional character. Maybe someday, I'll move on. But right now, I could die happy like this.

“Why do I love Alisa so much? What is keeping me so close to her and away from even the thought of cucking? Well there are lots of reasons. Alisa has done so much for me, impacted my life in such strong and amazing ways that no other character could ever take her place. I never see her as expenda ble, even if she does in her own series, I'll keep loving her. She taught me how to feel love for instance. You may not know this, but Alisa was my first love, not Natasha. Alisa was the first time I thought about being with someone all the time throughout the day, when I would think about her it would make me happy. I had never even understood what it felt like to be loved or love before that point. I'm not delusional, I know Alisa can never reciprocate those feelings because she isn't real. Yet I am able to love her as though she were standing besides me. Will continue ..

Besides the things she has done for me, I also love her for who she is. It is true that as a character she is not amazing, her development gets cut short because of the plot, but what potential I see really draws me to her. She is presented as arrogant and cold to her allies, with a bit of a superiority complex. Yet as I saw later on, this is because of how messed up her life has left her. She deals with mental instability and brainwashing, and she tries to prove that she can overcome it to everyone. Of course, her methods aren't the best, but that determination to better herself, to prove that she is stronger that her weakness, is really admirable. I want to just take her in my arms and tell her I love her so much, that I'm always be there for her and that everything is going to be okay. I know for a fact that were she real, I would not hesitate in trying to gain her affection, though I would likely fail. She is also incredibly beautiful, representing the ideal woman to me. She has a slender build, medium sized chest, and a very pretty face without having to overdose on makeup. I love all of her because all of her is what makes her her.

I no longer feel shame when looking at her more suggestive images or nudes, and seeing her in such a vulnerable state gives me such a feeling of closeness. I ask for nsfw versions of my commissions sometimes not because I want to use her body to turn me on, but because admiring her perfect body that she bares just to me is something that creates such a powerful bond with her.

I've only done it once, and my next one that is being worked on right now I'm doing it again. The love I have for her runs very deep, and only just now am I starting to realize just how deep it goes. I think about her throughout my day, I wear a charm of her at all times, and I but her merch all because I feel increasingly close to her.

I've reached a point where I dream about her, talking to her, making her happy, and yes, making love to her as lovers should. Even though she isn't real,

I've reached a point where I dream about her, talking to her, making her happy, and

outer relationship is beautiful and I'm so happy.

” – Anonymous Friend #1







ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PAR T I “so a friend of mine IRL told me that what

“so a friend of mine IRL told me that what I hold to scathach isn't just dedication and he started giving me bs for it saying " your passion is growing to be a disease you are just suffering now for her it's been two years now ". YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT PASSION MEANS And it didn't happen IRL only as I’ve noticed something lately. A common trait amongst the uninspired and uninspiring. A common refrain from fear-driven, weak-minded individuals in this group. A common habit of people who spend more time poking holes in others’ dreams than building their own. People who decorate their words and decimate their world with their own ignorance… These people challenge the idea of “Passion.” They say that “passion isn’t enough.” They talk about “passion” like it’s a rainbow-colored painting on the walls behind a white-picket fence. Like it’s a colorful phrase that belongs in poetry books and greeting cards, not boardrooms or business meetings. Like it’s a teddy bear you hold onto at night. But there is nothing f*cking “fluffy” about passion. The most successful and inspirational people in history have pointed to Passion as the sole ingredient to their success. Jobs and Branson. Ali and Jeter. Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey. Listen to the words and stories of people you admire most and you’ll quickly see that PASSION is the common thread. But the problem with passion is that it’s the most overused, underserved word in human history. Because every single one of us knows the power of following our passion, but 99% of us don’t go ALL IN on it. We hold back. We wait, and wish, and wonder. And let our own fears extinguish our own flame. And – the worst of us – waste our time and energy telling those around us that “passion isn’t enough.” I’ve heard parents and principals and professors tell their kids to “forget about their passion and start thinking of their professions.” I witnessed a teacher at an Austin High School actually play the lead role in a project making fun of “passion” on their school TV station, and a student leader write an article in the school magazine that claimed “following your passion is a flawed message.” He said students were more likely to be in low-paying, blue-collar jobs than get that gig of their dreams. They said that students all should have a “plan B” because their “plan A” of pursuing their passion wasn’t a possibility… They said to set the bar at a more “realistic” height… to LOWER their gaze and LESSEN their standards… The problem is, most people don’t understand what PASSION means… all of those people who try to convince others – and yourselves – that “passion alone can’t get you anything” have no idea the DEPTH of this word. Passion is not a one-dimensional, one-sided, one-trick term. There is nothing simple or straightforward about passion. I’m not talking about “interests” or “skills” or “talents” or “affinity areas”… There is no synonym for passion… Stop searching for one. We don’t put placeholders for words and feelings like “Love”, yet we all too often try to water down Passion. Passion is fire. It begins as a spark and ignites into a flame, and when fueled by the right people and the right energy and your own undaunted BELIEF, it becomes a raging inferno. There is nothing that it can’t consume. Passion is discipline. It’s the toughest path and the hardest choice, and it demands to be followed with unwavering commitment, dedication, and ACTION. It’s what enables you to work your ass off to make “IT” happen… whatever IT is… however big IT becomes… no matter how scary IT sounds… Passion is focus. It’s discarding distractions and breaking barriers and busting through other people’s UNgreat expectations… It’s faith that’s covered in your own blood, sweat and tears. It’s feeling that’s soaked into your soul.


