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Contributors to Volume 59 p.

Conversion to SI Units p. xvii
Bringing Costs up to Date p. xix
Trays versus Packings in Separator Design p. 1
Trenches, Utility, Combined Service p. 20
Trial and Error Calculations with Computer p. 27
Troubleshooting p. 40
Troubleshooting, Distillation Simulations p. 68
Tube Cleaning, Chemical p. 94
Tube Cleaning, Mechanical p. 99
Tubes, Finned, Thermal Efficiency p. 106
Tungsten, Processing and Use p. 109
Tungsten, Supply-Demand Relationships p. 130
Tungsten Carbide, Processing and Use p. 153
Tuning Average Level Controllers p. 162
Turbine-Condenser, Optimizing p. 170
Turbine, Gas, Controlling NOx Emissions p. 179
Turbine, Gas, Fouling Detection p. 190
Turbine, Gas, Fouling Evaluation p. 212
Turbine, Gas, Nickel Base Alloys for p. 233
Turbine, Gas, Selection for Power Cogeneration p. 239
Turbine, Hydraulic Power Recovery p. 252
Turbine Meters p. 257
Turbine Meter Pulsation, Error Detection p. 291
Turbine and Rotary Meters, Testing p. 307
Turbomachinery Alignment, Spreadsheet Use p. 313
Turbomachinery Equipment, Vibration Problems, Diagnosis p. 320
Turbomachinery, Motor Considerations p. 339
Turnarounds, More Efficient p. 344
Two-Phase Flow, Updated p. 354
Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis p. 373
Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Pipeline Leak Detectors p. 446
Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Possible Problems p. 453
Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Specifying Requirements p. 457
Ultrasonics, Checking New Equipment p. 465
Ultrasonics, Inspection of Bellows and Towers p. 468
Ultrasonics, Locating Corona Discharge p. 472
Ultrasonics, Reducing Maintenance p. 476
Uncertainty Evaluation in Capital Cost Projection p. 480
Underground Gas Storage p. 495
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