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Your Gantt chart should contain the following information

Project Title: Implementing a Discharge Program in In-Patient Unit/Ward

WBS ID Project deliverables/activities Dependencies Duration Start Date End date 1-Nov 5-Nov 12-Nov 19-Nov 26-Nov 3-Dec 10-Dec 17-Dec 24-Dec 31-Dec 7-Jan 14-Jan 21-Jan 28-Jan 4-Feb 11-Feb 18-Feb 25-Feb 4-Mar 11-Mar 18-Mar 25-Mar Task
Resources status %
Ex. Sept 20-30
1 Nov to 5 Nov 2017 Create a communciation letter to access Patient's EPR N/A 5 days 1-Nov 5-Nov Patient Record, Link Person %
1-2 Nov Develop Audit Tool on ELOS/EDD N/A 2days 1-Nov 2-Nov
5 Nov to 5 Dec 2017 Primary nurse reviews the file ELOS/EDD (Data Collection) 1 month 5-Nov 5-Dec Patient Record, Link Person %
6 Dec to 10 Alert the MD if they did not enter the ELOS/EDD 1 week 6-Dec 10-Dec Dec
Primary Nurse %
12-13 Dec Rank severity of the existing problem 2 days 12-Dec 13-Dec % Send report to PM and communicate problems to IT team regarding ELOS/EDD Integration in TrakCare 5 days 14-Dec 18-Dec %

1.3.1 Reinforcement during doctors' rounds 1month 14-Dec 14-Jan %

1.3.2 Follow-up by nurses ensuring that discharge data are already done & complete 1.3.1 1 month 14-Dec 14-Jan %

1.4.1 Develop audit tool for discharge planning N/A 1 week 15-Jan 21-Jan Manpower

1.4.2 Reproduction of the tool 1.4.1 2 weeks 22-Jan 5-Feb Translation Department %

1.4.3 Identify Discharge Plan Link Person in each department N/A 1 day 6-Feb 7-Feb

1.4.4 Disseminate Discharge Plan Audit tool to each department 1.4.3 2 days 11-Feb 12-Feb

1.4.5 Conduct audits 1.4.4 1 month 13-Feb 13-Mar Manpower %

1.4.6 Analysis of data 1.4.5 1 day 14-Mar 15-Mar %

1.4.7 Finalizing reports comparing data against baseline data 1.4.6 2 days 19-Mar 20-Mar Printing %