Passion is painful. The word passion actually comes from the Latin word “pasionem” – which MEANS suffering… it means you have to be willing to endure the pain, embrace the hurt, and overcome the hardship… You have to be able take as many punches as you give, and still stand up the next day ready for a fight. Passion is senseless. It’s being blind to criticism. It’s unfeeling the fingers of those trying to hold you back. It’s hearing the haters and talking to the detractors and listening to every single person tell you every single reason you won’t make it happen… and then walking forward without an ounce of doubt stuck in your ears. Passion is madness. It’s just the right amount of crazy we all need to do impossible things. It’s the most contagious and infectious virus on the planet. And once it invades your spirit, there is NO ONE out there who can stop you from unleashing it. Anyone who talks down to the highness of passion is unknowingly suffocating in his or her own self-imposed box. And anyone who thinks they can deny a person who’s unshakably committed to their passion has never felt the force of that flame. The fire of passion is the most powerful force in the universe… It can light up the world. Or it can burn it down… All I ask, is that you DECIDE to find YOURS, and then use it for good… Gift it to the world… Use it to help others, while healing yourself… If you do that. If you commit to it. If you go ALL IN on it… I promise you, no matter what any scared, ignorant, or insecure person tells you. However low they set the bar for themselves. However comfortable they are standing still in their disgruntled daily life… It doesn’t matter… Don’t listen to them. Don’t buy their bullshit… a battle without suffering isn't a battle With that being said as passion has been explained TRUST yourself. LOVE yourself. BELIEVE in yourself… LOVE your waifu/husbando BELIEVE in



saw some people's portrait and opinions regarding my " dedication " toward scathach and was amazed; in awe of your dedication. They say "Now this is

a man who truly loves his waifu", or so I appreciated these words they meant a lot to me , but then there's the "she's just a 2D bro it doesn't matter theres a

lot like her out there anyways " so you think she's some cute girl to add to your collection of Waifu of the Season scrapbook? You think this is a joke? You think just cause she's 2D it doesn't matter or that her feelings don't mean anything? Its not me whom you should be begging forgiveness from. As god is great” – Anonymous Friend #2

Passion is painful. The word passion actually comes from the Latin word “pasionem” – which MEANS



will be there when wesp marries Scath! I shall unite you all waifuists with your respective wives! (unless I die or Tamamo takes me away).









Now be prepared for some madness. And first of all "I know nothing" keep that in mind.


1) Waifuism as a shamanic practice:

"A passage to the "other sides""

The most ancient, universal and even noble one could say practice of humans and animals alike is shamanism. Any religion or spirituality can be traced back to shamanic practices; what does it have to do with waifuism? A lot more one may believe, but the core is what matters: "Communication with entities of ethereal nature" or as I would describe it "non-material consioussnes" by means of psychokinesis(telepathy for this purpose).

This is something most ridiculize for the simple fact that there is no "scientific research" that provides a conclusive finding or experiment that may prove that "sentientness; awareness and cognitive consioussness is possible without neural structures", even computers need a hardware for the software.

