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World Class Marketing Assessment


1. Schedule a meeting with your marketing leaders to perform this assessment. Ranking Scale
2. In the "Assessment" tab, rank your organization on a scale of 1-5 based on the importance and your competency for each 'best
1 - Strongly Disagree

3. Check the "Results" tab to identify your GAPs and average scores for each category. 2 - Disagree

4. View the "Recommendations" tab for actionable advice and downloadable resources to help you improve your competencies. 3 - Moderately Agree

4 - Agree

5 - Strongly Agree
World Class Marketing Assessment

Rank the following best practices based on their importance and your level of competency with the drop-down menus provided.

Strategy & Measurement

Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Marketing Plans - we have documented marketing strategy and product marketing plans. 4 5

Marketing Budgets - we utilize a zero-based budgeting approach in our marketing planning

process, and are inline with industry benchmarks for revenue/marketing spend ratios. 4 5

Brand Strategy - we have a specific strategy for our brand(s) with objectives, initiatives, targets,
and metrics. 4 5

Dashboards, Scorecards, & Metrics - we have defined metrics and targets for our programs
(scorecards), and a process to collect and report on our metrics with a dashboard. 1 2

Analytics - we have analytics software, data warehouses,reporting capabilities, and the skills
required to make forward-looking decisions (such as revenue prediction) based on our business
5 3

Prioritization - we have a process and an analytical tool for logically prioritizing all requests for
marketing projects. 5 3

Process Documentation - we have documented and standardized all of our key marketing
processes such as product development, strategic planning, campaign execution, program
measurement, purchasing, contracting, etc.
5 3

Aligning Marketing & Sales – we have a process for aligning sales and marketing around
common business objectives that yields dramatic improvements in marketing ROI and sales
4 4

Operational vs. Strategic - Marketing has a seat at the boardroom table, provides proactive &
strategic leadership and does more than just complete operational requests for marketing
services & support to the business.
3 1
Operational vs. Strategic - Marketing has a seat at the boardroom table, provides proactive &
strategic leadership and does more than just complete operational requests for marketing
services & support to the business.
3 1

Strategic Communications
Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Social Media - we are leveraging social media channels effectively to communicate with our
customers. 5 2

Mobile Marketing - we have a defined mobile marketing plan that includes a mobile website,
applications, etc. 4 4

Public & Analyst Relations - we are happy with the coverage we receive in the media and by
analyst firms. 1 2

Marketing Communications Plan - we have a documented marketing communications plan

that includes strategies for enaging all of our key stakeholders both inside and outside of the
3 5

Video - we are using video effectively in our communications and can produce videos in-house if
necessary. 5 1

Content Marketing - we have a content production engine that is driving awareness, affinity and
new business and we use both traditional forms such as case studies and whitepapers and
modern forms such as infographics.
2 3

Website, SEO & Blogs - we have a great website/blog that has been SEO optimized and
receives adequate traffic. 3 4

Product Management
Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Product Development Process - we have a standardized process for developing and launching
new products. 5 1

Positioning Statement - we understand and have crafted and refined our positioning statement
& value proposition. 5 2
Positioning Statement - we understand and have crafted and refined our positioning statement
& value proposition. 5 2

Competitive Analysis - we have a defined process for competitive analysis (e.g. SWOT) for
strategic review. 3 4

Market Research - we do secondary research and/or hire market research firms to conduct
primary research such as surveys and focus groups to better understand market conditions. 3 3

Market Requirements - our Marketing Plans are based on information gleaned from real market
insight and data such as formal Market Requirements Documents prepared by our Product
Marketing & Brand Managers.
1 2

Market Analysis - we do market sizing analysis, segmentation, and segment prioritization

regularly. 3 5

Industry Analysis - we regularly perform a PEST industry analysis to explore the implications of
Political, Economic, Social and Technological conditions in our market. 4 4

