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Preparation of Horoscope
and Scientific Prediction

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In scientific Astrology, it is absolutely necessary to cast the Birth chart (Natal chart)
of a horoscope very very accurately. The particulars, viz.,
i. Birth time
ii. Birth Date and
iii. Birth place
should be correct and accurate. Even slight error in recording any one of them will
lead to blunders and confusions in the usage of the horoscope. There are many
methods in preparing the horoscope and they are not dealt in this book. The readers
may follow the method recommended by Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy in his Stellar
Astrological Reader No. 1. The manual method is laborious and prone to have
mistakes. Nevertheless, a brief step by step procedure adopted by Prof. K.S.K. is given
Before venturing such an effort of casting Horoscope, the reader should have
the following essential tools:
i. Stellar Astrological Reader No. 1 by Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy as a reference.
ii. Krishnamurthis or Raphaels ephemeris for the particular year of birth.
iii. The Tables of Houses (Krishnamurthys or Raphaels)
 Scientific Astrology

iv.Any reference book containing the geographical longitude and latitude to

the nearest minute of arc of various places all over the world or the most
reliable atlas.
Then one is to follow the following ten steps as explained in Stellar Astrological
Reader No.1 and cast the horoscope:


)LUVWVWHS Conversion of the birth time normally given in countries standard time
into Local Mean Time
6HFRQG VWHS Calculation of sideral time from Local Mean Time
Finding out the position of the Ascendant and the Cusps of other 11
houses using the Table of houses
)RXUWKVWHS Finding the position of 9 planets in the Zodiac
)LIWKVWHSErect Rasi Chakra (Zodiac Sign) or Natal Chart and also a Zodiac House
Chart separately and insert the planets into them
6L[WK VWHS Calculation of Dasa Balance at birth
6HYHQWK VWHS Prepare a Ready Reference Table for Bhukthis and Anthras
(LJKWK VWHS Prepare Astrological position of each planet (Locators of the planets
viz. sign lord, constellation lord and sub lord of each planet)
1LQWK VWHS Prepare the Table of 12 houses with their Significators and Locators
and also prepare the Table of 9 planets with the houses signified and located by
them. The houses aspect by the planet using the house chart prepared in step 5 is
also to be included in step 9 and 10.
7HQWKVWHS Prepare the tables of 9 planets with houses primarily signified by them
as well.
The above 10 steps in manual preparation of the horoscope as detailed in the
book reader I written by Prof. K.S.K referred above may enable the reader to judge
the horoscope systematically according to Krishnamurthi Padhdhati following the
principles and guidelines enumerated by Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthy in his great books
Stellar Astrological Readers I to VI.

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To make further advance in making scientific Astrological prediction as explained
in this book the reader has to struggle hard to have further information through
manual process because:
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

i. In the Seventh Step in section 1 above, the preparation of Ready Reference

Table should have Bhukthis, Anthras and Sukshmas also.
ii. In Eighth and Ninth Steps, it is not enough to stop the Locators at sub-lord
level and it should be extended to sub-sub lord as well as sub-sub-sub lord
iii. The General significators for each house should also include the planets
aspecting the houses following the Hindu system of planetary aspects.
In view of the above, Computer Aided Casting of Horoscopes has become very
common. But one should be careful in choosing a suitable computer software to
use in casting a horoscope.
In this book almost all the process involved in casting a horoscope and arriving
at the predictions will be easier and accurate if it is done by PC (Personal computer).
The software used for the system explained in this book is a special software which
is developed by an expert in the computer field as well as in Astrology. For the benefit
of the readers to prepare their own software the system process involved in the
Computer Program is explained in section 12.4 of this Chapter.

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Every researcher requires a test case to verify the truth of discovery. Such a test case
should be responsive transparent and amenable to testing. It is the same for a
researcher in astrology also.
Natal Astrology which concerns with the life of human being is Divine one. But
it is based on shaky foundation and hence had lost its Divine grace. Prof.
K.S. Krishnamurthy had made valuable contributions to restore the lost light to this
science. He had given a strong foundation to this science through Krishnamoorthi
Padhdhati after continuous research of over forty years and evolved his own system
based on SUB theory for astrological predictions.
The author of this book had come across the K.P. System 1975 while he was
serving the bank by destiny and learned K.P. System by reading all his books.
Eventhough, he was a management professional with no idea of astrology, he started,
getting immersed deeply in learning astrology making use of his leisure time. Initially,
he made use of his own horoscope as well as those of his family members and friends.
He also read other astrological books written by popular astrologers and they were
all not attractive to him. But, he was very much impressed on the way; Prof. K.S.K
was explaining the limitations of all existing system of Astrology throughout the
world. Thus, he was continuously studying K.P. System and researching to discover
a system which will solve many of the questions raised by Prof. K.S.K to make his
system more and more scientific. After 2000, when the author started moving towards
spiritual life, he started discovering one after the other elements of the scientific
 Scientific Astrology

system explained in this book. In 2010, the author made a break through in his
discovery and decided to publish his research and discovery on Scientific Astrology.
Astonishingly, he found that every first class events of his past life to reveal the truth
of destiny events predicted using the scientific astrology to match the real life events
which had occurred already. He also noticed the future predictions at that point of
time to occur correctly. Therefore, the author had decided to use his natal horoscope
for the case study to Test on Scientific Astrology.
Before, deciding to use authors horoscope, all aspects were considered and found
that the fitting case for studying the discovery of Scientific System will be that of the
author. With this decisions, integrated approach for the prediction will be available
through this case only as all events will be not available when the horoscopes of
others are used. Further, other horoscopes cannot be made transparent. Any
clarification on the test application can be easily and correctly provided by the author
as he is alive to answer any quaries on the subject.
The author is quoting below some important thought of Prof. K.S.K on this subject
because the author is also having the same view.

L 3URI .6. VDLG RQFH I want to do research till the end of my life on natal
charts and find out the truth useful to each individual, to find out all matters
connected with him and these should fit in for modern living conditions. I want to
serve the masses. So, I do research
The author has made an effort to fulfil the desires of Prof. K.S.K. as the objective
of this book. This book is written to help in the process of study and research of
Natal Astrology like any other Science. Further, every learned person should lead his
life after knowing his destiny path and hence he should be able to use this book in a
practical way to follow his destiny path laid by God. Just like a computer is being
used by many, without knowing the technology aspect of it. Scientific Astrology is
expected to be used by many learned persons without approaching Astrology
Practitioner. This book is written with that objective in mind and hence all efforts
are made to make Scientific Astrology computer aided to make the prediction easier,
quicker and accurate.
In part I and part II of this book, the author had made an exhaustive presentation
of basics of scientific astrology, its logic, system and discovery which are expected to
be useful to researchers in Scientific Astrology. But every one will not be aiming, nor
destined to do the research in Astrology. Nevertheless, many learned persons will be
interested to know the secrets of his life atleast in critical junctions of his life. For
such people as well as the researchers, the part III of this book is added, to be a
practical guide.
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

