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RT-2200 Receiver-Exciter

Field proven reliability, flexible Windows operating system based JITC* certified, the RT-2200 includes an
control options, dynamic computer and using a standard serial internal Automatic Link Establishment
reconfigurability. interface. Both the RT-2200 and the controller which provides the industry
control software offer great flexibility standard interoperable Automatic Link
The RT-2200 is a remote controlled, to optimize and simplify the use of your Establishment as defined in MIL-STD-
software defined, digital signal processor communications system. The RT-2200 can 188-141A Appendix A. The RT-2200 also
(DSP) based, high frequency receiver-exciter be used either as a receiver, an exciter, or includes a high performance data modem
designed to meet the needs of ground fixed a receiver-exciter in single-site or split-site capable of data rates from 75 to 1,200 bits
site and transportable shelter applications. installations. Each unit may be connected to per second using waveforms defined in
It provides conventional reception and up to three sources of control information MIL-STD-188-110A and up to 19.2 KBPS
transmission of voice and digital data to provide redundancy in large systems. using MIL-STD-188-110B Appendix C and F
messages, industry standard Automatic Additionally, the control software can be in ISB. It provides signal reception or signal
Link Establishment capability and high configured to control multiple radios and generation with receive-to-transmit and
performance data modem functions. The associated equipment such as filters, power transmit-to-receive speeds suitable for data
exciter operating frequency range is 1.5 amplifiers, and antenna couplers. The applications and includes the capability
to 29.999 MHz with the receiver range overall result is a highly flexible system to provide separate transmit and receive
extending as low as 350 kHz. that experienced Rockwell Collins systems frequencies when required.
integration engineers will tailor to meet
The ultra-reliable RT-2200 is the your specific communications needs.
heart of the highly flexible URG-III HF The RT-2200 uses standard waveforms
Communication System. It is computer to ensure interoperability with existing
controlled by our advanced control networks using legacy Rockwell Collins
software running on any Microsoft equipment and equipment from most other
The RT-2200 has multiple input and output audio interfaces to Modes USB, LSB, ISB, CW, AM, AME,
allow audio to be integrated from the front panel or rear panel. simplex, half-duplex
The audio interfaces are 600-ohm balance or unbalance Control Remote control via RS-232, dual
impedances to be used with standard 4-wire telephone line RS-422, or dual RS-485
connections. Additionally the RT-2200 has an internal speaker and Duty cycle 100 percent
front panel volume controls for monitoring receive audio. There is Primary power 115 or 230 V ac, 47 to 63 Hz single
also an external speaker jack available on the rear panel to allow phase or 23 to 30 V dc, 100 watts
remote monitoring of the receive audio. maximum

The RT-2200s aluminum chassis fills 3-rack units (5.25 inches) of a Environmental characteristics
standard 19-inch rack and it fits the limited depth equipment racks Operating temperature -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
used in transportable shelters. Provisions are included for the use Humidity Up to 100 percent relative
of slide mounting rails in applications where mechanical support humidity
and ease of access for service are required. All cabling to the unit
is by D-sub connectors that are positively secured to prevent Physical characteristics
accidental disconnection due to vibration or shock in Height 5.25 in (13.34 cm)
transportable applications. Width 19 in (48.26 cm)
Depth 20 in (50.80 cm), exclusive of
mating connectors
*Joint Interoperability Test Command: Weight 30 lbs (13.61 kg)

Exciter characteristics specifications subject to change without notice
Frequency range 1,500.00 to 29,999.99 kHz
Rated RF output 100 milliwatts into 50 ohms
3rd order intermodulation 45 dB below either of two equal
tones at rated output
Audio inputs Two balanced 600-ohm line inputs Building trust every day.

Receiver characteristics Rockwell Collins delivers smart communication and aviation

Tuning range 350.00 to 29,999.99 kHz electronic solutions to customers worldwide. Backed by a global
IF rejection 80 dB network of service and support, we stand committed to putting
Image rejection 80 dB technology and practical innovation to work for you whenever
3rd order intercept point +10 dBm minimum and wherever you need us. In this way, working together, we
Maximum RF input +43 dBm build trust. Every day.
Sensitivity For 10 dB (s+n)/n: SSB: 0.5
microvolt in 3 kHz bandwidth
CW: 0.25 microvolt in 500 Hz
AM: 3.0 microvolts in 6 kHz
Audio outputs Two balanced 600-ohm line For more information contact:
Internal speaker Rockwell Collins
Front panel interface 400 Collins Road NE
Rear panel 8-ohm speaker jack Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498
Common characteristics 319.295.5100
Tuning resolution 10 Hz Fax: 319.378.1172
Frequency stability 3 parts in 107, accepts external E-mail:
100 kHz or 1 MHz standard
Bandwidths SSB/ISB: per MIL-STD-188-141A
single or dual-channel
AM: 6 kHz
CW: 500 Hz
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