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Company Facts
Founded in 1993 in Louisiana

Novel designs

Different business philosophy focus on

operating cost

Marrero, Louisiana (Headquarters)

Aberdeen, Scotland

Houston, Texas


Grande Prairie, Canada

Mumbai, India
Chemical Injection
Typical positive-displacement
pump problems

Pump failure



Operator intervention

Repair frequency

Parts cost

Parts stocking
Chemical Injection
Typical pneumatic pump problems
Cheaply made focus on initial cost
External timer sensitive to temperature,
pressure, moisture
Springs & diaphragms wear & break
Constant lubrication requirement
Stroke length adjusters not reliable
Plunger packing leaks without warning
Ball checks throwaway design
Different pump size for every flow rate
Why Choose CheckPoint?
New design not another copy

Focused on long term cost of


Lowest operating cost

Most consistent flow rate

Environmentally friendly

World-class customer support

Exchange service
Superior Design
Fewest moving parts

Isolated chemical head

Highest flow turndown ratio (over


Can run on air, natural gas, or liquid

Modular interchangeable parts

Identical exterior dimensions

across entire pump series
Superior Design

Handles highly aggressive chemicals

H2S compatible

Recoverable exhaust gas zero


No flooded suction required

FailSafe checks rebuildable

Superior Design
Our pneumatic pumps are insensitive to:

Daily temperature changes

Process pressure changes

Air humidity and liquid carryovers

Gas supply pressure fluctuations

Chemical viscosity changes

Seal wear over time

Result: over-injection & under-injection are

Superior Design
Patented Shuttle Valve

Fewest moving parts

No springs or diaphragms

Flow rate consistency

Incompressible fluid operation

Highest flow turndown

Double-acting motor function

Superior Design
Double-Acting Motor Enables:

No return spring

Plunger packing adjustability

Powerful suction stroke

Lubrication-free durability
Superior Design
Gas Exhaust Recovery

Recover 100% of pump


High backpressure capability

Environmental benefit - Zero

Greenhouse Gas emissions

Economical Gas can be re-

used or sold

Safety Re-direct H2S or other

harmful emissions
Superior Design
Chemical Head

Isolated from pump motor

Adjustable packing

Interchangeable parts within same


No flooded suction requirement

Available in 316SS, Hastelloy, or

Superior Design
Head Interchangeability

Same pump head converts multiple

plunger sizes

Changes can be made to plunger

size without changing pipe work

Reduced parts inventory

Reduces conversion time and cost

CheckPoint offers support unmatched by
other pump companies
Most products available to ship within 2 days

No price gouging on parts

Exchange program immediate response to


On-site health care & maintenance program

Free trials on new applications

Continuous R&D program

Series 1250
Pneumatic chemical injection
1 pint/day to 120 gpd

Up to 12,000 psig

Single-acting head

5 Plunger Sizes (1/8 to 1/2)

Overall Length - 12.00 in

Weight - 11 lb
Series 1500
Pneumatic chemical injection
1 to 650 gpd

Up to 15,000 psig

Single-acting head

4 plunger sizes (3/8 to 1 )

Overall length - 13.25 in

Weight - 27 lb
Series 5400
Pneumatic chemical injection pump

2 to 800 gph
Up to 20,000 psig
Double-acting motor & head
5 plunger sizes (0.5 to 2.5)
Overall length - 32 in
Weight - ~150 lb
Series 8400
Pneumatic chemical injection pump

2 to 500 gph
Up to 20,000 psig
Double-acting motor & head
5 plunger sizes (0.5 to 2.5)
Overall Length - 32 IN
Weight - ~180-190 LB
Series K
Pneumatic chemical injection

0.026 - 2.60 gph

Up to 6,000 psig

Leakproof stainless steel

diaphragm head

Proven technology

Available with double diaphragm

and rupture detection
Series 4000
TEG recirculation pump for gas dehydration

60 to 600 gph
No mixing of lean & rich glycol
Small footprint & lightweight
Superior dynamic seals
All 316 SS construction
MD Series
Multi-diaphragm rotating process

0.1 to 35 gpm

Up to 2,500 psig

Extremely tolerant to suspended


Chemically-resistant diaphragms


Incredibly durable compared to the

Skid Packages
Designed, fabricated,
assembled, and tested by

Plug & Play convenience

All components engineered

and matched to process

All SS welded frame

Engineered to suit or built to

customer specifications
Process Components

CheckRate SS/Glass
calibration gauges

FailSafe check valves

CheckPoint SS/sintered-
element chemical filters
Calibration Gauges

Unique design

316SS internal
tension bar

316SS flanges

Borosilicate tube

Clear PVC tube guard

Inert seals
Failsafe Check Valves

Elastomer seal for bubble-tight


Hard seat for durability

Rebuildable, 2 piece design

Tapered poppet design

prevents O-ring damage

316SS or Hastelloy C276

Multiple connection types

including Parker A-Lok

Why choose CheckPoint?

Superior products

Excellent support

Rapid delivery

Exchange program

Health care & maintenance programs

Distributor, Service Centre

Ray Offshore & Marine Supply

203 Madhu Industrial Estate,
Mogra Lane, Andheri (East)
Mumbai 400 069. INDIA

Tel : 022-6574 2470

Fax: +91-22-6725 3545
Mo : 98-697-46 040