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Microcontroller Control System for Heart Valve Bioreactor

Kang Li (kl694)

ECE Field Advisor: Bruce Land

BME Field Advisor: Jonathan Butcher
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering

About Heart Valve How It Works Design and Implement Future Work
Bioreactor  For the future work, we
 Use MATLAB to open serial want to make the
 Heart valves provide the port to communicate with bioreactor work in the
critical function of ensuring micro -controller. parallel way.
one-way blood flow through
the cardiovascular system.  Use MATLAB to send  Make the current
control signal to make microcontroller system
 Current clinical options for microcontroller working in more compact by
aortic valve replacement for different mode. designing our own
pediatric patients with prototype board.
congenital heart valve  Use built-in ADC of
defects are grimly Microcontroller to receive
inadequate. Tissue analog signals sent from
engineering has the transducers and send them
potential to address the to the PC through USART.
serious need for heart valve
replacements that are more  Use TRT (Tiny Real Time) to
suitable for growing control multi-task on
children, by providing a microcontroller.
living valve replacement
capable of growth and  Control the pump based on
integration. the pressure difference
using microcontroller.
 The heart valve bioreactor
will mimic the cardiac cycle
for the invitro conditioning
of 3D printed tissue
engineered heart valve Conclusion
conduits in order to
mechanically stimulate the Results We designed a control
cells.. system for the Butcher lab
in BME department using
ATmega 1284P

MATLAB is used to collect

data and send control signal
to control the
Figure 1 Porcine heart valve pressure microcontroller.

MATLAB can plot the real

time waveform to monitor
the state of the system.

I would like to thank my advisor,
Bruce Land for all his advice and
Figure 2 3D printed valve pressure encouragement. And also for the
These two waveforms are plotted whole lab team: Laura, Dan, Duan,
based on the data collected by Alain, Anya, Shoshana, and
microcontroller. The waveform of Charlie, thank you for the great
3D printed heart valve is similar to teamwork. The bioreactor project
the porcine heart valve. won’t be so successful without you.