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Final Fantasy

M. N. G. Einstein

13. May, 2017 02. June, 2017

For a lifetime of fun, great moments, fantastic stories and amazing

characters, brought to existence by former Squaresoft now Square
Enix. In remembrance of a splendid time.



Song Of Prayer

Without words

Thirty years now have passed since the first Final Fantasy game was released.
Therefore, I thought, in the spirit of the warriors of light we could rekindle that
esprit, review the games, with the perception of the past as well with the thoughts
of the present, and maybe we can celebrate the good times, which will create for
some or perhaps even more a delight.

Thursday, 1. June 2015 at 22:37 oclock


1 The funniest moments 4

2 The saddest moments 6

3 The most fun moments in/of Final Fantasy 9

4 The most breathtaking moments 11

5 The most nervewracking moments 13

6 The most shocking moments 15

7 The most defining moments 17

1 The funniest moments

We find no tasties here so now we cook you for breakfast.

Quina to General Beatrix

Number Twelve
12. The conversations between the thieves in FF IX and the love letters, which
end in some hilarious confusions.

Number Eleven
11. Zone and Watts gathering information in FF VIII, Barretts aggressive ex-
plosions and Yuffies thieving in FF VII and Steiners Pluto soldiers in FF IX,
who follow orders in their own way.

Number Ten
10. Jecht attacking the shoopuf in FF X.

Number Nine
09. Vivi and Quina getting married in Conde Petie in FF IX. I mean, that must
be the funniest video game scene ever.

Number Eight
08. The dwarves in FF I and in FF IV. In FF I they construct a canal and with
a bit of TNT, provided by the party, they finish the job. Thus, opening the entire
world to the party. In FF IV they help quite a lot as they fight of the Red Wings
in the subterranean world and draw attention, so the party can sneak into the
Tower of Babil. In FF V the long lost Dwarf Kingdom lies at the bottom of the
ocean at the Great Trench with only a few residents living at that spot. There is
also Mithril Town, which inhabitants frogs, beavers and miniature people in FF IV.

Number Seven
07. Biggs and Wedge dispute as they lose in FF VIII.

Number Six
06. Kefkas grotesque behaviour as the General of Gestahl in FF VI.

Wait he said! Do I look like a waiter?


Number Five
05. Steiner and Zidane argumenting over which turn to choose or what is best for
Garnet in FF IX.

Number Four
04. Lagunas cramp, his troop in general on their missions, his acting in a movie,
involving a real life dragon, not a life sized model as he assumes and the fight
against Cactor in FF VIII.

Number Three
03. King Gorn going mad, splitting his army in two and force them to fight each
other to the death in FF III.

Number Two
02. Odins (who cannot be beaten) fight against Cifer, whom splits him open in

Number One
01. The Fight against Gilgamesh at the Big (A) Bridge (too far) in FF V.

Starkle, starkle little twink . . . Now its time that you guys SINK!!!

Hasta la bye bye!

Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And
ladies who dress like men!

Tuesday, 30. May 2017 at 22:31 oclock

2 The saddest moments

Lets show them theyre wrong.

Lord Braska

Number Twelve
12. Every failing to stop the awful and destructive moments taking place in every
Final Fantasy Game.

Number Eleven
11. The last evening, when Tifa and Cloud are waiting at the edge of the North
Crater, before their descent into the cave in the morning in FF VII.

Hmm. . . But thats alright, even if no one comes back. As long as Im

with you . . . As long as youre by my side . . . I wont give up even if
Im scared.

This closes the circle as, at the beginning of FF VII, Tifa and Cloud sit at the well
in Nibelheim under the stars.

Number Ten
10. When the AlBhed are starting to sing the Hymn of the Fayth as they de-
stroy their home and fly away from the fireball in FF X.

Number Nine
09. When Eiko (six years old) cooks dinner for everyone and she prays for help
from her long dead grandfather, because she does not want to be alone anymore
in FF IX.

Number Eight
08. Laguna protecting the mumba in prison, the rescue of Rinoa as she flies un-
controllable in space by Squall and the destruction of Trabia Garden in FF VIII.

Number Seven
07. Zack carrying Cloud out of the Shinra Manor, where they were held prisoners
for experiments and Bugenhagens death bed conversation with Red XIII in FF

Number Six
06. Cyan chasing his family on the Phantom Train in FF VI.

