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What is Youth Club?
Youth Club is a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization,
which provides a unique platform for the youth and gives them avenues
to channel their energies and potential in accordance with Islamic
values. It is working to create well-balanced individuals, who are not only
skilled in their respective fields but also recognize and fulfil their religious
obligations, and participate actively in their communities.
Under the banner of Youth Club, countless events are held throughout
the year, ranging from lecture tours and weekly study circles to sporting
events and skill-based interactive workshops. Currently, Youth Club has
branches in few major cities of Pakistan with more branches across other
cities in the pipeline.
Youth Club is committed to educating the youth, addressing their
problems, and offering real and practical solutions in the 21st century.
Our Team!
Our team consists of young people from well-educated backgrounds,
having a wide range of expertise. Each member brings a lot of talent
and energy to the organization, which is one of the reasons why it is
easy for them to connect with the youth. The team members often
act as a bridge between scholars and the youth.
All individuals that make up the team have a high resolve and
constant focus on the objectives.
Through personal example, the members are re-establishing the
awesomeness of the true Muslim in the 21st century. They are
proving that it is possible for a young person to practice Islam
completely, whilst being a thorough professional in his/her own field,
as well as inspiring positive change in the society around him/her.
Regular trainings and workshops take place, exclusively for the team,
to ensure that all members remain on the same page, and realize the
common goal and the enormity of the mission at hand.
Youth Club also has an advisory board constituting of experienced


Education &
Education & Development
Intensive Courses
Schools & Universities visits
Sports & Recreational Activities
Trainings & Workshops:
Youth Club offers wide range of dynamic workshops &
trainings, to educate the youth and to help them in
learning in a practical yet friendly environment

All the workshops are designed and conducted by experts,

on topics ranging from ethics & purpose of life to skills and
from cooking & backing to self development.

To date, we have arrange more than thousands workshops

& training sessions all over Pakistan.
Intensive Courses
Intensive courses are held in different parts of the city
throughout the week. These cater to the emotional, intellectual
and spiritual growth of the youth. Many lasting friendships have
been fostered in these course.

Our courses are designed and delivered by a qualified team of

instructors to provide an opportunity to young and old alike, for
personal growth, through enrichment of the soul and sincere

These courses include:

Crash courses
Full day courses
Weekly courses
Every year Youth Club team arranges massive conference with
the intention to bring families together and let every individual
to be inspired, spiritually re-energized, and armed with essential
knowledge and practical tools to make positive changes within
their society and lives.

We invite international & local speakers, scholars, coaches and

media personalities to share their knowledge and experiences
with our audience.

We target for more than thousand individuals in this conference

and every year this conference is becoming better and better by
the help of Allah SWT.
Schools & University visits
Youth Club regularly holds interactive sessions at colleges and
universities on subjects relevant to the youth. For this purpose, a
gentle and youth-targeted approach is employed. The students
are taught the essence of their identity and religion by engaging
them in productive yet fun activities. They are encouraged to
become independent thinkers and learn their values.

So far, the response has been overwhelming in all kinds of

institutes. More and more institutes are joining the band wagon
to invite motivational guest speakers and trainers from Youth

Institutes including LUMS, IBA, Karachi University,

IoBM, DHA Suffa University, KASBIT, SZABIST,
Bahria University, Education Bay, Beaconhouse,
Frobels, Reflections, The City Schools, etc.
Sports & Recreational Activities:
We at Youth Club believes that physical & recreational activities
are an absolute essential ingredient in the process of physical
and mental grooming of youth. We offer a productive
environment for youth, where they can have physical &
recreational activities, in good company.

Water Sports, Horse Riding, Archery, Camping, Table tennis,

Football, Cricket - these are some of the regular pursuits of the
Youth Club Team. Separate events are held for girls also. Through
such activities, Youth Club aims to encourage youth to live a
healthy and physically strong life.
A room without books is like a body without a soul.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Our fast track lives often leave us overwhelmed. At Times, all one
wants is a secluded corner of warmth and security. A hideout
where you are allowed to have as many opinions as you want
without the fear of being judged. Such times call for a warm
coffee and a best friend. And what better to indulge in than a

At Youth Club Centre, we have a library that includes books from

personal development to Islamic sciences, from cooking to fiction
books, from social sciences to poetry, in Urdu, English and Arabic
Social Media
Youtube Channel
Live Webinars
TV shows
Social Media:
Almost a quarter of the worlds population is now on Facebook
and other social media sites. Information and communication
technology has changed rapidly over the past 20 years with a key
development being the emergence of social media.

Youth Club uses this as an opportunity to engage the youth of

country in inspiring positive change through social media
platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

We have over 150,000 followers on our social media sites

through our different pages. All of our events are mainly
marketed through social media. We try our best to bring out
content which is not only positive but also fun and interactive to
keep our audience engaged.
YouTube is the biggest video sharing website in the world. Youth
Club has its own Youtube channel with over 2000 subscribers. We
have uploaded content of almost 200 hours to make sure those,
who can not attend our events due to any reason, can still benefit
from our work.
The Youth Club Blog:
The Youth Club Blog will cover common dilemmas and well
attempt to find effective solutions for them. Well discuss how we
can tackle problems in light of our Religion. There will be loads of
stories to gain inspiration from, opinions, deep reflections,
thought provoking articles and much more! The blog will follow
themes from all spheres of life. Whether its health & lifestyle,
love & marriage or spirituality, weve got it all!

At Youth Club, we are one big family striving towards Allah,

together. We believe in keeping ourselves productively engaged
and using our talent and skills for a positive cause.

To visit our blog:

TV & Radio Shows:
The Youth Club team has been invited on different TV and Radio
shows to speak on the matters related to youth and to provide
them solutions accordingly. Our team is a regular participant of
Paigham TV, GEO Tez and other prominent TV channels and Radio
channels of Pakistan.
In Ramadan 2017, Youth Club team was invited to host a program
called Youth Dialogue in which we have spoken on almost 30
different issues of Youth.
Youth Clubs posters are known for their unique graphic work. We
believe in excellence and we want to engage our youth in the
best possible manner. We have our own Graphic house and
content creation team, which tirelessly work to produce the best
design possible.
Al-Sakeenah Welfare
Al-Sakeenah welfare is a project started by Youth Club in
collaboration with Ms. Irum Zafar. The purpose of this project is
to help needy people of our society.

This project has different departments:

1. Al-Jaariyah: Water Project
2. Al-Ansaar: Disaster Welfare
3. Al-Tajheez: Funeral Training
4. Al-Mashwarah: Medical Help
5. Al-Tadrees: Education Program
YC Community Centre

And the journey continues