In part III, the author wants to unravel the truth of the Scientific Astrology, by
subjecting the principles and system discovered to real test to a live case from
beginning to end of a human life. It should not be a piece meal presentation of
events in the lives of various individuals as being done so far in any astrology book.
Probably every reader of this book will appreciate the fact, that the Destiny events
are highly secret ones, and they will be known or experienced only by the native
who may or may not like to reveal them. Also, such events belonging to others
should not be made public without obtaining their permission. Such individuals
cannot be approached by the readers for verification or clarification of events when
desired. No body will be prepared to expose all secrets of his life events, as such, in a
truthful way.
In view of the above, the author decided to subject his own life as a test case to
be used in testing the truth of Scientific Astrology. Also, the author has researched
all the events of his life from birth to end of life and verified the truth of the scientific
Astrology during his research of last three decades.
LL 3URI .6. DJDLQ VDLG My caravan will go on doing research work and finding
some truth for the benefit of the people than to benefit myself with such cheap
popularity and use astrology for my pot-boiling (lively hood). I work to improve the
science and make it a pucca (perfect) science
Following the foot steps of Prof. K.S.K., the author has decided and made
transparent all his life events (Destiny) of the past, present and future to the readers
with the hope, that it will enable them to master the mechanism of applying the
scientific astrology to know their future clearly and become the men with clear
has defined the Wise and Unwise as below:
The enlightened (wise) will be the one who can know (beforehand) what will
happen (in his life): one who is illiterate in such learning (his future) is unwise

The author desires that every reader of this book to become enlightened by
foreseeing the destiny events of his life and lead a purposeful and enjoyable life in
this birth.
In view of the above back ground, the third part of this book is titled as Auto
Horoscopical Biography as a Test on Scientific Astrology. As such the third part
contains only important destiny events of the author from birth to end of his life in
this universe.
 Scientific Astrology

All the events are presented into two major categories viz.
1. Social Life Events and
2. Spiritual Life Events
Again each of the above two categories is further sub-divided into four or five
sub groups. This type of division will help the readers to easily understand and analyse
the subject matter.
LY )RXU D[LRPV RI GHVWLQ\ WR EH NHSW LQ PLQG The author never consulted any
professional astrologer in his life to know his destiny events. Because, he never believes
that such astrologers can find the truth of his life. The author is very strong in the
following concept of Destiny.
 Destiny is predestinated by God and not surpassable.
 Destiny is implemented/activated correctly in time by God through the mind
of the person concerned.
 Because of the above truths, ones happiness and sorrow never occur due
to others but by himself.
 Destiny events cannot be known through others, who ever may be without
influencing the mind of the native.
Thus, the challenging posture of any astrologer will be only for weaker minded
individuals. Nobody will desire to be weaker minded.
Therefore, every one is advised to learn scientific astrology by mastering this
book and become enlightened.
Date, time and place of
birth for native

House chart (2)

Software will Natal chart
12 houses (Bavas)
produce the 12 Zodiacs with
with 9 planets
following outputs Cusps and
(Planets aspect
planets (1)
of each house)

(I) (II)
Significators Chart
Prasanthi formulas Krishnamurthi Dasa, Bhukthi Astrological
Significators with
for destiny events ephemeri for 9 Anthra and location of
5 power base
(Chapter 10) planets Sukshma 12 Cusps (4)
for 12 houses (3)
Periods (5)

Formula-wise Destiny plan of Table 1: 9 Planets with the house

Destiny schedule
Prime potentates Primary and signified and located
for prediction
grouping (7) secondary Table 2: 12 Houses with their
period (Pps) (9)
potentials (8) significators and locators (6)

Destiny plan in Destiny schedule Predicted events

Ordinary and Predicted events
potentate wise abstracts of of prediction Detailed predicted
ephimeral of prediction
General| events groups event group periods (PP) sheet for selection
events period (PP) in
predictions (12(A)) from primary and (premier and sub- classified in prediction periods
prediction chronological
secondary premier events events group (12 (E))
(12(B)) order (12(C))
potential (10) (11)) (12(D))

Note SL Nos. I to II - Additional inputs required to modify existing Softwares

SL Nos. 1 to 5 - Available in existing astro wonder as output
SL Nos. 6 to 11 - Intermediate outputs to be programmed using 5 additional inputs (SL Nos. I and II)
SL Nos. 12A to 12 E - Prediction needed as output
Figure 12.1 Flow diagram of the process for destiny events predictions in scientific astrology
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 199
 Scientific Astrology

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In section 12.1 of this Chapter, manual casting of a horoscope is explained briefly,
through ten steps. The manual preparation of a horoscope following these steps is
laborious. It is prone to have errors in human calculation. It will be very difficult to
calculate manually the minute details like,
 Dasa, Bhukthi, Anthra, Sukshma level in Vimshoddhari dasa system.
 Astrological locators of 12 cusps and planets having star lord, sub lord,
sub-sub lord and sub-sub-sub lord levels.
Therefore, computerisation of the 10 step manual process had become a necessity
for every astrologer in India. Thus, there are many computer softwares to cast a
horoscope following every type of astrological system misleading the astrologers.
K.P. system is also having a number of such softwares available, some on payment
and some on free of cost. The readers of this book will be tempted to make use of
such a software for casting a horoscope. But, one should be careful in choosing one
such software because, the horoscope prepared using such software should give an
accurate Natal chart. The accuracy of the Natal chart is the basic requirement for
the accurate scientific prediction. It is important that the software choosen should
use K.P. method of casting a horoscope as explained in his book (reader I) and it
should use Prof. K.S.K.s Ayanamsa.
In order to enable the readers to choose one of the softwares available in the
market as well as to make their own add on software for further processing the
total process involved in Scientific Predictions are split into 2 stages and given below:


The author has used the software Astrowonder which has the capability to meet the
two requirements mentioned above. Astrowonder software requires Date, Time and
Place of Birth as basic input and they should be correct and very accurate. There are
many places (cities and towns of the world) in the software to be selected by the
native of the horoscope and such place should be the nearest to the place of birth.
The software will calculate internally, the local meantime and the sideral time. It
will also calculate the position of 12 cusps and 9 planets. The software will give out
one page print out as shown in the Figure 12.2.
The Natal chart will have the position of 12 cusps and 9 planets with accurate
astronomical locations in degrees, minutes and seconds. At the bottom of the chart,
Dasa balance at birth will also be given in one line. Besides the Natal chart, it will
also give the following tables in the same page.
 Astrological position of 9 planets
 Astrological position of 12 cusps
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

 General significators of 12 houses, but not the significator which aspects

the houses

Natal Chart (01/09/1937 AD 07:28:00)

SAR 103041 VIII 054648 IX 060330 X 051321

VII 050209 K 174142 M 254328 Place : Kallal, India
78E43.00 : 10N00.00
Time : 07:28:0.000
Date :01/09/1937 Wednesday
VI 042026 XI 041632 Nakshatra : 2 Pada Punarvasu
V 081717 Tithi : Krishna Ekadasi
Yoga : Vyatipata
Karana : Balava
Natal Chart
V 041632 XII 042026 Rasi : Gemini
S 151404 Time zone : +05.30
Ayanamsa : 0225831
Sidereal Time : 0055208.689
Obliquity : 0232647
JR 244622 Ma 184840 II 054648 I 050209
IV 051321 Ra 174142 MeR 064238
III 060330

Dasa balance at birthJupiter 9 years 1 month 16 days

Planetary Positions

S Leo 151401 S V V Me S
M Gem 254328 Me J Me Sa Ra
Ma Sco 184840 Ma Me K M Me
Me Ret Vir 064238 Me S Me Sa Sa
J Ret Sag 244622 J V Me S V
V Can 081717 M Sa V V Ra
Sa Ret Pis 103041 J Sa S Ra Me
Ra Sco 174142 Ma Me Me ma V
K Tau 174142 V M Sa J Su