Number Five
05. When Galuf takes on Exdeath all alone, although he has no chance, when
Lonewolf moves in front of the pipes to at least delay the explosion of the Fire
Crystal so that the party can escape, the entrapment of Zeza in the Barrier Tower
and the shattering of the Crystals in FF V.


Mindu giving it all to open the last sealed door in Mysidia Tower and then collap-
sing dead from exhaustion in FF II.

Number Four
04. Yang at the cannon, when he takes on the control room, so the others can es-
cape, Cids sacrifice in a megaton explosion as he straps explosive around his body
and leaps overboard, to both, trap Golbez underground as well as to give the other
the possibility to escape as they are chased by an airship of the Red Wings, the
delivery of the bomb ring to the Village of Mist, the bombing of Damcyan, Palom
and Porom sacrifice for the mission as they petrify themselves, Tellahs story and
his death at the end in FF IV.

Number Three
03. When Yuna realises, that Tidus is from the Dream Zanarkand and he just
becomes a vanishing dream; and just like that he disappears in FF X.


The rescue by the Water Maiden Elia, who jumps in front of a deadly arrow
from the hooded assassin Kraken in FF III.

Number Two
02. When Celes tries to commit suicide after she wakes up all alone in the World
of Ruin in FF VI.

Number One
01. The End of any Final Fantasy Game.

Im sorry I couldnt show you Zanarkand.


Friday, 26. Mai 2017 at 21:20 oclock

3 The most fun moments in/of Final Fantasy

Oh! Cloud! Your hair looks like a Chocobo!


Number Twelve
12. Hearing the music of FF while you move around in the game, especially on the
world map.

Number Eleven
11. Bartz and his Chocobo in FF V.


Shrinking the party to enter the hidden town Tozas of the miniature people, which
leads to the fight with the giant rat in FF III.

Number Ten
10. Monster Farm in FF X.

Number Nine
09. Catching frogs with Quina in FF IX (so incredibly funny), particularly with
his/her enormous tongue hanging out.

Number Eight
08. Bounty Hunting in FF XII.

Number Seven
07. Chocobo racing, Fort Condor Battle, Torpedo Attack, G Bike. All the mini
games in Final Fantasy VII are great fun.

Number Six
06. Triple Triad in FF VIII.

Number Five
05. Snowboarding in Final Fantasy VII is the best mini game.

Number Four
04. Overtaking the game and with that the anticipation of the developers, for
example fighting the Midgar Zolom in FF VII at the first encounter, surviving
with luck and then receiving Beta or fighting the Captains in FF II early on or
fighting the Tatzelworm in FF IX at the first possibility and becoming in all three
cases practically invincible.

Number Three
03. When you beat a super enemy as the Weapons.

Number Two
02. Receiving finally a perfect score.

Number One
01. The excitement one feels on playing FF for the first time and discovering the
depth of the game (the branching of magic, the ramification of the abilities of each
character, . . . , at the same time the progression of the story).

This day will never come again, so let me have this moment.

Saturday, 20. Mai 2017 at 20:19 oclock

4 The most breathtaking moments

You dont need a reason to help other people.


Number Twelve
12. When Balthier saves Fran inside the Bahamut and carries her outside in FF XII.

Number Eleven
11. The triggering of the trap, prompting the fight against Demon Wall in FF IV,
the fight against Atmos in FF V, the Art Gallery of Owzer with the paintings
coming to life in FF VI and when Squall carries Rinoa on his back all the way to
Esthar in FF VIII.

Number Ten
10. Entrance into Luca by ship in FF X.

Number Nine
09. The air battle as the party tries to flee through the South Gate in FF IX.

Number Eight
08. The battle of the Gardens in FF VIII.

Number Seven
07. The attack of Weapon on Junon and Midgar, and the shooting canon in FF VII.

Number Six
06. Locks rescue of Celes and the contraction and submerging of the entire Figaro
Castle, the entrance via airship into Vector and the rise of the Continent of the
Esper in FF VI.