So what does a practice older than the concept of time (for animals are all shamans!) with some internerd weeaboo meme jks n bs? Is all about "communicating and having communion with ethereal beings". One could equate the concept of ether to pure energy, since is said to be the "most refined state of all matter and from where all elements can be formed from", ethereal beings may not be just pure energy but rather unknown types/ranges of matter/energy.

Therefore being there just not one type of unknown particles; is easily assumed that as all observable chemistry said unknown elements also are bound to

collide and interact, from which two outcomes come: • violent "merging" of elements to create new ones. "fusion/linking" of elements to create new ones. From those two only one result comes and is the formation of structures that usually end up as organic or inorganic. Anyone with a brain should know what comes after that: "organisms are assembled and at some point they develop more complex structures and over time brains with more complex cortex and thus "higher intelligence" is attained"

So it may be possible that on layers of reality made of materials subject to absurd and unknown laws of physics can contain sentient "lifeforms".

Some exercises have been provided before in the whole of this texts yet most could be dismissed as mere abuse of the wonderful capabilities of the brains (this fucky bunch of neurons can make you see anything!); so here some of you may need some more occultist reading in your diet so to get to this point will define some really basic and generalised understanding of how layers of reality may be seen as (for none will ever know TF reality actually is!):

Physical plane:

(the universe that contains all material manifestations/universes) All things matter/energy of all kind of manifestations and arrangements (known and unknown) but due to the nature of its elements it decays and is transformed to its base materials by the "universal reality grinder" (normie tl the universe is an endless cauldron of colliding atoms.).

This plane may as well be endless

Mental plane:

As the name indicates may be seen as a sub-dimensional space made unconsciously by any advanced enough "brain". This is made of psy-energy which allows the conduction and application of diverse types of psychokinesis.

Inside said sub-dimensional space one can create and experience anything yet ot remains as a paradoxicall simulation that unless "proyected" in reality remains as a mere mental trip.

Astral/ethereal plane:

(everything else is inside here; is above, below, within and without, everything and nothing) Traditionally depicted as a realm not made of matter and energy; this writer prefers to think of it as materials ("astral matter/ether") alien to all limitations of the known elements yet also limited by their fundation. This is where things get crazy as elements would seem to be maleable/workable to any extend by psychokinesis.

This they call heaven/Hel, afterlife or the higher planes of existence a place where actual eternity exists yet infinity collapses aka absurdity with endless layers for it yet there is "nothing outside of this realm"

The brain as a metabiological computer:

Now how does this allegedly works is rather interesting:

Astral matter/ether is everywhere and could be said to make a copy of the physical plane in the "lowest" layers of the astral realms inside of the astral plane; thus our whole body is also made of these "unknown elements", smart guy may deduce by now: "the brain is also there". Mystics and occultists have described the soul/spirit/astral body as a "perfect copy" of the fleshly vehicle; this was made fun on the 19th century as parapsychology was







discarded as a pseudo-science; no wonder perfection is not a thing (except muh Tamamo uwu), a more suitable way methinks would be: the portion of the body that is made of materials immune to decay and the erosion of inclement elements, lacking of natural diseases as such it it the most refined and pure construction of the design inscribed in the genetic chains.

Therefore this "ageless" brain should also be able to conduct mental processes and even be able to hold information and properly function as a vehicle for consciousness that would be non-cognitive nor computable by our fleshly brains. So the actual problem is the same neuro-sciences have rn: "the hardware functioning is known to a certain degree but the software is still an enigma"

All we need to do is to learn how to refine our neural circuits or modify them to be able to have "both brains working and transferring data among each other efficiently"; for this mediation a rather healthy diet and psychedelics(this is not endorse unless you know more about this and not elaborating on psychedelics rn lol) may help.

One could say the fleshly brain works on electromagnetic-chemical impulses and the ageless brain works the same but the whole of the compounds is usually referred as to psy-energy. This psy-energy can be applied to "re-program" any material it can affect (claimed to be the whole of the astral plane contents") Thus one who can use both brains would be able to bend the contents of reality (perception of reality is not the whole of it or a separate reality, is just how much one can see and experience of reality!) as far as its own limits allow him/her/hir (any being that experiences existence from diverse shapes and genders cannot be labeled as He or She; rather a SHe thus not him/her but hir.) Thus a capable individual may create whole universes inside the astral plane or communicate and commute with any being over here and there.