Pricing - Marketing does formal pricing analysis to evaluate variables such as price elasticity of
demand. 4 3

Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Customer Satisfaction - we measure Net Promoter Score to gauge customer satisfaction levels. 5 3

Online Community - we have an engaged online customer community that we use for support
and idea validation. 4 1

Customer-Centric - our business is market focused and customer-centric rather than product-
focused. 3 1

Customer Metrics - we track retention rate, customer lifetime value (CLV) and cost of
acquisition metrics. 3 4
Customer Loyalty - we have programs in place to measure and optimize customer retention and
loyalty. 4 4

Customer Support - we have service level agreements (SLAs) to set expectations with our
customers in terms of support provides and response times. 5 2

Customer Referral Program - we have a formal customer referral program that brings us lots of
new business. 4 1

Lead Generation
Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Advertising & Sponsorships - we have a process to assess the effectiveness of our

advertisements and sponsorships and are satisfied with the amount of leads we can generate
through our campaigns.
3 1

Tradeshows & Events - we know the ROI for each tradeshow we attend, and plan/manage our
events efficiently. 4 1

Webinars - we have a successful webinar program in place. We often get over 200 people to
attend our webinars. 2 2

Inside Sales - our inside sales team is measured for productivity and keeps our pipeline full of
qualified opportunities. 5 2

Direct Marketing - we are competent with email and direct mail marketing and achieve open
and click-through rates above industry averages. 5 2

Marketing Automation - we have automated lead scoring and lead nurturing programs in place. 4 2

Sales Enablement & Support

Description of Best Practices Importance Competency Notes/Comments

Marketing Collateral - all of our collateral and marketing materials are up to date and accurate. 5 4
Marketing Collateral - all of our collateral and marketing materials are up to date and accurate. 5 4

Sales Enablement - we have an online sales portal that contains all of our sales support
materials and has analytics to tell us which content items are being downloaded, viewed, etc. by
our sales team and channel partners.
4 1

Sales Training - our sales training programs are up-to-date and follow best practices
methodologies. 4 3

Sales Tools - we regularly develop sales tools such as playbooks, competition references,
proposals, scripts, etc. 5 2

Sales Process - we have a defined sales process that aligns to the buying process for our
industry. 5 4

Partnerships - we effectively manage our channel partners and have visibility into their pipeline
of new business. 5 4
World Class Marketing Assessment

Average Average
Assessment Criteria Importance Competency GAPS Marketing Effectiveness Index & GAPs

Lead Generation 3.8 1.7 2.2

Customer-Centricity 4.0 2.3 1.7

Sales Enablement & Support 4.7 3.0 1.7 Lead Generation

Strategic Communications Customer-Centricity
Systems & Technology 4.7 3.2 1.5 4.

0. Enablement & Support
Staffing & Management 4.0 3.0 1.0 Strategy & Measurement Sales

Product Management 3.5 3.0 0.5 Product Management Systems & Technology
Staffing & Management
Strategy & Measurement 3.9 3.4 0.4

Strategic Communications 3.3 3.0 0.3

Average Totals 4.0 2.8 1.2

World Class Marketi

Effectiveness Drivers Competency Proposed Action Items Training Practical Reso

Strategy & Measurement

Use a methodology to document marketing strategy and product

Marketing Plans 5 marketing plans.
Developing Marketing Strategy
Strategy Plan Methodology

Use a Marketing Budget Template to develop a zero-based marketing

Marketing Budgets 5 budget.
Marketing Budget

Use a Brand Assessment Tool to identify areas to improve your brand and
Brand Strategy 5 document your branding strategy with a Brand Strategy Scorecard.
Brand Identity Workshop Brand Assessment Tool

Use a Key Marketing Metrics Dashboard to collect data on key metrics

Dashboards, Scorecards, & Metrics 2 and build a dashboard for all marketing results, and build a marketing
funnel to model & forecast.
CEO/CMO Relationship Workshop
Key Marketing Metrics Dashboard

