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Busbar protection REB500 SEP-503A

Course Description

Course goal
The participants acquire in-depth product knowledge
that enables them to implement station protection
solutions in practice. They are using the operating
program HMI500 REBWIN to manage structure and
configuration of a protection application.

Learning objectives
Upon completion of this course the participants
should be able to:

Understand the product/system architecture

Describe the tool environment and installation
Configure device hardware, alarms and event
Implement protection application solution
Course type and methods
Configure fault recording function handling
This is an instructor led course with interactive
Configure the communication interface classroom lectures and associated exercises.
Implement modifications in the system Approximately 70% of the course is hands-on
Test and verify the implemented application activities.
Participant profile The duration of the course is 3 days.
This training is targeted towards users who want to
learn busbar protection REB500 and HMI500
operating program.

Participants should know the fundamentals of
working with protection systems and have a basic
knowledge of Windows. Also, be aware that all
scheduled courses will be in English.

Product/system architecture - HW/SW structure,
system layout and components
Operating program overview and concepts
Create function block diagram with signal
Testing of products or system - Application
verification, trouble-shooting and diagnostic

Busbar protection REB500 SEP-503A

Course Description

Course outline

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Introduction to functionality and HMI500 operating mode Exercise 3
available variants HMI500 configuration mode
HMI500 configuration mode
Hardware description for Bay
Exercise 1
Unit and Central Unit
Breaker failure protection
Operation principles
Exercise 2
Inter-tripping and topology build- Breaker failure protection
up of busbar replica
Breaker failure and end fault