Figure 12.2 (Continues)

 Scientific Astrology

Cuspal Positions

I Vir 050209 Me S Sa J M
II Lib 054648 V Ma M Ra Sa
III Sco 060330 Ma Sa Me V Sa
IV Sag 051321 J K Ma Me Ma
V Cap 041632 Sa S Sa M J
VI Aqu 042026 Sa Ma V Sa Ma
VII Pis 050209 J Sa Sa Ra K
VIII Ari 054648 Ma K Ra Ra V
IX Tau 060330 V S Me Ma Ma
X Gem 051321 Me Ma S Sa Me
XI Can 041632 M Sa Sa V J
XII Leo 042026 S K M Me K

General Significators

Cusp In Star of Occu Occupants In star of Own. Owner Aspectant

I Ma Ra Me Ma Ra Me Sa
III Ma Ra Ma

V V Sa Sa V
VI V Sa Sa S
VII V Sa Sa M J Me
IX K SJ Ve Sa Ma

X K M Ma Ra Me J Ma


Vimsoddhari Dasa Dasa (S) Vimsoddhari Dasa

Cusp Up to Bhukti Up to Anthra Up to

J 19/10/1946 S 05/02/2010 Sa 18/10/2012
Sa 19/10/1965 M 07/08/2010 Me 07/12/2012
Me 19/10/1982 Ma 13/12/2010 K 27/12/2012
Ke 19/10/1989 Ra 06/11/2011 V 23/02/2013
Ve 19/10/2009 J 27/08/2012 S 12/03/2013
Su 19/10/2015 Sa 06/08/2013 Mo 10/04/2013
M 19/10/2025 Me 13/06/2014 Ma 30/04/2013
Ma 18/10/2032 K 19/10/2014 Ra 21/06/2013
Ra 19/10/2050 V 19/10/2015 J 06/08/2013

Except the above three basic tables, all the other details in that page (Natal
chart) will not be useful for our purpose and hence they may be ignored. In addition
to the above three tables, the software will also produce any of the following
Vimshoddhari dasa tables as desired by the native (Figure 12.3).
 Vimshoddhari dasa for life
 Vimshoddhari dasa (Bhukthi level) for a period as desired
 Vimshoddhari dasa (Anthra level) for a period as desired
Among the above, the 3rd one viz., Vimshoddhari dasa (Anthra level) table will
be sufficient for the accurate and meaningful scientific prediction and hence other
tables need not be considered.
Existing version of softwares will be useful only up to the above stage which is
considered as the First stage. The readers may use any of the available software to
get the above details. Alternately, they can also prepare them following the 10 step
manual process explained in this Chapter. The native has then to prepare manually
other details required for the scientific prediction making use of the details in First
stage as briefed below: (Please refer the Figure 12.1).


aware of the difference between 12 zodiac signs (Natal chart) and 12 zodiac houses
(Bhavas) explained in chapter 4 and 5 of Part I.
House I is nothing but the sign in which the Ascendant (first cusp) falls. In the
chart the second house is the next sign clockwise, the third house is the next sign
and so on until the 12th house, the sign just before first sign. In this house chart,
 Scientific Astrology

Figure 12.3 Vimshoddhari DasaAnthra level

Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

name of the zodiac sign is not marked; astronomical location of cusps are not marked
in order to avoid confusion. But it is understood that, the first house will have its
boundry from the beginning of first cusp to the beginning of second cusp. Similarly
second house will extent from the second cusp to 3rd cusp and other houses following
the same logic. This information of house boundries will be useful in locating the
planets in a particular house whose boundries accommodate the planet as per the
astronomical locations of planets and houses. Thus, the house chart, including the 9
planets in which house each planet is situated is marked without degrees, minutes
or seconds. Making use of this zodiac house chart with planets located, the native
has to prepare and include the aspecting planets of houses as their significators with
0 power base in the general significators chart which is produced by the Astrowonder
software in the First Stage Process. It is then called the significators chart (marked
by 3 in the flow diagram)
contains the houses signified and located by Nine Planets, together with the house
unconnected in bracket just under the planet. The Table 12.1 is self-explaining and
hence needs no elaboration of it. This table is prepared,
 Making use of astrological location of 12 zodiac houses (indicated by 4 in
the flow diagram) and
 Significators chart (modified) (indicated by 3 in the flow diagram)
Table 12.1 for the reference horoscope follows:
TABLE 12.1 9 Planets and their linkage with 12 Houses

Planet Houses signified as Planets (unconnected Houses located

code houses) (ascending order of
Prime Sub-prime Ordinary
S 11 4, 22 123+ 1, 9 2, 60 NIL Sun (3, 4, 7, 8) 10 a, 1*, 5*, 9*
4+ 2+0 3 2 1
M 4 10 , 7 11 Moon (3, 6, 8, 9) 1c , 5b, 2 a, 12a
Ma 14+ 2, 3 3+1 , 8 1 60 10 2+0 , 9 0 Mars (5, 7, 11, 12) 4ca, 6c*, 9cb, 2*, 10 *
4+2 3+1 1 0
Me 12 1 10 , 7 Mercury (2, 5, 6, 8, 11) 10 c , 4 b, 12 b, 3a, 9a
J 11 4, 22 4 3+1, 92 , 8 0 71 , 100 , 120 Jupiter (3, 6) 5c , 11 c, 1 b
4 2+0 2 3 1 1
V 7, 5 ,6 11 , 2 9 Venus (1,4, 10, 12) 8c , 3b, 11b, 6a
4+ 3 2+1 0 0 0
Sa 7 ,5 , NIL 1 ,4 , 9 Saturn (8, 12) 2c , 3c*, 6 b, 10 b, 1a, 5a, 7 a*,
62+ 1 11 a*
R 14+ 2, 3 3 NIL 10 2 Rathu (4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12) 25 , 7 b, 8ab
K 10 4, 93 NIL 11 2 Kethu (1, 2, 3, 5, 6) 12 c*, 7 c, 4 *, 8*

The Table 12.2
contains, Significators and the Locators of 12 zodiac houses together with the planets
(codes) unconnected in bracket just under each house. Table 2 is also self-explanatory
and hence needs no elaboration of it. Table 2 can be prepared for 12 houses making
use of Table 12.1. In this table, the planets connected are shown with their codes.
Table 12.2 for the reference horoscope follows:
 Scientific Astrology

TABLE 12.2 12 Houses, their Significators and Locators

Sl. No. Prime & other significators Houses (unconnected Locators

planets) (ascending order
Prime Sub-prime Other of close ness)