Number Five
05. The downfall of Syldra, which is dragged under in a whirlpool by a dying
Karlabos, the explosion of the Castle of Karnak, the ride of Galuf on Hiryuu the
wind dragon as he commands his army to retreat, the wildfire devouring the Li-
ving Forest, the lifting of the illusionary veil of Exdeath and the rise of the ancient
continent buried beneath the desert into the sky above in FF V.

Number Four
04. The rescue by the Wind Drake in the throne room, while Ricard Highwind
holds on the emperor as he prepares his destruction ritual and the flight out of the
Dreadnought in FF II.

Number Three
03. Kujas entrance in FF IX.

Number Two
02. Ballroom dance at Balamb Garden in FF VIII and the fight for alignment of
the Three Statues of the Goddesses on the floating island in FF VI.

Number One
01. That it was possible, with so little technical capabilities as the NES, to create
such a vast game as FF I, FF II and F III, and with the SNES FF IV, FF V and
FF VI and then with the PSone a jump to three dimensional was made, in which
FMV took place with no extra loading time on top with an incredible soundtrack.

All that matters is whats inside us.


Friday, 19. Mai 2017 at 23:49 oclock

5 The most nervewracking moments

Number Twelve
12. Getting the items for the Lionheart without using any cards in FF VIII.

Number Eleven
11. Mating the Chocobos to get a Golden One in FF VII.

Number Ten
10. Fighting the super enemies Shinryu (only 55.500 HP) and Omega (on-
ly 55.530 HP) in FF V.

Number Nine
09. Fighting the super enemy Atma (only 55.000 HP) in Kefkas Tower and the
Dragons (between 4.000 HP and 42.000 HP) in FF VI.

Number Eight
08. Traveling around in FF V due to the awful map and its lack in FF IV.

Number Seven
07. Getting the Blue Mage or the EnemySkills without any cheat (hahaha)
and trying to get the great gospel (fourth Limit of Aeris) before her demise in FF

Number Six
06. Fighting Odin and trying to steal a protes ring every FF game due to the
countdown (in FF V one minute, in FF VIII it depends how fast the party reaches
his chamber).

Number Five
05. Fighting Gilgame (only 30.000 HP) in Gilgames Cave in FF V.

Number Four
04. Fighting the super enemy Yadis (only 65.000 HP) in FFIX.

Number Three
03. Fighting the super enemy Omega Weapon without using any GF as protection
as well as hero drinks (or any other drink that makes any party member invincible)
on Level 100 in FF VIII.

Number Two
02. Fighting the super enemies Emerald (850.000 HP) and Ruby Weapon (900.000
HP) with a Level < 80 plus no ultima weapons and no Knights of the Round in
FF VII. Good night and good luck!

Number One
01. Fighting in FF X the super enemy Penance (12.000.000 HP) and the Black
Aeons (between 800.000 HP and 8.000.000 HP).

Friday, 15. Mai 2017 at 22:49 oclock

6 The most shocking moments

Number Twelve
12. The attack on Gatrea in FF II. You start the game and your party is imme-
diately annihilated.

Number Eleven
11. When ATMO92 revives itself in FF VIII.

Number Ten
10. The ending of Final Fantasy X as Dream Zanarkand and Tidus (main charac-
ter) just vanishes.

Number Nine
09. The annihilation of Cleyra and Lindblum after Kujas victory at Burmecia at
the end of CD 1 in FF IX.

Number Eight
08. Kains treason after the Demon Wall battle and after he already betrayed the
party at the Siege of Fabul in FF IV.

Number Seven
07. Exdeath return after defeating him in the otherworld in FF V.

Number Six
06. Finding out that the witch Edea is the orphan mother of the main characters
after they get the order to kill her in FF VIII.

Number Five
05. Josef sacrifice as Borgan triggers a trap and a giant boulder comes crushing
down the steps in the Snow Cavern in FF II. The party attempts to outrun the
rock, but Josef chooses to stand his ground long enough for the group, which
wittnes his demise, to escape.

Number Four
04. Galufs fight to the death after Zeza (not a party member, but a dear friend
of Galuf) has already sacrificed himself at the Barrier Tower in FF V.


Once the party gets the Time Gear from King Argus, which they bring to Cid
and whom enables their ship to transform into an airship, the party finds out, that
the entire game so far took place on a floating continent in FF III.

Number Three
03. Celes jump for suicide in the World of Ruin in FF VI.

