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Gatchalian, Lady Lyn

Marquez, Limuelle E.
Morales, Carl Angelo
Tan, Jayson C.
Villanueva, Christopher
Gerona, Mary Grace



Angeles, Kim Patrick S.

Arancel, Samantha Eve V.
Berceles, Nikko E.
Calakhan, Kevin Ryan P.

Engr. Isabel Samantha F. Cruz




III. Bulacan Agricultural State College
IV. Pinaod, San Ildefonso, Bulacan
V. Institute of Engineering and Applied Technology

Welding can be defined as a permanent joining process that produces coalescence of

materials by heating them to the welding temperature, with or without the application of
pressure or by the application of pressure alone, and with or without the use of filler metal.
Welding is used extensively for the manufacture and repair of farm equipment, construction
of boilers, mining and refinery equipment, furnaces and railways cars.
We plan to design a table that made from the combination of metal and wood. The
legs of the table were made from metals and the table top is made from wood. The
combination between metal table legs and wooden tops is not restricted yet really
attractive. It’s combination is a very well-balanced one. Tables with metal legs look really
sturdy and durable.
This idea leads to the interest in pursuing this project. The students are interested
about this kind of table. The vision of this project is to create and build a metal-wooden

At the end of the project, the students must be able to:

 Demonstrate proper welding shop safety

 Perform sheet metal work


First thing, the students designed and made a lay out for the table plan.They used
AutoCAD to sketch up and figure out the table they want to build. After that , they planned
the materials that they will use. Next step is to canvassed at the near convenient hardware to
buy the things that they need.
The materials are well prepared. The students had a lay out in the metal. After that
they made the first cuts. The first step in this process is cutting all of the pieces to their
appropriate size. Next is to conduct the first weld of the table legs up to the last until the frame
of the table is created. After welding the metal bases together, the students polished the metal
For the table top, the students firstly picked a plywood that is appropriate to the top
of the frame. Next step the students marked the cuts and then proceed in cutting the plywood
.The table top is ready to place over the metal frame .Lastly, the students painted the wooden
table top using varnish.



Figure 1 and 2 shows the finished wooden-metal table.


Everyone needs table at home either if it is a coffee table, dining table or what. It is
essential for us in placing things or stuffs we need, that’s why welding a table is so popular
because it is high in demand. With these Farm Shop Project (Metalworking) the group
learned and understand the measuring concepts in simple cutting of metals and cutting of
plywood, as well as the importance of accuracy and precision. The group also determined the
purpose and function of the welding machine and filler/ metal rod. Moreover, the group
realized that it is always important to wear the proper attire, the Personal Protective
Equipment to avoid accidents. With the cooperation of the students, the group built a table
that is made from the combination of metal and wood. In the end of the weariness day, the
group srealized that ‘’Experience would be always the best teacher’’.