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Basic System Configuration

Setting IP Addresses
To define a new IP address, do the following at the main unit:
1. Log in as follows:
User: admin or operator
Password: admin
2. At the command prompt, type: cd management/networking/ip-address/, and press
3. Type: get ip-address, and press Enter. This will give you the current IP
4. Type: set ip-address (the new IP address), and press Enter.
Adding Users
To define a new user, do the following:
1. Log in.
2. At the command prompt, type: cd management/mng-services/users/, and press Enter.
3. Type: add-user , and press Enter.
4. Type the password for the new

IP-10:/management/mng-services/users> add-user jose viewer

IP-10:/management/mng-services/users> add-user renzo operator
IP-10:/management/mng-services/users> add-user diego tech


FibeAir root tooridu

Fiber10 mateidu mateidu