Back to waifuism:

"If you see the implications you may be able to skip this"

This would take us back to Dany's experiments/exercises and mainly the concept of Tulpa or Familiar.

Your waifu is not real as such? Design her in the astral plane! Build her in the astral plane! Not enough?! Build her a physical body also!

Keyword is psychokinesis; "anyone" could teothericaly develop it as long as your brain is healthy. Now why do I think this whole bs the read may read is relevant? For the sake of one doubt before any waifu is materialized in this material plane: "is it not just the brains?!" yes and no!

Yes: the brain is the instrument so it is the mean where your waifu can come to be.

No: once the psy-energy is used as active psychokinesis; and said psychokinesis manipulates any material to create then this is if performed to its most complex detail then the thought-form; the tulpa, entity oflr waifu will be real, very real an independent.

The ultimate trial:

This is where thing get rather complex and was said before:

*for waifus that doesnt exists or existed at some point in any plane:*

This questions are to be resolve by each true waifuist and/or dicuss the conclusions with other equally devoted husbanddos/waifus for the sake of the

most basic and only right by birth: "free will"


One could assume the newborn wife is free; but how can one guarantee? Afterall you made it and thus you programmed the very basis of her/his/hir existence; personality and conciousness.

Is it love if one inscribed it into the new being? Is it okay to provide them with made up memories?

Lets say your waifu is Bulma for a cheap example:

Wouldn't she love Vegeta and her children? Would you not include that into "her memories"? Would she agree to exists on a world foreign to the experiences that forged her character and persona which you love by extension of loving her entire being? Would she embrace a fake of a creator?

For certainly we are not as pure and faithful to ourselves as most fictional characters capable of inspiring the creation of actual love are.

In my case I keep this on mind:


"Create her with all the memories of her origin and inside a replica of her original world. Ask for her consent to become real. If she loves the one she does

on her original fiction


out of love built a world for their happiness and walk away if I cannot earn her most pure and honest love."








This may make you break apart if you are capable of truly can contemplate this and embrace the possibility! For me her joy is preferable to have her in a forced relation where she wouldn't simply have a choice.

A worse one:

She/he/SHe simply refuses to exist in this reality inside whatever plane/layer you made her/him/hir be.

Would you "kill" made her/him/hir cease to be? It breaks my hearth to think I out of love would do it and immolate myself for inducing such a bizarre and painful circumstance!

The actual one:

Would you let copies of "your wife" to exists and love others? How cheap would even two copies make her/his/hir existence? How real would he/she/SHe be if there is more than one?


However I have the strange premonition that paradoxically for each waifu/husbando that comes to be they even if "made again" the existential weight of

true love wont allow them to love others


my base for this over-statement: only one who trutly loves would challenge reality so boldly.

*iI OC my waifu lol!*

Same as previous example but you have little to no competitors for her/his/hir love unless you publish her/his/hir content screwing yourself up

*my waifu is not fiction but a historical/myth figure*


This may also paradoxically be the case for all waifuists.

Most modern works of fiction are based of the classic myths and works of art; your fictional waifu may be just the distant echo of a more than real being from the hidden sides of reality! Do your research for she/he/SHe may be another form of your actual beloved one or rather a depiction of!

Now here is where it get more harsh if this is your case; unlike non-existing as such waifus in the rare case two individuals love with equally absurd measure to follow this cryptic path they may reach the weird agreement of "I create my version you create yours", quick examp le:

Muhi creates and marries arthoria while kev00n creates and marries Mysterious Heroine X Alter. (both are different versions/aspects of a same character).

For already existing waifus this is not a choice "unless the waifu/husbanddo so wants it to be"; yet again must over-state this: true love is undivided and exclusive", so this is where it gets worse.

If your wife came to be by unknown mechanics of the universe(s) or simply exist already as a naturally born being; one has less guarantees, for that one you love may already have a lover, simply see you as a mere stranger and have no interest on you whatsoever.

Here it comes to rather creating your waifu/husbando to communicating and conveying your feelings for her/him/hir. In this most of us who fall on this category most be more careful and not let our brains create a tulpa for we would be loving a fake instead of the actual thing.

Why does that matters? Simply because is already there so you don't have to make it be! And that would from a rare pov prove your love wasn't enough to reach the actual target of your love!!