I Ma4+2 , R 4+2 Me3+1 Sa0 I M c , J b, Saa, S*

(V, K)
II S 2, J2 V1 - II Sac , R b, M a, Ma*
(Me, K)
III Ma3+1 , R 3 - - III Sac*, Vb , Mea
(S, M, J, K)
IV M 4+2 +0 J3 +1 Sa0 IV Maca, Meb, K*
(S, V, R)
V Sa2+1, V2+0 - - V J c, M b, Saa, S*
(Ma, Me)
VI Sa2+1, V2 Ma0, S0 - VI Mac*, Sab, Va
(M, Me, J)
VII Sa4+3, V4 M2 J1 , Me0 VII K c, Rb, Sa a*
(S, Ma)
1 0
VIII Ma J - VIII V c, Rba, K*
(S, M, Me, Sa)
IX K3 S 2, J 2 V1, Ma0 , Sa0 IX Macb, Mea, S*
(M, R)
X K4 M3 Ma2 +0, R2 , X Mec , S b, Sa, Ma*
Me1 , J 0 (V)
XI S 4, J4 V3 K2, M1 XI J c, Vb, S a*
(Ma, Me, R)
XII Me4+2 S 3+1 J0 XI I K c*, Meb, M a
(Ma, V, Sa, R)

on Multi House inter linkage of a planet as a significator of more than one house as
well as a locator of atleast one of those houses. The preparation of Destiny Plan
making use of Table 12.1 (step 2) and the Prasanthi formulae from chapter 10. The
preparation of Destiny Plan is discussed in chapter 11. Destiny Plan is extensively
used in the prediction of,
 General prediction (12-A of flow diagram)
 Ordinary and ephemeral events (12-B of flow diagram)
 Detailed prediction sheets for selected prediction periods (12-E of flow
 Destiny Plan for Event groups from Primary Potential (step 10) and a sample
Destiny Plan is given below for Sun
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

Sample for Step 4: Destiny Plan for Sun

Sun is a Locator: (1*), (5*), 9* and (10a);
Sun is a Significator of: 22, 60, 92, 114 and 123+1
(3, 4, 7, 8 are Houses not connected with Sun)


Sl.No. Formula Desc ription of events

1 1*, 22, 60, 114 Earning by self efforts

2 1*, 22, 60, 123+1 Balanced income and expenses
3 1*, 22, 92-9*, 123+1 Financial Problem and crisis
3a 1*, 22, 123+1 Attaining 'Samathi'
4 1*, 22, 114 Earning through personal efforts
5 1*, 60, (92-9*) Top rank in merit rating indebted after 2nd marriage
5a 1*, 60, (92-9*) Suffering due to changes in the body and due to Poorva
6 (1*), 60, 92-9*, 123+1 Going abroad for medical treatment
6a (1*), 60, 92, 123+1 Going abroad for rendering spiritual service / management
7 1*, 60, 114 Successful and satisfied life
Winning first place in sports, lo ttery, etc.
A second rank politician
Successful spiritual servant / po litical manager
8 1*, 60, 114 + Sun / Jup. A suc cessful politician
9 1*, 60, 114, 123+1 Fulfillment o f desires by awards from Government
10 1*, 60, 123+1 Medical treatment and inability to clean the debts
11 1*, 92-9*, 114 Excellence in higher education
12 1*, 92-9*, 114, 123+1 Success in Research (Astrology o r spiritual managerial)
13 1* , 92-9*, 123+1 Research management in spiritual field and success in it
Life in a foreign country
14 (1*), 92-9* , 12 3+1 + Sun / A glorious spiritual achievement
Jup. / Sat. or managerial
 Scientific Astrology

Sl. No. Formul a Description of events

15 22, (5* ), 60, 114 Getting money from children

Unexpected gain
Gain in lo ttery, speculation
2 * 2
16 2 , (5 ), 9 Living witho ut inc ome
17 22, (5* ), 92, 123+1 Unexpected troubles in matters signified by 2nd as
amends for wrong deeds in previous b irth
18 22, (5* ), 114 Fulfillment of desires by children o r other matters
signified by 5th house.
Having child is sure
2 0 2 a 4 3+1
19 2 , 6 , 9 , (10 ), 11 , 12 Overseas assignment / employment with prosperity
20 22, (5* ), 114, 123+1 Repayment of loan quickly
Money spent for a good cause
21 22, (5* ), 123+1 Clearing the deb ts
22 (5*), 60, 9* -92 Disappearance of the disease due to unknown reasons
resulting normal health
23 (5*), 60, 92-9*, 123+1 Not re-appointed
24 (5*), 60, 114 Winning in speculation or other matters signified by 5th
Relief from disease
End of litigatio n smoothly on negotiatio n
Winning the opponents
24a (5*), 60, 114 2nd rank politician / spiritualist
* 0 4
25 (5 ), 6 , 11 + S / J Status and respect added
* 0 4 3+1
26 (5 ), 6 , 11 , 12 Materialisation of lo ve affairs
27 (5*), 92-9 *, 114 Fo reign trip for pleasure
Truthful to o thers
Enjoying goo d things in life due to belief in God
* * 2 3+1
28 (5 ), 9 -9 , 12 A researcher in spiritual life leading a care free life
without any lab our
(5*), 92, 114, 123+1 A successful researcher in religion management and
spiritual life
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

Sl. No. Formula Description of events

29 (5*), 114, 12 3+1 The native being the c ause fo r the separation
2 0 * 2
30 2 , 6 , (9 -9 ) Hereditary diseases for spirituality
2 0 * 2 4
31 2 , 6 , (9 -9 ), 11 Receipt of mo ney for spirituality from abroad or father
32 22, 6 0, (9* -92), 114, 123+1 Taking up higher education residing at a far-off place
including abroad
33 22, (9* -92), 114 Lucky
Enjoying a fortune
Ornaments and properties from ancestors
Gain o f money and material
2 * 2 3+1
34 2 , (9 -9 ), 12 Going abroad to earn, save and invest
35 (9*-92), 11 4, 123+1 Going abroad for higher education
Fulfillment of desires through research and discovery
2 0 2 * a
36 2 , 6 , 9 -9 , 10 No prosperity in profession
No gain from the professio n
2 0 a
37 2 , 6 , (10 ) Entry in to employment
Getting a job
Getting promoted
Getting re-appo intment
2 0 a 4
38 2 , 6 , (10 ), 11 Difficult between income and expenditure co mpelling
to borrow
Earning through profession by having promotio n in
service to a higher post
Earning from existing job
39 22, 6 0, (10a), 114 + Mars / Owning a printing press to earn for the lively hood
Mer. / Jup.
40 22, 6 0, (10a), 114 + SUN Getting loan / Service income Government related
institutio n
41 22, (10 a), 11 4 Earning by self-acquisition or through profession
0 a 4
42 6 , (10 ), 11 minus 8, 12 Success in film shooting
 Scientific Astrology

Sl. No. Formula Description of events

43 60, (10 a), 11 4 minus 5, 9 Success in the job

44a 60, 9 2, (10a), 114 Successful in establishing an institution fo r spiritual
44b 60, 9 2, (10a), 114, 12 3+1 Prosperity to the spiritual institution headed by the native
0 a 4
44 6 , (10 ), 11 Fulfillment of desires winning in professional services / in
45 60, (10 a), 11 4, 123+1 Prosperity to the institution headed by the native
0 a 3+1
46 6 , (10 ), 12 Having a second jo b
46a (92-9* ), (10a ), 114, 123+1 Successful in publishing the research in astrology
47 (92-9* ), (10a ), 123+1 Retirement from profession service


Sl. No. Formul a Description of events

1 (1*), 22, (5*), 60, (10a) Frequent change of job

2 (1*), 22, (5*), 60, 114 + Mercury Good orator

3 (1*), 22, (5*), 92-9* Enjoying life without any job to do
* 2 * a 4
4 (1 ), 2 , (5 ), (10 ), 11 A professional in the field signified by 5th house
* 2 * 4
5 (1 ), 2 , (5 ), 11 A performer in the field signified by 5th house
6 (1*), 22, 60, (10a ) Service life with status

