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Goal: FInd out what Iran government has done to deal with the social issue (based on MDG

Iran set a goal ​to reduce the mortality rate of children under five between 1990-2015 by
75%.​ ​Iran use three main strategy to reduce ​mortality rate of children:​ improving case
management skills of healthcare staff, improving overall health systems, and improving
family and community health practices.

Iran used the summary birth history data from four data sources and used age of mother and
period of pregnant methods to estimate the risk in child mortality rates.They also used the
complete birth history method to estimate child mortality rate directly from DHS data. Finally,
they used Gaussian process regression to calculate risk in child mortality rates.

Iran reduce ​the mortality rate of children by ​united the mortality reduction programmes into
arco health policies. Create a plans to reduce child and infant mortality rates in provincial
and rural places. ​Expanding health programmes to all the remotest rural parts of the ​country
and improve progress of standard protocols for prenatal and postnatal care.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Mortality Causes in Children 1–59 Months in Iran.

Goal: Find out specific solutions/suggestions for Sistan and Baluchestan to solving the child
mortality problem?

As Sistan and Baluchestan is the one of the main trouble city in Iran, despite help from UN, the
problems are still unsolved where other cities’ obstacles have been diminished 60 percent.
Therefore, there are several suggestions from us for the development and improvement of this
horrific city. According to the its background, due to lack of prosperity and attention from
government, this strongly leads to more child mortality. For the first solution, government should
pay more attention by investing more money into the system for the recovery of present situation.
For the secondary problem, Sistan and Baluchestan has difficulty in transportation injuries
among children and adolescents. Traffic light and more restriction of driven license could be
great options to solve. This idea will help people to interpret more in the system of road where
injuries among children could tremendously decrease. On the other hand, Sistan and Baluchistan
has been dealing with outlaw people, so for this solution the government should be more
limitation in laws and harsh punishment. Citizens should be developing general knowledge, so
they would be afraid of doing things unmoral. This suggestion reduces not only child mortality but
also people who participate in drug use.

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