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EU Institutions

AD Competitions 2014
Situational Judgement
Situational Judgement
• The most important of the four admission tests,
accounting for half the overall mark
• Taken in Language Two (English, French or German)
• Designed to assess your behaviour in a working
• Each question describes a workplace scenario
• Four possible options to solve the problem
• You must identify
o The most effective
o The least effective
Situational Judgement
• The SJTs are based on the Competency Framework for
working with the EU institutions. Make sure you are familiar with
• If you have time, also red the code of Good Administrative
behaviour of EU officials.
• Read the scenario and each of the possible answers before
responding. Look for subtle differences in the wording of the
options which could help determine the relative value of the
various courses of actions outlined
• Base your responses solely on the information provided in the
text – try not to bring in outside knowledge
• Your answers should reflect your intuitive responses to a
situation and a common sense approach
General Competencies
Competency Description
identifying critical facts in complex issues and
Analysis and problem solving developing creative and practical solutions
communicating clearly and precisely both orally and in
Communicating writing
taking personal responsibility and initiative for
deliveringwork to a high standard of quality within set
Delivering quality and results procedures
developing and improving personal skills and
Learning and development knowledge of the organisation and its environment
prioritising the most important tasks, working flexibly
Prioritising and organising and organising workload efficiently
remaining effective under a heavy workload, handling
organisational frustrations positively and adapting to a
Resilience changing work environment
working co-operatively with others in teams and across
organisational boundaries and respecting differences
Working with others between people
managing, developing and motivating people to
Leadership (For graduate (administrator) profiles only) achieve results
Situational Judgment
Situational Judgement
Situational Judgement
Situational Judgement
Reference Documents
• Staff Regulations (http://eur-
• Code of Good Administrative Behaviour
• DG HR Ethics & Conduct Guide
• Situational Judgement Test (
• EPSO official Sample Tests
• Public Jobs Practice Tests
+353 1 619 43335