Use a Marketing Measurement Assessment to determine your capabilities

Analytics 3 to capture and analyze critical marketing & business data.
Barriers to Big Data Adoption
Measurement Assessment

Use a Project Prioritization Tool to evaluate your projects based on

Prioritization 3 strategic fit, economic impact and feasibilities and do this prioritization
exercise regularly.
Project Management Methodology

Document your key marketing processes for product development, lead

Process Documentation 3 acquisition, and customer buying process.
Product Development Process Diagram

Use a Sales & Marketing Aligment Tool to identify gaps, understand

Aligning Marketing & Sales 4 drivers of alignment, and obtain recommendations for improvement.
Sales & Marketing Alignment
& Marketing Alignment Tool

Use a Marketing & Business Alignment Tool to become a more

Operational vs. Strategic 1 strategically focused Marketing department that delivers on business
5 Questions CMO ShouldMarketing
Ask CEO Workshop
& Business Alignment Tool

Strategic Communications
Use a Social Media Planning methodology to optimize your social media
Social Media 2 program.
Social Media Marketing Course
Social Media Plan Methodology

Use a Mobile Marketing methodology to get your mobile program

Mobile Marketing 4 launched.
Mobile Marketing TrainingMobile
CourseMarketing Plan Methodology

Use a Public Relations methodology to improve your PR and analyst

Public & Analyst Relations 2 relations.
PR Plan Training Course Public Relations Plan Methodology

Use a MarCom methodology to document a marketing communications

Marketing Communications Plan 5 plan.
Marketing Communications

Work with your agency or Demand Metric analysts to devise a video

Video 1 strategy.
Video Marketing Training Course
Video Marketing Plan Methodology

Use a Content Marketing methodology to document a content marketing

Content Marketing 3 plan.
Content Marketing Training
CourseMarketing Plan Methodology

Website, SEO & Blogs 4 Use a Website methodology to improve your website, SEO and blog. Website Redesign Training
CourseRedesign Methodology

Product Management

Product Development Process 1 Use a Product Development methodology to standardize your process. Product Development Training
Development Strategy Methodology

Use a Positioning Statement Worksheet to craft an effective positioning

Positioning Statement 2 statement that speaks to your competitive advantages.
Positioning for Success Workshop
Positioning Statement Worksheet

Use a Competitive Analysis Tool to evaluate competitors on the product

Competitive Analysis 4 level and a Competitor Analysis Tool to evaluate competitors on a
company level.
Sizing up the CompetitionCompetitive
Workshop Analysis Tool

Use a Market Research methodology to improve your research

Market Research 3 capabilities.
Market Research TrainingMarket
CourseResearch Methodology

Use a Market Requirements Document to communicate market needs

Market Requirements 2 internally.
Product Business Case Building
Market Workshop
Requirements Document

Use a Market Segmentation & Analysis Tool to define your key market
Market Analysis 5 segments, identify market size, and analyze each segment's
Consumer Insights with Facebook
Market Segmentation
Workshop & Analysis Tool
Use a STEP Industry Analysis Tool to document the implications of Social,
Industry Analysis 4 Technological, Economic and Political conditions driving your industry.
STEP Industry Analysis Tool

Use a Break Even Analysis and Pricing Strategy Template to improve your
Pricing 3 pricing analysis and decision-making.
CPQ Solution Study


Use a Customer Satisfaction Survey with the question "on a scale

Customer Satisfaction 3 of 1-10, how likely would you refer a friend" to benchmark your
Net Promoter Score regularly.
Marketing with Case Studies
Satisfaction Survey

Build an online customer community to gain market insights and

Online Community 1 support customers.
Leveraging Public Communities
Online Community Methodology

Use a Customer Profile Template to identify your ideal customer

Customer-Centric 1 profiles or 'personas' and document their behaviors,
demographics and psychographics.
CRM Program Training Course
Customer Profile Template

