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Key Features of Master Software Tools

DAT File Conversion Tool - this utility imports .DAT files from the Handheld Software Tools and converts
them to the new MST format. The .DAT file is unchanged by the process. Once converted, these new files
can be opened and edited using the Measurement Editor.
Cable Editor - This application allows you to delete, modify and add new Cables to the instruments
Signal Standard Editor If there is a standard that is not included in the instrument, you can use MST to
modify, edit, and append the signal standard list.
Product Update This feature keeps you informed of instrument firmware updates
Integrated Codeloader No need to install a separate program to upgrade instrument Firmware. Everything
can be addressed with MST.
Trace Rename Utility Allows you to rename hundreds of traces in a couple of minutes. This is a real time
saver for people spending a lot of time renaming traces.
Group Edit If you have a folder with hundreds of traces and you forgot to turn on the markers or limit lines,
you can use the Group Edit tool to copy the markers and limit line from one trace to all traces in a specific
Integration with Map Point - Measurements that contain GPS location information can be dragged into a
Map Point window in Master Software Tools. The measurement is placed at the geographic location on the
map indicated by the GPS data. (Microsoft Map Point must be purchased separately)
Advanced limit line editor - Create and upload complex limit line masks to the instrument.
Standard Windows File Management simplify the process of downloading, dragging, and dropping files.
Language Editor - this utility allows you to add new or modify existing language tables. Languages available
for selection are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. All of these
languages except for English can be edited. Up to two more custom languages can be loaded using this
AVI Files Create video files of your favorite Spectrogram measurement.

Picture 1: VNA measurement using the marker table

Picture 2: Trace Rename utility enables you to rename hundreds of traces in minutes

Picture 3: MST Product Update Tools used to download the latest software and firmware

Picture 4: DAT file conversion tool used to convert existing SPA and Cable & Antenna traces to MST

Included in the Master Software package:

Master Software Tools (MST) - this is a more sophisticated version of the very popular Handheld Software Tools
(HHST). It is a Windows based program for the Anritsu "Master" product family. Using this software plots can be
uploaded and downloaded using a computer running Windows 2000 (Service Pack 4 or above), XP (Service Pack 2
or above) or VISTA.
MST supports S331D, S332D, S312D, S311D, S810D, S820D, MT8212B, MS2711D, MT8222A, MS2721B,
MS2723B, MS2724B, MS2024A, MS2026A, MS2034A, MS2036A, MS2717B, MS2718B, MS2719B, MP1026A,
MS2721A, MS2717A, and MT8220A


1. New firmware is not compatible with Master Software Tools version 1.25 or older. We recommend that you update
your Master Software Tools to the latest version to be sure that you have maximum functionality.