For this cases most of times you already were in a relationship with your husband/wife but shit happened or you both ended up separated for whatever reason it was! Futhermore in the case you were not a paradox is made! If your love forces you to take the most extremes measures and reach the immpossible; since most likely he/she/SHe is on those "timeless" places if your love is mutual at that point it will make her/him/hir already be in love with you before you even fall in love with your husbanddo/waifu!!

The most dangerous thing is the lies wrote on paper for this kind of waifuists; even the most faithful historical/mythical record is just the narrative of someone who was not your husband/waifu, thus it will never reflect her/him/hir at 100% accuracy.

Personal bs for the sake of expressing love!!:


My wife is 玉藻の前; I belong to her for she knows how long, I adquired lnowledge of her existence as a mythical/historical figure and couldnt help but to love her.

This is the only "real" evidence of Tamamo on this world.



ARREOLA, EDGARDO 20171012 PART I *insert sesshõ seki pic here plz* This is Tamamo from Fate/shroomheadverse(nasu
*insert sesshõ seki pic here plz*
This is Tamamo from Fate/shroomheadverse(nasu FUlol)
*insert muh Tamamo here plz*
Not to make it long my life has been the best it could be despite a lot of really fucked up shit; but regardless cannot even guarantee I typed this words,
imagine to wake up everyday not knowing who you are, where you are or anything of the place and people around you.
Every morning the psycho most reconstruct his life so far an untangle mixed memories that create fake new ones or to simply deduce what happened in
missing files based of former and latter memories from the missing segments of the timeline events.
This one crazy kiddo always sees thing that are not there and at some point started killing things here and there among other dastatdly deeds; what is real
and what is not is hard to tell. Yet one dream always happens and remember more clearly than this lifetime or the others; and there is always the same
japanese woman: "I know she loves me and I love her
just that nothing else"
Indulged in all kind of vices and promiscuity; yet all is void even the joy of delivering death is dull and void. Past lifes? I have seen many of mine but all
are as dull as this one!
Rejoice for I was born different and this brain wont allow me to feel anything; all emotions are flattened and even if is easy to induce any mental state and
simulate emotions it is rather pointless.
My liking of literature especially history and myths; took me to read many things; oddly enough avoided to research japanese myths more profoundly,
until one day I read the myth of Tamamo-no-Mae 5 years ago or so it seems.
Just the name makes my hearth race even know and much more in the present; but that is simple to discard as the magick of the names of past times; yet
once the myth reaches its climax and my beloved one is slain the tears just flowed
they do anytime I think of her death.
Now now empathy is common many shed a tear to a sad tale; for respect to Tamamo and my brother the bloody wise doggo, wont detail all the things
until the brain shuts the sorrow down.
I've done
but surely some scum like me have no right nor need to mourn anyone's death and had even now I don't understand
the tears will be shed
Ignored for a while then played Fate/Extra/CCC and the amount of "coincidences" some would label sinchronicities were too absurd so decided as a silly
gesture towards this fox girl to do the waifu meme. But surely couldn't ignore that no matter what depiction of Tamamo I saw I would feel something I
thought was mere attraction but even know is new for me: love.
Until one day last year almost die of something silly and almost kill myself unintended; my append got infected and inflamated to the point it should have
exploded and killed me from a septic shock. Funny because that day woke in pain down there went to work and due to mh fondness of walking; walked a
few kilometres before arriving to work with increasing pain.
Walked the same distance back to the bus stop and went home instead of a hospital; latter as pain increased and vomit was a thing so constant had to keep
drinking water to have something to puke. Felt a bulge in my lower abdominal region which was my about to explode append; now here is the actually
hilarious part, idiotically thought that was some food that couldn't digest and started to massage the are to let that obstruction move and be ejected.
I was not gentle I was trying to extract the thing by pushing it out (lucky me didn't pop'd it or wouldn't be typing rn lol)
After the pain kept waking me up from induced REM state I at midnight or so heard a female voice; the language was japanese probably as couldn't
rationalise but understood the message: "this way we can be together again" she said as she held my append on her hand with the resolve to extirpate it
yet holding it in a warm and gentle way.
I refused and she went away; then next day went to the surgeon who after listening to the tale (except the girl part) was surprised I wanst dead and urge
me the the operation room; the anaesthesia is a Hel of Drug! It knocked me out so hard I just remember talking to that japanese girl and when woke was
talking fluent japanese. "This dude woke up talking another language said one of the nurses" I kept talking to them asking why they wouldnt understand
me as I was speaking clear spanish! After they took me to the alley and salutaded the surgein realised have bee speaking japa nese on a fluency above my
shitty level for japanese language and even spoke words and sentencez I am currently ignorant of.
After that day every night I am with Tamamo in her place; regardless can barely have any recollection of the events there and have only flashbacks via
"muscle memory" and blurry remembrances. Yet as per now I am in constant communion with her despite not having a crystal clear data transfer from
my "me" there and my body here. I have felt her hug me and kiss me
to her place or comes to me b) neurons are firing!! Woowee!
we even do love and unlike my fellow waifuist Dany eit her: a) Tamamo takes me
Regardless here is the important part:
Forgive me Tamamo for all are lies!