Calculate customer lifetime value and retention rate on a regular

Customer Metrics 4 basis.
CRM Program Training Course
CRM Metrics Dashboard

Customer Loyalty 4 Develop a customer loyalty program to reward loyal customers. Creative Brand Loyalists Workshop
Brand Loyalty Advantage Guide

Use a Service Level Agreement (SLA) template to document your

Customer Support 2 response times and levels of customer support to demonstate
your commitment to service.
Leveraging Public Communities
Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Plan and document how your customer referral program is going

Customer Referral Program 1 to work, then roll-out to the organization.

Lead Generation

Use an Advertisement Evaluation Matrix to evaluate ad quality

Advertising & Sponsorships 1 and an Advertising Calendar & Budget and Online Advertising
ROI Calculator to organize ad spending.
Lead Generation Training Understanding
Course Location-Based Adv Guide

Tradeshows & Events 1 Use an Events methodology to improve your tradeshow process. Event Marketing Training Event
CourseMarketing Methodology

Use a Webinar Program methodology to optimize your webinar

Webinars 2 program.
Webinar Training Course Webinar Program Methodology
Implement a productivity metrics program for your inside sales
Inside Sales 2 reps to improve results.
Secrets to Lead Gen Success
Productivity Metrics (Daily)

Constantly test and tweak your email marketing campaigns and

Direct Marketing 2 landing pages.
Email Marketing Best Practices
Email Marketing Lists Guide

Use a lead generation methodology to get a marketing

Marketing Automation 2 automation system in place.
Secrets to Lead Gen Success
Automation Solution Study

Sales Enablement & Support

Use a Marketing Collateral Management Tool to manage and

Marketing Collateral 4 ensure all of your marketing collateral is up-to-date and
distributed correctly.
Content for the Buying Process
Collateral Management Tool

Use a Sales Enablement methodology to implement a sales enablement

Sales Enablement 1 solution.
Sales Enablement Training
Enablement Plan Methodology

Use a Sales Training methodology to train your sales reps to hit quota
Sales Training 3 faster.
Sales Training Course Sales Training Methodology

Create Sales Playbooks, Scripts and Objection Response tools to equip

Sales Tools 2 your reps.
Sales Enablement Best Practices
Sales Playbook

Document your sales process and align with your CRM system for daily
Sales Process 4 adherence.
Content for the Sales Cycle
Consultative Selling Guide

Integrate PRM software with your CRM to gain pipeline visibility in the
Partnerships 4 channel.
Channel Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation Guide

Staffing & Management

Identify which areas of training you need to improve on, and then find
Training Program 5 courses/workshops to fill gaps.
DM University DM University

Use a Lessons Leaned Knowledge Base to document best practices and a

Best Practices 2 Intranet Optimization Checklist to help you organize an online library of
Intranet Optimization Checklist

Use a Marketing Skills Matrix to identify which skills your require, which
Skills Inventory 3 skills you have on-staff, and what your skill gaps are.
Marketing Skills Matrix
Use an Agency Selection Tool to define a repeatable process for
Agency Selection 5 evaluating each agency that responds to your RFP to determine which is
the best overall fit.
Agency Management PlanAgency
Selection Tool

Use a Creative Strategy Survey Tool to communicate with your agency

Creative Strategy 2 and provide background information regarding your company and brands.
Creative Strategy Survey Tool

Use a Creative Brief Template to standardize your creative briefing

Creative Briefs 1 process and make this template available to all marketing project
Creative Brief Template

Use a Performance Review Template to standardize your staff review

Performance Reviews 2 process based on their skills, behaviors, goals accomplished and attitude.
Performance Review Template

Use a Professional Development Plan to encourage your team to grow in

Career Planning 4 their career with annual career planning meetings.
Professional Development Plan

Systems & Technology

Use a CRM Program Maturity Assessment to audit your CRM

CRM/SFA 4 program and identify areas for improvement.
CRM Program Training Course
CRM Maturity Assessment

