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Srinagesh Vadlamani

S/O V. Kameswara Sarma DOB: 26th, April 1987

F-40, 303, Sai Bhavana Enclave, Mobile#: +919966353094
Kamala Nagar, Hyderabad – 500062 Email:


To secure a position with a well established organisation having a stable environment on a

challenging career path that provides an opportunity for the application of my skills and
knowledge learned during my educational experience that will lead to a lasting relationship
with the organisation.

Educational Background

Qualification Institute Board Year of Percentage/

Passing CGPA
B.E (Hons.) Birla Institute of Autonomous 2010 (JUNE) 6.11
Chemical Engg. Technology and Science,
M.Sc (Hons.) Pilani.
CLASS XII Sri Vagdevi Jr. College, Board of 2004 85.6
Hyderabad Intermediate
CLASS X Bhavan’s Sri Ramakrishna Central Board 2002 78.2
Vidyalaya, Hyderabad of Secondary

Courses Done Electives Done

 Engineering Graphics  Flexible Manufacturing Systems

 Measurement Techniques  Introduction to Nanoscience
 Operational Research  Function and Working of Stock
 Optimization Exchange
 Instruments and Methods of  Security Management and Portfolio
Analysis Analysis
 Chemical Engg Thermodynamics  Financial Engineering
 Solid State Physics  Symbolic Logic
 Mass Transfer Operations  Print and Audio Visual Advertising
 Heat Transfer Operations
 Process Control
 Kinetics of Reactor Design
 Chemical Process Technology
Projects Done

 Determination of Optimal Threshold for starting a new server in Queuing Systems

Using the concepts of Operational Research and The Queuing Theory, the optimal
threshold limit of a server in a single server limited customer queue was calculated.

 Design and Simulation of a process for the production of 1-Heptene from

Propylenes and Butenes using ASPEN PLUSTM.

An efficient process for the production of 1-Heptene from butenes and Proppylenes
was designed and the Simulated using the ASPEN PLUS TM software package. With
the help of the simulation results a thorough controllability analysis was performed
and a PID controller was designed for the Heptene Distillation Tower.

 Ponzi Scheme

A thorough study and analysis of the PONZI SCHEME, introduced by Charles Ponzi,
which lead to financial havoc in the early 19th century in the USA and other European

 Design of a cost efficient photo-electron-chemical (PEC) Solar cell for the

conversion of CO2 to methanol as a fuel source.

Design of a cost effective PEC solar cell for the conversion of CO2 which is being
generated as industrial waste and leading to global warming.


 Internship in the summer of 2007 at Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre,

 Internship from July 2009 to December 2009 at Central Leather Research Institute,

Technical Skills

Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows Vista

Languages C

Tools/Packages Auto CAD, MS Office, ASPEN PLUSTM, Chem CAD, ICDD PDF-4+ and
Extracurricular Activities

 Worked as a member of the Department of art and Decoration, an organisation

responsible for beautification of the BITS cultural festival OASIS.

 Goal Keeper of the only Under 16 “HOCKEY” team from Hyderabad in the South Zone
Hockey competitions.

 Goal Keeper of the BITS HOCKEY, 2005-2007

 Core Member and one of the Founders of the Student Nucleus of the

Leadership and Co-Curricular Activities

 Served as the Secretary of the RB Student Mess for the year 2007-2008

 Worked as a member of BITS Physics Association for the year 2007-2008

 Worked as a member of the BITS Chemical Engineering Association for the year


 Effective Leadership and emphatic communication skills

 Quick learner, proactive and have initiative

 Efficient team player and have strong problem solving skills

 Highly organised - can prioritize work schedules, manage time effectively and meet

 Effective and Quick adaptability to any type of situation

 Fluent in three languages: English, Hindi and Telugu

 Can speak and understand Tamil


I hereby declare that all the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge
and references can be made available on request.

DATE : ( Srinagesh Vadlamani )


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