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I. Add so, but, therefore, however where appropriate.

1. The wind was howling outside, _________ it was warm and comfortable indoor.
2. The highway was under construction, ___________ we had to take a different route to work.
3. You could fly via Singapore; ____________, this isn't the only way.
4. There is still much to discuss. We shall, ___________ , return to this item at our next meeting.
5. It isn't that he lied exactly, __________ he did tend to exaggerate.
6. I thought the plane would be delayed;_____________ , I bought a lot of magazines to read.
7. Jackson was going to study all night, ____________ he declined our invitation to dinner.
8. We thought the figures were correct. ____________ , we have now discovered some errors.
9. Cars have become more complicated.______, mechanics need more training than in the
10. We arrived at the theater late _______ the play had not yet begun.We were quite
11. Prices have been rising. It is unlikely, ___________ , that this increase will continue.
12.The bread was old and stale, ___________ Martha ate it anyway.
13. The holiday had been a complete disaster. We,................ decide to fly home early if we
14. He failed the exam, ____________ he had to do the job he didn't like.
15. They hoped to climb the mountain by August. _______ bad weather could be a
16. This is the shortest way to the city center; is not the only way
17. The boy was able to learn English,..................he is very lazy.
18. He didn't attend the lesson,..................he could not do his homework.
19. The rice is 6000 dong per kilo,.................we bought 10 kilos.
20. Your son is heading to the right direction;.................. I think you should encougrage him to learn
21. It is very late now,.................she is still at her office.
22. It was midnight,.....................they closed the restaurant and went home.
24. We discussed the issue all day,.................we could not come to a final conclusion.
25. It started to rain hard;................we decided to stay at home to watch TV.
26. The sun was warm, ____________ a cool breeze blew in from the sea.
27. I have read this book before; ____________, I do not remember the plot.
28. We opened the window , ____________ fresh air would blow into the room.
29. The bus fare is expensive; ____________, I prefer to walk.
30. I wanted to study. , I was too tired.
31. I wanted to study, .. I was too tired.
32. The sun is warm, .. the air is cool.
33. The child was sleepy. ______________, we went home early.
34. We looked everywhere. _____________, we could not find the keys.
35. They visited many stores; ___________, they could not find what they were looking for.
36. I would rather travel by train, ___________ the bus leaves earlier.
37. Please come with us, ____________ I can introduce you to my friends.
38. Tom is a careful student,_______ Toms brother is not.
39. Mai likes traveling to strange land _______ her parents like traveling, too.
40. I thought they planted trees, _______ they cut them down instead.
41. People want to use cars. _______, cars require so much energy to run.
42. Its not very hot,______ I turn off the air conditioner.
43. How does your father go to work? By cars _____ by public transport?
44. Every form of life requires a constant input of energy; _______ we depends heavily on energy for
our survival.
45. Would you like to have a glass of cold water, _______ you prefer a cup of hot tea?
46. We do not have much paper now; _______ we should try to save it.
47. During the daytime, we can collect solar power, _______ what about during the night.
Exercise 2: Choose the best option
1. I want to work as an interpreter in the future; ________ I am studying Russian at university.
a. but b. so c. however d. therefore
2. I am going shopping for food this evening, ________ I do not have to go at the weekend.
a. so b. but c. however d. moreover
3. We live in the same building, ________ we have hardly seen each other
a. and b. therefore c. but d. so
4. I went to buy a Rolling Stones CD, ________ the shop didn't have it.
a. and b. but c. therefore d. so
5. Anna needed some money; ________, she took a part-time job.
a. furthermore b. moreover c. however d. therefore
6. Julie has a guitar, ________ she plays it badly.
a. and b. so c. but d. therefore
7. My fingers were injured ,________ my sister had to write the note for me.
a. and b. however c. so d. but
8. The concert was cancelled, ________ we went to a nightclub instead.
a. so b. however c. so on d. but
9. He is only sixteen, and; ________, he is not eligible to drive a car.
a. nevertheless b. but c. therefore d. however
10. Maria tried to read a novel in French ,________ the book was too difficult for her to understand.
a. so that b. therefore c. but d. and
11. To get from Vancouver to Victoria, you can fly, __ you can ride the ferry.
a. or b. but c. so d. however
12. I bought a bottle of wine ,________ we drank it together.
a. therefore b. so c. and d. but
13. The waiter was not very nice. ________, the food was delicious.
a. However b. but c. so d. and so
14. ___ hard he worked, he could earn enough money to support the family.
a. But b. However c. Therefore d. Whatever
II. Complete the sentences using the following phrasal verbs.

turn off, turn on , look for, look after, go on

1. Before leaving the room, remember to ______ all the lights.
2. You must ______ the child carefully because he is playing with all these electric toys.
3. I often ______ this small light to learn when I am in my own room.
4. If there is no one in the room, do not _______ the TV.
5. What are you doing there? Im _________ a book on energy uses.
6.If you _______ using hot water for all your machine washes, your electricity bill will be higher.
7. We can help save energy if we prepare food carefully before ________ the stove.
8. Offices should ________ all the lights during the night.
9. During the daytime, when the room is light enough, do not ________ the lights.
10. Lets work together to ________ a better way to reduce energy uses.
III. Rewrite each of sentences. Beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same.
1. Why dont you have your hair cut?
She suggests I...................................................................................................
2. Why dont we go hunting?
He suggests ......................................................................................................
IV. Put ()at the end of the sentence if it is correct. If the sentence has a mistake, underline and
correct it.
1. She suggested that I should look for another flat.
2. She suggested me to buy a new bike.
3. It was suggested that Peter studies the material more thoroughly before attempting to pass the