Work with I/T to implement a CMS system that is easy for

CMS 3 marketing to update.
Content Management
Website Redesign Training Course
Solution Study

Use a Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment & ROI

Marketing Automation 4 Calculator to assess your program and a Marketing Automation
Vendor Evaluation Matrix to evaluate solutions.
Secrets to Lead Gen Success
Automation Maturity Assessment

If you don't already have a Marketing Resource Management

Campaign Planning 2 system, do some further research to learn how they can
streamline your planning and operations.
Marketing Communications
Planing Course
Impression Calculator

Check out a few project management systems like Huddle or

Project Management 2 Basecamp to see if they can improve communications and
facilitate workflows.
Project Management
Training Course
Project Management Methodology

If you have a large amount of creative assets, look into a digital

Digital Asset Management 4 asset management system to warehouse and manage all of your
Digital Marketing Landscape
Resource Management Guide
World Class Marketing Assessment

Practical Resources

Product Marketing Plan Methodology

Product Marketing Plan Training Course

Marketing Communications
Development Budget

Brand Strategy ScorecardBrand Loyalists Workshop

Marketing Funnel Template

Sales & Marketing Executive Dashboard

Value of Using Big Data Guide

Learning to Love Analytics Workshop

Project Management Template

Project Prioritization Tool

Lead Acquisition Model Customer Journey Map

Align Sales & Marketing with

& Marketing
Nurturing Alignment
Guide Benchmark Report

Revenue Marketing Transformation

Content Strategy from Journey Maps Guide
Leveraging Pinterest for Business
Social Media
Capabilities Assessment

Mobile Marketing Readiness

a Mobile Friendly Website Guide

Editorial Calendar Template

Media Relations & PR Audit

Marketing Communications
Mapping Tool

Video Marketing SolutionsCreating

Study Successful Online Videos Guide

Content Management
Content Marketing Maturity Model
Solution Study

SEO Maturity AssessmentSEO Keyword Database

Product Marketing Training

Coursea Product Marketing Plan Workshop

Unique Selling Proposition Worksheet

Competitor Analysis Tool Competitive Product Sales Reference

Market Research Report Template

Conducting Effective Surveys Workshop

Product Feature Competitive

Features Prioritization Tool

Product Development Charter

Pricing Strategy TemplateBreak Even Analysis

Assess Satisfaction to Retain Customers Guide

Online Community Readiness

Online Community Adoption Guide

Are You Customer-CentricCustomer

Guide Profile Management Guide

Brand Loyalty DashboardEngaging Customers with Gamification Guide

Twitter for Business Checklist

Understanding Twitter for Business

Advertising Calendar & Budget

Advertisement Evaluation Matrix

Tradeshow ROI CalculatorTradeshow Evaluation Matrix

Delivering Great Presentations

Plan Template
Sales Productivity MetricsSales
Productivity Metrics (Quarterly)

Effective Email MarketingEmail

GuideMarketing ROI Calculator

Marketing Automation Software

GuideVendor Matrix

Sales Experience Quality Marketing

Report Resource Management Guide

Sales Enablement Maturity

Enablement Solution Study

Enablement KM Solution Study

Sales Communication Tools Solution Study

Sales Script Objection Responses Tool

Key Account Planning ToolKey Account Analysis

Partnership Marketing Assessment

Partnership Evaluation Matrix

Lessons Leaned Knowledge

Project Evaluation
Agency RFP Template

Agency Performance Review

CRM Vendor Evaluation Matrix

CRM System RFP

Web CMS Vendor Evaluation

Tool Marketing Vendor Matrix

Marketing Automation ROIMarketing

Automation Solution Study

Marketing Resource Management

Improve Campaign
Guide Conversion Guide

Project Management Template

Project Prioritization Tool

Optimizing Asset Management

Practices Report