Number Two
02. The detonation which leads to the collapse of sector 7s plate and Aeris death
by the hand of Jenova, shapeshifted to look like Sephiroth, as in the North Crater
it is revealed, that all the prior encounters, since their first encounter in Hojos
laboratory, were all Jenova and not once [the real] Sephiroth in FF VII.

Number One
01. Kefkas apocalypse creating the World of Ruin, after already poisoning an en-
tire city and much more in FF VI.

Saturday, 13. Mai 2017 at 21:03 oclock

7 The most defining moments
Each of these elements that were introduced enriched the role playing gaming in-
dustry by far.

Cloud . . . Im searching for you.

. . . . . . . . . ?

I want to meet you.

But Im right here.

(I know, I know . . . what I mean is . . . ) I want to meet . . . you.

Number Twelve
12. The beginning of FF I, because it began everything with that.

Number Eleven
11. The introduction of the legendary Cid and the Chocobo in FF II and the in-
troducing of the ATB system in FF IV.

Number Ten
10. The birth of the summoning magic in FF III.

Number Nine
09. The fight against Demon Wall in the Sealed Cave in FF IV and Atmos in
FF V (because both were a new way of creating pressure inside the game onto the

Number Eight
08. The introduction of Omega and Shinryu as the hardest enemies in FF V; the
introduction of super enemies in general.

Number Seven
07. The introduction of free enemies that are visible on the map in FF XII.

Number Six
06. The initiation of Full Motion Videos in FF VII. One height was reached with
the Ballroom dance of Squall and Rinoa (although it might be falling through
time) in FF VIII. Prior to that NonPlayer Characters would sometimes do a
routine, which can be thought of as a pre stage of a FMV.

Number Five
05. The opera house and the big performance there in FF VI. With FF VI comes
an originally song sung by Risa Ohki called Terras Theme or Terras Melodie:

Terras Theme, Terras Melodie

Tina No Tema

Haruka Tooku Yoru O Koete

Sabaku No Umi O Samayou

Kami No Koe Wa Shinkirou

Wasurerareta Hitobito

Kage Wa Shiroku Yurameki Tatsu

Ima Hitotabi No Maboroshi

Aoku Moeru Yuusha No Yume

Towa Ni Nemuru Hitobito

The starting violins at this point are incredibly fantastic.


Haruka Tooku Yoru O Koete ...

Talking about the music of Final Fantasy.

Number Four
04. Eikos fall to Garnet calling Alexander to guard Alexandria from destruction
by Garlant in FF IX.

Number Three
03. Yunas dance (funeral ceremony) at Porta Kilika in FF X; enjoy the Link:

Number Two
02. Stepping out (of Midgar) on to the World map of FF VII for the first time;
enjoy the Link:

Number One
01. The intro of FF VI, enjoy the Link:

Friday, 02. June 2017 at 23:55 oclock

So many stories, so many characters, so many tragedies, . . .

Whenever sang my songs,

On the stage, on my own,
Whenever said my words,
Wishing they would be heard,
I saw you smiling at me,
Was it real or just my fantasy,
Youd always be there in the corner,
Of this tiny little bar,

My last night here for you,

Same old songs, just once more,
My last night here with you?
Maybe yes, maybe no,
I kind of liked it your way,
How you shyly placed your eyes on me,

Oh, did you ever know?

That I had mine on you,

Darling, so there you are,

With that look on your face,
As if youre never hurt,
As if youre never down,
Shall I be the one for you,
Who pinches you softly but sure,
If frown is shown then,
I will know that you are no dreamer,

So let me come to you,

Close as I wanted to be,
Close enough for me,
To feel your heart beating fast,
And stay there as I whisper,

How I loved your peaceful eyes on me,

did you ever know,

That I had mine on you,

Darling, so share with me,

Your love if you have enough,
Your tears if yourre holding back,
Or pain if thats what it is,
How can I let you know,
Im more than the dress and the voice,
Just reach me out then,
You will know that youre not dreaming,

Darling, so there you are,

With that look on your face,
As if youre never hurt,
As if youre never down,
Shall I be the one for you,
Who pinches you softly but sure,
If frown is shown then,
I will know that you are no dreamer.

Faye Wong Eyes on me