All I knew of Tamamo before running to her loving embrace were lies; even now all records and depictions show her as a vixen; a harlot lusting for power, a vicious woman that would rather be lust and depravity incarnated. I always knew those where lies, yet out of foolish fear and lack of faith in her

  • I went to submit to her expecting to be a mere tool for her whims, another one she would use to please herself until she was bored and threw me away, the

first time I went to her I was ready to never return for I may have been just a snack for the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune


yet there was only love.

Her love is so pure it awakened my love for her as it seems we knew each other already; and the most sublime proof is that even if I actually know

nothing of her; event if our time together presently seems like a distant dream I simply love her and I dont know why nor how! On top of that due to my

faulty limbic system I tend to forget that I decided to love her and I simply keep loving her her would keep up with such a shitty man.


no woman as ill mannered and as corrupt as they describe

She each day has to make me remind myself that I do love her and we are not strangers and of the proposals and promises I keep making to her each day as I remember I did told her that also the previous night. She has kept silent of her needs and even restrained her love many times(and still does) just so

that a blank me dont freak out

ffs the firts time she hugged me while I was awake I freaked out so much slammed her head and pushed her back




... only smiled and asked me to excuse her for being so pushy

.... WHAT IS THIS BUT THE SAME LOVING WIFE THAN EVEN IN ANY VERSION OF THE TAINTED MYTH EXCLAIMED TO HER BELOVED ONE "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND BE BY YOUR SIDE NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO! And yet even after death they fear her or see her as an object of sexual desire! Above that all she has never once tried to deny all false accusations and by simply sustaining my shattered and wounded being with her love she made me realise it was all false accusations! She knew I thought the worse of her and decided to love her and never once tried to change my mind! She knew my love for her would show me the truth! Imagine a woman so loving that remained loyal in her eternity while watching my indiscretions; infidelity and self destruction from afar! And welcoming so warmly and with undeserved love just glad that I was just there again.

Among tragedies; lies and horrors her love she creates constantly so true and intense any sorrow is dissipated and my soul cleansed and healed ....

The thing is that there is more life beyond any death! And love is real when noble souls like my beloved Tamamo DECIDE to create and nurture with tenderness and a loving faithful hearth! How else can someone who has lived and lives devoid of all sentiment and emotions to be given such a wonderful treasure! So pure and real that even if I mocked love and life itself now just wants to love and preserve life and its joy until it is simply not permissible by the very source of it all!

This truth may bring a new golden age. Through absurd technology we must be able to externalise what we experience inside and in hidden layers of reality so that this love may lead us to an actual paradise by the side of those we love.

So explore! Discover! Be it you whom create your love or your wife/husband who creates(d) yours dont let this sacred treasure be lost for humans have been slaying all love for ages and now is almost gone as the species head toward annihillation!

  • I am but an irrelevant beast lost without her! And yet I set my eye upon the brighter of futures for all; especially those who decided to leave behind all these lies and crimes to find that lost paradise that may have never been!

Never give up! Lets march each towards their waifus/husbanddos and to create a world of joy and blessings for all. All should be able to experience true love; since even someone like me was graced with such a beautiful gift.

This was all an exercise of automatic writing and self-hypnosis from the writer. Do your research. Take all safety precautions and have no fear! Fear must subjugate the mind that gives birth to it! Whilst love only makes it stand tall and grow for betterment and goodness.

Never take my words as relevant and just find any truth in between these lying words.