Note Further events with their interlinking formulas (Prasanthi formulas) are
prepared in the similar way for other planets making use of Table 1.
GLDJUDP Entire events listed in Destiny Plan (Step 4), as Primary potential is further
divided into Worldly (Social) Life Events Group and Spiritual Life Event Group.
Each of the above two groups are further divided into 4 or 5 sub-groups. This
type of event grouping will make the prediction of a particular event quicker and
(a) Worldly (Social) life event group with its code of W is further divided into sub
groups as below:
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

 Family life events with event code of WF

 Higher Education events with event code of WE
 Employment service events with event code of WS
 Business service events with event code of WB
 General worldly life events with event code of WO
(b) Spiritual life event group with its code of S is further divided into sub groups as
 Ascetic life events with event code of SA
 Spiritual study, education and Research related events with event code of
 Glorious spiritual life related events with event code of SL
 Glorious spiritual service events with event code of SG
 Writing and publishing spiritual literature
 Construction of place of worship
 Establishing a Spiritual Institution
 General Spiritual events with event code of SO
The above event grouping is useful in the process indicated also in the flow
diagram. In each of the above two groups, the events can be again grouped as
planet-wise event group and event-wise prime potentate group as below:
Prasanthi Formulae in the above event grouping are given in chapter 11.
(a) Planet-wise event formulae grouping Grouping all the events of an event group,
say family life events, under each potentate, under the following order, viz., Sun,
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and finally Kethu.
This grouping can be done taking first primary events and then secondary events
of each of the above planets. This is called Planet-wise event grouping. It is highly
useful to have a general idea of the influence of the planets in different walks of life
of the native. The use of such event grouping is shown in section 1.5.2 of this chapter,
where general prediction based on destiny plan is explained. Such general prediction
together with general prediction, based on potentates making use of Table 12.1 and
Table 12.2 will be highly useful to judge the overall life of the native.
(b) Event-wise prime potentates grouping Prasanthi Formulae for worldly life, as
well as spiritual life events are given separately in chapter 11. Making use of these
grouped events formulae; the prime potentates for each destiny event can be listed
out with the help of Table 12.1. Alternately, planet-wise event grouping made as
explained in the previous paragraph, can also be utilized to prepare the Event-wise
prime potentates. While preparing such grouping, it will be observed that an event
in Destiny Plan may have either one prime potentate, or more than one potentate.
 Scientific Astrology

 If any event is having only one potentate it is an indication that the event will
occur only when the conjoined activation of all the houses by their respective
significators. It will be a rare occasion or less frequent occurring depending
upon the activation of houses.
 If any event is having more than one potentate, then, it is an indication that the
event will occur more frequently, when there are more potentates. On the other
hand, with less number of potentates, the occurance of the event will be less
Event-wise prime potentate grouping will be highly useful to locate the exact
time of occurance of event, making use of destiny schedule. Event-wise prime
potentate grouping is shown,
 For worldly (social) life events in section 1 of chapter 13.
 For spiritual life events in section 1 of chapter 14.
D 'HVWLQ\VFKHGXOHDQGDFWLYDWRUV Kindly refer Destiny Schedule for Social Life in
Chapter 13 and that for Spiritual Life in chapter 14.
Chapter 11 explains about Destiny schedule and the Activators. The duration of
each Prediction Period (PP) of destiny schedule will normally be very short running
in days only when 4 levels of Activators (Sukshma level) are taken into account. The
duration of Prediction Period will be slightly more when 3 levels of Activators (Anthra
level) are considered. But its usefulness will be very much limited, when we compare
it with that of 4th level PPs. Similar is the case for the PPs with two levels (Bhukthi
level) and 5 levels (Pran level). Therefore, only 4th level PPs are taken up in this
book for the study and research.
Nevertheless, when the fastest moving Activator, Moon is the dasa lord or Bhukthi
lord, PPs with 2 levels will appear to be sufficient because the duration of such PPs
will be short. But for the conjoint activation of sufficient number of Prime houses /
Sub-prime houses for meaningful prediction (Sukshma level activation) will be
At the extreme end, when slow moving Activators like Saturn, Rahu or Kethu,
are the Dasa or Bhukthi lord, PPs with 5 levels (Pran lord) will appear to be useful
because the durations of such PPs will be long enough with more number of conjoint
activated houses. But, reduced accuracy of 5th level periods will be there giving
misleading predictions, particularly, when Birth time and place are not accurate
enough for such predictions.
In view of the above aspects, PPs with 4 levels are only considered. At times, 3
levels, whenever fast moving Activators are involved are also considered. Also 5
levels whenever slow moving Activatorsare involved are also considered.
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

Entire Destiny schedule from Birth to death of any horoscope will be running in
many pages. It is the case with the Destiny schedule for the reference horoscope in
this book. Therefore, Destiny schedule for selected PPs only are taken up in the Case
Study and they are not continuously running even though they are continuously
numbered. They are in two groups, one group for Social Life and another group for
Spiritual Life.
(b) Preparation of destiny schedule Destiny Schedule is prepared for each prediction
period (PP) in a standard format so that it will be concise and clear to study and
understand. Destiny schedules for a number of PPs may be compiled and listed one
after the other in chronological order as shown in section 2 of the following chapters.
Standard format used for preparing the Destiny schedule is briefly given below:
1. The Top Row of the Format
The top row of each sheet of PPs contains headings of 6 columns below as common
heading for the PPs below in the page.
 The first column contains a ref. No. to be used conveniently.
 The 2nd column contains PP No. indicating the serial number of prediction
periods listed.
 The 3rd column contains the dates from to end for indicating the duration
of the PP concerned.
 The 4th column contains the heading Activators with end dates for the
four level Activators (Dasa lord at the top, Bhukthi lord next below the dasa
lord, Anthra lord next below the Bhukthi lord and Sukshma lord at the
bottom of each PP) with end date of each activator in brackets taken from
Vimshoddari Dasa periods (Step 5).
 The 5th column contains the heading Potentates with end dates for the four
level Potentates Activated (the Dasa Potentate at the top activated by Dasa
lord, the Bhukthi potentate at the next level activated by Bhukthi lord, the
Anthra potentate at the next level activated by Anthra lord and Sukshma
potentate at the bottom activated by Sukshma lord). The above potentates in
the Destiny schedule are found out making use of the Krishna Murthi
Ephimeris (Inputs (v) in flow diagram) for the concerned activator in column
3 during the running period of the concerned activator. The end date of the
transit period of a potentate is marked in the bracket against each potentate.
The earliest end date of either the Activator or the Potentate is the end date of
the Prediction Period and it is to be rounded for an identification. The starting
date for each Prediction Period will be the end date of the immediate previous
Prediction Period if the PPs are continuously prepared.
 6th and last column contains the heading Houses signified by Potentates
indicating the house numbers with power index in the order of first Prime
Houses, then after a slash the Sub-Prime houses signified and finally after a
 Scientific Astrology

slash ordinary houses signified by the respective potentate.

