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Toni-Ann Johnson, Brianna Noble 1

Annotated Bibliography
Primary Sources

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From the internet, I found a digital image of a Jamaican fifty dollar bill. In the
center of the bill is a depiction of Queen Nanny, or Nanny of the Maroons.

"The Maroons." The Maroons. N.p., n.d. Web.


This primary source contains excerpts from Maroons in the 1700s.

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In this book, the McKissacks describes the contributions Nanny made and how she
rebelled against the British in order to free slaves, a former slave herself.

Secondary Sources

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This website describes Nannys life and her struggles, as well as the successes of
the Maroons that Nanny and her brothers built.

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the Americas." Creativity and Resistance : Educational Guide. Cobblestone
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Toni-Ann Johnson, Brianna Noble 1

This research page informs readers of the complete history of the First Maroon

Bilby, Kenneth M. "Maroon Autonomy In Jamaica." Cultural Survival. Cultural Survival

Inc., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2017.

This magazine articles describes the autonomy and communities in Jamaica, and in
the past when Jamaica was the home of the Maroons.

Brooks, Jon. "From Freedom to Bondage: The Jamaican Maroons." N.p., 1997. Web.

This page narrates how Queen Nanny escaped forced labor by her captors and then
later created an army of other escapees (Marooners) and retaliated against
them, also known as the British.

"The Jamaican Maroons." The Jamaican Maroons. N.p., n.d. Web.


This website shows the complete history of the jamaican Maroons.

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This page describes the legal system in the Maroons today and how the First
Maroon War impacted the culture of the Maroons in the present.

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This video displays information about the First Maroon War of the 1700s and
Queen Nanny.

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This video contains data about Nanny and the Maroons.

Toni-Ann Johnson, Brianna Noble 1

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This database provides an analysis of Nannys achievements when fighting the

British and the lapse of the War.