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EDMUND G. BROWN JR. State of California Attorney General DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 13001 STREET, SUITE 125, P.0, BOX 94433 SACRAMENTO, CA 94244-2550 Public: (916) 445-9555 Telephone: (916) 323-8050 Facsimile: (916) 324-8835, E-Mail: Nathan August 6, 2008 Lewis P. Rhodes Associate Patton Boggs LLP 2550 M Street, NW Washington, DC 20037-1350 Dear Mr. Rhodes, write in response to your July 11, 2008 letter to Sean Walsh requesting various records of former Govemnor Pete Wilson pursuant to the California Public Records Act. (Gov. Code, §§ 6250 et seq.) Specifically, you requested the following: (1) all studies, reports, and documents submitted to Governor Wilson’s Office in relation to consideration of the SP-1 and SP-2 resolutions; (2) all documents reflecting meetings attended by members of the Regents the month before and after July 20, 1995; and (3) all documents reflecting communications between Ward Connerly and other members of the Regents.. Unfortunately, due to the type of records you seek, we cannot accommodate your request at this time. The California Public Records Act (“PRA”) requires the Governor to transfer all public records in his or her custody or control to the State Archives upon leaving office. (Id. at § 6268.) The PRA provides that a Governor may, by written instrument, restrict public access to these transferred records. (Ibid.) With few exceptions, California law allows a Governor to restrict public access to his records for as long as 50 years or his or her death, whichever is later. (Ibid.) The exceptions, which are inapplicable here, require disclosure of the following record types: bill files, press releases, speech files, and clemency or extradition materials relating to cases that have been closed for at least 25 years. (Ibid.) Prior to leaving office, Governor Wilson issued an Executive Order directing the transfer of his records to the State Archives and restricting public access to the extent permitted by statute. The records you seek do not fall within any of the statutory exceptions requiring disclosure at this time; therefore, pursuant to Governor Wilson’s Executive Order, any records that may be responsive to your request cannot be disclosed until 2048. Accordingly, we must respectfully refuse to provide the requested records. Lewis P, Rhodes August 6, 2008 Page 3 Ifyou have any further questions or concems about this matter, please feel free to contact me, Sincerely, Nd 2S — NATHAN BARANKIN Deputy Attorney General For EDMUND G. BROWN JR. Attorney General