These signified houses are taken out from Table 12.1 prepared in step 2.
2. Bottom row of each pp with heading Conjointly Activated Houses for indicating
the houses conjointly signified by the Potentates in each of the 4 levels picked up
from 6th column above in the order of first prime houses signified, then after a
slash the sub-prime house signified and finally ordinary house signified after a
The same details as applicable to each PP are repeated for the next PP and so on.
The Destiny schedule is used in the following process indicated in the Flow Diagram
of the process for Destiny events prediction.
 Destiny schedule abstracts of event groups (Premier and Sub-premier
Events) as explained in section (vii) which follows:
 Ordinary and Ephimeral Events Prediction (12B of flow diagram)
 Detailed prediction sheet for selected pps (12E of flow diagram)
SUHPLHU HYHQWV  PDUNHG E\   LQ WKH IORZ GLDJUDP A sample of abstract of destiny
schedule of the reference horoscope is given in Chapter 13.
Abstracts of detailed Destiny schedule (step 6) is prepared for the Dasa Potentate
of that period related to an event group (e.g. social / family life events). It is prepared
making use of a standard format, which is briefly explained below:
 In the format the first column is having the heading Ref. No for recording
the Reference Nos. of the event, F1 indicating the first event of Family life
of the native.
 2nd column with the heading PP No. for recording the Prediction Period
No. in which the expected event is predicted to occur.
 The 4th column with the heading for recording the codes of
the potentates in the order of Dasa Potentate, Bhukthi Potentate, Anthra
Potentate and finally Sukshma and also for recording below, those of the
Dasa lord, Bhukthi lord, Anthra lord and finally Sukshma lord, the players
of the prediction period.
 The 5th column with the heading, activated houses of premier events for
recording the houses of the event formula conjointly activated by the
concerned Prime significator of the house as the potentate.
 The 6th column with the heading, activated houses of sub-premier events
for recording the houses of the event formula conjointly activated by the
concerned sub-prime significators of the houses as the potentate.
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

 6&,(17,),& $6752/2*,&$/ 35(',&7,216

After having prepared the horoscope following the two stages and 7 steps process
explained in the above section of this chapter, the native of the horoscope is ready to
make the Astrological prediction scientifically (systematic and accurate) making
use of it. The scientific predictions are designed to meet the differing needs of the
native, of a horoscope.
The native may require astrological prediction under the following three
(a) First native may require a birds eye view of his life before proceeding further
in an elaborate way. The prediction of this type is called the General
Predictions. General prediction will not indicate any time frame of when
such event will occur.
(b) Second, the native may be eager to know when a particular event in his life
will occur. The events like, getting married, entering an University for higher
education, having a child, owning a house or vehicle, passing an
examination, going abroad, getting scholarship, etc. All such events are
classified as First class events as explained in Chapter 11. The native may
be interested to know: When such an event will occur or whether such an
event will occur at a particular point of time.
(c) What events can be expected during a particular prediction period (PP),
whether such events will be the indicators of future life during such
prediction period as well as in latter life?
The above three situations requiring astrological predictions are to be dealt with
differently to meet the differing situations. There are mainly three types of predictions
based on the nature of the need for the prediction as explained below:
L *HQHUDOSUHGLFWLRQV In order to know the nature of life of the native in general as
well as the general role of the planets expected to be played in the life of the native is
made initially through a general prediction. It is done by making use of Table 12.1
and Table 12.2 without entering into the elaborate system of scientific astrology.
Such a prediction is also made by an analysis of the Destiny Plan. General prediction
will not predict the time of occurance of the events. The native will have a feeling of
how his life will be in general in this birth. Such general predictions are given in
section 12.5.1 of this Chapter for the reference horoscope.
LL 6SHFLILF GHVWLQ\ HYHQWV SUHGLFWLRQV Destiny events are of two types, viz., Ephimeral
and ordinary events and important events (First class and second class events).
Prediction of event of ephemeral and ordinary nature will not help much in leading
the life purposefully. Nevertheless, the predictions of such events are made to serve
the academic interest rather than life interest of the native. For such prediction as
well as other event, the following three step procedure is to be followed:
 Scientific Astrology

1. First it should be checked whether there is a Prasanthi formula for such an

event. If there is no formula, a formula has to be formulated for such an
event making use of the logic and system explained in Part II. Prasanthi
formula is a must for event predictions.
2. Second the Destiny Plan of the native prepared using Prasanthi formula
should have such event included as the primary potential of one or more
planets. There should be atleast one prime potentate for the event under
3. Third, such an event should be scheduled to occur in the life and it should
be checked in the Destiny Schedule of the native for the time of the occurance
of the event. That is to say that the Prime potentate should be the dasa
potentate of a prediction period and the event should be a premier event,
with all the houses of event formulae being conjointly activated by their
prime significators. Thus, for the prediction of such event, the native should
go through the Destiny Plan, to select the prime potentates for such an
event, arrange all such potentates in the descending order of their power
base. The prime potentate which is comparatively powerful will have its
preference for the occurance of the event. Then, Destiny schedule needs to
be screened to find out the earliest prediction period (PP) in which the selected
potentate happens to be the Dasa Potentate together with all the houses of
the formula are being conjointly activated by their respective prime
significators as Dasa-Bhukthi-Anthra-Sukshma potentates. In brief the event
under consideration should be premier event in the PP. If not a premier
event, at least, it should be a sub-premier event for the occurance of the
event during the prediction period.
This is the way to predict the time of occurance of any type of event as an
answer to:
 When a particular event will occur in life, or
 Whether a particular event will occur during a particular period of time
This type of prediction can be made for covering all events of interest to the
native for a particular period of time and kept them arranged chronologically for
future reference when ever wanted. The particular period of time for such destiny
schedule may be,
 The entire life period of the native
 Each dasa period in life of the native
 Every calendar year in life of the native
Further such events of interest can be classified into two major groups, viz.:
 Social (worldly) life event group
 Spiritual life event group
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

Again each of the above major group can be sub classified for easy future
reference. For more details, the readers are advised to refer Chapter 13 for social life
events and Chapter 14 for spiritual life events in part III.
Total events to be predicted for
any prediction period (PP) will consist of the following four types of events:
 Premier events
 Sub-premier events
 Ordinary events
 Stand by events
The above four types are also indicators of the four stages in the occurance of
First Class Events as explained in chapter 11. But in the case of Second Class Events
only premier and sub-premier events are considered and not ordinary and standby
events. In the case of Third Class Events, only premier events are to be considered.
The total events prediction needs a special format to accommodate all the
information required. It is called Prediction Sheet. Such prediction sheets for First
Class Events of social life are given in Chapter 13 and those for spiritual life are
given in Chapter 14. Readers may kindly refer them.

