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12-10-2013 10 10 MINUTES

Q.No.1 Choose the best option. 10x1=10

(i) Solvent extraction is an equilibrium process and it is controlled by:
(a) law of mass action (b) the amount of solvent used
(c) distribution law (d) the amount of solute
(ii) The comparatives rates at which the solutes move in paper chromatography depend on:
(a) the size of paper (b) Rf values of solutes
(c) temperature of the experiment (d) size of chromatographic tank used
(iii) Which one of the following substance does not undergo sublimation?
(a) KMnO4 (b) naphthalene (c) NH4Cl (d) iodine

(iv) In CCl4 solvent, I 3 shows.
(a) blue colour (b) purple colour (c) brown colour (d) pink colour
(v) When an organic compound formed in water is volatile or thermally an stable it is
(a) crystallization (b) sublimation (c) solvent extraction (d) chromatography
(vi) Which one of the following substances is used as decolouring agent?
(a) asbestos (b) conc. H2SO4 (c) animal charcoal (d) silica gel
(vii) The drying agents used in vaccum desiccators.
(a) CaCl2 (b) silica gel
(c) phosphorous pentaoxide (d) all of these
(viii) A component having small value of k, mostly remain inefficient.
(a) stationary phase (b) mobile phase
(c) chromatographic tank (d) none of these
(ix) In paper chromatography, the point to which the solvent risen to maximum extent is
(a) elevent (b) chromatogram (c) solvent front (d) baseline
(x) Repeated extraction using small portions of solvent are more:
(a) accurate (b) efficient (c) slow (d) raped


Q.No.2 Give Short Answers. 10x2=20

(i) Give the main characteristics of the solvent used for crystallization.
(ii) How we can run the process of filtration smoothly?
(iii) Which solvents are mostly used in crystallization?
(iv) Rf value is always less than 1.0
(v) Give the main uses of paper chromatography?
(vi) How desiccators is used for drying the crystal?
(vii) Define sublimation with an example.
(viii) Why is there a need to crystallize the crude product?
(ix) Mention the major steps involved in the crystallization.
(x) Define quantitative analysis.
Q.No.3 (A) Write a detail note on solvent extraction. 06
(B) Differentiate between Gooch crucible and sienterd glass crucible. 04