 35(/,0,1$5< *(1(5$/ 35(',&7,21

Astrologers expertised in scientific astrology will be able to make a preliminary
general prediction based on Table 12.1, Table 12.2 and the Destiny plan. A student
in Scientific Astrology can also make such general prediction, which will be useful
to assess his degree of expertise in scientific astrology as well as ascertaining the
accuracy of the horoscope. Therefore General predictions are explained below:


It will be interesting to have a birds eye view of the destiny of the native, making use
of Table 12.1 and Table 12.2. Such a prediction for the reference horoscope is given
will indicate that the planet Saturn is signifying and or locating 10 important
houses except the houses 8 and 12. It is also the Prime Significator of the houses
52+1, 62+1, 74+3 which are very important houses for the family life. Saturn is
excluded from undesirable events in life during its activation because of its non-
connection with the houses 8 and 12. Further, its Prime significance of the houses
52+1 and 74+3, Saturn will make the family life successful and pleasant whenever
it is activated. He will also enjoy Divine grace during Saturns activation due to
its Prime Significance of 5th house particularly in family and business life (7th
 Scientific Astrology

house) and service (6th house) life. The native will be facing competition (6th
house). The native will also enjoy happiness with prosperity, name and fame due
to children (5th house).
locating all the 10 houses except the houses 3 and 6. It is also Prime Significator
of the houses 114 and 22 which are very very important for any walk of human
life (both spiritual life and worldly life) and it is superior than Saturn in this
aspect (whether worldly life or spiritual life).
locating eight important houses except the houses 3, 4, 7, 8 which are not so
important for the spiritual life. Being the Prime significator of the houses 2 2 and
114, thus falling in line with Jupiter and not with Saturn. Suns event potential
particularly, for spiritual life will be similar and supportive to those of Juptiter.
Since Sun is not connected with 7th house, its potential will be of highly inclined
towards. Spiritual and service oriented rather than materialistic and family
oriented events.
and / or locating 8 important houses except the houses 1, 4, 10 and 12 which are
also important. Venus is also the Prime significator of the houses 5 2+0, 62 and 74
similar to Saturn. Venus is connected with 8th house which also signifies desirable
event like unexpected gain without pain. Thus, Venus will be having potentials
for a worldly life. In many respects Venus will be similar to Saturn and hence the
native will enjoy Divine grace in family life, business life and service life and
facing competition but not linked to professional skill/competence (10th house).
Y  )LQDOREVHUYDWLRQV From table 12.1, it is inferred that the native will enjoy potential
of the four important planets, viz.
i. Saturn
ii. Jupiter
iii. Sun and
iv. Venus
and all other 5 planets viz. (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Rahu and Kethu) will be
supportive to them. All the important events in life will be held as potential by any of
the above four potentates. Among them Saturn and Venus will be associated for
family life where as Jupiter and Sun will be associates for spiritual life. The native
will be having a life of mixed one with spiritual and worldly life events and he can be
expected to be equally successful in both (worldly life and spiritual life). The readers
will also find that the above findings of the horoscope in this preliminary potentate
based prediction concurring correctly with those found latter in a detailed manner
in chapter 13 and chapter 14 of this part.
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 


Prediction based on strength of the houses signified by planets can also be made
using the Table 12.2 which indicates the potentates connected with each house with
differing power indices.
L  )LUVWKRXVH .HQGKUDKRXVH The most powerful significators (Prime Significators)
of the 1st house are Ma4+2 and R4+2, besides two other significators, viz. Me3+1
and Sa0 (and connection with all other planets except Venus and Kethu as locators
of the house). Thus the house 1 is considered to be strongest. Therefore, during
the period when Mars and Rahu are activated the natives health of mind and
body will be good. The native is expected to have a long life. He will be egoistic,
but unassuming with vitality and vigour.
LL 6HYHQWK KRXVH .HQGKUD KRXVH The most powerful significators of the 7th house
are V4 and Sa4+3, besides three other significators viz. M2, J1 and Me0 (and
connection with all other planets except Sun and Mars as Locators of the house).
Thus, the 7th house is more powerful than first house and hence, married life,
Social contacts and business life together with influence, honour and reputation
in abroad during the activation of these potentates can be expected.
LLL (OHYHQWK KRXVH .DUPD KRXVH The most powerful significators of 11th house
are S4 and J4 besides three other significators viz. V3, K2, M1 (and connection with
all other planets except Mars, Mercury and Rahu as locators of the house).
Therefore, realization of Kama which shows the fulfillment of desires, hopes,
wishes, aspirations and ambition will be sure. The native will have good friends,
supporters and well wishers together with success in his efforts and undertakings,
higher studies, writings, competitions, etc. The native can be expected to be
successful in Life achievements like building temples, occupying high position, in
rendering services.
LY )RXUWK KRXVH .HQGKUD KRXVH The most powerful significator of 4th house is
M4+2+0 besides 2 other significator, viz. J3+1 and Sa0 (and connection with all
other planets except Sun, Venus and Rahu, as Locators of the house). Therefore,
the native will be destined to possess properties like houses, building, land, vehicle,
etc. He is destined to be a learned man with wisdom possessing good educational
qualifications, awards, honours, scholarships.
Y  7HQWK KRXVH .HQGKUD KRXVH The most powerful significator of 10th house is
K4, besides five other significators viz. M3, Ma2+0, R2, Me1 and J0 (and connection
with all other planets, except Venus, as Locators of the house). Thus, 10th house
is also powerful. Therefore, the native will be gifted with good worldly attainments
and standings like honour, dignity, public esteem, through name, fame, power,
prestige, respect, reputation, conduct, etc. He will enjoy popularity, connection
and influence with higher authorities.
 Scientific Astrology

He will be gifted with Karma (Deeds) related events in management and

execution of various deeds involving creation and destruction of materials. He
will also be gifted with spiritual functions, rites, yogas, meditation, yagnas, etc.
He will enjoy holding high positions with a good influence in profession related
YL 7ZHOIWK KRXVH 0RNVKD KRXVH The most powerful significator of 12th house is
Me4+2 besides two other significators viz. S3+1, J0 (and connection with all other
planets, except Mars, Venus, Saturn and Rahu, as Locators of the house). 12th
house is equal in power with 4th house. Therefore, the native will be destined to
enjoy spiritual related events like:
 Divine worship and Final emancipation from chain of birth and death
 Inspirational nature and advancement in spiritual life with destruction of
Karma (10th house) and Kama (11th house)
 Spiritual manifestation through successful practice of Yogic Life and
attainment of Yoga Siddhi
The native will also face unexpected and undesirable events like, obstacles,
impediments, mental agony and termination from service as a mend for wrong
deeds in the previous life. The native will incur all types of expenses, donations,
charity, quicker repayment of loan, investments in philanthropic/spiritual
institutions together with facing financial problem and crises; but it will be
YLL 7KLUG KRXVH The most powerful significators of 3rd house are Ma3+1 and R3
besides all other planets, except Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Kethu, as Locators of the
house. Thus, the 3rd house is powerful moderately. Therefore, the native will be
moderately vested with Firmness, valour, prowess, mental toughness to face events
courageously, prosperity, intellect, ordinary mental inclination and continuity to
study, learn, write and practice of any field including spiritualism. He will be
moderately good and successful in writing and publishing books and journals.
He will be moderately good in arguing and counseling together with a
moderate success in interviews, negotiations, correspondence, trading and
commission agency business. The above results will be sure because of the same
potentates, viz. Ma3+1 and R3 are linking this house with 1st house. He will be
also mentally and physically strong.
The native will have lack of interest in like and dislike as well as love and
sex due to the non-connection of Ma and R with 5th house. Similarly he will not
be having desires and attachment due to the non-connection of Ma and R with
11th house.
At the same time he will not be interested in Ascetic life because of the non-
connection of Ma and R with 12th house. This is also again confirmed by the
non-connection of Venus and Saturn, the prime significators of the houses 5th
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

and 6th house together with the non-connection of Mercury the prime significator
of 12th house.
YLLL 1LQWKKRXVH The most powerful significator of 9th house is K4 besides the other
significators viz. S2, J2, V1, Ma0, Sa0 (and connection with all other planets, except
Moon and Rahu, as locators of the house). Thus, the 9th house is more powerful
than 3rd house, and not as powerful as 10th house. But it can be equal in its
power with 4th and 12th houses. Therefore, the native is blessed with Bhagyam
(Fortune and Prosperity) as well as Dharma (spiritual power) enabling him to
enjoy the fruits in the present birth as a result of good deeds done in the previous
He will also be blessed with higher thoughts, education, research and
invention. He will also be blessed with life achievement in building temple, writing
and publishing volumes of intrinsic value in the fields of spiritualism, astrology,
L [  2WKHU KRXVHV    DQG  Among the other houses, the houses 2, 5 and 6 can
be considered as weaker houses being equal in power because:
 2nd house is with Prime Significator viz. S2 and J2, together with V1 also as
significator and having connection with all other houses except Mercury
and Kethu.
 5th house is with Prime Significator viz. V2+0 and Sa2+1 and connection
with all other planets except Mars, Mercury, Rahu and Kethu.
 6th house with Prime Significators viz. V2 and Sa2+1 together with Ma0 and
S0 as other significators and connection with all other planets except Moon,
Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu and Kethu.
[  (LJKWKKRXVH +RXVHRIVHWEDFN 8th house is the house with least power because,
its only Prime significator is Ma1 and other significator is J0 together with
connections with all other planets except Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn.
Therefore, the set back to be faced by the native in his efforts will have very less
impact or severity.

For this horoscope all the 9 planets and 12 houses are grouped into three each as
below based on their total events potential:
1. Major Power Potentates consisting of:
 Saturn (Prime significator of 52+1, 62+1, 74+3)
 Jupiter (Prime significator of 22, 114)
 Sun (Prime significator of 22, 114)
2. Minor power potentates consisting of:
 Scientific Astrology

Moon (Prime significator of 44+2)

 Mars (Prime significator of 14+2, 33+1, 81)
 Venus (Prime significator of 52+0, 62, 74+2)
3. Supporting power potentates consisting of:
 Mercury (Prime significator of 124+2)
 Rahu (Prime significator of 14+2, 33)
 Kethu (Prime significator of 93, 104)
1. Most powerful houses consisting of:
 First House (House of native)
 Seventh House (House of married life)
 Tenth House (House of wordly attainment and profession)
 Elevent House (House of Kama, Success and Gain)
2. Powerful Houses consisting of:
 Third House (House of Courage and Propensity)
 Fourth House (House of Possessions)
 Ninth House (House of Bhagya and Dharma)
 Twelfth House (House of Moksha, Divine Worship and Expenses)
3. Supportive Houses consisting of:
 Second House (House of Money and Fortune)
 Fifth House (House of Love, Pleasure and Divinity)
 Sixth House (House of Health and Services)
 Eighth House (House of Mystery, Misery and Pain)
LLL )LQDO REVHUYDWLRQ A cursory look and analysis of the classification of Potentates
and Houses above will clearly indicate that, the native will be highly successful in
Family Life with profession oriented service in materialistic world because:
 The major power potentates (Saturn, Jupiter and Sun) together with
supporting power potentates (Rahu and Kethu) and
 The most powerful houses (1, 7, 10 and 11) together with the supportive
houses (2, 5 and 6)
will ensure the occurance of Destiny Events towards such life whenever they
are activated and signified. Minor potentates will also support the occurance of
such events whenever they are activated conjointly with Jupiter/Sun/Kethu/Rahu.
At the same time, this horoscope will be a classic example in indicating that the
native will lead Divine Life without choosing an Ascetic Life path but through social/
family life because:
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

 All major power potentates (Saturn, Jupiter and Sun) supported by all
supporting power potentates (Mercury, Rahu and Kethu), a total of 6 planets
 Majority of most powerful houses (1, 10 and 11) and also all the powerful
houses (3, 4, 9 and 12) a total of 7 houses
will be supporting the occurance of events for the successful pursuit of spiritual


After having prepared the Destiny Plan as shown in section 12.4.2 (iv), all the events
of the Destiny plan should be divided into two major groups, each of which is again
sub-divided into sub-groups as explained in section 12.4.5 step 5 of this chapter. Full
destiny plan for the reference horoscope is not given in this book as it runs into
many pages. Nevertheless, a sample is shown for Sun, as a reference.
Such classification of destiny events in the Destiny Plan for the reference
horoscope is made as shown in the following table. It shows that more than 50% of
the total destiny events are for social life events and that for Spiritual Life events it is
below 16%. Similarly, Family life events make about 11% of the total and that of
Ascetic life is about 2.5% only. The above figures show that the native will be living
a family oriented social (worldly) life with high inclination toward spiritual life. He
will care for the social life than for his family life/spiritual life and this indication is
strengthened by a very low percentage for the Ascetic life. His mind will not hate the
Ascetic life as almost all the planets are indicating the Ascetic life. Thus, the native
will be highly successful in social life following the high principles of the spiritual
life, at times even sacrifying the family life. Social life (service or business or
profession) will be the most important one than the spiritual life with a least interest
in Ascetic life because family life pre-dominates the Ascetic life.
Therefore, the native will be having social life with family with great interest in
spiritual life and this may lead him to final salvation, after having lived as a True
Ascetic for sometime, in the latter part of his life.
The classification Summary of Destiny Plan into 4 groups are shown in the
following Table 12.3.
 Scientific Astrology

Table 12.3 Summary statement of destiny events classified

Sl. No. Potentate Total Social Spiritual Family Ascetic Others

s Events Events Events Events Events

1 Sun 96 55 18 9 4
2 Mo on 65 30 6 10 3
3 Mars 52 16 4 2 1
4 Merc ury 37 20 9 4 2
5 Jupiter 135 63 22 11 3
6 Venus 58 27 9 11
7 Saturn 173 112 29 21 3
8 Rahu 12 8 1
9 Kethu 25 13 4 4 1
10 Total of all 653 344 101 73 17 118
11 Percentage 100% 52.7 15.5 11.2 2.6 18
of Total
12 Top three Sa-26% Sa- Sa-28.7% Sa-28.7% S-23.5% -
potentates J-20% 32.5% J-18.3% J-15% M
S-15% J-18.3% S-15.9 V-15% J -17.6%
S-15.9 M-13.6% Sa each
13 Ranking of - I II III IV -
type of life

 63(&,),& (9(176 35(',&7,216

i. The special feature of scientific astrology is to help in predicting systematically
and accurately the following:
 When a particular event will occur
 Will a particular event will occur during a particular period of time
 The total events for a prediction period (PP)
ii. For this purpose the native has to prepare the following details from the horoscope:
 Event-wise prime potentates grouping
Preparation of Horoscope and Scientific Prediction 

 Destiny schedule chronologically

 Abstracts of destiny schedule for each event group
iii. Then with the above details, the native will be able to make the prediction on:
 Destiny events in chronological order
 Destiny events in event groups
 Total events in first class PPs making use of prediction sheets.
The above predictions are demonstrated for social (worldly) life events in
Chapter 13 and for spiritual life events in chapter 14 for the reference horoscope.
The readers may go through them and master the technique of scientific prediction.
They will be able to conduct research and make contributions for further
improvements, modifications in Scientific Astrology.